Is Sean Erasmus a GOAT?

At the end of 2018, head coach Sean Erasmus will part ways with Paarl Boys’ High after 5-years at the helm. Erasmus is all set to take the next step towards his goal of becoming a top level pro competition coach when he joins the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

Of Erasmus’ seasons in charge at Boishaai, 2014 was one of overachievement given the squad he had, while 2015, 2016 and 2017 were outstanding ones in which his teams not only topped the national rankings but remained unbeaten locally. It’s an understatement to say that even one unbeaten season against the calibre of opposition that Boishaai faces annually is no mean feat. To string together three back to back local campaigns is simply off the charts remarkable and will take some doing to equal or better in this modern age of school rugby.

The 2018 season is still a chapter to be written but all at Boishaai are confident of it being another amazing year for what’s proved to be an amazing coach for them. Someone who started out as just another highly rated coach when he arrived in Paarl and quickly elevated himself to the “meneer” who simply had no equal at schoolboy rugby level in this country.

Although Erasmus has a history of achievements from his Glenwood High School coaching days and who knows may not be lost to school rugby forever; it’s these five seasons at Boishaai that will in all likelihood define his legacy as an SBR coach. Well-known coaches like Basil Bey (Bishops) and Skonk Nicholson (Maritzburg College) achieved iconic status over a career lifetime of achievement. In spite of his relatively short term in charge, is Erasmus fit to be regarded as one of the SBR coaching Greatest Of All Times (GOAT) based on what he has done at Paarl Boys’ High?


  1. Truly a remarkable coach and human being ! Sean,s legacy at Boishaai is truly entrenched, not only as a coach, but also as a role model mentor to young men.

    Yes ! t is sad for the school to lose such a wonderfull coach, but I am sure that the structures that he put in place, will stand the test of time.

    It was always on the cards that Sean,s talent and ambitions as a coach, will be utilised by a top profesional union, and the fact that he is well acquainted with the coaching panel at the Lions, must have made his decision to move up north much easier.

    We wish him and his family all the best for the future, in the knowledge that this is good bye, and not farewell!!

  2. @Beet, were Basil and Skonk teachers as well. I think Sean is a professional coach. Hope it goes better than his last stint, when helping the SAS side last year. Strategically he seems to be quite astute, with his defensive structures the best in SBR circles. I am sure the Lions will benefit.

  3. Sean defiantly falls into the category of “GOAT”. he will be missed and he leaves giant shoes to fill. he is truly a Gentleman and a scholar, and i for one am privileged to have known him. i’m sure his move to the lions will be a fruitful one.

  4. I don’t think one can compare Sean’s era to that of Basil Bey and Skonk Nicholson. While the latter had long careers at their specific schools, Sean’s is in a totally different era of professional rugby where there are much more pressures and exposure. Basil and Skonk are legends of the SBR coaching and what they achieved with MC and Bishops will always be special. What Sean has achieved with Glenwood and lately with Boishaai is in modern times exceptional to say the least!

    Sean will and can never be a Basil or Skonk, he can only be Sean Erasmus…thus a great schoolboy coach in his own era…So I dont think one should classify them as GOAT’s..rather as era specific.

  5. The GOAT is a singular title. You can be one of the best or greatest coaches, but the GOAT is one person.

    And here it is important to distinguish between professional coaches like Sean and teachers that coached such as Basil, Skonk, Griffy, Paul Anthony, Jake White and Dries van der Wal.

    It is too early to define his legacy, and to early to call him the GOAT.

    For my money the GOAT at this stage must be Jake.

  6. @Rainier: If those names are mentioned, what about oom Hans? Just wondering……To me SE is a class apart with his peers for sure, but you can hardly give him that GOAT label. An interesting but subjective topic at best. Agree there is a difference between the pros and the teachers. If pro coaches are compared, or coaches that turned pro, who can top the achievements of Jake? SE is still a relatively young man, he is also not yet done with his SBR journey as he tweeted last night. This guy is still writing his story and we’ll watch with interest as it unfolds. A quality guy for sure. So who do you think will take over his mantel at Boishaai, Andre Tredoux with his international experience, perhaps?

  7. @Quagga: I was actually thinking about Oom Hans. I agree that his name should be on the list.

    And also Lappies Labuschagne from GCB who was coach for the 5 year unbeaten run from 1986 to 1990.

  8. @Quagga: Quagga ! As ek hier kan in-chip oor Sean se opvolger ! Het betroubaar verneem dat die pos weer adverteer sal word. Ja ! Andre behoort verseker n goeie kandidaad te wees. Met Sean se destydse aanstelling, het daar heelwat goeie, en prominente afrigters hul name in die hoed gegooi. Sal seker weer die geval wees, alhoewel die manne dalk kan voel dat die druk te kwaai kan wees om Sean se rekord in stand te hou.

  9. Die profiel en kaliber van tiepe kandidaat wat aansoek doen het aansienlik verander nadat hulle gesien het watter platform en geleentheid HJS vir jou bied om daarna op n hoer vlak af te rig.

  10. @Carl de Kock: Die kansidaat is reeds by Boishaai en is Andre. Hulle moet die pos heradverteer om HR gelukig te hou. Dink jy regtig Andre sou ‘n pos by Boishaai aanvaar net om vir 1 seisoen Sean se mede-afrigter te wees. :lol:

  11. i think that with the vast amount of talented players that PBH currently have from all around the country, it would be easier to chose the winning combination. that is not to say that there are not equally good coaches out there.”the more you have the more you can gamble”. i would like to see how he would fair in a school that have only good local talent.i read once that a great coach does not chose players that are good now, but chooses them on how good they could be given the correct coaching and training. surly those players that get told “not good enough” by their school coach and end up being great players after school is the result of poor coaching?

  12. Yes Sean is an amazing coach. It’s not just his rugby but also how he develops the kids as people. He is a very religious man and the way his teams behave is prove of that. There was talk that he could stay another three years but the Lions obviously had a much bigger budget and future opportunities. Whatever happens this year Sean has been a amazing inspiration at Boishaai and I am sure he will be remembered as such in the history of Boishaai.

    It does make the appointment of Andre more understandable. It won’t surprised me if he takes over from Sean. It is going to be hard for whoever takes over as the expectations are sky high. Good luck to whoever is going to takeover, till then I hope Sean all the best for the 2018 season may it be an awesome 150.


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