Craven Week 2014: Team of the Day 1-4

Who is in your team of Craven Week 2014?
Here are my picks for each Match Day. I struggled with a Day 3 prop so selected the Limpopo player who stood out in loose play on Day 1 but only came on for a few minutes on Day 3

1 Ngoni Chidoma KZN Northwood 1 Roy Brink Boland Drostdy
2 Jacques van Zyl WP Paul Roos 2 Robin Stevens EP Grey PE
3 Koos Tredoux KZN Glenwood 3 Donavan Venter Valke Vereeniging Gim
4 Driaan Bester Pumas HTS Middelburg 4 Rhyno Herbst Lions Monument
5 Eduan Zandberg SWD Outeniqua 5 Hendre Stassen Valke EG Jansen
6 Christopher Roelofse SWD Outeniqua 6 De Wet Bezuidenhout Free State Grey College
7 Armand Heunis SWD Oakdale 7 Gerhard Steenekamp Leopards Potch Gim
8 Jaco Coetzee KZN Glenwood 8 Quinton vd Schyff Valke EG Jansen
9 Jaywinn Juries Griffons Hentie Cilliers 9 Shirwin Cupido Free State Louis Botha
10 Joubert Muller Pumas Ligbron 10 Curwin Bosch EP Grey PE
11 Duncan Saal WP Kasselvlei 11 Ruan de Beer Bulls Menlopark
12 Cameron Hertz EPCD Kingswood 12 Stefan van Vuuren Leopards Lichtenburg
13 Tristan Blewett KZN Hilton 13 Erich Cronje Valke EG Jansen
14 Ezrick Alexander Griffons Hentie Cilliers 14 Athi Mayinje EP Grey PE
15 Barend Smit Pumas HTS Middelburg 15 Lourens Steenkamp Free State Grey College
1 ???Modot Mabokela Limpopo Ben Vorster 1 Robert Hunt Boland Drostdy
2 Le Roux Baard SWD Outeniqua 2 Alandré van Rooyen EP Nico Malan
3 Cody Thomas KZN Westville 3 Douglas Bruce-Smith Leopards Klerksdorp
4 Emile Cloete WP Paul Roos 4 Quinton vd Schyff Valke EG Jansen
5 Eduan Zandberg SWD Outeniqua 5 Christie vd Merwe Boland Piketburg
6 Armand Heunis SWD Oakdale 6 Johann van Niekerk EP Grey HS
7 Daniel Nyamugama Zim St George’s 7 Victor Maruping Free State Louis Botha
8 Jaco Coetzee KZN Glenwood 8 Sipathu Pokamela EP Grey HS
9 Stephan Enslin Pumas HTS Middelburg 9 Embrose Papier Bulls Garsfontein
10 Curtis Jonas KZN Glenwood 10 Curwin Bosch EP Grey HS
11 Shadward Fillies SWD São Bras 11 Martin Van Wyk Valke EG Jansen
12 JT Jackson SWD Oakdale 12 Jeremy Ward EP Grey HS
13 David Brits Border Selborne 13 Markus Coetzer Leopards Bergsig
14 Jerry Danquah Border Queens 14 Athi Mayinje EP Grey HS
15 Morné Joubert KZN Glenwood 15 Keanu Vers EP Grey HS


  1. After day 4

    1 J Breed (NAM)
    2 l Baard (SWD)
    3 S Bhaser (Zim)
    4 A Fortuin (BB)
    5 E Knoetze (Griff)
    6 G Delport (Lions)
    7 A Heunis (SWD)
    8 J Coetzee (KZN)
    9 S Cupido (OVS)
    10 M Steyn (Border)
    11 B Mhuriyengwe (Zim)
    12 JT Jackson (SWD)
    13 M Coetzer (Leop)
    14 D Saals (WP)
    15 M Joubert (KZN)

  2. @Tjoppa: Zandberg op 5 en Knoetze op die bench. Eduan speel ‘n baie fisiese game en sy werkverrigting is baie hoog. Hy is ook ‘n uitstekende scrummer

  3. Possible players to make sa trails squad. From Limpopo: 1. Madot Mabokela a great prospect with the right coaching he can go far. 2. Mitch Mametsa a real talented player but sadly not on form thus year he is also the nephew of blue bull john mametsa. 9. Diederik Oberholser its a shame that the Limpopo team did so bad this year and that there are a lot of brilliant scrumhalves this year because this boy is really good. Its sorry that Tsepiso Mahasha got injured while playing for the junior springbok sevens team he could have made it in the squad aswell. Then from the academy week the outside centre Frans Botha (arno botha’s little brother) its a complete travesty that he is not at craven week but he was brilliant at academy week( scoring a hattrick against free state and ending the week as the second highest try scorer.

  4. @Tjoppa: Nee o donner Tjops..ek begin nou lelik twyfel in jou keurder vermoe….Beste 2 9’s sover was Valke en Griffons sn….

  5. Sa skole span: 15 K Vers(OP) 14.J Dhanqu (Border) 13.J Ward (EP) 12.JT Jackson (swd) 11.D Saal (WP) 10. C Bosch 9.ouitjie van valke 8.J Coetzee (natal) 7.V Marupeng (ofs) 6.G Delpord (lions) 5.E Zandberg(Swd) 4 H Stassen(valke) 3.C Thomas (kzn) 2.I Baard (Swd) 1.M makobela (Limp)

  6. I picked my 30. Tried to use CW form as basis
    1. Brink (Bol), Chidoma (KZN)
    2. Van Rooyen (EP), Baard (SWD)
    3. Tredoux (KZN), Hunt (Bol)
    4. Herbst (Lions), Cloete (WP)
    5. Stassen (Valke), Zandberg (SWD)
    6. Bezuidenhout (FS), Heunis (SWD)
    7. Pokomela (EP), Maruping (FS)
    8. Coetzee (KZN), vd Schyff (Valke)
    9. Jaywinn Juries (Griffons), Jantjies (WP)
    10. Bosch (EP), Roos (Valke)
    11. Saal (WP)
    12. Jackson (SWD), Venter (WP)
    13. Coetzer (Leop), Ward (EP)
    14. Danquah (Bor), Majinye (EP)
    15. Joubert (KZN), Smit (Pumas)
    Utility: Vers (EP)

  7. @beet: I agree with about 99% of your team…Props still a bit of a toss up as well as inside centre…

  8. @BoishaaiPa: I think Jackson at inside centre a certain pick. Naude of the Bulls, for that question all in the backline, is not done any favours with the gameplan of “skop en storm”. Typical of BB rugby where natural talent is suppressed for the game plan and the coach’s “vision”.

  9. @Archie – Hoe gaan die Vossies lyk in 2015 ?, tyd dat jul Puk Prestige Reeks begin speel Archie of hoe ?, juls hopeloos te sterk vir Puk Interprovinsiale Reeks of hoe ?, eks grt supporter vd Vossies, jammerte jul 1s is uit maar sterkte vir die jnrs

  10. @Tjoppa: I think times have changed and selectors have access to information that was not previously readily available plus there has been a move towards syncing the u18 selections with what is required at u20 level iow a shift of emphasis towards picking players who will be able to succeed in rugby after school.

    For these reasons I believe players like Naude, Keyter, Fortuin, de Beer of the Bulls will be at trials even if others outperformed them at Craven Week.

  11. @Archie: I think both Mabokela and Mametsa are players who would have interested selectors and could do well after school. Mabokela is an outstanding ball-carrier but needs lots of help with scrumming. Mametsa may even make the SAS trials. He is quite a big hooker and it will be worth their while to test his potential at trials.

  12. @beet: Agreed with most of that. In fact nothing I would change other than adding Bulls 15 into the mix.

  13. Let’s see if the 3 Leopards players ( Bruce Smith, Steenkamp and Coetzer) get picked in the squad.

    They are absolutely unmatched in their positions

    Or…….do only players from the ‘bigger’ unions get selected?

    Bruce-Smith a SA champ in discus………..natural strength plus unbelievable technique…………..Springbok tighthead for the future

  14. I have seen a couple of boys, in a struggling Valke team, that has really raised their hands, but does not get a mention here at all.

    I guess these boys will just have to prove themselves over the next couple of years then.

  15. @Valke: Well, that is the thing, SA Schools selection is always very subjective and actually a very difficult task. As I have said, besides a huge honour and bragging rights, it is not the be all and end all.

    The selectors can only watch so much rugby and often, guys that have not excelled in their standard 9 year, will generally be unknown and perhaps not as watched as other players.

    If the guys are good enough and have the commitment, they will come through after school

  16. @beet: But Beet this is the whole problem with SA Rugby. SA u/18 side is supposed to be the team of the week. The BEST players during the week.
    That should be the only selection criteria. “Pick the *&(*(*ng best team of the week.
    Now we want to reward the chosen, not necessary the best, on the wisdom of a few “prophets”. This is sick.

  17. @RBugger: They will maybe play club rugby etc but if you do not perform at school, or attend the right schools, I would honestly say your chances to play “big” rugby is at most a mere 5%.

  18. @Tjoppa: I would have thought that if you are at craven week, you are probably performing at school and probably in the right school.

    It seems to me that even performing well in a struggling team at craven week counts against you.

    @RBugger: Agree with your comments.

  19. @valke: Falcons region not in the right schools nor province. And obviously not “performing” by the standards of the “pimps” nor “prophets”.

  20. 1. Mabokela (Limpopo)
    2. Baard (SWD)
    3. Hunt (Boland)
    4. vd Merwe (Boland)
    5. Zandberg (SWD)
    6. Delport (Lions)
    7. Maruping (FS)
    8. Coetzee (KZN)
    9. Juries (Griffons)
    10. Bosch (EP)
    11. Saal (WP)
    12. Jackson (SWD)
    13. Coetzer (Leopards)
    14. Danquah (Border)
    15. Vers (EP)
    16. Van Rooyen (EP)
    17. Thomas (KZN)
    18. Stassen (Valke)
    19. Pokamela (EP)
    20. Papier (Bulls)
    21. Jonas (KZN)
    22. Joubert (KZN)

  21. @Tjoppa: I see 6 of the Lions u/19 players playing tonight came from this “not so right school or province”. 2 more injured and therefore not considered.

    Seems its only the “pimps” and “prophets” who believe this.

  22. @Ploegskaar: Nou weet ons hoekom ons nooit sal saamstem nie. (1) Beslis Bruce-Smith van die Luiperds. (7) het Heunis van SWD hom wragtig al genoeg uitgestaan. (9) sal ek vir jou gee maar (10) stick ek by Steyn van die grens. (15) dink ek Joubert het genoeg gedoen maar ek sal oorweeg om eerder Bosch van (EP) te speel.
    Maar ja geen twee geniee sal saamstem nie.

  23. @beet: Nice to see Kobus Tredoux in your team. He was in Wierdapark Laerskool with my daughter along with Thinus de Beer and Jandre Micchau.

    The 3 of them all went to Waterkloof in Gr8!

  24. @valke: Wonder what the definition of a big school would be is this a school thats 100+ years old or 3000 have students or a school that competes year after year?

  25. @Tjoppa: Please do not see this as a sarcastic question. A serious response would be appreciated.

    What does a talented schoolboy in the Falcons region do to get the recognition he deserves.

    Not am sure by leaving and going to the big Unions, the situation will ever be resolved. Or do we just live with it and agree that the Falcons schools will always be feeder schools to the bigger unions.

  26. @valke: Unfortunately 80% of all boys making it to the top is not only due to talent and hard work. Being at the right place and time, knowing the right people has the biggest say.
    So what do you do. Well I presume it is how much are you willing to GIVE, effort, money and licking ass, in order to be in the right place and time. Lady luck unfortunately is not as a big player as we would hope.

  27. I like Ploeg’s side, pretty much spot on. I see a few have picked Cody Thomas from KZN, I agree he has tons of potential. Has the size and strength to do well. I also think Kenny Van Niekerk from KZN did very well, extremely mobile and built solid. The two KZN locks did well too, outsiders maybe…

  28. @Grasshopper: If I could pick a 23-man squad, I would have had Tredoux in, was a toss-up between him and Thomas for my team. Same goes for Vers and Joubert, either could start at 15 and I would have no qualms.

  29. @Grasshopper: For me Hunt (Drostdy) and vd Merwe (Piketberg) that I have in my team. Wish Kankowski (Piketberg) was not injured, from what I saw of him this year he would have been the stand-out hooker at this CW.

  30. @Grasshopper: I agree with you. Van Niekerk is a very nice player.
    As for our locks, they are too short in the eyes of the selectors. They can outplay all the other locks, but if they are not at least 195cm or more, they won’t even look at them. It is the old SA mentality concerning weight and height for certain positions – Dinosaur stuff. SWD showed how a much smaller pack can totally outplay a huge one.

  31. As a matter of interest when do they announce the SA Schools trial group? Does anyone know?

  32. @Grasshopper: Ek sal graag die no4 slot van die BB akademie span ook in die proewe groep sien, hy was regtig goed op die akademie week en sal hom graag wil sien saam met die CW manne.

  33. @kwartlyn: Ek stem met jou saam. Ek het die Bulle AW no4 ‘n hele paar keer sien speel en rate hom beslis in daardie geselskap.

    As dit by die fisiese game of donkiewerk kom staan hy nie terug nie. Hy is ook nie sommer die no4 vleuel nie.

    Maar die wyse manne weet seker wat hulle doen met seleksie

  34. @MikeSt: Dit moet seker na afloop van more se finale wedstryd wees. Speel hulle nie volgende Saterdag 26ste proewe nie?

  35. @Amalekite: Kevin du Randt is only about 193cm so will end up playing flank after school, but maybe too slow for that position. The Kearsney lock (always forget his name), must be close to 2m as he is quite a bit taller than Kevin. Kevin though is a grafter, you don’t see what he does but he does alot of the donkey work and plenty of turnovers, good leader too. I was surprised the KZN team picked Jaco at captain, I would have had Kevin or Kenny in game 2. Anyway, hopefully KZN can get 5 into the final 50, that would be a good achievement :-)

  36. @ Grassy- per the earlier stats that were posted Kevin is 188 cm and Tristan Dixon is 194 cm. The partnership worked well as Du Randt is more of an enforcer while Tristan plays a looser game where he can show off his ball skills. At U14 level he actually played FH. I must say our front row dominated on both days and so I hope due reward follows. I also noticed that Buthelezi played in the 2nd game and so I presume he replaced Guma.( the sole MC rep). I wonder what happened there . I actually was looking forward to seeing how he would go during the week.

  37. @star: weird, Kearsney brochure from last year says Du Randt is 193, anyway shorter than the likes of Zandberg. Here is an interesting fact, Warren Whiteley played flyhalf until Under 16, his skills shows though…

  38. @star: I think he replaced Ngcobo. Guma had the quietest of quiet games on Day 1. Mukendi did not appear on either of my lists but I’m sure a lot of people will agree that he did a lot of good things when he had the ball. One for the future.

  39. @star: I think Dixon is really putting his hand up. Featured prominently in Wednesdays match – seems to tick all the boxes for lock at present and brings ball skills into the equation as well. Hard to believe he is Gr 11. Bigger honours next year??

    Cody Thomas also doing well. Nice to see him in Beet’s team of the day. Should be the starter tomorrow IMO.

    Jonas has also proved himself to be the choice 10. Chose the right options – his distribution skills are really class and should get the start tomorrow.

  40. @
    Sal nogal snaaks wees as daar geen speler in die
    SA skolespan is wat kom van die top 3 volgens die rankings nie. Nie dat ek kritiek het op jou keuses wat uiteraard objektief voorkom.
    Wat is jou opinie oor Griffons se 12?

  41. @Pinotage: Presies die punt wat ek elders probeer maak het. As die keuses wel objektief is en meriete het, moet daardie spelers natuurlik n impak he op die resultate van hulle skoolspanne- met enkele uitsonderings. Ek wens amper dit gebeur want dan is dit bloot bevestiging van die subjektiewe aard van spankeuses en miskenning van werklikhede. Maar die “franchises” besef dit darem en word weerspieel in die spelers wie hulle kontrakteer.

  42. @GreenBlooded: I’ve been told that Monday’s team is the one that will be starting today. I feel that the Wednesday team had more cohesion, but let’s wait and see. There are some players that are carrying injuries, as usual, who will most probably have to be replaced at some point.

  43. @Amalekite: Totally agree with Dixon being the obvious exception. The halfback combination in particular were far better in the Wednesday team – particularly Jonas.

  44. @Grasshopper: Yes 5 from the Green School. See KZN got hammered by Affies. So the Affies vs GW will be good. Seabass how the hell are you?

  45. From viewing the CW KZN Schools have got it right. All the players deserve their positions. So well done to the selection panel.


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