BHP Top 50 – week ending 05 May 2018

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# School Avg Reg Type Gen #Boys Est
01 Grey College 5.00 FS State Boys 1190 1855
02 Paul Roos 4.84 WP State Boys 1230 1866
03 Glenwood 4.69 KZN State Boys 1070 1910
04 Paarl Gim 4.01 WP State CoEd 580 1858
05 HJS Paarl BH 3.82 WP State Boys 870 1868
06 Transvalia 3.80 VAL State CoEd 570 1958
07 Monument 3.76 GL State CoEd 690 1921
08 Selborne 3.64 BOR State Boys 740 1872
09 Hilton 3.60 KZN Indep Boys 560 1872
10 Bishops 3.55 WP Indep Boys 720 1849
11 Wynberg 3.51 WP State Boys 760 1841
12 Oakdale 3.47 SWD State Boys 420 1928
13 Jeppe 3.36 GL State Boys 960 1890
14 Framesby 3.26 EP State CoEd 560 1966
15 Ben Vorster 3.21 LIM State CoEd 420 1962
16 Drostdy 3.06 BOL State CoEd 430 1903
17 Boland Landbou 3.06 WP State Boys 340 1953
18 Menlopark 2.99 BB State CoEd 680 1963
19 St Andrew’s 2.96 EP Indep Boys 460 1855
20 DHS 2.91 KZN State Boys 1090 1866
21 Grey HS 2.90 EP State Boys 930 1856
22 Garsfontein 2.84 BB State CoEd 880 1988
23 Affies 2.70 BB State Boys 1090 1920
24 Helpmekaar 2.67 GL Indep CoEd 460 1921
25 Marlow 2.67 EP State Boys 230 1931
26 Bellville 2.50 WP State CoEd 560 1937
27 Upington 2.48 GRI State CoEd 270 1896
28 Brandwag 2.47 EP State CoEd 410 1937
29 Kearsney 2.46 KZN Indep Boys 570 1921
30 Goudveld 2.36 GRF State CoEd 360 1961


  1. Hoe verander jou punte van een week na die volgende as jy nie speel nie?

  2. Die ou lysie lyk oulik maar Hilton is nie n Top 20 span
    Lyk my hul sal daar in die Top 10 dobber al speel hul teen al hierdie Gekombineerde Petrolpomp spanne

  3. Hilton beats House who this year doesnt even have a full team but they gain points
    Sounds like a Sandpaper tale

    2 3 BOG

  4. Top 10 pretty accurate. Only concern would be Hilton who although unbeaten have only played one of the current top 20 namely DHS ranked 20.Those top 5 sides take all comers including each other and deserve their spots. Some really good games this past weekend. Barring Glenwood a concern is the gap between the top Kzn sides compared to the top Jhb and Cape schools. College, Westville, House really battling this year.This is not good for Kzn schools rugby

  5. @sparkie: Westville have had a bad run with injuries this season and most of the first choice players are out unfortunately.

  6. @Speartackle: Hulle sal nie speel teen kommin skole soos ons.

    @BoishaaiPa: Damn, gehoop ons dalk net 1 of 2 weg. Wen oor Kwaggas sal ons darem baie help, nou moet ons net hoop vir n lekker ref daar in George.

  7. @CharlesZA: Dis baie close tussen 20 en 40..Nie veel te kies nie..een of twee wenne teen kat 4 skole kan groot verskil maak…Good luck met daai laaste gedeelte…Daai spesie is uitgesterf in George :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  8. @dammetjie: Only the rankings by BHP. Other info sourced by me. I understand that Drostdy is a technical school. If they have 689 boys, how many girls do they have?



  10. Jammer om te sê maar ek dink Schoolofrugby se rankings is die naaste aan die waarheid…

  11. @Rugbyman: Is Garsfontein se punte vir en teen op Schoolofrugby korrek? Dit wys julle staan tot dusver gemiddeld 29 punte per wedstryd af? Dit klink nie reg nie.

  12. @Rugbyman: Well I definately can’t see your feelings… I agree with a previous post by BHP, that feelings can’t determine rankings and in the absence of a round robin competition, a ranking (If one believes in it at all) would need to be based on more than a % win and winning margin formula, which BHP tries to achieve by including additional stats. On a consensus basis most of the rankings are quite accurate for the top 3 – 5 places, thereafter the disparity and or consensus widens significantly as you move down the line.

  13. @Queenian: maybe a sore point was good seeing you on Saturday in Humansdorp but what on earth is happening at Muir they were no were against Nico Malan the Muir No xxx and xxx were to put it mildly useless the No xxx and xxx looked like they were not interested only the No 2/6/5/11 seem to be any good and only saw the 5 and 4 were the only two players actually cleaning out and doing the hard graft. The xxx was actually scared

  14. @McCulleys Workshop: There is no point in arguing… I merely said that I think the schoolofrugby rankings are more accurate… Thats all… you are welcome to differ from my opinion… There is for instance no logic in having Affies at no. 23 bit they put 40+ on Boland… that is just a prime example… Like I said, there is no point in arguing… It is merely my opinion… I watch alot of schoolboy rugby and I can assure you a school like affies will put 70+ on the listing’s no. 15 Ben Vorster… another prime example…

    Have a good day…

  15. @Rugbyman: I know the Eastern Cape setup well..This is not directed at NM but at the decline of Muir. 30 Years ago they were a very strong rugby school and often beat Grey High. Don’t always assume the worst in my commentary..

  16. @BoishaaiPa: I didn’t asume the worst… I saw Nico Malan play and they deserve more credit for their performance, thats all

  17. @Rugbyman: And it explains that you do not understand how this ranking system works. It is not about relative and direct is all about how a team performs in his environment and in relation to other teams..Ben Vorster is currently doing better in his environment that Affies is doing in theirs…How about giving credit were credit is due now?..

  18. @Rugbyman: I dont think you grasp what I am trying to say..Have you seen the other scores against Muir?..Did you read Rugbyfans comment?..Did you even know about Nico Malan before you played them?..I actually have 2 sister who matriculated at Nico Malan.

  19. @Wyvern: I played against Muir in the 80’s and they were a tough bunch of Souties..and we were mostly on the losing side as well. I guess most of the english speaking rugby boys all migrated to Grey High and Grahamstown schools eventually as they all stayed competitive throughout.

  20. Ja EG Jansen is going through some tough times and a lot of changes. But not all is bad.Their position could have been better with 3 or 4 games that they could have won but lost in the last few minutes. I said all along that it would be a difficult 3 years for them 2017,2018 and 2019 to compete against the top schools. Come 2020 they will be right on top again IF they can retain their players and the new coaching staff found their feet and set a good foundation for rugby coaching staff and programs again.

  21. @BoishaaiPa: Whatever you say boss…

    In my opinion in a ranking system it shows the top teams in the country… then your rankings doesnt show that but rwlative strength… thus a small school like Delmas could be no.1 cause relatively they thump anyone they play…

    Just for relativety’s sake… Oos Moot played against Affies 3rd team this weekend, however Oos-Moot lost by only one or two points against Ben Vorster if memory serves… thus it could be relatively argued that Affies’ 3rd team could be in the top 30…

    There is no point in arguing with you… your ranking system is the bestest estest thing and accounts for all factors… now that you explained that it is relative strength it does make more sense I guess… But having Ben Vorster above Affies in my opinion is not logical…

    Now you can be on full attack mode again… bite my head off

  22. @BoishaaiPa: It is not only you who knows the schools in the republic of South Africa… I can ask you the same question about schools in Pretoria and Gauteng for that matter… I knew of Nico Malan… I was pleasantly surprised when we played against them though…

  23. @Rugbyman: Schoolofrugby more accurate?

    Bishops unbeaten still and beat Grey PE by 30 yet Grey is number 16 and Bishops 24.

    I still think Bishops will lose quite a few this year but based on performances to date it shows me Schoolofrugby have got it horribly wrong.

  24. @Balikibaba: Here is the schoolofrugby rankings:

    1 Grey College
    2 Paul Roos Gimnasium
    3 Paarl Gimnasium
    4 Glenwood
    5 Paarl Boys’ High
    6 Monument
    7 Transvalia
    8 Oakdale Landbou
    9 Garsfontein
    10 Menlopark
    11 Affies
    12 Boland Landbou
    13 Selborne College
    14 HTS Drostdy
    15 Hilton College
    16 Welkom Gimnasium
    17 Grey High School
    18 Jeppe High School for Boys’
    19 Diamantveld
    20 Wynberg Boys’ High
    21 Outeniqua
    22 EG Jansen 4
    23 Helpmekaar
    24 Rondebosch Boys’ High
    25 St Andrew’s College
    26 Diocesan College
    27 SACS
    28 Durban High School
    29 Rustenburg
    30 Stellenberg

    I am not saying its perfect, just saying that IN MY OPINION it is more accurate… No ranking system is perfect…

  25. @Rugbyman: Stem saam.Ek glo Kloof wat sukkel die jaar behoort 15 van die top30 te wen julle self baie meer.Kloof het en gaan teen die top sewe speel so hoe kan jy dit vergelyk met ander spanne.Die top vyf is ver bo die res by gese.
    Kom ons vat bv Hilton en selb teen wie het hulle al gespeel en teen wie gaan hulle nog speel. Ek dink as kloof of garsies hulle program gehad het was hulle top tien kloof top 15.
    Wat die punt van vier of vyf aanbetref dink ek dit moet gebaseer word op al die A spanne van die vorige jaar dit bepaal mos (nie altyd)waar jou eerste behoort le.

  26. @Rugbyman: I’ve seen it. Can you explain how an up to now unbeaten side that has beaten a team by 30 points ( and that team has now lost 2 games) ends up being 9 places below them?

  27. @Balikibaba: No I cant… same as Affies cant be 7 places below Ben Vorster….

    Like I said, now system is perfect… I just felt that that one is more accurate… You can always e-mail Hannes Nienaber and ask him… He is very approachable

    The worst one and the one you should NEVER pay any attention to is SASCHOOLSPORTS… How they compile that listing I do not know…

  28. @sewes: Selborne en Hilton is beide die jaar goed… Selborne het by Grey PE vir Jeppe geklop net ter inligting… Dit gaan nie vir my oor waar Garsies op die ranking lê nie… Dit gaan net vir my oor so bietjie logika….

  29. @sewes: And I think Donald Trump ought to be a Russian pole dancer. Kloof might, they more than likely may not beat any/many of the 15 teams above them. That is the beauty of SBR, and hence my comment re the top 3 – 5 sides as per BHP’s ranking. If Beet ran a consensus pole with all bloggers on the top 3 sides – the consensus would probably be highly correlated (98% plus), as you move further down the list the vagaries of school boy rugby kicks in and it is less clear who should be in the next positions for a range of reasons. It’s is all speculation and nothing to market your school on or bond your house over.

  30. @sewes: At least it’s good banter value.
    I’m concerned that Vrede aren’t in the top 30, they’d easily put one over BV and Menlo.

  31. @Rugbyman: Enige skool wat vroeg in n seisoen al 3 of meer wedstryde verloor het hoort nie in die Top 10 nie..Dit is ook logika..Dit is hoekom die ranking op uitslae tot datum gebasseer is en nie op gevoel nie. Teen die einde van die seisoen as n span nog steeds net 3 verlore het sal sy ranking aansienlik verbeter het tot dalk in die top 5…Huidige vorm word weerspieel en nie persepsies nie.

  32. A bit of useless info – if you do a combined ranking table of the 4 rankings probably most refered to (BHP, Saschoolsports, Schoolofrugby & 365), averaging out the placings over all 4 on available info, the top 20 would be something along the lines of:
    1. GCB
    2. PR
    3. PAARL GIM
    7. OAKDALE
    8. MONNAS
    10. B/LANDBOU
    11. HILTON
    12. WYNBERG
    13. AFFIES
    14. JEPPE
    15. MENLO
    17. BISHOPS
    18. FRAMESBY
    19. DROSTDY
    20. GREY HS

  33. In my oppinie is BoishaaiPa se rankings steeds die beste. Mens moet onthou dat dit gebaseer is op huidige uitslae, wat verseker aangepas sal word soos die seisoen vorder. Ja! Sekere skole het gewis n moeiliker wedstryd program as ander. Dit word darem ook in berekening gebring hier. Volgens my is omtrent al die verskillende rankings redelik akkuraat wat betref die top 10 skole. Dit is egter ondertoe waar sake maar heelwat moeiliker raak. Skole hier is almal hier baie naby aan mekaar, en slegs een uitslag kan n groot verskil maak.

    Daarmee saam wil ek sê dat ek meen ook skole moet hulle nie te veel steur aan die rankings nie, veral die wat nie onder die Top 20 tel nie. Daar is net te veel skole wat tans sterk aanspraakmakers is . Skole wat voel hulle staan n kans om die uitsoek lys te haal, moet maar harder werk en hoop hul resultate sal die praatwerk doen. Hier moet ek opkom vir Rugby365. Hulle het net n Top 20, en meld dan wie as aanspraakmakers tel vir hul volgende rankings.

  34. @Rugbyman: I agree with you – SASCHOOLSPORT rankings are a complete joke! Like most rankings, most of their top 10 are okay but thereafter it is laughable.

  35. @BoishaaiPa: Dit gaan my niks baat om met jou te stry nie… Dis jou stelsel… Ek het maar net ‘n opmerking gemaak rondom my persoonlike opinie…

  36. @KES Oldboy: Did you know when they started I did their rankings for them?…They used my rankings for their 1st 2 years…same rankings and methodology I provide to this site. Then after I provided all the criteria and methodology to them they decided to do it on their own…They basically used my recipe and tried to copy it..I however left out some crucial ingredients, therefore their results is sometimes somewhat peculiar.

  37. AS ek al BPH was het ek al lankal gesê druk die rankings op waar daar nog plek is
    Elke bliksemse week is daar n getemery oor dit
    Niemand word gedwing om dit te aanvaar nie

    Gaan lees Kaptein Duiwel Saboteur en laat weet of julle dit aanvaar

  38. @Rugbyman: n Baie beter aanduiding van langdurige prestasie is die gekombineerde een sedert 2012 wat Beet ook hier aandui. Ek dink dit sal jou n goeie idee gee van die ware sterkte en vertonings van skole oor n langer tydperk en dit is alles gebasseer op resultate en op die jare se rankings. Ek dink nie veel mense gaan daarmee fout vind nie…Dalk nie eers julle nie?

  39. @Speartackle: Ag wat ou Spies..Ouens dink ek raak opgewerk, maar dit is glad nie die geval nie..As jy n produk daar buite sit moet jy die houe kan vat en by jou besluite kan staan en regverdig..Elkeen is geregtig om sy opinie te lig en vrae te vra…Anders is jou produk mos nou nie die moeite werd as jy hom nie kan verdedig nie of hoe?

  40. Ek moet nou al vir 2 maande Hier Onder aanvaar ek moet self my bed opmaak, my eie gras sny, my eie kar oppas, op lekker pothole-lose paaie ry, skoon strande stap,in veilige publieke toilette kak, Aussie Rules kyk ens ens

    Ek moet dit aanvaar of ignoreer

  41. @BoishaaiPa: Hy is ‘n JBaaier. Sy boetie het verlede jaar OP /13 flank gespeel – ook ‘n lang seun.

    Met sy lengte het die ouer boetie sagte hande wat dit baie moeilik maak – hulle kan nie sy arms toevou in die laagvat nie en dan versprei hy die bal maklik uit die kontak uit. Baie goeie speler.

  42. @BoishaaiPa: Grey PE het baie belang gestel, hy is ook ‘n baie goeie krieket speler. GCB speel net met plaaslike kinders…

    Maar hy is NM toe, as Outeniqua nie die Pellsrus losskakel en Graslaagte senter getrek het nie sou die NM /14 span baie goed gewees het.

  43. @Wyvern: We chatted to a Muir old boy who left Muir last year and he also did mention that alot of the boys are under 17 he did say the issue with tge team was the few Under 18 boys were not standing up and seemed to be more a down fall for Muir than helping the youngsters he says the No xxx who rugbyfan is speaking about is one of them xxx but most the boys dont even believe he should even be the 1st team and the boys did not support him something the school needs to sort out. Also a couple of injuries they say

  44. Dagsê, ek lees gereeld, giggel soms maar skryf maar min. Ek sien al van 2007 BoishaaiPa se rankings, daar is en was nog nooit ‘n beter ranking nie. Nag ou grote.

  45. Die rankings is n hartseer verhaal vir my……. Hoop van harte daar is paadtjie terug van die Titanic af……

  46. @badboy: S@rugbyfan: Sorry guys, you have both failed the constructive criticism test. These are just schoolboys not paid pros. No hard feelings but please rather generalise and identify aspects of play that could be improved upon, than run down an individual player in the way you have. Thanks.

  47. @Rugbyman: You are just upset that Garsies is ranked so low currently….but at the moment it reflects the results…..Your 3 losses and Affies 4 losses this early in the season put you currently in the correct position.
    It is certainly not BV’s fault that Affies can’t win close matches, or that Garsies conceded 68 against Monnas. ( this rankings don’t care about u18/u19’s etc)
    As the season progresses you and Affies should improve on rankings, BV will come down, and in the end it will be a correct and fair reflection of the season.

    Currently it is a fair reflection this early in the season and BV deserves its place.
    They have played 8, with only one loss so far this year. At KES they’ve beaten Marlow narrowly (remember them, the last school in SA who beat Booishaai before last Saturday), Beat Northwood easily, and lost to Jeppe with a penalty after the hooter. Their first loss in history against Jeppe in 9 matches.
    also wins against the likes of Oos-Moot, Frikkie Meyer, Centurion with 39-8 (remember they made macro schools semifinals last year after beating EG, the same EG who beat you last year) So not a bad start to the season against fairly strong opposition.

    Higher up you commented that HC and Selborne are very strong this year (I agree about Selborne), and you justify it due to Selborne’s win against an unbeaten Jeppe at Grey fest. The same Jeppe was 14-26 behind against BV with 15 to play, I think Bv started to relax and allowed Jeppe back in game. 2 minutes before end it was still 21-26….well done to Jeppe for a great fightback.

    so please allow BV also their moment in the sun, it is not necessary to make disparaging remarks….as the season progress they will drop down and we will be very happy if we can remain in top 30, hopefully around 25 will be great.

    I don’t for a moment suggest we will beat Affies, or Garsies for that matter….but to say we will take 70 against Affies is disparaging, and i disagree.
    as previously proven, this year Jeppe and BV are identical in strenght, (if you have watched the game, you would agree). A week later Jeppe beat KES 24-21 so they are also closely matched. A week or so later Affies had an almighty battle to beat KES 12-3, i actually predicted on this blog that Affies will win with about 10.
    to me. Jeppe, BV and KES are more or less similar in strenght (actually having watched them all play I think KES is the weakest of the 3)
    so If Affies can only score 12 against KES , i fail to see how the will “easily” put 70 past BV. Affies play Jeppe, so let’s see the score there before stating wild facts

    You mentioned Oos-Moot playing against Affies 3rds after losing to BV, and according to you this means that Affies 3rds can be in the top 30. Your logic are totally flawed there. 1st of all Oos-Moot is not in the top 30, you also omitted to mention that OM won the match easily at a canter with 52-26, and used it more as a practice match, giving some fringe players an opportunity to show what they can do.

    Just a word of caution , do not underestimate Oos-Moot…in the years to come there rugby is going to get stronger and stronger and will be a force to reckon with.
    Even now they are quite good, ask Helpmekaar who a year or 2 ago won Garsies twice, but just managed to beat Oos-Moot in the Beeld Big schools semifinals with 2 points, after some controversial referee decision. That was the game where the referee had to run away and make a quick getaway in the parking lot, after being followed by an irrate OM supporter…lol.

    Good luck with the rest of you season, you will finish much better than us in the rankings, if you results warrants it.
    But please, this ranking is scientifically sound, allow us small rural school also some recognition for the hard work we put in and acknowledge when we do well. one or 2 key injuries and we might lose all our remaining games (due to no depth), starting with Florida this weekend, which coincidentally lost 24-28 to Affies last year after some people predicted a century :wink:

  48. @badboy: This years issues aside, there’s obviously been an underlying reason as to why their rugby has gone so far backwards in recent decades. As BHP pointed out i think it may have a lot to do with boys choosing the likes of Grey High, Pearson etc. The question is what factors precipitated such a move in the first place….

  49. @Vyfster: My aim was not to take a swing at BV… If that is what it came accross as I apologise… I am just of the opinion that BV cannot be ranked ahead of Affies… thats all… I merely picked BV as an example… I know BV are doing alot for their rugby and that is great! Well done on your performance thus far… For the record I only said that the other site’s ranking in my opinion is more accurate, thats all… I am still of that opinion…

  50. @BoishaaiPa: Wat van die /18 spanne in bv NV wat basies nie hul beste 15 in die veld kan stoot nie.Julle en lyk my res van die land het nie daai probleem nie.Vat bv laas jaar met julle,wat sou die effek gewees het sonder Abner en nog n paar…Daai baie close games…ek weet moeilik om te se.Ek weet die blog gaan nou weer gal braak maar wat as ek vir jou se dat ons beste 15 nog net teen Grey verloor het,ek weet daai stats iriteer jou maar die 11 punte verloor,die 35 op gesit teen hulle en aantal driee gedruk teen hulle is nog steeds die bench.Ek dink as jy vir hulle,Kwaggas,Bl vra waar hulle ons sal rank sal dit nie in 20 ‘swees nie.Ek weet nie of jou rankings dit kan verdiskonteer nie maar as jy miskien daarna kan kyk want dis feitlik.Ek stem egter saam @Rugbyman dat op hierdie staduim SOR se rankings vir my nader aan die ware Jakop is,miskien neem hy bogenoemde in ag,ek weet nie.

  51. @rugbyfan:Just a bit of info to clarify things at Muir and as a parent of one of the 1st team players. Most of the current team are Under 17 and at the moment both the young centres are out injured. Also been a school with only 300 boys which does not have the money to buy boys and a extremely weak under 18 group this year was always going to be a challenge. Yes and there are some leadership issues which need to get sort. All i can say is watch this space next week year.

  52. @Rugbyman: Geen probleem….julle gaan in elk geval ‘n hele paar plekke spring na die naweek as julle HTSM met meer as 30 wen, wat nie te moeilik behoort te wees nie.
    lol…selfs Oos-Moot het HTSM 36-16 gewen 10 dae terug by Klein karoo toernooi.
    Julle het hul slegs 47-40 gewen in jul heel eerste wedstryd vanjaar, maar dit was jul 1ste game….sedertdien het HTSM ‘n klomp liederlike pakslae gekry ….selfs ‘n swakkerige Nelspruit (in vergelyking met vorige jare) het hul die naweek met 45-19 afgeransel Hulle kon nie eers vir Pietersburg wen nie (wat julle met 70 geklop het), en het natuurlik rkordnederlae teen Transvalia en Monnas gely.

    Dit is hartseer vir hulle, hul swakste uitslae in hul geskiedenis, maar gee julle darem die geleentheid om hele paar plekke op BHP se ranglys te klim

  53. @Grizzly: Why can’t they play their best 15? If it’s due to a regional tournament which is u18, the playing fields are then equal amoungst all those teams in that compo, and when you play teams outside of that compo you revert to your usual set up as u19? What’s the problem.

  54. @Grizzly: Jy hamer nou so op daardie Grey wedstryd, maar jy mis n paar kritieke stats en ontledings..Eerstens het julle met 12 punte verloor, tweedens het julle 31 punte aangeteken en derdens was julle laaste drie in die doodsnikke 3 minute voor die einde van die wedstryd en toe was die koeel al lankal deur die kerk met die telling op 43-24. Daai laaste 7 punte was maar n troosdrie wat die telling meer respektabel laat lyk het. Nooit in enige tyd wat ek daardie wedstryd gekyk het het dit vir my gelyk of Grey kan verloor nie en dat julle heeltyd catch-up rugby speel. Julle was kompeterend vir eerste helfte met die telling 12 elk. Rugby word egter oor 2 helftes beslis en toe Grey oorskakel na halftyd was daar net een span op die veld. Die naaste wat julle weer aan hulle gekom het was toe die telling 36-24 was en toe weer reg teen die einde met die telling 43-31. Wedstryde se tellings en verskil in punte vertel nie altyd die volle verhaal van die verloop van die spel nie. Julle het baie goed gedoen in die 1ste helfte, maar n wedstryd word beslis oor 70 minute en as jy objektief na daardie wedstryd gaan kyk was daar in die 2de helfte nooit enige twyfel wie daardie stryd gaan wen nie. So well done met julle uitslag teen Grey, maar wraggies, jy moet darem meer lees in n game as net die eindtelling!

  55. @BoishaaiPa: Dankie vir die ontleding,wat van die hooftema van die post,die Grey wedstryd was n side note ter illustrasie.So ek neem aan jou rankings neem nie die kwessie in ag nie,dankie,al wat ek wou weet.

  56. Ek het as jongman eenkeer teen Annelien Kriel verbygeskuur, dit het nie beteken dat ek opgewonde geraak het

  57. @Wyvern: I think the number this year is 336 were 20 years ago about 450 only 38 boarders now were at one stage there were 150

  58. @Wyvern: I think they may have the same issue facing the likes of Dale and Queens – schools which have historically benefited from having a large boarding contingent. The demand for boarding in public schools in the EC has been on a rapid decline in the last 15-20 years. When I arrived at Dale in the 90s we had 4 fully subscribed boarding houses, now there are 2 which arent even filled up. You can only get so many day boys in a small town.

    Now those parents in PE – down to George who would have in the past sent their boys to board at Muir, keep them as dayboys at Grey/up the road to SAC/KC. Then, you have SAC getting all the farmers’ boys now (Muir used to get a fair chunk in the past) – as well as the Joburgers. Point is these schools become less attractive for aspiring boys from out of town. Worse for Muir is that they have to compete with Grey, Graeme, and now Pearson for under-privileged & grassroots talent.

    I don’t think it’s all lost though. They have a young team – and as soon as they adapt and sort of put together a “programme”, they’ll compete again.

  59. All rankings need to be scrapped because it makes unpleasant reading if you from certain schools. At least mine is Top 3.

  60. @The Beast: Hows it Ed – you bored? Should have had a match today – maar nou kan jou span rus! Dink dit sal hulle goed doen, want dit is ‘n klomp tawwe wedstryde na mekaar!

  61. @Queenian: Framesby 34-20 Boland landbou, so maybe Framesby is correctly ranked. Ben Vorster 93-12 Florida so this rankings seems appropriate currently :wink:

  62. @Rugbyman: @BoishaaiPa: hierdie is verstommende syfers wat dalk meer lig op die BHP top 30 kan werp. dit is nie tans veronderstel om ‘n baie groot predictive value te he nie….dws wie vir wie sal wen volgens die ranglys.
    Maar, volgens my syfers het 22 van die top 30 die naweek gespeel….baie teen mekaar, sommige teen skole buite die top 30 . die verstommende feit is dat 21 van die 22 skole presies presteer soos wat hul ranglys posisie sou suggereer….dit is meer as 95% korrek!

    goie vbe is bv Framesby wat Boland gewen het (en bo hul gerank is), Wynberg wat Grey PE wen, Transvalia wat Helpmekaar wen….die enigste uitsondering is Monnas wat teen Waterkloof verloor het….so hierdie ranglys was ongelooflik akkuraat hierdie naweek

    Darteenoor het school of rugby 6 van die skole verkeerd gehad…Monnas se verloor, Boland landbou en Framesby verkeerd, Grey PE en Wynberg verkeerd om, en EG Jansen wat in top 30 van sof is het teen Nelspruit verloor ….. dus 6 verkeerd teen 1 ….statisties baie beduidend :mrgreen:

    You argument van Affies se 2de span is ook verkeerd bewys deur Noordheuwel se oorwinning teen hulle. NH le nie naby enige top 30 nie, het maar ‘ngemiddelde tot swakkerige seisoen sover vanjaar….het al verlore gevat teen divisie 2 spanne soos Potch volkies, en baie groot nederlaag teen bv Lichtenburg wat div 1 shield is en ook nie in enige top 30 is nie

    So volgens daardie uitslag teen noordheuwel het Affies se 2de span nie ‘n kat se kans om enige top 30 te haal nie.
    Ben Vorster se 99-13 oorwinning oor Florida vandag behoort jou ook 2 keer te laat dink of Affies werklik BV met meer as 70 sal wen. Florida het darem voor vandag 6 van sy 8 wedstryde gewen, en net 1 groot nederlaag (13-43) teen Helpmekaar gekry….ek vermoed ons sal ‘n redelike loesing teen Helpies die naweek kry, beteken nie dat Affies definitief meer as 70 teen BV sal opsit nie.

    Veral nadat Florida laasjaar met 4 punte teen Affies verloor het, maar met 80 teen Monnas….net te moeilik om so iets te voorspel :wink:

  63. @Vyfster: Ek sal niks in BV se groot wenne lees nie kyk wat gebeur met Kloof as hulle grey toe gaan.Lyk my n kind se kop is soos n vroumens sin :roll: Ek wil net se BV verstom my elke jaar meer probeer net om julle outjies daar te hou.

  64. @sewes: ja wat, ons is bly oor goeie wenne….maar die tipe rugby wat hul speel, leen homself tot groot tellings vir hulle, maar ook teen hulle…kyk bv die 52-50 wen teen Oos_moot
    sodra ons teen ‘n baie sterk span kom met sterk pak wat ons balbesit kan ontneem en goeie verdeiging strukture het sal ons soms ook groot nederlae ly ( so ek is maar bly ons speel nie Grey, PRG of sulke snare nie) ….hierdie naweek teen helmekaar kan dalk een van daardie dae wees…..maar die outjies geniet hul rugby, en hou so van hardloop met die bal dat hul soms vergeet om te verdedig :lol: :lol:

    Laas jaar het ons teen julle verloor op KES 38-24 dink ek, darem nie te sleg teen span wat Paul roos, Affies , Outeniqua, Menlo en jeppe gewen het nie :wink:

    @Murrayfield: @Murrayfield: dankie, ek is maar net baie geinteresseerd daarin en veral die statistiese ontleding en onvoorspelbaarheid. Tans se my voorspelling dat julle algehele wenners van Virseker gaan wees dus gesamentlike stand van al die spanne ( wonder of daar spesiale trofee daarvoor gaan wees)…….maar wie die 1ste span beker gaan wees, is die groot vraag….dink nie Eg, HTSM of Nellies het anjaar die nodige skietgoed nie…..maar garsies,Monnas, valia,menlo en helpies…jo, dit gaan taai wees :mrgreen:

  65. @Vyfster: Gister het hulle een keer agter hulle doellyn begin hardloop (die beweging was definitief aan), toe slaan die senter onder die pale aan en Florida gaan druk. Daar was geen snak na asems op die pawiljoen nie, net ‘n ligte teleurstelling, want almal het geweet daai moes ‘n drie 100m verder gewees het.


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