School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 19 August 2017

Sat.19Aug Louis Botha 12 35 Diamantveld Kovsieliga QF
Sat.19Aug AHS Kroonstad 26 36 Noord-Kaap Kovsieliga QF
Sat.19Aug Potch Gim 14 39 Transvalia Virseker Large Sch SF
Sat.19Aug Helpmekaar 55 23 Oos-Moot Virseker Large Sch SF
Sat.19Aug Dale 10 03 Hudson Park
Sat.19Aug Union 31 41 Grens
Sat.19Aug Grey HS 57 22 Selborne SSL youtube link
Sat.19Aug Pearson 25 28 Nico Malan
Sat.19Aug Queen’s 59 14 Cambridge
Sat.19Aug Parel Vallei 57 05 Somerset College
Sat.19Aug Bishops 31 18 Wynberg
Sat.19Aug De Kuilen 22 20 Worcester Gim
Sat.19Aug Hottentots Holland 17 43 Strand
Sat.19Aug SACS 22 36 Rondebosch
Sat.19Aug Oudtshoorn 38 05 PW Botha
Sat.19Aug Tygerberg 26 90 Stellenberg
Sat.19Aug Outeniqua 27 24 Paarl Gim
Sat.19Aug Durbanville 68 06 Milnerton
Sat.19Aug Swartland 26 22 Hugenote
Sat.19Aug Drostdy 12 00 Duineveld
Sat.19Aug Paul Roos 28 30 Grey College
Sat.19Aug Oakdale 24 17 Framesby
Sat.19Aug Brackenfell 84 10 HTS Bellville
Sat.19Aug DF Malan 15 20 Bellville


  1. Well done Grey, we were well beaten on all levels today!! Travel home safely! Until next time!

  2. @Smallies: Julle was ook maar lucky met daai skop wat prg gemis het? Steeds sonder drie SAS manne in die span het Grey weer gewys hulle is ysters. Daai o/16 span van julle mag maar, 14-20 halftyd en toe so gou soos nou 46-27……hoe nou?

  3. @Stier: jong toe PRG daai twee driee druk in die eerste 7 min het ek gedag o helll, gelukkig het Grey vinnig van die skok herstel, ek dink die game en die Paarl interskole game was die twee beste games wat ek die jaar gekyk het

  4. @Smallies: Ek self het gedink daar kom probleme maar ‘n span met karakter is moeilik om te rol. Dit wys maar net weer dat interskole iets anders is. Ek was bevooreg om hierdie jaar by al twee te wees maar sorry, Paarl interskole bly tops!

  5. Ek weet nie of dit n blessing is nie maar 10 spelers van vandag se prg spelers is vlg jaar nog steeds daar, en dan die aanvullings van die o 16’s af, wat dit ookal werd mag wees

  6. Ek hoor Gim het so baie manne siek gehad teen die Kwaggas, is dit waar? Ek dink Gim moet maar soos Boishaai die jaar sluit met interskole want die seuns dink ek nie gee meer regtig om na interskole nie, as jy daai wedstryd verloor gaan niks dit beter maak nie. Persoonlik is ek bly Boishaai sluit hulle jaar af met interskole. @BoishaaiPa dalk moet ons iets leer by wat met Gim gebeur het? Niks teen die Kwaggas nie en wel gedaan aan julle. Ek sien die o/14 game is ook deur die Kwaggas gewen 6-3.

  7. @kokkie: PRG lyk baie goed as hulle aanval, wat my pla is hoe hulle speel sonder die bal. Toe die o/16’s nie bal kry nie toe val alles plat. Grey was ook baie beter by die breakdowns en hulle het vandag by meeste van die wedstryde wat ek gekyk het vir PRG pak gegee in die los. As PRG gaan aanhou om hulle beste senter op vleuel te speel gaan hulle volgende jaar nog baie huil en die WP CW span ook.

  8. @Smallies: Waar speel Andre Venter se klong? Dit was lekker om hom en Carel Dup saam te sien. Twee manne wat my baie plesier verskaf het toe ek nog ‘n jong klong was.

  9. @Stier: afrigting suck op die oomblik, maar winde van veranderinge waai reeds! Selfs op o 16 vlak, kabamba en kie het n toets gedruip vandag!

  10. @kokkie: Die eerste helfte was die o/16’s briljant. As hulle aanval is dit mooi rugby. As hulle gaan verbeter in die los en op verdediging gaan hulle ‘n yster span wees. Kom ons hoop vir hulle part dit kom reg, ‘n goeie coach maak altyd die grootste verskil in ‘n span. Skuif die o/16 coach op?

  11. @Smallies: Eerste span?

    Het jy die foto van Doc Craven gesien met sy Grey Blazer en toksak? Ag nee man dat julle die Doc se standaarde nou se verlaag?

  12. @Stier: stellenbosch hoer jongenskool en toe Victoria kollege, universiteit sbosch is uit Victoria kollege gestig, of so iets, dis lank terug, ek was nog klein, haha

  13. @Smallies: in true style you are performing tonight!!!!! Wonderful to see such Greyt people!!!! But this isn’t black or white or Grey year is it now? The wheel has stopped and you have to wait a while longer until your next awesome team takes the field. What would you like to discuss please tell me? If about the game I cannot give any opinion!!!! No SS10 here in pollsmoor I will have to wait until youtube streams it about Tuesday. My wish that you lost your last match lies in tatters….fortunately for me my heart will never be maroon but its Blue!!!! Next year we start a new again with the country in full swing on our backs for 1 of you to be the 1st to chop down this Oak. May might be too late for you but then we are inferior to the mighty Greyt team! Maybe you play Monnas again but little chance of the seldom Loved, Feared & Respected to be dominated by the foolish subjects in their Kingdom.

  14. Beide die Cheetahs en Grey het gewen – en toe die Bokke ook. ‘n Goeie naweek van uitslae vir ‘n verandering. En van sportmangees.
    @odie15: Your post is in bad taste! En jy mag maar in Afrikaans praat – dan hoef jy nie so baie “tenses” foute te maak nie.

  15. @odie15: Lekker Odie 2 3 Odie. Odie thanks for speaking soutie at least it’s a thread that I can read and half understand. 2 3 Odie love your style.

  16. Ek moet ook vir Aliwa-Noord hoerskool geluk wens met hulle interskole wen teen Burgersdorp, Alies Blikkies game is die grootste game in die ou NOK en ook oor n 100 jaar oud well done Aliwal 3 in n ry….. GREYT uitslag

  17. @Djou: You are the last guy that should judge others on this site don’t you think? First sort out your split personalities. 8-O

    So I geuss the Glenwood game was put in perspective by PRG? Your wish after the Glenwood game that Grey could play Boishaai in “this mood” was premature, arrogant and stupid. Luckily for you, your wish can’t come true. PRG didn’t just lose by two after they missed a sitter against Boishaai. Glenwood unfortunately sucked in Bloem or “this mood” only lasted one week? But I understand your pain it was way to easy in Bloem this year. I am sure next year at Brug it will be a much better Grey performance. Hopefully Boishaai will also be ready like they have been the last three years.

  18. @Stier: Get off your high horse please. Nothing on this post in anyway relates to Boishaai. Your season ended with your Paarl Interschools. I am not sure if you are a old boy, or a supporter, but take cognizance of fact that the tone of your comments must reflect the establishment that you represent on this blog. The 2017 season has barely ended and you make predictions regarding 2018.

  19. @Maroon: So supporters should reflect the establishment they support? Are you serious? Do you think I am the only person on this blog to have mentioned next years teams already? Maybe you should request beet to ban this kind of talk? Don’t let small things like school boy rugby unsettle you so easily but don’t worry I know your opinions are your own and don’t always reflect the establishment you support?

  20. @Maroon: I am of the opinion that the trolls on the blog are very seldom old boys of the schools they shame. The might at best be parents that live vicariously through their sons, a sad existence that unfortunately shines through with their lack of class here.

    Unfortunately there is no litmus test to determine if a blogger is worthy of the school allegiance their jersey portrays.

    Congratulations with the performance of your 1st team yesterday, it could have gone either way.

  21. Congratulations Grey on being the better team yesterday in most facets of the game. Your game management and commitment/guts were also superior. Holding out with 14 men and closing out the game the way you did, showed great character,leadership and determination.
    Congratulations also to the Grey supporters for the way you reacted to a memorable win against a Paul Roos side who could have won this one, just like they could have won last year. You are generally much more gracious in victory than some of the other powerhouses in school rugby. Fortunately for you,bragging rights have clearly not gone to your head.
    Paul Roos, you tried very hard but you have room for improvement.I am afraid to say, I think the Paul Roos side lacks BMT (Big Match Temperament) for the last 2 seasons. They have lost way too many close games which they could have and should have won. Lack of talent is certainly not the problem. Strong leadership and decision making on the field, attitude and motivation might be things to look at. A sport psychologist might be of great assistance to develop the mental toughness required to win under pressure.
    I personally think Paul Roos does not always choose their best team.Merit should be the only criteria. Too many players play out of position or are not doing the basics required for playing in that position. The team is not there to develop individuals to further their rugby career. The players must never be bigger than the game. Players must play for the team and not for themselves. This year a major problem for Paul Roos in my opinion was that 2 of their loose forwards preferred to play more in the back line (like Schalk Burger at the end of his career) rather than to contest at the break downs.That game plan was disasterous against stronger opposition.
    Well let us not make predictions about next year. All i know, is that nothing will remain the same.

  22. @Sideliner: Sjoe, van waar ek gekyk het was daar 2 skole gister op die veld wat klipharde rugby gespeel het. BMT was daar volop en van beide spanne ook!

    Jy is wel geregtig op jou opinie, maar ek is nie seker dat jou opvattings 100% in die kol is nie.

  23. @Rainier: Very bold statement made on a very big assumption. I thought you hated lies so much and only deal in facts? Hypocrisy is a ugly thing.

    @Maroon: Just so you know, like @Bush I was the pride owner of a SBR avatar but was told by the clan to “show my colors”. They believed I was an Affie or Waterkloof supporter, and some like @wonder still does?
    At the time I didn’t really see why it was so important to some that I picked a school but now I get it. Some on this blog think they can have a go at people by going after the school of the persons avatar? Yet that same people cries when people say anything about their school? It’s sad and childish really. Seeing that I supported and followed Boishaai rugby, that was before the Sean era, and although I had no kids in the school I took their avatar. Ironically some clan members then ditched their avatars, who knows why, maybe they were asked to? They then start naming and shaming on this blog under their new strange avatars? Yet they accuse others of being trolls? Pitiful.

    If you want to have a go at me please do I can take it. But please don’t be a slapgat story as my Russian friend use to say. Don’t go after a school with this you are a embarrassment to the school rubbish just because you don’t have the guts or argument to take on a statement/s that you don’t like. Any one of us can change our avatar any day ask @Rainier.

  24. @Sideliner: I agree with what you say about selecting the best team. Like you I don’t belive that was the case yesterday. Their best center in my opinion plays on the wing which is costing them. Grey’s second or third try came because a center did not stay in his chanel and decided to do the wing and fullbacks work. One step and both the wing and center had no chance. Simple basic defense stay on your man. One thing that I metioned is how good Grey compete and protect ball at the breakdowns. They were much beter than PRG in almost all the games I watched. Grey has the ability to compete at every breakdown and still have more attackers than their opponents in the backline. They are a very well coached school.

  25. @Stier: Stier, you do not have to be an old boy in order to have respect for the ethos of the school that you choose to support. There are other Boishaai supporters that follow that principle and whose input is valued by the school and the larger school rugby community. With every statement that you make you can chose whether you want to build, or of you want to break.

  26. @Stier: The wing/center you refer to is in grade 10 and might very well play center next year. 11 of the run on team that played against Grey yesterday will have the opportunity to play for a first team spot again next year. Nobody is sitting on their hands thinking that improvement will occur without change. We are well aware of that. The team gave 100% yesterday and that is all we as old boys can ask. They do not select themselves or decide on coaching structures. Semper Splendidior

  27. @Stier: Jy bly maar onnosel – kan lyk my ook nie konteks verstaan nie. Tjaila liewer van die webwerf af. Jy sal jouself ‘n hengse guns doen.

  28. @Smallies: Ek stem saam.Beide hy en die haker is in graad 11. Aan julle kant was daar elke keer moeilikheid as die linkervleul aan die bal gevat het. Verder het julle kaptein ‘n barshou gespeel.

  29. @Rainier: Spot on. Some like @Stier: who stated many times that he supported Affies whilst living in Pta – and then claims he does not.
    He clearly does not understand the ethos of a good school.
    In some ways I actually feel sorry for him.

  30. @Maroon: I respect that? Unfortunately some of us do carry our hearts on our sleeves. As long as criticism is unbiased and apply to all in the same way I can life with it unfortunately most of the time it’s not the case.

    I know he is still grade 10 but he is under 17 just like the center that plays in his place.

    @Smallies: Hanru, he and the right wing/center, eight man and flyhalf are all still under 17 and part of Laerskool Lochnerhof’s 2013 dream team. The Prg under 16 A center and I believe captain that didn’t play yesterday was also part of that Lochnerhof u/13 2013 dream team. Last year their record got broken.

  31. @Smallies: now for 6 months of braaing and watching idiots in green get smashed after they have fooled people into false sense of security that they can compete!!! 2019 is coming fast pace thanks to SAS we had a view into the future SA paradise!

  32. @Stier: In his place? The center that you refer to plays at 13 where he also played at u/16 lever in a paring with your man at 12. The 12 for the 1st team is in grade 12 and also the team captain.

  33. @Rainier @Maroon@Djou.Stier is a parent of a Boishaai boy.His son is in Grade 8.Tom Engela a well respected former headmaster of Boishaai always said ” Manners maketh the man “.Stier I think your son should have mentioned to you already that Boishaai have 3 traditions of which the third one is GOOD CONDUCT.Do that jersey which you never put on as a schoolboy which is next to your name on this blog proud by always remembering the 3rd tradition before you post.No offence to you but you are making enemies on Boishaai’s behalf with some of your posts on this blog.

  34. @Scrum5: hmmmm that might be a 4th 1 I never heard uttered by Tom Engela!!!!! But yes 3 Traditions are Good Scholarship, Good Sportsmanship and Good Gentlemanship. Hence Dead Poets Society still a favourite movie of mine.

    But these don’t apply to non Boishaaiers, to say it would be more like Parley for pirates…a set of guidelines! Then Stier could follow it or not choose to. But now we talking about a rugby blog where people are discussing rugby. People get offended by the smallest thing. Saying player X or A is not to standard is exactly what it is. An opinion of that individual.

    Guys on here supposedly are hard but seems the majority have become so sensitive to another’s opinion of his schools player they need to brandish the individual with some label to somehow punish him. The world is so PC it’s insane!!!!!

  35. @Odie 15.Stier can comment what he likes on the blog as long as he then removes the Boishaai jersey next to his name !I don’t care if you think people are too sensitive on this blog but Stier”s comments are out of line and definitely is not representative of someone that embraces the schools traditions.A lot of Old Boys have told me that they are being embarresed by his comments here and that he acts inappropiate to what the school stands for.Even at the school his comments here have been a topic of discussion and the response was not positive to what he says on this forum.Good scholarship good sportsmanship and good conduct are the 3 traditions .Go ask people at the school you live right next to it to confirm it to you.

  36. Like @odie15: mentioned some very sensitive people on this blog. Maybe a SBR avatar would make everything fine in the land of schoolboyrugby blog? :lol:

    I have seen bloggers, schools, principals and kids being called ugly things on this blog and most of you that are now so offended were quite? Like I said to @Maroon: some consistency will help or maybe that is not part of most schools ethos? I don’t think hypocrisy is part of any schools ethos? 8-O

    @Djou: You know I’m not in Pretoria? Infact when I joined this blog I lived in the Cape. So do your comments on here reflect the ethos of Garsies or Grey?

    @Maroon: The 12 and 14 would be the best center combo in my opinion.

  37. @Scrum5: have you not gone to @Stier: face to face and said luister maater sorteer jouself uit dan asb….jy maak nie mooi met die skool naam nie!

  38. @Smallies: hey I enjoy good banter!!!# afterall here in pollsmoor all I get to do (when I have data) is throw my opinion into the mix….what the boys do at which school is not my issue. I am talking rugby here as if I were around a fire!!!# No fires either here in pollsmoor so I miss that stukkend!

  39. Just in case you miss it on other treat.@ Smallies and @Odie15. Manne regstig. Kom ons word groot. Dan in Engels. Please grow-up.
    Both of you represent Honorable schools with exceptionable results. This type of behavior not befitting both these schools.
    You are both adult men.

  40. @Riempies: moenie worry nie maat, ek en odie15 kom nou al n ruk met die besigheid saam van mei maand af om presies te wees, dis als in redelike goeie gees tussen ons, ek hoor wat jy se en dinge is regtig nie so persoonlik nie, polsmoor ouens is nie te sleg nie, het ook al daar gewerk

  41. @Sideliner: I quote..” You are generally much more gracious in victory than some of the other powerhouses in school rugby. Fortunately for you,bragging rights have clearly not gone to your head”…You probably missed the whole Glenwood debacle of last week then and a certain individual who was very outspoken on twitter..No-one can claim the higher ground unfortunately, we are all just human!

  42. @BoishaaiPa: sal dit nou nie as n debakel beskryf nie…. Grace Mugabe is debakel gewees, daai was maar n foto van n score, ek kan jou belowe die GW kids lag al lankal ook oor dit, din net ons ouers en fanboys wat die besigheid so vreeslik ernstig op neem

  43. @Smallies: Was n emosionele dag vir ons.

    Geluk met Grey se oorwinnings. In plaas daarvan soos die meeste voel dat PRG ongelukkig was, dink ek dis eerder n geval dat Grey Kollege se spanne speel tot die laaste sekonde van n wedstryd en daarvoor het ek baie respek.

  44. @PaarlBok: jissie ek het na daai eeste 7 min nie meer naels oor gehad nie, geen dis respek teenoor Glenwood en Grey High nie maar ek wen eerder so as wat GCB die vorige twee games gewen het, was n puik game tussen twee toon aangewende skole…..sien uit na volgende jaar se game in Bloemfontein

  45. @Smallies: Soos ek vir my Grey en PR pelle gese het..dit was n baie lekker game om op die draad te sit en kyk..ek het geensins n voorkeur gehad in wie moet wen nie en kon net die goeie SBR geniet…Ek verstaan heeltemal die spanning waarmee sulke derbies gepaardgaan, maar dit was lekker om n slag heel ontspanne na n goeie game te kyk!

  46. @BoishaaiPa: JBay 40-7 Stulting. Gedraai op 7 elk, die Stulting span het bo hulle vermoee gespeel daai eerste helfte.

    Nou semi’s en hopelik dan die finaal van die Superrugby reeks vir laerskole in PE en omstreke.

    Nico Malan gaan volgende jaar ‘n baie goeie /14 span op die veld kan sit met 3 OP A en 5 OP B spelers wat soontoe gaan.

  47. @Rainier: Dis n pakslae…In my dae het JB nie n laerskool gehad nie en al daai kinders is Stulting toe. Oom Kit Stander het die bus gery wat elke oggend en middag die kinders JB toe en terug vervoer het. Ek het altyd voorskool sommer saam gery op die bus vir die lekkerte!

    My ander laerskool was Handhaaf nadat ons uit KWT teruggekom het…Hoe vorder hy in die liga? Ek het in my Std 5 (1978) jaar vir Handhaaf gespeel en die 0/13 liga gewen teen Albertyn in die finals..Nog op Brandwag se velde die einstryd gespeel. Ek het nog die foto van daai spannetjie met ons beker voor ons!

  48. @Smallies: Dit was goeie en spannende rugby. Beide spanne het met baie passie gespeel.Die Rose het skitterend begin, en vir die 1ste 15 minute het dit gelyk of Grey heeltemaal oorhoops was, en hul vedediging was nêrens. Hulle het egter gaandeweg beheer begin oorvat en hul balbesit ook baie goed beskerm deur talle fases. Die druk het begin tel en die telbord het toe ook saam gesels.
    Die Rose het egter nie gaan lê nie, en met n verwoede eind poging gekom. Grey het egter koelkop gebly en hul lywe op die spel geplaas met die tackles.

    Ten slotte! Baie geluk aan beide spanne met die skouspel.

  49. @Rainier: volgende naweek is die stulting sport dag kyk uit vir die aliwal pa’s met die navy en maroon baatjies met die buffelkop op, hulle wen nie altyd nie maar die pa en seun naweek is n groot hoogtepunt vir aliwal se laerskool

  50. @BoishaaiPa: Handhaaf speel nie in die liga nie, verstaan nie lekker hoekom nie. Hulle rugby is baie sterk hierdie jaar. Hulle het Stulting 50-0 pak slae gegee. Jbay gaan as skool mooi vooruit, die netbal is die Ooskaap kampioene.

  51. @Smallies: Volgende Jaar is ek n old boy. Ek gaan verlang na die bus na Bloemfontein.

    Myself dink dat PRG se swaar jare verby is. Hulle gaan die volgende drie jare goeie oesjare kry.

  52. QC beat Cambridge 57-14, a much better end to the season. They have now won 6 games on the bounce with Dale to go. Hopefully we can pull this one out the bag because its been a long time since we beat Dale in King. QC has had a below average season, but it should have a very good season with losses against Stirling and Graeme that should naver have been. The other games that they have lost have all been with in less than 7 points, except for St Andrews and Noordkaap. Hopefully they can build on this for next year.

    Does anyone know if the Dale QC is going to be televised this weekend?

  53. @Scrum5: the ethos of a school does not rise or fall due to the comments of a blogger. to attack a school and its 149 years of tradition based on one persons views is in any event playground stuff – what impact does one parent have on a school? i suspect that the next three years may belong to paul roos in the cape, so winter is coming.

  54. @apple: every year is awesome stuff!!!! Regardless of results we will be watching and enjoying. Losing happens but as Rocky says “it’s not about how hard you can hit! It’s about how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward!”

  55. @QC2000: @Queenian: A season of two halves for Queens.Happy to see them pull back from a disastrous 1st half.Seems they swapped fortunes with Dale from Cape Schools.A happy Kudu gives out awesome biltong :mrgreen:

    Heard the game will be streamed.Haven’t heard anything about it being on tv.I’m hoping for a broadcast in any format cause it’s got the makings of a great encounter.

  56. I think somebody has jinxed me. I am really struggling to access the blog. I think I will have to join some bloggers at polsmoor. For those I have offended I apologise but I blame @beet. He didn’t tell me that I was breaking the rules of the blog? I thought I still had plenty of room. I think people should remember this is just a blog and anybody can ask for any avatar many has changed or stayed full SBR, very few people on this blog actually represent their school in any official capacity and I think all the grownups on this blog understands that. I also know from coaching at many different schools that at most school braais and school rugby games much worse is said by parents from all schools, no school is immune to that. Sometimes even principals have been known to ask the parents to calm things down. It happens even at primary school level. There are schools which don’t even allow parents next to the rugby field. Just this year how many incidents did we have, even at some very good high schools? Finally I doubt that @beet will allow us to go to far like I said there are rules on the blog. 8-O Bloggers remind others if they trangress those rules in the heat of the moment. It will be sad if schools are going to start to sensor bloggers which I think might already have happened looking at how some bloggers have switched avatars in the short time I have been on this blog. Maybe @beet it’s time to pull bloggers colors for the credibility of your blog?

    For those that feel offended look at it this way, can you imagine if the Bulls had to say no Bulls supporter is allowed to wear a nose ring or safety helmet with horns or drink brannas and cola because they don’t represent what the Bulls stand for, regardless if they or their family members are employed by the Bulls? All rugby teams from schools to pro teams will have their nose ring supporters.

    @odie15: Me and my family are renting a caravan just south of the Somerset laanies. I fish but I am not very good at it, my mielie bom keeps drifting away. I am now thinking of smuggling perlemoen but I can’t find the right bait?

  57. @PaarlBok: Bog het vir eers die blog, vrywilliglik-verplig, verlaat. Sien egter op facebook en twitter dat hy darem nog die blog lees.

  58. @Stier: This is not directed at just you, but a number of us here, but takes an aim at your defence of things you have said that some have considered as “offensive”.

    I think a lot of us say a lot of things at braais and gatherings that we just don’t say here because this is a public forum. A wise man once said that all freedom, including that of speech comes with responsibilities. I understand you have a son at Boishaai, and we have learned that there are other Boishaai parents on here. If anything, consider the old Bible line that goes “The sins of a father…”. Sure, maybe schools overreact by taking comments seriously, but hey, I can’t imagine your son beams with pride when he hears people go on about what an embarrassment his father is – As a father, I certainly wouldn’t want my son to experience that. maybe look at the bigger picture – look at that avatar as a representation of your son…and maybe, just maybe you might reflect on some comments.

  59. @Playa: Well said. I agree 100%. Another thing that bothers me is when some guys post a comment that contains name calling towards school boys , coaches etc. When they get a reactions from fellow bloggers they get upset. If you want to badmouth a person or school on the blog, it also says something about your personality. Yes we al have opinions and won’t always agree, but please guys, keep this blog something good and enjoyable.

  60. Am really happy with the performance and result of Rondebosch last weekend. SACS scored two consolation tries so the 22-36 scoreline actually flattered a bit. They were totally outplayed by a Bosch outfit that were just more fired up and clinical on the day. SACS have been hugely impressive this year but the season seems to have fizzled a bit, with losses to Bishops and now Rondebosch. I think that this result also proves that Rondebosch haven’t played to their full potential this year. I think that they are a better team than their results have suggested, to be honest, as this result shows. I suppose as long as we beat Bishops on Saturday, then the season will be “saved” a bit, with the “Triple Crown” hopefully marked off too :)

  61. @BoschBoy: Bosch are a scary side when fired up. Saw this when they played Dale in that thrilling draw at Cape Schools.The fire had however burned out by the time they faced Queens 2 days later. Possibly how Boishaai and Paul Roos managed to put such high scores past them. On the whole though, I think their results this year are reflective of their potential – their losses have come against sides that have had a very good 2017 season so the Bosch boys can be proud of their achievements. But of course….beat the neighbour on Saturday and it would have been a great season. All the best!

  62. @Playa: Hi Playa. Yeah it’s been a bit of a frustrating season because as you’ve said, we’ve had ‘flashes’. Have heard on the grapevines that we’ve had a fair amount of injuries as well (at one point up to 14 squad players or so were out), but that’s definitely not an excuse as all sides have to deal with injuries. I think Paarl Boys are just in a class of their own, so wasn’t surprised by the thumping….just didn’t think it would be that much! The Cape Schools Week was also bittersweet – we did well to get the draw against Dale, and you guys are strong this year. I thought we threw away a win against Queens College, but that’s just my biased opinion. Thanks for the well wishes for Saturday, and all the best to you guys too for the end of the season!

  63. @Queenian: I’m not 100% certain but I don’t think it will be that many, I think 4. It seems like Kaya Malotana will be the director of rugby, and Llamla Mneli will coach the forwards, both excellent coaches and rugby players, obviously Kaya was a Bok. That is the word around town, if so it will be great news as Llamla has done tremendously well with the 3rds since he has taken over.

  64. @Playa: I hear you but to use bloggers kids and schools as a way to shut them up is low. Lets not fool ourselves, values schools teach kids are not just for when they are in public it is suppose to be a life style. If you are not prepared to say something on this blog that you will say at a braai with your old school mates or next to a rugby field or when you are on your own you should not be saying it at all. Sin is even what you think nevermind do and definitely not just what you do in public. If our kids should know everything we do or think every day they will all be embarrassed. I think people are over reacting. It’s going to be interesting to see if there is any consistency in future. Go read the post on this topic again and see if it was so bad, but this will now be the standard for everybody? I will keep an eye out and point out any post that should get the same reaction if that is ok? Just so no kids or schools will be embarrassed? Just joking. Beet made the rules on this blog he is “boss” and I am sure he will tell us if we are not behaving the way we should. Beet has rules so even bloggers that don’t have kids or belong to schools can’t say and do what they like on the blog?

  65. @QC2000: Having Kaya in that mix will be huge for Queens. Wealth of knowledge and experience – add his passion for the game, and for developing kids.

  66. “Aa Shame Beet” Nee wat as n persoon soos n skaap deur skaap honde onder beheer gehou moet word. Nee mense julle moet hom net nie antwoord nie. Hoe is die gesegte = Meng jou met die……..
    Kakiebos roei mense nie maklik uit nie. :arrow:

  67. Sterkte vir die Witbulle.

    Ek was nie daar in 1953 (Admin) nie, maar wel in 1979 (Admin), 1980 (Admin), 1984 (Direkteurs), 2003 (Volksblad), 2005 (Beeld), 2009 (Beeld) en 2010 (Beeld).

    Mag die stutte skrum soos Julian Redelinghuys, Heinke vd Merwe en Ruan Dreyer en mag hul in die los speel soos Gielie Swiegers, Frans van Wyk en Charl du Plessis. Mag die hakers ingooi en skrum soos Morne Kruger en Alfred Ries en besig wees soos Rickus van Niekerk en Andre Booysen. Mag die slotte die lynstane beheer soos Ruan Vermaak, Jonathan van Schalkwyk, Reinhard Nothnagel en Ivan Labotske en verdedig, skoonmaak en balle dra soos Ruan Venter, Paul Wilemse, Kolle en Jan van Genderen. Mag die losvoorspelers balle steel soos Johan van Deventer, Johan Janse v Rensburg en Jimmy Hughes, verdedig, skoonmaak en balle dra soos JP le Grange, PJ Uys en Johnathan Dangamou en mag die agsteman skakel soos Torrie Meyer, Ruan Steenkamp en Willem van der Wal. Mag die hele pak bene insamel soos Willem Alberts. Mag die skrumskakels die bal wegstuur soos Freddie van Zyl, Nico Kruger en JP Neethling, breek soos Sarel Boshoff en Johan Esterhuizen en dikteer soos Jean Tiedt en Hekkie du Plessis. Mag die losskakel die spel takties beheer soos Jaco van der Walt, Justin Botha en Arno Coetzee, versprei en gapings slaan soos Jaco Taute, Ruan Nel en Marais Schmidt. Mag die senters verdedig en versprei soos Brendan Venter, Walter Venter en Jacques Conradie, buitegapings slaan soos Jacques Niewenhuys, Warren van Rooyen, Bradley Moolman en Jorrie Muller, deur verdedigers bars soos Andre Venter, Burger Odendaal en Jean Slabbert en lyne hardloop en verdedigingdlyne organiseer soos Jaque Fourie. Mag die vleuels afrond soos Danie Herbst, Herkie Venter, Hennie Mulder en Ghaliel Markus en deur verdedigers hardloop soos Leon Piek en Erwin vd Heever. Mag die heelagter die spel beheer soos Dawie du Toit en Reinhard Gerber en lyne hardloop soos Byron Godfrey en Damian Janse v Rensburg. En mag ons nie vergeet van McCallum Marx nie

  68. Ek sien daar is nog nie nie nuwe lys van die naweek se wedstryde nie, maar wil darem voorspoed sê vir die Oakdale Bulle met die interskole more teen Landbou.

    Dit was nie die beste van seisoene vir Oakdale nie, maar die wedstryd kan dinge draai. Dit gaan egter ‘n opdraende stryd wees. GO BULLE!!!!

  69. @Carl de Kock:
    o19A verloor 28-30
    o19B verloor 23-24
    o19C wen 14-12
    o19D verloor 17-27
    o19E wen 20-15
    o19F wen 31-17
    o19G verloor 12-14
    o19H verloor 14-24
    o19I gelykop 24-24
    o16A verloor 27-45
    o16B verloor 5-12
    o16C verloor 20-27
    o16D verloor 5-25
    o16E wen 26-15
    o15A wen 34-14
    o15B verloor 10-31
    o15C verloor 10-38
    o15D verloor 13-34
    o15E verloor 19-36
    o14A verloor 8-46
    o14B verloor 3-10
    o14C verloor 5-19
    o14D verloor 0-47
    o14E verloor 5-29


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