Selborne 150 Jubilee Festival

The Selborne Jubilee Tower was constructed on the island in front of the Main School Hall to commemorate 150 years and as a symbol of reflecting on the past, acknowledging the present and inspiring hope for the future as a school and for all those who inhabit these buildings in the years ahead.

Day 1 : Sat 30-Apr-2022
09h00 Queen’s Brandwag (Uitenhage)
10h30 St Andrew’s Rondebosch
12h00 Dale Kingswood
13h30 Grey HS St John’s
15h00 Selborne SACS
Day 2 : Mon 02-May-2022
09h00 Dale SACS
10h30 Grey HS Rondebosch
12h00 Queen’s St John’s
13h30 Brandwag (Uitenhage) St Andrew’s
15h00 Selborne Kingswood


  1. A few updates to the fixtures.

    Brandwag are taking the place of the invitational side. Selborne will be playing Kingswood on the second day, Queens will be playing St Johns on the second day.

  2. Selborne is one of the most respected names in highschool
    education in South Africa, congratulations and long may it continue…

  3. Quick, quick, quick with a very big stick to chase away the big baboon baboon baboon, Selborne baboona!! Selborne baboona!!!


  4. Queens by 5
    Rondebosch by 15
    Kingswood by 10
    Grey by a cricket score
    Selborne by 5

  5. @Palma: I like these predictions. Not the strongest SACS team this year but Selborne don’t always have the finishers, so might find points hard to come by even if they dominate.

    Hard to work out if Dale lifted their game last weekend at the Rec or if Queen’s were just a notch down in form. Their day one games against Kingswood and Brandwag respectively probably the best bets for most competitive.

  6. Solid showing by KC against Selborne, just couldn’t pull it off in the end. Great match to end off a terrific festival!


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