School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 22 August 2015

Tue.18Aug Monument 36 37 Garsfontein Beeld MACRO SEMI
Tue.18Aug HTS Middelburg 43 41 EG Jansen Beeld MACRO SEMI
Sat.22Aug Garsfontein 42 40 HTS Middelburg Beeld MACRO FINAL
Sat.22Aug Helpmekaar 30 27 Potch Gim Beeld LARGE FINAL
Sat.22Aug Nico Malan 24 20 Framesby
Sat.22Aug Dale 15 14 Queen’s
Sat.22Aug Despatch Pearson
Sat.22Aug Hudson Park 24 10 Cambridge
Sat.22Aug Diamantveld 45 18 Sentraal Shimla-Liga Semi
Sat.22Aug Welkom Gim 66 19 Jim Fouche Shimla-Liga Semi
Sat.22Aug Worcester Gim 29 20 Charlie Hofmeyr
Sat.22Aug Brackenfell 46 28 De Kuilen
Sat.22Aug Paul Roos 19 12 Grey College
Sat.22Aug Swartland 13 20 Hugenote
Sat.22Aug Bishops 53 15 Wynberg
Sat.22Aug Drostdy 12 17 HJS Paarl BH
Sat.22Aug Tygerberg 16 54 Paarl Gim
Sat.22Aug SACS 18 22 Rondebosch
Sat.22Aug Durbanville 0 25 Stellenberg
Sat.22Aug DF Malan 20 29 Bellville


  1. Dale vs Queens…game number 175!!! How I wish I could be there.

    P 174 DCW 77 QCW 81 D 16 PFDC 1761 PFQC 1691

    In rural KZN, before a huge stick fight, the men would should shout…”Qhuuude Manikiniki!!!”

    P.S. I am not sure what the direct translation is, but you can equate it to the boxing shout of “Let’s get ready to rumbllleeee!”

  2. Easily the game of the weekend as we look to dominate the tick bird at the Graveyard, what do you say, 78 or 82?

  3. Well, ,there is ample comments on the Beeld finals as well as the Dale vs. Queen’s match and the Paul Roos vs. Grey Bloem match.
    In the WP, the southern suburbs derbys usually draw large crowds and I guess this week-end will be no different.
    Paarl Gim should have no problems against hosts Tygerberg.
    I expect that the Burger semi-final at Worcester between Drosdy and Boishaai will not be as one sided as most bloggers anticipate. The Donkeys are always up for it on their home turf and the possibillity of a 1st. victory over their longtime rivals,coupled with a finals berth,will surely serve as big motivation. Boishaai will still be without the services of top class lock Salmaan Moerat and flank JC Van Schalkwyk [both injured]. Centre Manual Rass required stitches after yesterday’s practice ,and is also doubtfull.

    All the best to the schoolboys and their supporters. Sjoe!! It is sad that the season is almost done and dusted. The matrics will only realise in later years how fortunate they were at playing rugby at schoolboy level in front of their passionate mates and supporters.

  4. @Kattes-Strofes: Ja, Boishaai can expect to have their work cut out for them against the Donkeys. They are not known to lie down at big games, and I am sure they will have their eye out for spoiling a perfect season for Boishaai. What happened to Rass? He will surely be missed if he cannot run on tomorrow.

  5. @Playa: I believe he got quite a big knock on the mouth, which required stitches.
    All the best for your team,s important ‘war’ against the old foe.
    My son played at u/15 level against Dale at Boishaai’s Easter tournament. He, like all of us ,were pleasantly surprised by the possitive ball in hand skills of your troops. They just needed a bit more bulk up front, to cause some serious damage, and I guess it is still a problem this year at u/ 19 level.

  6. @Kattes-Strofes: Eish…I hope he comes right.He’s a talented young man.

    Ja hey…I reckon we need to go on a recruitment drive in the Boland for some beefy boys to place upfront.St Andrews and Selborne have taken all the farmers’ boys. :-D

  7. @Playa: Manny Rass out for tomorrow. Confirmed.
    EISH!! Dont the boys from Transkei eat njama anymore. You must speak to Ploegie. He is in the meat industry.

  8. @Kattes-Strofes: Just samp and beans…nyama is expensive hence the ability to run all da long :mrgreen:

    I feel for Rass…but he’s a young man…plenty of rugby ahead of him

  9. Diamantveld 45 Sentraal 18 (Shimla league semi final). The listing above is incorrect. Diamantveld played Sentraal, and Jim Fouche played Welkom Gimnasium.

  10. Dale 15 – 14 over Queens according to Twitter. Playa is going to be unplayable :mrgreen:

  11. @Gungets Tuft: qc scored in the 65min to take a 4 point lead and dale hit right back. Qc had all the territory, great defence by dale.

    Not a bad season for qc on the whole considering the age group that came through , but they really lost some games they should have won.

    To be a bit controversial here I think Queens needs to change coach. They weren’t a bad side, just badly coached. I personally think if griffy was the qc coach we would have seen a different set of results this year. That’s my rant over with. Well done to dale. It’s much easier losing to them than our other rivals

  12. Drosdy gave Boishaai a big scare today and did not look like a side at no. 47 in the rankings. In fact, they were leading with about 15 minutes remaining, and a huge upset was on the cards. However, Boishaai once again dug deap into their well known big match mentality, and pulled this one out of the fire.
    Although Boishaai did not bring their A game to Worcester, huge pludits to the Donkeys for their never say die attitude.They can truly feel proud of their effort.
    Now that the regular season is over,Boishaai’s 1st. Team and Seccies[ who mostly consist of grade 11’s ]can look back with pride and joy on an unbeaten record.Boishaai’s u/16 team is also the no. 1 rated team this year, which shows promise for 2016. However, as we all know. The proof is in the pudding and lots can still happen untill we start our banter again about who are the real top dogs.

    O yes. Saterday is the finals of the newly named ‘Maties Top Schools Competition[ formally Die Burger] at the Danie Craven stadium. Outeniqua will meet Boishaai in the large schools final. Going on the last 2 performances, Boishaai seems tired and lethargic, and I will not be surprised at all if Outeniqua wins this somewhat low-key encounter.

    Maybe the Maties can generate more interest, as schools have in the recent past, withdrawn their teams way to often, which cost the competition credibility.

  13. @Gungets Tuft: @QC2000: Doctor prescribed 759 ml of Bell’s to be consumed over night.Cre.Queens played a better game but git stuck in Dale’s defence.What a game,what a rivalry.Proud of my boys.Queens can hold their heads high.They fought hard and never gave up.

  14. @Playa: Well done to both schools. Seems like it is also an awesome interschools fixture. Gongrats, Playa!! You surely deserve your Bells after some dissapointing results this year.
    But as the saying goes ‘All’s well, that ends well’, and your boys delivered when it mattered most. Enjoy!!

  15. @Playa: Dale defence on the day was brilliant. Very close game was expecting Dale to win it quiet easly but QC actually had the better of it. Hope the ‘Bells” went down well. :mrgreen:

    How come the commentary kept on saying QC last win was in 2013 when they won in Aug 2014

  16. @Kattes-Strofes: @Queenian: Bells went down very well.

    I think the commentators got confused.The last time QC won in King was in 2013.This is Dale’s first double since 2011.

    Now back to nursing my hangover

  17. Sorry. I don’t want to hijack the thread. But on the subject of weekend fixtures and results. Boy did I enjoy the Curry Cup rugby last night! I am fast becoming a BIG supporter of the Kwaggas in the light of the performance of a certian WARRICK GALANT! Jeewiz. What a player. Mr Magic! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  18. @Woltrui: I was too busy nursing a near heart attack while floating on cloud 9 after Dale’s win to even worry about my beloved WP being shown flames by the Bulls. I must say that Bulls back three is made of something special. How we let Galant trek up north instead of luring him to the Cape is beyond me.The kid is a wizard. I look forward to many more years of watching him.


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