KZN take on EP on Craven Week final day

KwaZulu-Natal will feature in the penultimate game of Craven Week 2012. Their opponents are Eastern Province who are unbeaten so far and should be worthy opposition, perhaps even slight favourites going into the game.

EP has a very solid frontrow including Sharks bound tighthead prop Bart le Roux, a player is expected to be one of the 44 names called out when the SA under-18 High Performance squad is announced. Other forward threats to KZN are likely to come from good ball-carriers like no.8 and captain Aidon Davis and lock Gareth Erhet. In the back division the hosts have talent in flyhalf Ernst Stapelberg, centre Luan Nieuwoudt and speed merchant wingers Seageal Petersen and Selwyn Davids. Fullback Whayburn Howley proved to be a livewire as well on Day 1.

For KZN it is essential that they get their setpiece dilemma sorted out. The pressure on their scrums will be just as tough as during the first two games. The lineout should prove to be a little less daunting thanks in part to expectations of better weather conditions and less imposing jumpers than the Lions offered. In the backline KZN will face their biggest defensive challenge to date. With EP having a well balanced flyhalf and plenty of creativity, pace and stepping ability out wide, the KZN backs are going to have to be on their toes during this one.

KZN has their strengths in open play particularly amongst the forwards and sensational fullback Jesse Kriel. They will however as an overall package be looking for better ball control, better decision-making, better ball protection at the breakdown as well more cohesion and determination amongst their backs.

Bulls vs Golden Lions in the unofficial final

It comes as no surprise that the Bulls will contest the unofficial final this year. The talented team has won both their matches by convincing margins. The Golden Lions appear in their second successive final. They do have the forward pack to hold their own against the Bull but it’s questionable whether or not the Lions will be able to deal with the relentless pace that the Bulls play at on attack. An easy win for the Bulls is predicted.

Final Day Fixtures

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
09.10 : South Western Districts vs Boland
10.40 : Western Province vs Pumas
12.10 : Eastern Province vs KwaZulu-Natal  
13.40 : Blue Bulls vs Golden Lions   

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium B
09.10 : Griffons vs Griquas Country Districts
10.40 : Border vs Limpopo
12.10 : Valke vs Free State

Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium C
09.10 : Eastern Province Country Districts vs Leopards
10.40 : Namibia vs Zimbabwe  
12.10 : Griquas vs Border Country Districts


  1. I think SWD are unlucky not to be in the 2nd last game. Lost be 6 points to WP and should have won. I would have put EP against the Bulls. The Lions have no back line. The Bulls have an awesome back line but were once again shown up at the breakdown. They have been coached not to put numbers here and concentrate more on getting big runners into position. Lions coach, with your pack this is where you need to hit them and play it close with your big runners taking it off 9. Give them possession and you are dead.
    KZN can surprise EP if they get it right in the pack. EP have not been fantastic at line out time so our weakness can become a strength. Both teams have pace out wide so should nullify each other. Hopefully our centres will come to the party after two quiet games. Personally I would love to see Coulsen at 13.

  2. I also think SWD were unlucky not to have received a greater acknowledgment.

    I would rank the teams:
    1. Bulls
    2. WP
    3. SWD
    4. EP / Lions
    6. KZN / Pumas
    8. Boland

    ahead of tomorrow’s games

  3. @All Black: In what way should SWD have won?…They got two very soft tries and one where the ref actually tripped the WP flanker when he broke up from the scrum, spilling the ball resulting in a SWD turnover and try!…In what universe did they deserve the win?..the should have lost by 20 or more points! WP with all the mistakes they made still won that game.

  4. My side for Sat;

    1) Zondi
    2) Khatide
    3) Khumalo
    4) D. Du Preez
    5) Moberly
    6) Swart
    7) J. Du Preez
    8 ) Moon
    9) Wright
    10) Anderson
    11) Vermaak
    12) Marwana
    13) Coulsen
    14) Arnott
    15) Kriel

    Having Coulsen at centre will give us better defence and a runner that can break the line. Khubeka and Mvelase could come on when things loosen up and use their speed to cause havoc. Marwana is a seasoned campaigner and should start in my eyes.

  5. @Grasshopper: Coulson was in as cover for Vermaak in the lead up to CW. Vermaak is fit again. I don’t think Coulson is at CW. There is no better KZN back for opening up a defence than Khubeka this season. Kriel has been in sublime form but Sandile has been good the whole season long.

  6. @Beet, well Coulsen should have been there, the standout wing this season according to my Dad. Anyway, if that is the case then Khubeka in for Coulsen and Mvelase on the bench. Marwana must start…..

  7. Starting team for Saturday is:

    01. Zondi
    02. Khatide
    03. Khumalo
    04. Moberly (c)
    05. D du Preez
    06. Swart
    07. JL du Preez
    08. Moon
    09. Wright
    10. Anderson
    11. Arnott
    12. Marwana
    13. Khubeka
    14. Vermaak
    15. Kriel

  8. @Beet, if I had know Coulsen was not actually there it would have been 15/15 :-D

  9. @horsefly agreed about the TV broadcasting. Just spoke to someone at Supersport and they say that the rugby schedule on Sat am’s is too full to have all the CW games – and that ‘for the past 19 years we’ve only broadcast the final game’. Such a pity.

  10. @the goose
    aargh! they should just switch it with all those stupid fishing magazines which nobody watches :-x

  11. Watch out for College next year. Whole front row back. Loose forwards will be good. 9,10,13 and 14 back. Just short of locks.

  12. @all black
    plus a whole kzn u16 FRONT ROW and a kzn flyhalf to challenge booysen

  13. Email I’ve just sent to Supersport.

    Hi xxxxx,

    Thank you for your time earlier.

    As discussed, the Supersport Craven Week coverage over this past week has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Unfortunately, this is slightly soured by the coverage on the final day when the big match-ups take place. Granted, we have the final game being broadcast, but there are 3 other games at the main stadium on Saturday that are not being shown.

    This is a great pity considering the quality of rugby, and that the broadcast teams are already set up in the stadium. Looking at the Supersport 5 schedule for Saturday morning, there are golf highlights and an Olympic insert – nothing that could not wait.

    Granted, at this stage it may be too late to do anything about changing tomorrow’s live broadcast plans – however would it be possible to record the games for future broadcasting? Additionally, would it be possible to consider changing this setup for next year’s Craven Week coverage to include all the games on Saturday.

    Finally, are there plans to broadcast any/all the SA Schools Rugby games later in the year. There have been occasions in the past where they have played curtain-raisers for Tri Nations games which have not been broadcast – also lost opportunities.

    Many thanks for your time and I hope this is constructive input.

  14. @TheGoose: That’s a good point you made. Even if they can’t broadcast live, there is no harm in recording games and showing them at a later time or even on Sunday. Also the morning games are all overseas games which is bound to attracted limited interest from SA audiences.

  15. Apparently Affies vs College is televised but may be a problem with the time. Only a 12:30pm slot and this cant be done.

  16. @TheGoose: I’m not 100% sure but I think it could be something like this although I’ve picked 2 players out of position and only two gr.11s in 2013. Personally I’d like to see Reece-Edwards play fullback because he adds spark to the line but there are many KC supporters who will disagree with me on that one.

    4.du Toit
    5.du Preez
    7.du Preez

  17. @beet I tend to agree that R-E would be better suited at scrummie. That’s where he’s shone at U16/Grant Khomo. Forwards look strong – I don’t really know the 11-15 boys.

  18. Affies vs College on 21st July.

    Beet: Was mentioned but clashes with hockey as well. Could be done but tradition probably will win the day. Pity.

  19. Ndlovu, Gumede and Kathida all back next year. Gumede is the best, in my opinion.

  20. @beet: You already know I disagree with Reece-Edwards at 15, but if they do that it will bring Hall into the picture at scrumhalf – very unlucky he was injured for trials as I think he had a big chance for GK this year and will bring his great place kicking boot to the team.

    That team looks a little thin in the backs – might be an idea to return Schramm to the backline and open some places for players like Jesse Rich or Ant Quenet. Is Dean Seals not in Gr11 also?

  21. @All Black: Thanks. Gungets Tuft indicated that Khumalo was coming back next year and I think you even mentioned that altho he’s gr12 this year, he’s still u17? However perhaps GT meant Ndlovu and I read wrong???

  22. @pedantic

    Is Hall not a bit too small mate?? Also, KC should have aa brilliant 2013 and an average 2014! Both Jesse Rich and Dan du Preez are no.5 locks so one of them would have to make the move to 4 if both selected

  23. My information about Gumede, Khumalo and Kathida is that they are all Gr11 this year, info from 2 boys in Clark house whom I assume should know. All Black possibly (probably!) has a more authoratative source. I can check next week when schools go back.

  24. @gungets
    With the kZN U16 front row at your disposal you probably doont even need all of them hey?

  25. @Horse 1 – all we need is an injury toll like we had this year and we need the lot. At one stage 9 first choice players out. And a little healthy competition never hurt anyone …

  26. @horsefly #1 – I thought Tedder was too small earlier this year – he certainly proved me wrong. What Hall lacks in size he makes up in heart and is short but powerfully built – add an 80%+ kicking record to that and you have a very real 1st team option.

    If you think they going to have an average 2014 – I’d hate to think how 2015’s going to be :-|

  27. @ pedantic

    Not sure Hall would be selected for kicking in a big way, seeing Tedder banged 21 from 22 in the last 5 matches. It’s nice to know he can kick, but worry about his decision making and confidence? Good player, but I think perhaps against his peers in 2014.

    I think Kearsney on going to need Reece Edwards’ bravado and confidence around the fringes next year, also he and Tedder will be quite a good pairing for the season.

    I think Tjid Visser will be mammoth next year as he has a lot to prove having missed GK this year,despite him being one of the better scrummages this season. With the Doop’s with him, he will be very good.

  28. Beet, The Reece Edwards and Du Preez year (2013) have had a phenomenal run through the years, I think just losing to Glenwood all the way through.

    Why are we looking to change that mix too much. Surely the majority compliment should be made up of that team, and perhaps then tweak here or there?

    1) Visser
    2) Biago / Meaker
    3) Maloi
    4) Du Toit
    5) Du Preez
    7) Du Preez
    8) Shramm
    9) Reece Edwards
    10) Tedder
    11) Ndlovu
    12) Smith
    13) Dizzy

    Options :
    Steve Tedder in loose trio, Harris at Full Back…not sure of others….

  29. @kcob So the loose trio has the option of:

    Guy Francis
    Zander Rossouw
    Steve Tedder (havn’t seen him play)

    @beet has these boys at the back
    and Harris (from your list)

  30. @ Goose

    Ya, I do believe we should no try to be too clever. The 2013 team has had phenomenal success, been through the mill, and come out having lost only one or max two games each year since u14.

    I the loose trio would likely be Zander Roussow, Shramm, Jean Luc Preez, a very very good loose trio. Throw Guy Francis in the mix too, then wow, there are some awesome options. Just got to be careful that Zander is tasked unconditionally with fetching the ball, as all those looses tend to like hanging out to receive running ball. So caution there.

    As for the backs, I have less experience there, being a no 8 myself. But overall, my caution to the Head Coach and to my boy, has always been, be humble, honor you opposition, and scenario plan for the season. Make sure that the team comes first, and that humility and team work is the common strategy. Returning players have often fallen fowl of being bigger than the game and this year could be no different unless Barend Steyn and the leaders like the doop’s and the Reece keep the players humility in check.

  31. @ Goose
    Oops, completely disrespected the awesome Hayes-Hill who fulfilled the role of fetch this year in the second half of the season…ok, so we thick on really good loosies!

    Beet…what you say my little analyst!

  32. @kcob saw Hayes-Hill play a couple of times (incl. at OB Day vs Westville) and was very impressed too.

    With so many loosies we may need to be bold and have Schramm start in the centre for a few games and move him to #8 after 20 mins :)

    Who is the current U16 flyhalf?

  33. Chris Lines, who has played a grade below due to his age. Is ok, but not completely dynamic, sometimes rash!

  34. @pedantic
    actually with your good u14s, 2015 should be better than average mate. also, if we can improve our current u15s, we can have a really good 2015 with this years u14s helping out. i think the school thinks so too as they’ve arranged a DHS rugby tour to England on 2015

  35. @All, both Kearsney and Westville who are the favourites for 2013 must learn from Glenwood in 2012, a great team on paper means nothing! I mean Glenwood on paper should have beaten all of the KZN sides easily, they should have been at a similar strength to KES this year. BUT disrupting combinations that have worked for a few years with new players and the boys beieving the hype caused them to falter. This season has been a difficult one for Glenwood, the coaches, teachers and Old Boys but hopefully we can turn this lesson into a positive and develop into a great side for 2014. 2013 will be rebuilding for us and we play Kearsney away which will be a very difficult one to win. Westville will be at home so maybe a chance there. Hopefully all the schools agree to an annual audit of birth certificates/ID’s etc so to avoid the embarrassment of this year. Good luck to Westville against the two UK touring schools and to College against Affies. We going to have to rely on College to try and soften up Affies for us a bit as we have to travel to Pretoria against one of the biggest packs and fastest backlines in the country! It might be a bloodbath for us. Also, good luck to Kearsney against Grey Bloem in Bloem, thank goodness they are not their usual standard this year and Kearsney are strong, otherwise that could have been a bloodbath too.

  36. KZN lost 24-27, but heard it was a cracker and that KZN should have held out for the win. Anyway, shows how close the 2 coastal provinces are in strength.

  37. @kcob – I agree with you totally – Reece-Edwards should be at 9 – my response was to Beet’s idea of playing him at 15 which I don’t really think is the answer.

    As I said .. the forwards are powerful, but they look thin in the backs – if they stick to the age group team that did so well, then they should consider Schramm moving back to centre?

  38. Well done to Jesse Kriel, Daniel Du Preez, Jean-Luc Du Preez & Sandile Khubeka for making the High Performance squad. Hard luck to all the other KZN boys, especially Wright, Moberly, Moon and Marwana.

    The South African trial group is: Abongile Nonkontwana (Blue Bulls), Aidon Davis (Eastern Province), Akhona Sihunu (Border), Cashwell Khoza (Blue Bulls), Chad Solomon (Western Province), Chris Massyn (Lions), Christiaan Meyer (Valke), Courtney Cupido (Boland), Daniël du Preez (KwaZulu-Natal), Dayan van der Westhuizen (Blue Bulls), Duhan van der Merwe (South Western Districts), Dylan Smith (Lions), Edward Schmidt (Free State), Francois Esterhuizen (Boland), Ganfried May (South Western Districts), Gideon Koegelenberg (Boland), Handré Pollard (Western Province), Heinrich Viljoen (Blue Bulls), Hyon Andrews (Blue Bulls), Jakó van der Walt (Lions), Jano Venter (Pumas), Jason Worral (Western Province), JD Schickerling (Western Province), Jean-Luc du Preez (KwaZulu-Natal), Jesse Kriel (KwaZulu-Natal), Johan Bannink (Blue Bulls), Johan Labuschagné (Valke), Jurie Linde (Blue Bulls), Justin Phillips (Blue Bulls), Malcolm Marx (Lions), Leighton van Wyk (Western Province), Liam Hendricks (Western Province), Koch Marx (Lions), Marcus Kleinbooi (Blue Bulls), Matjikinyane Molapo (Limpopo Blue Bulls), Nicholas Janse van Rensburg (Limpopo Blue Bulls), Ox Nche (Free State), Pierre Schoeman (Blue Bulls), Ramone Samuels (Western Province), Rohan Janse van Rensburg (Blue Bulls), Rynard Snyman (Griffons), Ryno Eksteen (Blue Bulls), Sandile Khubeka (KwaZulu-Natal), Selvyn Davids (Eastern Province), Sergeal Petersen (Eastern Province), Stephan Vermeulen (Lions), Thabo Mabuza (Blue Bulls), Warrick Galant (South Western Districts), Wesley Adonis (Western Province), Wilco Louw (Boland).

  39. @ grassy
    that Janse van rensburg from bulls is fantastic!! hopes he goes to anywhere but Bulls as they already have some really good centres!!
    i didnt think sandile was at his best but hey well done boy along with all the others !!

  40. @beet and KC fans….
    Joy Mills-Hackmann’s update on Facebook
    Kearsney College Choir are the champions of the Scenic Folklore category – 90%, at the World Choir Games 2012 in Cincinnati. Congratulations Bernard, and all in the team!!

  41. @TheGoose: Yes I get JM-H’s updates via bbm. I don’t know where the kids find the time for all the extramural activities.


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