Other SA school rugby rankings – 29 April 2013

The other ranking systems are starting to look a lot like the SBR Thumbsuck now. The Thumbsuck is 1 month old now and comparing the current rankings to the first one, 3 teams have dropped out: Maritzburg College, Pretoria BH and Marlow which have effectively been replaced by Wynberg, HTS Middelburg and Oakdale. Wildeklawer is set to be a defining 2 match days for Waterkloof. If Klofies win both their games at WK, they will take over as the No.1 team in the country next week as far as the Thumbsuck is concerned.

Rugby15 Rugby15 SA Schools Sports SA Schools Sports SBR’s Thumbsuck
This week Last Week This Week Last Week
1 Affies Affies 1 Paarl Gim Outeniqua 1 Paarl Gim
2 Paarl Gim Outeniqua 2 Grey College Paarl Gim 2 Outeniqua
3 Grey College Paarl Gim 3 Affies Grey College 3 Grey College
4 Outeniqua Grey College 4 Outeniqua Affies 4 Affies
5 Waterkloof Monnas 5 Waterkloof Waterkloof 5 Waterkloof
6 Garsfontein Waterkloof 6 Garsfontein Garsfontein 6 HJS Paarl BH
7 Nelspruit Garsfontein 7 Nelspruit Nelspruit 7 Garsfontein
8 HTS Middelburg Nelspruit 8 EG Jansen EG Jansen 8 Nelspruit
9 EG Jansen HTS Middelburg 9 Pretoria BH Monnas 9 HTS Middelburg
10 Monnas EG Jansen 10 Wynberg Wynberg 10 EG Jansen
11 HJS Paarl BH HJS Paarl BH 11 St Andrews Rondebosch 11 Monnas
12 Noord-Kaap Noord-Kaap 12 Kearsney SACS 12 St Andrews
13 St Andrews St Andrews 13 HTS Middelburg HTS Middelburg 13 Centurion
14 Kearsney Kearsney 14 Noord-Kaap St Andrews 14 Transvalia
15 Oakdale Oakdale 15 HJS Paarl BH Noord-Kaap 15 Noord-Kaap
16 Wynberg Grey HS 16 Oakdale Pretoria BH 16 Rondebosch
17 Rondebosch Rondebosch 17 Rondebosch HJS Paarl BH 17 Kearsney
18 Grey HS Wynberg 18 Monnas Kearsney 18 Wynberg
19 Paul Roos Centurion 19 Marlow Oakdale 19 Jeppe
20 Centurion SACS 20 Centurion Grey HS 20 Oakdale
21 Pretoria BH Paul Roos 21 Trinityhouse Trinityhouse
22 Menlopark KES 22 Grey HS Centurion
23 Die Brandwag Pretoria BH 23 M.College Marlow
24 Marlow Die Brandwag 24 Bishops KES
25 Transvalia Nico Malan 25 Paul Roos St Benedicts
26 Bishops Bishops 26 Menlopark Bishops
27 KES Transvalia 27 Westville Glenwood
28 SACS Marlow 28 Hilton Paul Roos
29 Boland Landbou Boland Landbou 29 St Benedicts Hilton
30 Hilton Queens 30 SACS Menlopark


  1. SBR in my opinie tans, met die uitsondering van die volgende spanne, die ware jakob:
    EG Jansen en Garsies omruil. Monnas en Centurion omruil. Voila, 100 present.

  2. Anyone care to tell me how Outeniqua have 1 loss and all of a sudden sink to 4th, even below Grey PE

  3. Hmmm – interesting lists – just shows how diverse/subjective these are. Especially as one goes further down the list. :!:

  4. Huh….. :evil: ………….don’t Westville play Rugby anymore?????????????????

  5. Glenwood barely get a mention, need to beat Paarl Boys to feature it seems…….beat Boland Landbou today so hopefully will come into the Top 30 now…

  6. Affies vs Grey Bloem next weekend will determine the No 2 position this year.

  7. @BOG: No Boggie but with some of the rankings it is possible. But can not see anyone punish Affies that much for beating Gey by 14 points. Do you want a lift to Bloem. Being serious.

  8. No.1 Paarl Gim no.2 Kwaggas no3 Affies
    GCB is playing at home against affies I’m backing them to win

  9. I still can’t understand why everyone seems to have written the Kwaggas off for the top 2

  10. @Grasshopper, massive game for Glenwood tomorrow against the WP Craven Week team! It will br tough as the Boishaai team is well balance. their pack is very strong and well drilled. Watch the nr 8 Du Toit, still in grade 11, he is very impressive. You know their backs have plenty of pace and Glenwood will have to mark Dante very closely. do you think you can beat them?

  11. @Tjoppa: Ek sal nie sommer n lift aanvaar van iemand wie n pienk hemp dra EN in Pretoria woon nie. Daar soen die goed mekaar sommer in die strate. Behalwe vir dit sal ek egter nie daar wees nie, en indien ek sou, sou ek van n ander rigting Bloem toe gegaan het. Ek wil ook nie in n lang gesig al die pad terug, vaskyk nie. :mrgreen: Maar dankie vir die aanbod

  12. @Tjoppa: Tjoppa Doppa………………….daai game sal weer uitreen tensy een van hul onnies weer blaas.

  13. @BOG: Ek bedoel werklik. Ek en twee kennisse wat seuns evalueer gaan saam. Geen drank of los vrouens betrokke nie. As jy ehter daarop aandring kan jy agter op die bakkie ry. Geen lang gesigte nie is net daar om die dag te geniet.

  14. @gimmie: Maybe although the Sharks Inv team gave them a run for their money for most of the game yesterday. BoisHigh must have been worried at one stage in the 2nd half when they were only 25-15 up. It was only in the last 10 minutes that they ran away with it – 5 tries in 10 minutes if memory serves. I think Glenwood will do a whole lot better than a team cobbled together who had only had 3 practices. I’m betting on another upset here – if we can call it that.

  15. @Speartackle: Nee verwag dat hulle weer wye draaie sal gooi om weg te kom maar hoor Supersport dring aan om eie skeidsregter aan te stel. Blykbaar is dit die kanaal van kampioene en hul kykers dring aan dat die werklike kampioene moet wen. Nie die geskiedkundige een nie. :mrgreen:

  16. @Tjoppa: Nee, as jy my wil optel, sal jy n paar hoderd kms verby Bloem moet ry en weer terugkeer. Afgesien daarvan, kan ek dit onmonntlik nie maak nie. Wat jy wel kan doen is , gee vir Andre T, Speartackle, Festus, Proppie, Doepie, Nonnie, ens ens n “lift”. Jy het gerieflikheidshalwe, net een sitplek nodig, anders as jy al die refs wat julle verloorwedstryde in Pretoria, wat GCB kwansuis omgekoop het, moes saamneem.

  17. @gimmie: sorry so late to reply, well lets just say Glenwood will do their best. On ranking and results Boishaai should win it but I am hoping for the rugby gods and local crowds to spur our boys on. We too have a great grade 11 no8 Jaco Coetzee, so that will be interesting. Watch out for Mazibuko too, absolute animal. Where Boishaai will have and advantage is in the tight 5, our tight 5 is not huge. The hooker is very powerful though. In terms of the backline, lets just say Glenwood is small but lightning quick! I think most of the boys can run the 100 under 11secs…..Sparks, AK, Vermaak etc all good. It’s going to be very interesting. Good luck to both sides :-)

  18. Hopefully after Glenwood’s two wins at Wildeklawer they can now crack the top 30 at least. Sure they could beat a number of teams ahead of them…..


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