School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 20 April 2024


School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 20 April 2024
Sat.20Apr KZN St Charles 50-15 Clifton KZN
Sat.20Apr KZN Maritzburg College 18-21 Durban HS KZN
Sat.20Apr KZN Michaelhouse 24-22 Northwood KZN
Sat.20Apr KZN Hilton 55-37 Kearsney KZN
Sat.20Apr KZN Westville 35-32 Glenwood KZN
Sat.20Apr BOL Hermanus 30-31 Strand WP
Sat.20Apr BOL Worcester Gim 28-31 Hugenote BOL
Sat.20Apr BOL Charlie Hofmeyr 50-05 Bredasdorp BOL
Sat.20Apr SWD Outeniqua 34-17 Durbanville WP
Sat.20Apr WP Boland Landbou 25-19 Stellenberg WP
Sat.20Apr WP Paarl Gim 27-29 Grey College FS
Sat.20Apr WP Wynberg 10-10 Grey HS EP
Sat.20Apr WP Brackenfell 45-11 DF Malan WP
Sat.20Apr WP Parel Vallei 29-14 Tygerberg WP
Sat.20Apr WP Bellville 25-12 Hopefield BOL
Sat.20Apr WP Rondebosch 55-22 SACS WP
Sat.20Apr WP Paul Roos 25-10 HJS Paarl BH WP
Sat.20Apr WP Bishops 28-31 Milnerton WP
Sat.20Apr BOR Port Rex 10-49 Selborne BOR
Sat.20Apr BOR Queen’s 29-15 Dale BOR
Sat.20Apr BOR Cambridge 33-22 Grens BOR
Sat.20Apr EP Graeme 50-12 Hudson Park BOR
Sat.20Apr EP Framesby 33-50 Oakdale SWD
Sat.20Apr EP Brandwag (EP) 18-05 Daniel Pienaar EP
Sat.20Apr EP Pearson 43-07 Muir EP
Sat.20Apr LIM Pietersburg 17-30 Wesvalia LEO NWU Prestige 1-4
Sat.20Apr LIO Noordheuwel 44-13 Marais Viljoen LIO NWU Prestige 1-4
Sat.20Apr VAL Hugenote (Springs) 45-26 Jeugland VAL NWU Prestige 5-8
Sat.20Apr LEO Lichtenburg 30-31 Rustenburg LEO NWU Prestige 5-8
Sat.20Apr LEO Potch Gim 39-22 Montana BUL NWU Prestige 9-12
Sat.20Apr VAL Die Anker 32-10 Zwartkop BUL NWU Prestige 9-12
Sat.20Apr VAL Heidelberg VS 19-15 Potch Volkskool LEO NWU Prestige 13-16
Sat.20Apr LEO Klerksdorp 53-13 Oosterlig VAL NWU Prestige 13-16
Sat.20Apr BUL Waterkloof 23-08 Menlopark BUL NWU Sportsreeks Final
Sat.20Apr VAL EG Jansen 36-03 Oos-Moot BUL NWU Sportsreeks 3-4
Sat.20Apr PUM HTS Middelburg 34-36 Nelspruit PUM NWU Sportsreeks 5-6
Sat.20Apr PUM Middelburg 40-12 Kempton Park VAL NWU Sportsreeks 7-8
Sat.20Apr BUL Eldoraigne 07-76 Transvalia VAL NWU Sportsreeks 9-10
Sat.20Apr LIO Helpmekaar 25-31 Monument LIO NV Cup
Sat.20Apr LIO KES 24-14 Pretoria BH BUL
Sat.20Apr BUL Affies 39-26 Jeppe LIO
Sat.20Apr LIO Parktown 38-15 Springs VAL
Sat.20Apr PUM Secunda 41-21 Ligbron PUM
Sat.20Apr LIM Ben Vorster 38-29 Randburg LIO NV Bowl
Sat.20Apr FS Fichardtpark 27-07 Sentraal FS Wesgrow SSS
Sat.20Apr GRF Witteberg 17-20 Trio GRF Wesgrow SSS
Sat.20Apr GRF Hentie Cilliers X-X Welkom Gim GRF Henties cancelled
Sat.20Apr GRF Goudveld 13-19 Voortrekker (Beth) GRF
Sat.20Apr GRQ Diamantveld 38-15 Jim Fouche FS Wesgrow SSS
Sat.20Apr BOL Swartland 16-47 Duineveld GRQ

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  1. avatar
    #97 Smallies

    Ek wil tog ma net gou gou ietsie se …..SHIM SHIM SHIMLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    23 April, 2024 at 15:59
  2. avatar
    #96 Skywalker

    @Bush (Comment #91)
    Indeed. Great to see it where it is today and to see good things in all areas, not just 1 or 2 sports like in the past. I believe we have won twice, 2010 and 2019. The Covid years would have been interesting as NW had good teams, especially still in 2020. From what I recall the 2018 game was also not played due to lightning up at Meadows. SO I’m glad we have some regular games again and based on the juniour results it should be good contest for the next few years.

    23 April, 2024 at 08:54
  3. avatar
    #95 Smallies

    @Jan Kriel (Comment #94)
    Het beslis potensiaal om n grote te word ,die atmosfeer was electric gewees ,mag dit nog lank die geval wees

    22 April, 2024 at 21:10
  4. avatar
    #94 Jan Kriel

    @Smallies (Comment #67)
    @Smallies,ek kry nou eers die kans om al die opmerkings te lees. Van my kant af, baie geluk aan Grey, ek wou op ‘n stadium nie eens verder kyk nie. Ek glo dat die nuwe,jaarlikse, bepaling altwee skole tot groter hoogtes gaan aanspoor.

    22 April, 2024 at 20:26
  5. avatar
    #93 Kaya 85

    Dan Pienaar…? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Saddens me to see the decline of this once powerhouse…

    22 April, 2024 at 18:50
  6. avatar
    #92 Kaya 85

    Well done St Charles, let me publicly admit I totally misread that one…very impressive.

    22 April, 2024 at 18:48
  7. avatar
    #91 Bush

    @Skywalker (Comment #89)
    Was not an easy day for House, all the games I watched on Meadows could have gone either way. Northwood has developed very well. From 1990 till now, incredible steps. You can be proud of your school. 💪💪💪💪💪just throwing it out there, I think House has only lost to Northwood once since then.
    Carlo Gonzaga I hope you read this blog🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22 April, 2024 at 10:37
  8. avatar
    #90 JongMatie

    Amper skoonskip gemaak die naweek teen HJS.
    Puik vertoning.
    Puik Old Boys.
    Puik volgestampde AF Markotter.
    Puik Jolla Bolla.
    Maroon Masjien storm voort.

    Wynland Water smaak nou eers lekker.

    22 April, 2024 at 09:41
  9. avatar
    #89 Skywalker

    @Bush (Comment #86)
    Thats great to hear. By all accounts i believe a competitive set of games. From what I saw of the results, the u15A, u16A, 2nd and 1st games were all decided by 1-2 points each. So a good contest.

    22 April, 2024 at 08:16
  10. avatar
    #88 Pamos

    Awesome results for the likes of Queens, Paul Roos, Affies, Grey PE, Monument, Grey College!

    22 April, 2024 at 04:31
  11. avatar
    #87 Coolguy

    @Bush (Comment #86)
    Indeed it was a great game played in good spirits even though there were the two yellow cards. Northwood came back strong after trailing 21-5 at one stage.

    21 April, 2024 at 18:31
  12. avatar
    #86 Bush

    Well done to Northwood, I was very impressed with the mannerism of the kids. Teachers doing a great job there, well done. It lekker to engage with kids and they engage back with confidence 👍👍👍👍

    21 April, 2024 at 12:09
  13. avatar
    #85 Bush

    Well done to House yesterday. Flip they were impressive. That House pack was outsized but they brought the fight to the game. Left wing of Northwood is very talented, can he not kick for poles? As he has a great left boot.
    2 3 House ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21 April, 2024 at 12:07
  14. avatar
    #84 Grasshopper

    @Griffin (Comment #81)
    Also in the preseason friendly Glenwood lost 12-34, shows massive improvement. Our u16s are battling but greenshoots in u15 & u14. I have some hope for the future. We must maintain our 65% win ratio over Westville.

    21 April, 2024 at 08:42
  15. avatar
    #83 Jakkals

    Is dit net ek of is Waterkloof besig om mooi te bou die seisoen? Dalk n opskudding of twee in the Pretoria derbies later die jaar….

    21 April, 2024 at 05:27
  16. avatar
    #82 Grasshopper

    @Griffin (Comment #81)
    I was honestly expecting a drubbing so super proud of the youngsters, the green machine will be back. Not sure about the ref in the 2nd team game, a win is a win & at Westville. It’s like David vs Goliath, Glenwood have a fraction of the funds now. Half of Glenwood prep & Penzance end up at Westville. We keep grinding, no excuses

    20 April, 2024 at 23:20
  17. avatar
    #81 Griffin

    @Grasshopper (Comment #71)
    We snatched victory from the jaws of defeat methinks…we let Glenwood back in far to easily over and over again. Was 20-3 to Westville at half time. Some of the scrum penalties were a bit dubious. As for the 2nd team game….that ref should be banned – he had a shocker!

    20 April, 2024 at 21:48
  18. avatar
    #80 Trots HJS (Tandem)

    @Deon (Comment #78)
    I am also of your era and my time Boishaai also played JG Meiring and President High School regularly also Bellville Hoër and Tygerberg. The big problem is that these schools hardly manage 2-3 teams per age group. The school scene has now changed to many more cross border games.

    20 April, 2024 at 21:35
  19. avatar
    #79 Deon

    2,3 MILNERTON. WOW. HUGE congratulations to the giant slayers.

    20 April, 2024 at 21:18
  20. avatar
    #78 Deon

    Vir ‘n 80’s ou is dit vir my baie moeilik om te verstaan wat met Tygerberg,DF Malan en veral Strand gebeur het. Ek neem aan werwing deur groot skole het ‘n baie negatiewe invloed op dié area en ek weet dat baie kinders/ouers deesdae skole soos Hoërskool Hottentots Holland in dieselfde area vermy en Parel Vallei, wat eers in die 80’s gestig is, toe stuur. Tog het HHH in die 80’s baie sterk spanne gehad. In die 80’s sou Strand vir Hermanus met ten minste 50 punte gewen het en Bishops in hulle amptelike post matric streak Milnerton met 50.

    20 April, 2024 at 21:15
  21. avatar
    #77 Kaya 85

    Statement from Transvalia …

    20 April, 2024 at 19:45
  22. avatar
    #76 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #75)
    He is a beast 💪 and quick as well

    20 April, 2024 at 19:43
  23. avatar
    #75 Kaya 85

    That Grey outside centre (tank) BIG game

    20 April, 2024 at 19:38
  24. avatar
    #74 Wondermaar

    Schoolboy rugby very closer( competitive) this year, it is very good.

    20 April, 2024 at 17:37
  25. avatar
    #73 Kantman

    Geluk Boland Landbou

    20 April, 2024 at 16:56
  26. avatar
    #72 Kantman

    Wynberg 10-10 Grey High

    20 April, 2024 at 16:55
  27. avatar
    #71 Grasshopper

    32-35 to Ville, well done to them. That Glenwood side must have fought hard. 2nd team winning 21-17 💪.

    20 April, 2024 at 15:59
  28. avatar
    #70 Deon

    :cry: Dankie en baie geluk. Jislike dit is close. Ek kry die idee PRG en HJS se game is nog aan dies gang , so ek sal later kom kyk wat gebeur het.

    20 April, 2024 at 14:52
  29. avatar
    #69 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #68)
    29 27 vir Grey

    20 April, 2024 at 14:31
  30. avatar
    #68 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #67)
    Wat was die score Smallies?

    20 April, 2024 at 14:31
  31. avatar
    #67 Smallies

    Liewe donner wat n game was dit nie ,baie geluk Grey welverdiend ….maar dan ook Gim julle is n spul ysters en dit kon baie maklik na julle kant toe gegaan het ….fokkit ek bewe sommer

    20 April, 2024 at 13:44
  32. avatar
    #66 Grasshopper


    20 April, 2024 at 09:43
  33. avatar
    #65 Smallies

    @Trots HJS (Tandem) (Comment #63)
    I hope so ,I realy rate them very highly…

    20 April, 2024 at 08:28
  34. avatar
    #64 Kaya 85

    Morning gents, have a great rugby Saturday, was going to watch Helpies v Monnas, but pursuaded instead to drive up to Pretoria, better boerie rolls there anyway.

    20 April, 2024 at 07:54
  35. avatar
    #63 Trots HJS (Tandem)

    @Smallies (Comment #59)
    I folllowed Giani and Manny when they played for Paarl Boys in a great team. Manny is playing in a position where there is abundant talent in SA and may be just physically too small. He will excel in Sevens where there is more space. Giani struggled with injuries and his best position is at fullback and not at 10. He can play in any position at the back but needs to settle in a position and I think with Quan Horn playing so well at nr15 Giani should get a chance at nr 11. He has everything and should get his confidence back.

    20 April, 2024 at 06:55
  36. avatar
    #62 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #60)
    Dewald Human, gosh he was good!

    20 April, 2024 at 06:52
  37. avatar
    #61 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #57)
    Yes, no debate!

    19 April, 2024 at 22:32
  38. avatar
    #60 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #59)
    Lombard bombed a bit in some Lions games…he’s had opportunities, basically squandered them…Manny, good as he is, just not physical enough, too many opponents impose themselves on him. I met him, shook his hand. Skillful, and very nice guy, but there are too many tougher, faster, stronger guys equally Skillful

    19 April, 2024 at 21:30
  39. avatar
    #59 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #58)
    Yep for every player making it in SA proparbly 10 dont.
    For me two of the biggest disappointments are Manny Ras and Gianni Lombaard….man those two has potential for days yet they just dont seem to be able to make a real breakthrough

    19 April, 2024 at 20:37
  40. avatar
    #58 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #56)
    That’s true… it’s a pity Irne Herbst slipped through the cracks, making a big name for himself at Harlequins, despite a modest 6ft5 frame for a 21st century lock

    19 April, 2024 at 20:06
  41. avatar
    #57 Kaya 85

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #47)
    Or else KES at Candies

    19 April, 2024 at 20:03
  42. avatar
    #56 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #55)
    Time will tell ,but he is definitely on a hell of a run and to be the best you have to test yourself against the best

    19 April, 2024 at 19:58
  43. avatar
    #55 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #53)
    Viking ‘Ragnar, son of Snyman’, fire-eater and firewalker that he is will give Van Heerden proper flames…good as he is, I can’t see the rookie dominating any time soon…he’s just going to need a few more years and White must be very careful not to expose him too soon…in my opinion he is still unproven at pro level, good as he was at schoolboy level…

    19 April, 2024 at 19:47
  44. avatar
    #54 Kantman

    @Smallies (Comment #53)
    Baie talentvolle speler – jammer ons kon hom nie meer sien speel op skool as gevolg van lockdowns nie.

    19 April, 2024 at 19:32
  45. avatar
    #53 Smallies

    2 jaar terug het JF Van Heerden vir Grey se 1st team gespeel, more op die ouderdom van basies 20 jaar oud is hy in die Bulls se starting lineup teen Munster en Ragnar Snyman …..die man se potensiaal is baie baie vinnig besig om vewesenlik te word ,baring injuries gaan hy n GROOT Springbok word ….

    19 April, 2024 at 19:09
  46. avatar
    #52 Gold

    @Beet any view as to when weekly rankings will be posted?

    19 April, 2024 at 17:51
  47. avatar
    #51 Smallies

    @JongMatie (Comment #50)
    Die Noord Oos Kaap is n tradisionele voedings area vir Grey ,Vrystaat Noord Kaap en Noord Oos Kaap

    19 April, 2024 at 12:13
  48. avatar
    #50 JongMatie

    Almal wil graag by die Makro Wynlandskole in die suide werf.
    Dit is maar waar die morg van talent le en ontgin word – krummels elders.
    Selfs NoordOos Kaap raak n ordentlike voeder vir GCB.
    Met verstedeliking sal julle sien dat GCB al hoe meer begin kleitrap.

    19 April, 2024 at 10:02
  49. avatar
    #49 Grasshopper

    Come on Hoppers!!

    19 April, 2024 at 10:01
  50. avatar
    #48 boerboel

    @JongMatie (Comment #44)
    besig in die Boland met inkopies

    19 April, 2024 at 09:50
  51. avatar
    #47 Kaya 85

    I might check out the Helpies-Monnas game.

    19 April, 2024 at 08:05
  52. avatar
    #46 Garsieoldboy

    @JongMatie (Comment #44)
    Dit kan mos nie so moeilik wees vir n man wat in die legendariese Paul Roos Gimnasium was om te lees nie of hoe? Scroll net bietjie af op die blog dan sal jy n hele stuk kry oor Garsfontein wat “hibernate” soos regte bere. Hulle is wel volgende week weer af aangesien jy so belangstel, en daarna kan jy jou 2de gunstelling span weer in aksie sien!!

    18 April, 2024 at 22:42
  53. avatar
    #45 Kaya 85

    @JongMatie (Comment #44)

    18 April, 2024 at 18:07
  54. avatar
    #44 JongMatie

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #43)
    Is die Garsie Bere af vir n tweede naweek in n ry 😳

    18 April, 2024 at 08:50
  55. avatar
    #43 OUD ANKER

    @Kantman (Comment #42)
    Jy is so reg! PRG vs HJS, Grey vs. Gim en moenie vergeet van die “giant slayers” Jeppe vs Affies nie. Mens kry nie veel groter as hierdie op dieselfde Saterdag nie EN ‘n HELE klomp ander, Helpmekaar vs Monument, te veel omte noem.

    18 April, 2024 at 08:44
  56. avatar
    #42 Kantman

    Probably the best set of games of the season in all the provinces. With surprises galore this year, the final outcome will have huge impact on whole or shattered dreams (borrowing from Ploegskaar).

    17 April, 2024 at 19:30
  57. avatar
    #41 Smallies

    @OomPB (Comment #40)
    Deon is nou Switzerland soos chiwawa en ekke🤣🤣🤣

    17 April, 2024 at 17:41
  58. avatar
    #40 OomPB

    @Deon (Comment #38)
    Kan sien jy dra nou n blou trui, :wink: Maar dit klink reg.

    17 April, 2024 at 17:16
  59. avatar
    #39 Snelvuur

    @Strepie (Comment #37)
    Eish, dis darem bietjie much. Niemand neem JongMatie se voorspellings meer ernstig op nie. HJS is darem ook glad nie helfte van PRG se grootte nie – nader aan 75%. Julle atletiek is topklas die afgelope paar jaar, maar ek sou nou nie op HJS se krieket as fondasie staatmaak nie: einde 2023 was PRG 5de en HJS 38ste en na die eerste kwartaal van 2024 was die HJS 19de en PRG 20ste. Dan praat mens nou nog nie van die tennis of hokkie (7de vs 48ste) nie…

    17 April, 2024 at 15:09
  60. avatar
    #38 Deon

    Boishaai met 5 punte. Minimum.

    17 April, 2024 at 14:33
  61. avatar
    #37 Strepie

    @JongMatie (Comment #34)
    Jy het darem baie te se oor jou rugbyspan.
    Ook maar al waaroor jy kan opgewonde raak en saampraat.
    Jy vergeet vinnig (gerieflik) dat die Blou Skool van die Paarl julle in Atletiek, Krieket, Bergfiets en Gholf al in 2024 geklop het.
    Nie sleg vir n skool, helfte van jul grootte nie. :)

    17 April, 2024 at 14:21
  62. avatar
    #36 Mate

    @Grasshopper (Comment #35)

    I think you can sign up for Supersportschools through Facebook
    Try to download the app and then sign in through FB

    17 April, 2024 at 13:23
  63. avatar
    #35 Grasshopper

    @Pamos (Comment #30)
    I didn’t watch the game, can’t be bothered to try and register with Supersport etc. Why it can’t just be on Youtube, only locals will know. OK, so he was dominated, then less of a loss to Glenwood then. I think I meant more his physical presence around the field as a ‘rock’, Glenwood don’t have any monsters this year….so usually get outmuscled, from what I have seen. I heard Westville have some behemoths…

    17 April, 2024 at 10:48
  64. avatar
    #34 JongMatie

    @Snelvuur (Comment #33)
    Paul Roos met 25 – op n drafstap.

    17 April, 2024 at 10:40
  65. avatar
    #33 Snelvuur

    @OomPB (Comment #27)
    Die groot uitdaging gaan wees om twee goeie helftes in een wedstryd te speel. Sover het PRG se seisoen basies uit een goeie helfte per wedstryd bestaan: die eerste helfte teen Drostdy, die eerste helfte teen Affies en die tweede helfte teen Rondebosch. Die een bemoedigende ding sover is dat PRG se verdediging tydens die swak helftes (veral tydens die tweede helfte teen Affies en die eerste helfte teen Rondebosch) hulle “by hook or by crook” in die wedstryd gehou het.

    17 April, 2024 at 10:27
  66. avatar
    #32 Jakkals

    @Pamos (Comment #31)
    Which sports are ahead of Rugby? I know they value water polo….basketball?

    17 April, 2024 at 09:50
  67. avatar
    #31 Pamos

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #29)
    St Charles will be too good for Clifton. CLifton coming off a tough fixture vs Glenwood where a few players went off injured. I think we will be waiting a long time for Clifton to emerge. No disrespect for Clifton but their rugby program is probably 4th in line at the school. Where the rest of the schools in Durban its 1st or 2nd.

    17 April, 2024 at 09:42
  68. avatar
    #30 Pamos

    @Grasshopper (Comment #5)
    I do not know if you watched the Northwood vs DHS game but Teddy (Scrum Rock) got dominated. Teddy was never known for his scrumming ability, moreover for his running and ball play ability.

    17 April, 2024 at 09:39
  69. avatar
    #29 Kaya 85

    @House Rugga (Comment #23)
    you might be right about St Charles being favorites over Clifton…we keep waiting for Clifton to emerge

    16 April, 2024 at 20:59
  70. avatar
    #28 Kaya 85

    @OomPB (Comment #27)

    16 April, 2024 at 20:53
  71. avatar
    #27 OomPB

    PRG se groot toets saterdag. Die keer is hulle die gunsteling teen Boishaai.

    16 April, 2024 at 18:43
  72. avatar
    #26 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #21)
    Glenwood love being the underdogs, like the prediction ;-)

    16 April, 2024 at 18:05
  73. avatar
    #25 wanza_15

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #14)
    I can’t comfortably even say that Parktown 1sts would beat KES 3rds.

    If the game is in PTA my prediction changes from 32 to 25.
    25-14 KES win over Boys High

    16 April, 2024 at 17:16
  74. avatar
    #24 Jakkals

    @House Rugga (Comment #23)
    I think Kearsney are a little better than that….will be close until the end I think. Hilton probably best drilled (coached) team in kzn so will not give much away

    16 April, 2024 at 16:52
  75. avatar
    #23 House Rugga

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #21)
    interesting… i’d say:
    – St Charles by 11 vs Clifton
    – Maritzbug College by 4 vs DHS
    – Hilton by 26 vs Kearsney

    and finally, I am very unsure about Saturday’s matchup between Michaelhouse & Northwood. Northwood id say are marginal favourites and my gut tells me Northwood by 3. But, I do sense Michaelhouse should take a marginal win over them. All depends on the day and the starting 15!

    16 April, 2024 at 15:32
  76. avatar
    #22 Kaya 85

    …and not forgetting

    Piet Retief 22 – 25 Eldoraigne (Piet Retief works wonders in their rugby programme, most underrated coach in South Africa)

    16 April, 2024 at 15:24
  77. avatar
    #21 Kaya 85

    Predictions KZN:
    St Charles 14 – 19 Clifton (St Charles pack have nowhere to hide)
    Maritzburg 29 – 28 Durban High School (College to take the Comrades Derby)
    Michaelhouse 27 – 18 Northwood (a win at the House in the middle of nowhere)
    Hilton 33 – 13 Kearnsey (HC Mercs win – not mercedes, but mercenaries)
    Westville 26 – 19 Glenwood (Westville back 3 to spark)

    16 April, 2024 at 15:21
  78. avatar
    #20 Kaya 85

    Predictions West & East Cape:
    Paarl Gim 18 – 28 Grey College (Gim to be schooled by Jedi College, Bloem)
    Outeniqua 30 – 15 Durbanville (bruised bodies and ego’s will heal)
    Wynberg 35 – 10 Grey High (growing Buzz around Berg, Grey High average)
    Rondebosch 18 – 28 SA College School (fraternal harmony interupted)
    Paul Roos Gim 26 – 20 HJS Paarl Boys (Mean Maroon machine)
    Bishops 15 – 20 Milnerton (strike while the iron is hot)
    Port Rex 5 – 45 Selborne (moderate hiding, but not a slaughter)
    Queen’s 25 (or 18) – 18 (or 25) Dale (depending which Dale enigma turns up)
    Graeme 19 – 26 Hudson Park (they growing more muscle fibres)
    Framesby 14 – 34 Oakdale (fitness with torque always effective)

    16 April, 2024 at 13:57
  79. avatar
    #19 Grasshopper

    @Henkies (Comment #7)
    Thanks, like my DHS jibe. Surely OBs want the Glenwood game back whilst you guys are strong, get a few more wins under the belt. Game is at Westville, they will want to inflict pain on Glenwood. Glenwood do not stand down too easily. The little Glenwood pack will need to be a well oiled machine and beat Ville on fitness.

    16 April, 2024 at 13:52
  80. avatar
    #18 Grasshopper

    @Jakkals (Comment #8)
    Wooden spoon for KZN match, will be epic…

    16 April, 2024 at 13:50
  81. avatar
    #17 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #15)
    Hulk was a few years ago, sorry I wasn’t clear on that. It’s a great name and he was a beast of a centre….not sure where he is now…

    16 April, 2024 at 13:49
  82. avatar
    #16 Grasshopper

    @Mate (Comment #13)
    Originally, left aged 14 when my dad remarried and we moved to Westville. I was in 3rd form(grade 9 now) offered by him to go to Westville which was literally opposite our house but I decided not to move. My sister (who Bush knows well) moved from Durban Girls High to Westville Girls High…

    16 April, 2024 at 13:43
  83. avatar
    #15 Kaya 85

    @Grasshopper (Comment #5)
    Hulk Mkhize wins the prize for best name, pity he isn’t playing in green.

    16 April, 2024 at 13:38
  84. avatar
    #14 Kaya 85

    @wanza_15 (Comment #4)
    I think KES playing at Pretoria Boys…
    Re Springs, their firsts looked good at times last week but that was against KES’ 3rds.

    16 April, 2024 at 13:36
  85. avatar
    #13 Mate

    @Grasshopper (Comment #5)

    I thought you grew op on the Bluff

    16 April, 2024 at 11:33
  86. avatar
    #12 Deon

    Boishaai by 5 vs PRG

    Gim vs Grey. My opinion was Gim after Grey vs Jeppe, but after the Grey vs Kwaggas game it changes all the time. Gimmies by 2

    Affies by 10 plus

    16 April, 2024 at 11:04
  87. avatar
    #11 Gurtch

    Het iemand dalk die o/14, 15 en 16 bepalings vir die NWU Prestige en NWU Sportsreeks?

    16 April, 2024 at 10:54
  88. avatar
    #10 Smallies

    @agter_die_pale_pa (Comment #9)
    Ek glo dit sal seker saam met either Oranje of Unice wees…weet glad nie hoeveel spanne nie…maar wat ek al van Gim gesien het is dat hulle spanne almal gewoonlik kwalityd is

    16 April, 2024 at 10:40
  89. avatar
    #9 agter_die_pale_pa

    @Smallies (Comment #6)
    Eintlik vreemd dat dit tot 2024 geneem het vir hierdie twee reuse om volwaardige interskole te he? Is dit in kombinasie met Oranje vir die dogters?
    Vir interessantheid, hoeveel spanne van Grey kan Gim akkommodeer deur al die ouderdomme?

    16 April, 2024 at 10:33
  90. avatar
    #8 Jakkals

    GCB’s toughest game of the year. Will be epic. Awesome match up between Muller and the raging bulls from Grey (vdMerwe & Adams)….

    Hopefully PRG taste defeat for the first time in 2024…it’s possible. Just to keep jongmatie humble.

    Then huge clash between Clifton & SCC in KZN….might be their only victory in KZN this year…all to play for.

    16 April, 2024 at 10:16
  91. avatar
    #7 Henkies

    @Grasshopper (Comment #5)
    Nice write up Grassy. Is the game at. Westville? I’m sure it will be packed out

    16 April, 2024 at 09:56
  92. avatar
    #6 Smallies

    @agter_die_pale_pa (Comment #1)
    Ja Gim Grey het amper n soort van tradisionele game by Wildeklawer geword….hierdie is egter nou n volwaardige interskole wat beteken dat Grey se laer spanne meer games kry,wat n goeie ding is volgens my,watter ander skole buite die WP kan se hulle peel al drie die wynland grotes elke jaar .Ek sien baie uit na die games

    16 April, 2024 at 08:50
  93. avatar
    #5 Grasshopper

    Glenwood vs Ville going to be interesting. Ville pasted us in the preseason friendly and they look to have a massive pack. It’s like the new derby for Glenwood since DHS whimpered out of the annual fixture. There is definitely some animosity in this fixture, especially since Marne-gate and a few excellent players drifting across to Ville over the years, including Chris Cloete & Hulk Mkhize. In the past it’s usually been Glenwood’s pack vs Westville backs, times have changed. The schools have played each other since 1964;
    Played: 56
    Glenwood won: 38
    Westville won: 16
    Draws: 2
    Glenwood win %: 68%

    The two schools used to play up to 25 fixtures on the day, but recently this has dropped to around 20 games on the day. Westville have the better depth and since building a few boarding houses have upped there game in recruiting from afar. Westville have promised much in the past 5 years with huge potential but have been very hot and cold, the win at Affies a few years ago and now Monnas this season must be their highlights. Glenwood are in a rebuilding phase, a young team and no real superstars. They lost their scrum rock Teddy to DHS so this year is a team showing Glenwood guts, fighting hard and learning for an assault next year. Glenwood’s U14s and U15s seem to be building nicely. It will be a fascinating fixture, one I wish I could attend. Having lived in Westville growing up but attending Glenwood it’s always one close to my heart. Go Green! Hopefully another upset for the books in a very topsy turvy season to date…

    16 April, 2024 at 07:53
  94. avatar
    #4 wanza_15

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #2)
    I wouldn’t be shocked if Springs beat Parktown. Springs 1sts to 3rds were present at Parktown vs KES along with KES to provide staggers for some of the opens games for KES. The Springs first team will have watched the massacre KES put on Parktown and really fancy their chances.

    But I’ll give it to Parktown only just.

    Parktown 18-14 Springs

    Affies v Jeppe. If not now then when? Affies 25-28 Jeppe
    Putting my head well and truly on the chopping block with this prediction

    KES at home, no problems at all against Boys High. KES 32-14 Pretoria.

    Noordheuwel beat Marais Viljoen, I like how Kaya put it. MV tough enough but not fast enough Noordheuwel 28-18 Marais Viljoen

    Paul Roos 27-19 Paarl Boys. I think Paul Roos are a slightly more polished outfit, them and Paarl Gim.

    Paarl Gim vs Grey.. gonna be a hell of a game I reckon. 7 or 8 pointer My controversial take is that I’m giving it to Gimmies.
    Paarl Gim 31-24 Grey

    16 April, 2024 at 00:23
  95. avatar
    #3 Rugby 4 Life

    Grey 34 Paarl Gim 26
    Gim se eerste loss

    Paul Roos 32 Paarl Boys 22
    PR bly onoorwonne

    Monument 42 Helpmekaar 28
    Helpies gel nie lekker nie en Monnas terug van toere met beste span op die veld. Te sterk vir Helpies

    Waterkloof 44 Menlopark 18
    Lyk beter as laas jaar vir Menlo maar Waterkloof baie confidence na hulle wen teen EG.

    Affies 38 Jeppe 21
    Ek dink nie lightning gaan twee keer strike nie

    15 April, 2024 at 23:39
  96. avatar
    #2 Kaya 85

    Predictions Vaal:

    Jeppe 20 – 29 Affies (AHS tight five meaner than Grey’s, Jeppe back to mother earth)
    Pretoria 15 – 38 King Edward VII (slow start but easy win for Reds)
    Helpmekaar 27 – 25 Monument (be brave Bruinmasjien in Braamfontein)
    Waterkloof 30 – 21 Menlopark (Klofies on a roll, more local bragging rights)
    Anker 19 – 9 Zwartkop (East Rand spanners & steel over suburban accountants)
    Noordheuwel 35 – 18 Marais Viljoen (MV tough enough, not fast enough)
    Hugenote Springs 24 – 5 Jeugland (Outer east nostalgia)
    Parktown 20 – 10 Springs Boys High (No regrets, bands and mutual respect)
    Eldoraigne 32 – 35 Transvalia (Bylers spanners & steel over suburban accountants 2)
    HTS Middelburg 15 – 39 Nelspruit (no comebacks, no kickbacks)
    HS Middelburg 28 – 18 Kempton Park (far east paranoia)
    EG Jansen 48 – 22 Oos-Moot (huursoldate reloaded)

    15 April, 2024 at 20:23
  97. avatar
    #1 agter_die_pale_pa

    Eintlik jammer dat Gim en Grey mekaar so vroeg hierdie jaar speel. Hoop nie die Affies-wedstryd het te veel van Gim geneem nie, Grey gaan nie vinnig momentum verloor na Saterdag se Kwagga-slagting nie.
    Indien PBH gewen het die naweek sou ek dink PRG is gunsteling, maar Grey het ons gewys wat doen ‘n verloor aan ‘n trotse span.
    MC vs DHS gaan goeie rugby wees op GS, terwyl Jeppe stert-in-die-lug gaan wees vir nog ‘n oorwinning op die Plaas.
    Helpmekaar en Monnas skop 2024 se “BEKER-RUGBY” behoorlik af

    15 April, 2024 at 16:18

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