School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 05 August 2017

Wed.02Aug Kingswood 15 12 Graeme
Sat.05Aug Potch Gim 45 27 Ben Vorster Virsekerbeker Large Sch
Sat.05Aug Transvalia 82 00 Tuine Virsekerbeker Large Sch
Sat.05Aug Helpmekaar 89 27 Lichtenburg Virsekerbeker Large Sch
Sat.05Aug Ermelo 15 60 Frikkie Meyer Virsekerbeker Large Sch
Sat.05Aug Kempton Park 20 19 Eldoraigne Virsekerbeker Macro Sch
Sat.05Aug Marais Viljoen 12 22 Centurion Virsekerbeker Macro Sch
Sat.05Aug Pionier X X Diamantveld Pionier cancelled
Sat.05Aug Brandwag X X Oudtshoorn Oudtshoorn cancelled
Sat.05Aug Marlow 31 47 Oakdale
Sat.05Aug Stirling 03 07 Hudson Park
Sat.05Aug Queen’s 22 19 Selborne
Sat.05Aug St Andrew’s 40 17 Dale SSL youtube link
Sat.05Aug Daniel Pienaar X X Nico Malan DP cancelled
Sat.05Aug Pearson 30 03 Union
Sat.05Aug Despatch X X Muir Despatch cancelled on Sat morning
Sat.05Aug Port Rex 15 10 Cambridge
Sat.05Aug Framesby 15 36 Outeniqua
Sat.05Aug Grey College 73 10 Grey HS
Sat.05Aug Witteberg 40 10 Wilgerivier
Sat.05Aug Hentie Cilliers 46 00 HTS Welkom
Sat.05Aug Goudveld 10 49 Welkom Gim
Sat.05Aug HTS Sasolburg 00 70 AHS Kroonstad
Sat.05Aug Louis Botha 33 22 Fichardtpark
Sat.05Aug Jim Fouche 56 22 Sentraal
Sat.05Aug Noord-Kaap X X Garsfontein Cancelled
Sat.05Aug Maritzburg College 10 17 Pretoria BH
Sat.05Aug KES 35 10 Jeppe
Sat.05Aug Boland Landbou 48 14 Bishops
Sat.05Aug Tygerberg 24 08 Swartland
Sat.05Aug Strand 08 55 SACS
Sat.05Aug Durbanville 10 58 Rondebosch
Sat.05Aug Wynberg 07 31 Paul Roos
Sat.05Aug Worcester Gim 20 17 Parel Vallei
Sat.05Aug Paarl Gim 13 18 HJS Paarl BH
Sat.05Aug Stellenberg 24 19 Drostdy
Sat.05Aug Hottentots Holland 12 29 DF Malan
Sat.05Aug Bellville 47 07 De Kuilen
Sat.05Aug Hugenote 31 33 Brackenfell


  1. Some juicy match-ups this weekend.

    I’ll just pick on the EC for now:

    Queens with 3 wins in a row after a poor start to the season, meeting Selborne with 3 losses in a row after a good start to theirs. The game is at the Rec…a tough place to get a win in August if you’re a visitor. For Queens; beat Selborne on Saturday, and all is forgiven…for Selborne; lose to QC, forgiveness will only come next week if they beat Dale…AND if they beat Grey the following week. No pressure :mrgreen:

    Dale & St Andrews – arguably the two top sides in the EC (one might say SAC being the top side) thus far this year. SAC will want to end off with a bang at Lower, especially since they haven’t lost since April against SACS. They are also unbeaten in the EC this year, while Dale will want to make amends after coming out of CSW without a win.

    The giant killer contest in East London between Stirling (who have beaten Queens) & Hudson Park (who recently beat Selborne). Talk is that these two may dominate Border rugby next year, and disrupt the Colleges’ domination of the past century. We’ll see.

    Port Rex & Cambridge have the second leg of their annual double header. While one may see his as a nothing game between two sides that have underperformed results-wise, these are nonetheless two sides with some talented individuals, and neither wants the Border wooden spoon.

    Down in Grahamstown, one would expect Graeme to have the better of Kingswood. KC are rebuilding, while Greame have been reaping the fruits of a 2 year rebuilding period. But stranger things have happened in the City of Saints.

    The battle of Uitenhage-Dispatch between Muir and Dispatch.

  2. @Playa: I thought Hudson Park were special when I watched them dismantle Northwood at Kes.

    SPEAKING of the evil Teddies (KES) thry are overwhelming favourites for tomorrow…. my silence on the blog has outed me as a quintisential fair weather fan but tomorrow will reaffirm why I soo love Jeppe cause I can tell you hundreds of us will be Houghton being harassed and treated like second class citzens…… But alas Viva viva viva the black viva viva viva the white …… it should be a cracking weekend of rugga and hopefully the lions clap the kiwis

  3. @Wyvern: WOW!I think I may be a Sangoma…great result for KC.

    @Ringo: Refer to my comment above.Free consultation for you bud. ALL THE BEST TO YOUR BOYS

  4. @Playa: eish today we needed more than a sangoma we needed Jaco Peyper :lol: but well deserved win by Kes and …… atleast we still leading it this decade …. and less said about the ref that handled the u14 game the better…. but must say we have good juniors at the school so maybe we will be having good times in the next couple of years

  5. Kempton Park 20-Eldoraigne 19. What a surprise. Kempies coming back strong towards end of the season in Macro schools competition. Helpmekaar and Transvalia in league of their own in big schools section

  6. Die Grey wen was groter as wat ek verwag het dit gaan wees. Geluk boys.

    Dit lyk of dinge begin gebeur by Pta Boys High by die 1ste span. Die nuwe rugby baas maak duidelik ‘n verskil.

  7. @Smallies: @Rainier: Lyk of Grey so laatweg weer begin vlamvat. Die telling is massief en ek het dit glad nie verwag nie.
    Geluk aan Boishaai – wat weer gewys het dat hulle dit top rugbyskool in SA is.
    Met Gim se 2es wat vir Boishaai gewen het lyk dit of Garsies se tweedes een van die top 2es in SA is.

  8. Baie trots op span met hulle wen oor Drostdy. Goeie verdediging reg deur die wedstryd en vir n slag het ons baie goed compete op die grond. Ons 6 flank het n hele klomp balle gesteel. 2des ook n goeie wen teen n baie groter span.

    Ongelukkig het ons o16 span hulle eerste wedstryd van jaar verloor.

  9. @CharlesZA: Die onder 16 verloor is al n rukkie aan die kom gewees. Moontlik net die regte ding voor die interskole.
    Enige idee hoe ernstig is die beserings by 1stes?

  10. @HE: Ja die o16 span het n paar close games gehad maar elke keer kon hulle dit deur trek. Glo dit sal hulle beter maak. Baie lekker groep spelers daai.

    Nie seker hoe ernstig die manne seer is nie, 3 van hulle sukkel met enkels en dit kan maar sukkel om reg te kom. Dit is wel sleg dat dit so in selfde posisie is. Reken die week gaan n ligte oefen week wees.

  11. Must say it looks like St Andrews realy had a decent team this year. The Dale score is very impressive as Dale also had a good team this year and had one of their better years. It’s a pity St Andrews didn’t play more of the top schools. St Andrews, KES and SACS must be the three surprises this season very few talked about them last year as schools to watch this year but yet they did a awesome job. Welldone to everybody involved.

    What is going on at Selborne? The wheels are coming off big time. Is it injuries or just inconsistency?

  12. @Ringo: Clearly we also needed more than a sangoma as well, having been properly spanked by St Andrews. It’s tough out there :cry:

    @Stier: The scoreline speaks volumes of the quality of that SAC side. They’ve played an impressive brand of rugby all season, and have come out with results to boot. Well done on a fantastic season College!

  13. A much gutsier performance from Wynberg against Paul Roos and in the aftermath of the past few games, particularly the massive loss to Gym, the old boys are really getting behind the school and hopefully this is a catalyst to turn things aroound on the rugby field.

    I was very surprised that both Wynberg under 15A and under 14A beat their Paul Roos counterparts. I see the Paul Roos under 14 have lost to Rondebosch and Bishops as well. Paul Roos have an excellent under 16 team so they are guaranteed two more years of good rugby but I am sure they are a little concerned about the two younger age groups.

  14. @Veg: Both Despatch and DP this seems to becoming a pattern. Despatch phoned Muir only Saturday morning after some boys were just about at the Despatch field and they quoted floods there was 19 mls of rain recorded in Despatch for that whole day.

    DP some of the same sh—–t as usual. Not sure when somebody will do something about these two schools if its not blatant racial issues at games or something else there is always some issue. Schools should just all pull out of the fixtures with them.

    Some how Brandwag seems to be able to lift themselves above this rubbish. Although they tend to pull out of fixtures if they suspect they will loses.

    Really when I was at QC all the Afrikaans schools we played were always such gentleman and there were never side shows but these 3 schools give the Afrikaans and Uitenhage a bad name.

    You never have these issues with Framsby and Nico Malan or Marlow so what there problem is I don’t no. :oops: :oops: :oops:

  15. PBHS were good for their win on Goldstones on Saturday – good to turn around the earlier loss to College at home. A rather uninspiring match in which College had plenty of opportunities and for much of the 2nd half were well entrenched in the PBHS 22 and half – but handling and wayward passes down the backline allowed some good counter attach from PBHS to keep the match in their favour.

    PBHS had some good phases and played the College team well with great defence when needed and finishing off a couple of times to keep the board in their favour.

  16. @QC86: I heard some grumblings about the coach after the game, I cant believe that with people like Adam Robertson there that he is still coaching the first team. What was your opinion on the ref? In my opinion he seems a bit slow to be refing at first team level, he often arrives late and catches the second infringement, but thats just my opinion.

    Queens did very well on the day winning 1sts-4ths, 15as, 13a,s and most of the junior school games. Its the first time in a long time that the junior school won more games than they lost

  17. @Queenian: I seriously hope that is not the case. We “accepted” this behaviour in my time, but we can’t still be having it in 2017.

    @Queenian: @QC2000: On the positive though, it seems QC have made a 360 degree turnaround of their season. Wonderful to see them picking up some important wins…but the fun must stop on 26 August :mrgreen:

  18. @Queenian: Would of thought Despatch v Muir would of been a good competitive game.Havent you guys been having a real dry spell?Would of thought 19ml would of disappeared into the ground

  19. More manne,

    Speel die SA skole spelers in die PRG/Grey premier interskool?

    Ek dink dit gaan naelbyt wees.

  20. @Carl de Kock: Drie of vier manne maak mos nie ‘n verskil nie? Boishaai het ook ‘n klomp manne nie by interskole gehad nie en voor interskole is daar mos gese dit tel nie as ‘n verskoning nie. ‘n Skool se beste span is mos die vyftien op die veld.

  21. @Stier: as thakir nie die naweek gespeel het nie het BH met 15 punte of meer verloor n speler soos Rikus of JJ vd Mescht maak n groot verskil, onthou hulle is nie beseer nie maar ontrek om saru se wense te vervul

  22. @Stier: Die resultaat sal staan sonder enige opmerkings. Dit is anders om 4 spelers skielik en gelyktydig te verloor. Ek dink ook Grey Bloem het meer diepte as Glenwood en gaan hul spelers minder ‘mis’ as Glenwood. Op n persoonlike noot, hy weet wie, old boys wat nie hul skole ondersteun nie.?????

  23. @Hooit: Spelers wat onttrek word vir SA Skole kan volgens my nie as n verskoning gebruik word nie, indien ek 2015 as voorbeeld kan gebruik. Boishaai moes toe in Riversdal gaan speel teen n baie sterk Oakdale span, wat n hele aantal top spelers gehad het(heelwat van hulle is tans by die groot unies gekontrakteer), sonder ons vyf SA Skole spelers, asook afrigter Sean Erasmus. Destyds het bloggers geen simpatie gehad met ons versoek om die wedstryd uit te stel nie. Ons het toe maar gespeel en gewen met 25-19 om die onoorwonne status lewendig te hou.

    Ten spyte hiervan , het ek egter simpatie met die betrokke skole. Dit is so dat n paar spelers nie n span maak nie, maar daar is tog altyd sleutel spelers in n span, en as jou diepte nie so goed is in daardie posisies nie,kan dit maar lol.

  24. Die nie- amptelike stryd om die Premier B liga titel in die WP vind hierdie naweek plaas wanneer Stellenberg gasheer speel vir Brackenfell.
    Verlede seisoen het die Brakkies vir n groot verrasing gesorg, met hul sege oor hul bure. Beide spanne het al vanjaar goeie spel gelewer, met die Stellies wat teen heelwat meer strawwer kompetisie gespeel het, en hul man behoorlik gestaan het.
    Brakkies was egter ook baie kompeterend in hul wedstryde teen die WP Premier A skole teen wie hulle gespeel het, en het al die Premier B spanne geklop.

    Ek verwag dat Stellies behoorlik sal wil wraak neem, en dat dit heel moontlik n lang dag vir Brakkies kan raak. Stellies het dan ook n hele tros provinsiale spelers in hul midde, terwyl Brakkies seker sal staatmaak op hul flair agterlangs.Ek is klein bietjie in twee geskeur hier, met Brakkies my tuis dorp (en Alma Mater van my twee oudstes) met n kortkop voor, maar dan is Stellies se coaches, wat goeie vriende van my is, ook nog n faktor om dinge vir my deurmekaar te maak.

    Dus ! Baie sterkte aan beide en mag rugby weer die botoon voer.

  25. @Kattes-Strofes: So spyt ek gaan die een mis. Verwag n volle verslag Saterdag middag.

    Seisoen kom so vinnig op sy einde, nog net n handvol games oor. Hoop al ons manne wat seer gekry het die afgelope week herstel om weer n laaste paar keer die groen trui oor hul kop te kan trek. Die brakke gaan reg wees vir ons, hoop ons kan ons inside info gebruik om hulle ore aan te sit.

  26. @Kattes-Strofes: jy weet die ding vir my ne is dat die PRG game nogal groot vir ons is en dis ook basies ons laaste game vir die jaar so spelers soos rikus en Shreuder gaan nie in die laaste game van hulle skool loopbane kan speel nie, die Grey Grey game is basies hulle laaste game gewees vir die skool, dit suck so n bietjie, maar nou ja sa skole is n groot eer en vooreg

  27. @Smallies: dit is regtig n jammerte dat ons nie vie Rikus ea op Markotter gaan sien hierdie jaar nie, maar soos gewoonlik sal die plaasvervangers hul kant bring. Die spelers soos Rikus en Damian Willemse vir ons laas jaar en die jaar voor dit maak inderdaad n verskil, ek dink die o 16 game gaan epic wees! Seker die twee sterkste o16 spanne in SA op die oomblik, kannie wag nie!

  28. @Smallies:

    Onthou net dat Grey laas jaar gespeel het sonder 5 spelers nog voor die Grey High, Glenwood en Paul Roos wedstryde. Wat vir my uitstaan is dat die O18 Engeland span gekies was in Junie einde en ons wat gasheer speel het maar 4 dae om reg te wees vir die wedstryde? Dis belaglik van SARU.

    Baie geluk aan die KES manne, Travis is aangekondig as die kaptein van die eerste wedstryd.

  29. @chief: ek besef dit maar dit suck maar nog steeds dat hulle nie daardie laaste games vir die skool kan speel nie,Saterdag is hulle laaste tuis game en ek vir een sou baie graag GW en Grey op vol sterkte teen mekaar wou sien, ek dink ook dat daai manne bitter graag sou wou speel….

  30. @Kattes-Strofes: Ek wys maar net op van die manne se belagike argumente. Enige span word verswak as jou beste spelers nie kan speel nie dit is logies. Hier is egter sommiges op die blog wat sukkel met daai logika. Boishaai het verlede jaar vir Drosdy met amper ‘n tweede span gespeel oor al die SAS manne.

    Ek wonder as die Boishaai seuns moes kies tussen interskole en ‘n SAS wedstryd wat hulle sal kies? Dit sal my nie verbaas as die SAS span dalk dan ‘n paar manne sal verloor nie.

  31. @Carl de Kock:

    Die PRG VS Grey game gaan ‘n goeie wedstryd wees ongeag die spelers wat uit is of besering. Wat ek nog steeds nie verstaan nie, is HOE het hulle verloor teen Grey High?

  32. @Smallies:

    Glad nie, dis die eerste wedstryd sedert Wildeklawer wat ons geen besering het nie. Johan Wilkon en Richard was altwee die naweek ook terug van “lang termyn” beserings.

  33. Opsomming van die naweek Grey College het 1258 punte aangeteken teenoor die 103 van Grey High. Selborne en Grey High moet nog speel as ek dit nie verkeert het nie.

  34. @Smallies:

    Vrek goed, JW was ‘n staatmaker O16 as een van die A Span seuns seer kry het jy ingestaan maak nie saak watse posisie nie.


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