Independent Schools Rugby Festival 2018

Hosted by Kingswood College, Grahamstown

1 Sat.23Jun St David’s <> <> St Andrew’s School
2 Sat.23Jun Michaelhouse <> <> St Stithians
3 Sat.23Jun Eeze Fana <> <> Clifton
4 Sat.23Jun St John’s <> <> Graeme
5 Sat.23Jun Hilton <> <> St Alban’s
6 Sat.23Jun St Andrew’s <> <> Kearsney
7 Sat.23Jun Kingswood <> <> Bishops
1 Mon.25Jun Bishops <> <> Hilton
2 Mon.25Jun St John’s <> <> Eeze Fana
3 Mon.25Jun Clifton <> <> St Andrew’s School
4 Mon.25Jun Graeme <> <> St Stithians
5 Mon.25Jun St Andrew’s <> <> St David’s
6 Mon.25Jun St Alban’s <> <> Michaelhouse
7 Mon.25Jun Kingswood <> <> Kearsney
A1 Wed.27Jun St Andrew’s School <> <> St Alban’s
A2 Wed.27Jun St Andrew’s <> <> Hilton
A3 Wed.27Jun Kingswood <> <> Clifton
B1 Wed.27Jun Eeze Fana <> <> St Stithians
B2 Wed.27Jun Kearsney <> <> St John’s
B3 Wed.27Jun St David’s <> <> Michaelhouse


  1. Unfortunately can only see a tough week for my Alma mater. The best chance will be against Clifton who they lost quite badly to not to long ago but that was in Durban.

  2. @Veg: One problem with this festival (which may help your alma mater) is the vastly different strength teams that the schools send, including the following:
    – No u19’s are allowed, albeit this does not impact the Independent schools much, apart from perhaps Kingswood, which has a post matric year.
    – The CW and AW players do not attend, which impacts some schools more than others – e.g. this year St Alban’s has five such players.
    – Some schools only send ‘stayers’, while others send a few matrics, while others send their full teams – e.g. in my son’s year (2016), St Alban’s sent no matrics.
    – For the KZN and Gauteng schools, the season is over by the time the ISRF starts, so many scholars have other commitments – e.g. cricket tours, etc.

    In short, it’s a lot of fun, but in no way reflects any school’s relative strength – e.g. in 2012, St Alban’s gave Kearsney a huge hiding at ISRF, but if memory serves the ‘proper’ 2012 and 2013 Kearsney teams were stronger than St Alban’s.

    On a different note, I was surprised to hear that St Alban’s did not play St Andrews this year. Any idea why that happened and if it is a permanent decision?


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