School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 17 March 2018


Mon.12Mar Pionier 14 11 Ferrum
Mon.12Mar Noordheuwel <12> <15> Pretoria BH
Wed.14Mar Muir <> <> Grey HS Practice Match
Thu.15Mar Paul Roos <101> <0> Swartland Practice Match
Thu.15Mar Brandwag 72 03 Solomon Mahlangu
Fri.16Mar Brandwag 24 17 Liceo Mendoza (Arg)
Sat.17Mar Durbanville <40> <10> Porterville Boland Landbou R/Day
Sat.17Mar Bellville <5> <5> Hermanus Boland Landbou R/Day
Sat.17Mar Durbanville <25> <0> Lagenhoven Gim Boland Landbou R/Day
Sat.17Mar Brackenfell <5> <15> Worcester Gim Boland Landbou R/Day
Sat.17Mar SACS <20> <5> Hugenote Boland Landbou R/Day
Sat.17Mar Stellenberg 19 36 Drostdy Boland Landbou R/Day SSL youtube link
Sat.17Mar Boland Landbou 20 24 Garsfontein Boland Landbou R/Day SSL youtube link
Sat.17Mar Phillip Mtywaku 22 17 Alphandale Border Rugby Day
Sat.17Mar De Vos Malan 19 38 Lillyfontein Border Rugby Day
Sat.17Mar Cambridge 39 03 Umtata Border Rugby Day
Sat.17Mar Dale 08 03 Hudson Park Border Rugby Day SSL youtube link
Sat.17Mar Queen’s 24 08 Grens Border Rugby Day SSL youtube link
Sat.17Mar Selborne 31 12 Stirling Border Rugby Day SSL youtube link
Sat.17Mar Florida 52 00 Brits NWU Vaal Super Series
Sat.17Mar Noordheuwel 42 07 Wesvalia NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Potch Volkskool 20 15 Die Anker NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Zwartkop 21 15 Middelburg NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Driehoek 14 36 Randburg NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar HTS Witbank 21 39 Potch Gim NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Montana 57 05 Oosterlig NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Lichtenburg 36 24 Jeugland NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Marais Viljoen 50 29 Hugenote NWU-Pukke Prestige-reeks
Sat.17Mar Grey HS <> <> NMMU u19 Practice Match
Sat.17Mar Ben Vorster 39 08 Centurion PUK Series
Sat.17Mar Klerksdorp 05 22 Oos-Moot PUK Series
Sat.17Mar Nelspruit 14 17 Menlopark Tuks Reeks
Sat.17Mar Rustenburg 51 12 Eldoraigne Tuks Reeks
Sat.17Mar HTS Middelburg 07 68 Transvalia Tuks Reeks
Sat.17Mar Monument 73 03 Pietersburg Tuks Reeks
Sat.17Mar Maritzburg College 32 12 St Charles
Sat.17Mar Hilton 38 14 DHS
Sat.17Mar Kearsney 23 22 Northwood
Sat.17Mar Westville 31 20 Michaelhouse
Sat.17Mar Muir 03 67 Kingswood
Sat.17Mar Framesby 08 10 St Andrew’s
Sat.17Mar Nico Malan 28 07 Punt
Sat.17Mar Welkom Gim 12 49 Grey College
Sat.17Mar Duineveld 08 53 Marlow
Sat.17Mar Witteberg 59 20 Ermelo
Sat.17Mar St David’s 26 05 Parktown
Sat.17Mar St Alban’s 87 03 Sutherland
Sat.17Mar St Benedict’s 35 05 Queen’s HS
Sat.17Mar Fourways 10 44 Clifton
Sat.17Mar Affies 40 07 Diamantveld
Sat.17Mar Waterkloof 11 39 Helpmekaar
Sat.17Mar Jeppe 32 09 St John’s
Sat.17Mar Frikkie Meyer 36 08 Wonderboom
Sat.17Mar KES 29 19 St Stithians
Sat.17Mar Charlie Hofmeyr 00 37 DF Malan


  1. As far as I’m aware, KES are at home against Saints and St Alban’s are at home against Sutherland this weekend.

  2. @beet: No worries. Also, St Alban’s beat Midstream today by 25 to 10. I’m not sure who Midstream is, but a win in the first game of the season can never be taken for granted, so well done St Alban’s.

  3. @Vleis: They are a school that is on the Midstream estate near Irene or there abouts.Dont know anything about the school however that estate is huge.Over 2000 houses if my friend who lives there is to be believed.

  4. @Veg: Thanks Veg. I’ve just looked it up on the web and see that it is a dual medium school (Eng and Afrik), which has nine rugby teams, so one less than St Alban’s. I think that I’ve driven past the estate before and seem to remember that it was indeed massive.

  5. @Vleis: I’ve never understood why St. Albans only have 10 teams.. with about 110 boys in a grade they should field more teams. I know they are boarding schools but MHS, Hilton & St Andrews field at least 15 teams. And their numbers are smaller. What’s your take on it?

  6. @KES Oldboy: In their defence, a mammoth amount of boys play hockey and many rowers and basketball players do not play rugby. Indeed, provincial basketball players are not allowed to play rugby, which excludes many players as St Alban’s is the top ranked basketball school in the country. Having said that, I think that they should produce 14 teams, which is what they had about seven years ago. I think that Kennedy is doing a good job trying to increase numbers, so let’s see if there is improvement this season.

    When St Alban’s played KES in ’16 they shared the fixture with Pretoria THS, who provided 5 teams, so 15 fixtures in total, but that could be a very acceptable 19 fixtures if St Alban’s gets back to 14 teams.

  7. @Vleis: Thanks for that. Interesting. Yes, this specializing in sports at school doesn’t sit easily with me. The rowers at KES also don’t play rugby. I’m pleased to see that 3 of the 1st team cricketers are in the 1st team rugby squad but often they also don’t play Winter sports. I see that KES aren’t playing St Albans this year. Hopefully when SAC get back up to 14/15 teams the fixture will resume. And this is not just a private school or English speaking school problem. The Afrikaans schools also don’t turn out many teams below B team. ( I know this doesn’t apply at Affies, Grey & the like)

  8. @KES Oldboy: Sometimes I think that St Alban’s focusses on too many sports.

    In my son’s year, there were 7 first team cricketers who played 1st team rugby. Unfortunately, two were told by SA Cricket to stop playing rugby quite early in the season, after they’d made the SA u19 squad. The one was a big loss, as he’d been u14A, u15A & u16A captain and was our flyhalf. At least he scored a few tons for SA u19 in Sri Lanka. I remember telling his dad, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I hope that Josh does not make the SA u19 team as we need him in the rugby team!” :oops: :lol:

    Last year St Alban’s didn’t play Jeppe and this year KES. They’re playing Jeppe again this year (next Sat) so they may play KES again.

  9. whew – Saints only putting out 15 teams on Saturday. For a school with close to 1000 boys that is poor!!

  10. @Roger: Saints has just under 800 boys, not 1,000…but 15 teams is nevertheless too few. I suspect that the general drop in rugby team numbers is due to: a) the increase in gaming; b) the increase in popularity of hockey; c) modern parents being more worried about safety; and d) an increase in the entitlement culture in modern kids – i.e. if I don’t make the A (or at worst B) team, I won’t play the game.

    Boarding school produce much more players as a) doesn’t apply and generally c) doesn’t apply to parents who are prepared to send their kids to boarding schools; and d) doesn’t apply s boarding schools get rid of such culture.

  11. @Roger: @Vleis: Also, I think that traditional boys schools like KES, Jeppe, Affies, PBHS, etc are also good at stamping out d).

    To be fair, I should have used the words ‘instant gratification culture’ rather than ‘entitled culture’ re d)..

  12. PRG 91 Swarland 0, great warm up game, still a few out due to injuries, but they will be back soon. Looking good nonetheless! :lol:

  13. I would just like to ask if GreyHS put some thought into this weekends fixture against NMMU-u19 after what happened earlier this week with Varsity cup?

  14. My pick for coming weekend matchups:
    Stellenberg vs Drostdy
    Bolandlanbou vs Garsfontein
    Ben Vorster vs Centurion
    HTS Middelburg vs Transvalia
    Hilton vs DHS
    Waterkloof vs Helpmekaar

  15. What happened in practice match with Muir vs GreyHS yesterday?

    Any knowledge of Grey bloem opposition f this weekend?

  16. @sewes: jip ek was saterdag daar.
    Hierdie was vanmiddag.
    As dit jou beter sal laat voel Menlo 4e span weer pak gekry 33 – 7 vs Pretoria boys high

  17. @Vleis: Agree. The difference a strong boarding establishment makes to the overall sporting performance of a school is massive. There are obviously other factors that play a part but this is still generally true.

    From personal experience at KC, there is no way we would be able to compete with anyone if we didn’t have 60% or so of our school in boarding. Being in a small town does alsi help, considering that a lot of the day boys spend most of their time on campus as well.

    Does anyone know how many boys are boarders at Saints?

  18. @Skopgraaf243: Hierdie het niks te doen met underdog tag nie maar die Bere is up against it more teen BL…Imo gaan dit afhang in hoe n mate Garsies kan by hou teen die tempo wat Bl speel vernaam voor waar ons n groot pak het.Garsies moet waak teen t/o waarvan BL dodelik is.Speel Garsies hul fisiese game voor,verdedig goed,glo ek ons kan hul match agter en het ons n buite kans…Slaan BL vroeg soos teen Menlo en dikteer hul die spoed van spel gaan dit BL wees met n gerieflike margin.Sterkte Bere ons is agter julle all the way..!!

  19. @AbsolutMenlo: Moet se ek het ook oor daai moontlikheid gewonder. :wink:
    @Grizzly: BL het laas jaar maar aan en af gespeel was soms briljant en die vlg dag middelmatig hoop julle vang hulle op n af dag, maar ek dink julle kan hulle handel op ngoei dag ook. Sterkte.

  20. @Vleis: @Wyvern: I think Saints have 100 boarders. They have close to 3000 pupils on that campus and I thought the boys college was almost 1000 – they have expanded rapidly over the last ten years

  21. Saints have always been the ‘softest’ of the traditional Jhb schools. Certainly all schools are struggling with numbers for rugby though – Jeppe v St Johns this weekend only has 16 fixtures and I’m sure that Parktown v St Davids will only have a 5th team fixture. PBHS and kes have always had the luxury of massive numbers and large hostels, although with the positives must come some different challenges.

  22. @Roger: Wow i had no idea that it was so low!!!

    3000 pupils at those fees….that’s a serious business 8-O

  23. @Wyvern: well – visit that campus and you will see where the fees are spent – it is incredible – like a mini university. Back of a match box calculation – I reckon they generate revenue of +- R350 million per annum

  24. Does any-one know if the game between Brandwag and Liceo Mendoza (Arg), which is scheduled for today, has been played or does it take place this afternoon. Would be interesting to know the results as Oakdale is playing them next Saturday.

  25. @Roger: @Wyvern: I always understood it that Saints has just under 800 boys. Also, the number of 2017 matriculants was 155, which extrapolates to some 775 in the College.

    A friend’s son, who boarded at Saints, said that some 15% of the College was for boarders, which would mean some 120 pupils, which is in line with Roger’s estimate.

  26. @simpy: The St John’s website indicates that 19 teams will be playing at Jeppe, but perhaps they are being optimistic

    It’s interesting what you say re Saints being ‘soft’. About five years ago, they went on a mammoth rugby buying spree, which produced very strong results in the junior teams. However, the performances slowly declined as the boys got older (some left, others got expelled, while a few lost interest in rugby). Therefore, like Menlo Park, the 1st team results have not been anywhere near as successful as the juniors. That said, the recent 1st team results are still better than they were a few years ago, so I guess you could call the “buying” a qualified success. Perhaps, as you say, there is simply not a big enough rugby culture there.

  27. @Grizzly:
    Stellenberg vs Drostdy met 7
    Bolandlanbou vs Garsfontein met 3
    Ben Vorster met 7 vs Centurion
    HTS Middelburg vs Transvalia met 7
    Hilton vs DHS met 7
    Waterkloof vs Helpmekaar met 7

  28. @Skopgraaf243: The Grey vs Muir game was a practice match they played 35min and then had a combined training session. From what i could see Grey have decent team Muir very young 70 percent of there boys under 17 small but look like a lot of guts

  29. @Vleis: I would agree with you. For the last while, and even when I was I school, Saints had amazing age group rugby which tapered off drastically at opens. I’ll never forget a boy called Innocent (I don’t know his surname) who literally ran through/around entire teams (including Jeppe). But he faded away like so many prospects…

  30. @simpy: Innocent Radebe – I think he was the CW flyhalf in 2012. A very good player who has played Sharks U20.

  31. @Vleis: I think you are spot on with your numbers – 150-160 boys per grade is what it is which equates to 750-800 boys with 2 boarding houses (Collins & Mountstephens) with about 60 boys in each. St John’s is very similar but probably has twice as many boarders.

  32. @KES Oldboy: After representing the Sharks at u19 and u21 levels, Inny went on to play a few games for the Sharks senior team. Unfortunately injuries have kept him from producing his best form. What a pity. He is no longer with the Sharks now. I think he signed with the Lions. Hopefully he can put the injuries behind him soon and get some gametime at top level again.

  33. @Skopgraaf243: I saw the Donkeys backline on paper. It looks red hot. If Stellies can contain that Drostdy backline they would have done very well. Bolandbou vs Garsies a hard one to call this early.

  34. Ben Vorster 39-7 Centurion. well done boys! Tjarrr, but Transvalia smashed HTS Middelburg 68-7, Helpmekaar beat Waterkloof 39-11….not surprised by the wins, but the scores higher than I expected

  35. KES beat St Stithians by 29 to 19 (was 19 all until quite close to the end); Jeppe beat St John’s by 32 to 9; St David’s beat Parktown by 26 to 5 and St Alban’s beat Sutherland by 87 to 3 (STA were ahead by 53 to 0 at HT, so I’m pretty sure that Kennedy emptied the bench at HT.

  36. @Djou: Monnas was 61 – 3 voor halftyd. So eintlik swak 2de helfte. Ek glo net Tuks reeks is n mors van tyd. Pietersburg het by Monnas kom speel met net o/14A, o/15ABC, o/16A en 1,2 en 3 by oop spanne. Monnas meer as 400 punte vit hul en ongeveer 40 teen hul. Hoe is dit goed vir beide skole se rugby? Monnas het goeie games gekry teen Transvalia en sal weer kry teen Garsies. Beide die spanne speel hul in elk geval in die Virseker. So hoekom speel spanne soos Monnas en Garsies ens nog Tuks.

  37. @Grizzly: Helpies 39 Kloof 11 met n rooi kaart in die sewende min en baie vuil spel maar nie temin geluk aan Helpies.

  38. @Hooit: Dit gaan nie net oor die rugby nie. Monnas maak al klaar voorbrand vir hul ontrekking volgende jaar

  39. @Wonder: Weet dit is nie net rugby nie maar as jy n rugby skool wil wees help die Tuks reeks nie. Vandag was baie beter vir Garsies as vir enige ander span wat in die Tuks reeks speel. So my opinie, as jy n rugby skool wil wees klim bly weg van die Tuksreeks af. Van die 13/14 Monnas rugby spanne kon net 8 games kry. Tuks is seker beter as Niks maar daar is baie beter daar buite vir ernstige rugby skole as Tuks.

  40. Interessant as mens KHS en Transvalia se 0/14 spanne van 2015 vergelyk. In die Tuks reeks het KHS almal gestamp. In die halfeind stryd was Garsies die eerste span wat teen hulle kon voorloop. Garsies skrummie wat nou eerstes speel het nog die eerste drie teen hulle gedruk. In die finaal tussen KHS en Transvalia het KHS ook gewen. Beeld was ander storie, Transvalia het toe vir KHS gestamp, dis nou in die groot skole afdeling.

    Wat het van KHS geword? Transvalia gaan van krag tot krag. Dieselfde 2015 0/14 groep is eers volgende jaar matriek. Het KHS baie van die spelers verloor?

  41. Rugbyman wat is jou, nie die skool nie, maar jou opinie oor Tuks? Ek glo die maand of wat kan Monnas games buite Leeus streek soek en ook selfs Kes en Jeppe games reel.

  42. @Hooit: Ek verstaan jou punt. Vandag was great, as Garsies nog sulke games kan kry, maak seker sin om dan te skuif. Dit sal egter ten koste van al die ander sporte wees. Ons opsies is maar beperk want ons bure wil nie teen ons speel nie. Julle het klaar twee ekstra games. Ons moet ons self nog bewys :mrgreen:

  43. @Hooit: @Wonder: El dink daar is plek vir die Tuksreeks. Maar hy moet soos Virseker herstruktureer word.
    Virseker gaan net oor rugby – wat sleg is vir skooldeelname.
    In die opsig het Virseker die skole gefaal.
    Maar ja sulke groot tellings is nie bevorderlik vir skole nie.

  44. @sewes: Sien dis hoekom ek nog nooit ‘n voorstaander van kaarte was nie. Dit neem die genot vir spanne en toeskouers weg en mens het nie ‘n idee van hoe spanne werklik teen mekaar opweeg nie.

  45. @Wonder: KHS se gewese o/14/15 span is steeds daar, maar ek dink nie hulle het dieselfde as Transvalia gegroei nie. Hulle afrigters het nou weer o/14 toe geskuif. Die verswakking van daardie ysterspan was verlede jaar al sigbaar.

    Transvalia gaan dit moeilik maak vir almal vanjaar, en die ander spanne moes daai kanon sien kom.

  46. Border Rugby Day not sure of scores but i know Selborne beat Sterling / Queens beat Grens / Dale beat Hudson Park

  47. @Djou: Weet nie of hul spelers verloor het nie. As jul verloor het is dit nie aan Monnas nie. Ek weet nie veel wat in KHS aangaan nie maar dink nie hul rugby ontwikkeling is op dieselfde vlak as Transvalia nie

  48. @Queenian: Selborne looked very good. Hot backline. They won on defence though because the 2nd half was all Stirling.

    Dale are having another slow start to their season. Hopefully they’ll be up to scratch by the time they get to Kearney otherwise they’ll be in a lot of trouble. Scrappy game against Hudson but we’ll take the win.

    QC looked similarly shaky like Dale. They showed glimpses of excellent but will need to work hard to give them a chance at a successful season.

    I was also impressed by Cambridge who played an enterprising brand of rugby. They need to work on their fitness though.

    Interesting season ahead in the Border

  49. @sewes: although the red card was deserved, I also do not support the way it is used. Penalising a team for a whole match, even though the infringement is serious, is extremely harsh. It detracts from the whole intention, which is fair competition and entertainment.

  50. @sewes: one can also understand that frustration will boil over when a team’s capabilities have been hamstrung. Must also mention that some players cannot focus or manage their aggression into the game and that leads to fights. These players need to be disciplined from early on in their career. I know of two such players that left Helpmekaar, because they did not want to adapt.

  51. Baie geluk Menlopark goeie weg wen! Dit was verseker ‘n stap in die regte rigting. Die manne het groot karakter gewys na ‘n moeilike week (buite hulle beheer) van die veld af.
    Geluk ook aan al die ander spanne met oortuigende wenne. So ook aan die 2des wat goed terug gekom het in die 2de helfte.
    Dankie aan Nelspruit vir lekker dag se rugby!

  52. @BrotherBear: I’ve always been in favour of the red card rule as it is applied to Varsity Cup this year (replacement of red carded player after 15 minutes), although it could be open to abuse (there are ways of dealing with that too).

    Fourteen players vs fifteen over an extensive period just distracts from the game as an even contest.

    (What I don’t get regarding VC is replacement of the red carded player, but then allowing for only 13 players during the power play – nothing can be more contradictory!)

  53. @tzavosky: one could argue that the PP 13 player rule goes both ways and applies for a very short period. I agree with your red card application in VC. Player sanction should be harsher; e.g.: one or several match suspension. If several red cards to one player then ban for season, etc.

  54. I would like to see that the card-rule is applied by a next match suspension and two yellows in two consecutive weeks misses third week fixture.
    This should and must be applied by school themselves if not by union.

  55. @tzavosky: one could argue that the PP 13 player rule goes both ways and applies for a very short period. I agree with your red card application in VC. Player sanction should be harsher; e.g.: one or several match suspension. If several red cards to one player then ban for season.

  56. Did the Waterkloof age group teams also suffer from red cards, as I see Helpies won all the matches quite comfortably?

  57. Well done Helpies groot wen. Nie getwyfel in die wen nie maar wel verbaas met hoe telling of dit nou 14 of 15 man was.

  58. Rugby, as I was taught is a sport that teaches teamwork, discipline and sacrifice. When we start questioning “fair competition” with respect to red cards being handed out, I worry that we detract from those 3 values I have mentioned above. In real life, if one person in a company commits fraud, it is the company’s reputation at stake – in family life, a father that drops the ball, costs the family etc. This is the lesson to be learned in a rugby game – to play the game thinking about the man that is wearing the same colours as you. Selfish acts of ill-discipline by an individual almost always leave the bigger group worse off.

    There is a Ghanaian proverb that goes: “The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of it’s people.”

    Let that sink in.

  59. @Playa: I suppose it depends on what angle you look at it.

    In practical terms, we’ve all met otherwise qualified Zimbabweans in SA who are doing menial jobs here because of the actions of someone else. It’s hard to tell these people to suck it up and apply Playa’s rugby philosophy to their disjointed lifes.

    I remember a CW match from a few years back where a player from one team was red carded in the very first minute and due to the laws applicable to schoolboy rugby, the opposition positioned their big no8 in the centres, who then constantly hammered the opposition centres for the rest of the 70 minutes. The outcome was that both centres were injured to the extent that they had to be replaced for the rest of the tournament.

    As a neutral outsider looking in I don’t want to see that, in the same way that I don’t like to see innocent Zimbabweans suffering. I want to see an equal contest.

  60. @Skopgraaf243: Goeie voorstel.@Rainier: Nee wat Helpies het ons A spanne n les kom leer.Ek het geensins voorgegee dat ons sou wen nie maar as jy n senter wat twee jaar terug speler van die toernooi by wildeklawer was verloor maak dit wel n inpak op die game of is dit bietjie moeilik om te verstaan?

  61. @sewes: Ja hys baie goed en sal beslis n verskil gemaak het.Die rooi kaart kwessie is vir my n raaisel.Ons weet hoe dit voel na laasjaar se NS teen Paarl Gim.Waar ons speel is n rooikaart n doodsklok.Ek verstaan die speler word gestraf saam die span,die span moet sonder hom en hy kan die res van die wedstryd nie meer speel nie.Die res van die span kan egter niks doen om dit te verhoed nie,dis n individule oortreding.Dan word hy gewoonlik vir nog n game geskors waarmee ek nie n probleem het nie.IMO kan hy afgaan vir sy oortreding en sy straf vat wat na die tyd aan hom gegee word.Hy was verantwoordelik vir die daad en moet sy straf vat.Maar die span kan dadelik n reserwe op bring in sy plek,die ander 14 het niks verkeerd gedoen nie.Dis klaar n straf dat die span na 22 verklein is.Geelkaart reelings kan bly want daar is span baie betrokke,herhaaldelike waarskuwings bv by losgemale en die volgende een kry die kaart.Dis skole rugby,die straf rondom die oortreding kan in groepe verdeel word bv opsetlike vuilspel en baklei,3 wedstryde.Spear tackle 1 game.ens.

  62. @Playa: When rugby was still rugby there were no cards. Send-offs minimal – for fighting and dirty play that should be rooted out.
    Cards came from soccer. It changes the whole game.
    And you get cards for stupid things such as crumbling under pressure in a scrum.
    Rather replace the cards with automatic suspensions. This will make players think thrice before a deliberate transgression.

  63. @tzavosky: Fair point. I just feel that the transgressor himself is not contesting fairly hence finding himself on a red card.

    @Djou: No doubt. The high stakes in the game nowadays have made the laws softer and more anal. There should still be immediate punishment over and above a penalty for deliberate transgressions as they themselves spoil a good game of rugby.

  64. @Playa: I believe the red card transgressor should leave the field and not return in the game and not play next match. He can be replaced with bench player after 10 minutes.
    Your point w.r.t. the management team to be penalised is also valid (“rot at home”), but not easy to apply.

  65. @BrotherBear: in my dae as jy agter die pale moes gaan staan, dan het die skoolhoof jou die volgende maandag sommer 6 damm goeie redes gegee waarom jy dit nie weer gaan doen die seisoen nie…

  66. @sewes: Dis baie jammer dat di uitslae vs Helpies so swak lyk.
    Waterkloof is ni MEER n rugbykrag ni….dis hartseer!

  67. @Smallies: absolutely right on discipline. In std 6, I was reprimanded by the HM because my socks normally ended up on my ankles, for the rest of the gane, after the first good run. I quickly had to make a plan and learnt that appearance does matter, even though not as important as form.

  68. @BrotherBear: Fully agree. Red carded player must definitely get sanctioned for the game at hand. Though I find no fault in your suggestion of 10 min of then being replaced, I think there should be harsher terms than a yellow card – technically a yellow card is the same punishment as your suggestion, but with the same player returning. I don’t have the answer to this.

  69. @Playa: Maybe we can follow the Varsity Cup circus and just make rules as we go along…

    10 minutes and a 7 point deduction for a red card.

    I can already see the score: Queens 5 – -2 Dale


    That will also do away with the saying ” They were lucky to get zero points”.

  70. Morning Gents
    quick question, can we make a topic on the other age groups as well. it is very nice to get inputs from the people on what they think.sorry i am new to this as my oldest son only started High school this year.

  71. @Blou Masjien: MaraisViljoen certainly looking better this year compared to others. Especially u15 and 1stxv side getting off to good start.

  72. @Skopgraaf243: JIP thats true and the under 16 as well. our under 14 team also not bd but we have not been tested yet. will see this saturday in Lichtenburg


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