See-sawing Boland Landbou to face the Paarl Gim Tsunami

After their not to be sneezed at 15-13 away win against Outeniqua in Mid-March 2024, the feeling was that Boland Landbou had not turned good opportunities into points.

So fast-forwarding to their 32-17 Maritzburg College win at the St John’s Festival towards the end of March, the BL support base could only be chuffed with how the team had sniffed out the chances and shown high levels of determination and handling execution to converted these into 5-pointers. College are by no means a push over team. The contest up front and even amongst the backs was a mouthwatering one of give and take, characteristic of a even contest for the most part. Where the margin came in is that MC mistakes did not go unpunished. Once those mistakes were made, the boys from Sleepy Hollow were not afforded a chance to regroup or rescue situations. It was a good clinical win for BL.

BL must have gone into the Hilton game at the same festival feeling good and as far as most of the match stats were concerned, the Winelanders asserted their authority. Powerful scrums. Meaningful carries. Domination of the collisions and the game in general. Add to it Farmers’ fullback Retagan van Rooi producing one of the best individual performances of the season so far. However once again the ability to turn this ascendancy into points, went along the lines of what happened at the Tommie Smook Stadium in George.

Hilton, perhaps not the same calibre of team that they have fielded in previous seasons during the 2020’s, but still smart and up to their high standard of being disciplined to follow the game plan be it on attack or defence, won the kicking game hands down. During the second half, when opportunities presented themselves, the Midlanders capitalised on being on the right real estate. Wing Rukudzo Madinga continued to impress as arguably KZN’s best finisher, grabbing two tries to pave the way for an odds defying upset of 17-14, in the process ending BL’s unbeaten start to the season.

A really unusual fixture against little known Benoni school Hans Moore followed for BL at the Jozi Festival.

It was the quiet before the storm that is expected to erupt on Jan Kriel field.

Unbeaten Paarl Gim are the other 1st XV rugby head coaches choice team for best in SA at the moment. Gim Forwards coach Helmut Lehmann praised as being one of the best in the SBR business. Their ruthless attacking style that barely gives the defence a chance to inhale before the next advantage line assault gets launched by what turns out inevitably turns out to be a forward player on the shortlist of most unrated in SA. The ability of their forwards to step and change the angle of attack is something else, and we haven’t even gotten onto the driving maul play yet. Away from the pack, arguably the best centre combo in SA. Big statement because there are a few other good ones out there, but there is no getting away from it, the pairing of Blanckenberg and Muller are red hot. On the wing Freek de Kock is another strong candidate for being top in his position.

Gim’s prep for the match will leave no stone unturned in their coach’s efforts to learn everything possible about BL, particularly their weaknesses.

No doubt BL with their “new” / restructured coaching team, who led by Johan van Rooyen, have hit the ground running and have the thumbs up so far, are facing the Tsunami on 06 April.

BL has to bring their A-game firstly by showing the worth in their quality pack and then by being on-point on defence and finally by finding their own mojo with ball-in-hand.

Most of all they need to make their opportunities count on the scoreboard.

History does not favour BL.

Last win vs Gim 2017
Last win vs Gim before that 2009
Last win on the Kriel 2006
Last win on the Kriel before that 2001


1 JJ du Preez u18 1 Henry Rudder u17
2 Dawie Stemmet u18 2 Tihaan van Zyl u18
3 Ely Williams u18 3 Derico Mesina u17
4 Stiaan de Goede u17 4 Kody Nel u17
5 Marinus Darling u18 5 Ruan Viviers u18
6 Jan Koegelenberg u18 6 Hans Verster u18
7 Quintin Potgieter u17 7 Karst Smuts u19
8 Nicolas Nel u18 8 Alco Bindemann u18
9 Melt Viljoen u18 9 Jayden Brits u17
10 Chandler Green u18 10 Retagan van Rooi u18
11 Markus Moolman u18 11 Enslin Claassen u19
12 Kobus Blanckenberg u18 12 Juan Swart u18
13 Markus Muller u17 13 Dante Christians u17
14 Immanuel Prinsloo 14 Wehan Lume u18
15 Freek de Kock u18 15 Lyle Lewis u18

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  1. avatar
    #11 agter_die_pale_pa

    PG my gister weer soveel genot verskaf, ek is absoluut mal oor hul rugby en veral die goue draad regdeur al die ouderdomme. BL hoef nie te veel oor die uitslag te top nie, ek roep PG top2 teen Aug.
    Op ander noot, PG se nr13 lyk op mooi vorm. Lekker tweestryd in die middeveld volgende week in Pta.

    7 April, 2024 at 13:19
  2. avatar
    #10 Ploegskaar

    @gimmie (Comment #8)
    It was a huge oversight and a massive opportunity missed, especially with all the competitive intakes that were secured with immense effort and are still to come through to the opens.

    Unfortunately the chief decision maker has since buggered off to Northern pastures where he can live out his dream of managing an academic and athletics school, but he was not the only decision maker. Many egos had to be pampered and in all honesty, the core decision group made a decision in their interest, as opposed to what would have been best for the school and rugby program.

    As long as the school functions like an Amish commune and has a BLOB with OB and supporter members that are happy with underperforming 50-60% seasons, the trajectory will remain flat, as has mostly been the case the past two decades and there are frankly no leaders at the school or in the BLOB with the will, balls or knowledge to effect meaningful change.

    Despite the lack of on-field dividends and return on efforts and resources, my support remains unwavering, be it now from a distance and I will patiently wait for the day that the school reaches it full rugby potential

    7 April, 2024 at 08:48
  3. avatar
    #9 gimmie

    me neither Kantman, the email man seems to be very frustrated with Gim’s success…which is ok, but he is factually incorrect as Helmut takes great care to ensure that we do not have any double banking in our mauls…very seldom that you see such a pointed technical critique on this blog, i like it because i am so tired of the old boring debates about shopping/bursaries and the lot..all schools in SA try and lure talented players..some just have more money and some are less principled..

    7 April, 2024 at 00:29
  4. avatar
    #8 gimmie

    thank you for your kind comments @ploegskaar, much appreciated. We are privileged to have an amazing coaching group at Paarl Gim that allows us to make up for some deficiencies. The skill level, continuity and attacking shape were brilliant. I normally refrain from commenting on the opposition, but I do think this BL team is under performing due to an inexperienced coaching team. If Pieter et al were to coach them for a month i am not sure Gim will win. Christoff Lotter applied for a job at BL, I was one of his references and spoke to BL to motivate his appointment. amazingly after several discussions and many promises BL decided they don’t need him…it may have been a mistake…

    7 April, 2024 at 00:10
  5. avatar
    #7 Kantman

    @Email Received (Comment #3)
    Not sure what to make of this after watching the game just now?

    6 April, 2024 at 19:29
  6. avatar
    #6 Jan Kriel

    @Ploegskaar (Comment #5)
    As BL die hele wedstryd met dieselfde intensiteit, as hul eerste 15 minute vandag, kan speel, sal hulle ‘n baie gevaarlike span wees.

    6 April, 2024 at 18:41
  7. avatar
    #5 Ploegskaar

    Congratulations to Paarl Gim, a proper thumping! One can only admire how structured they play while keeping shape, tempo and accuracy. The value of a thoroughly professional and dedicated coaching team was yet again underlined today. With regards to Landbou, time for introspection as far as selections are concerned and identifying positive areas to formulate an effective game-plan that suits this group of players. Egos on and off the field will have to be set aside for that to happen though….

    6 April, 2024 at 16:21
  8. avatar
    #4 beet

    Sjoe. 19-8 at halftime and Boland Landbou looked like they were still in it. Then 28-0 via four tries in 15min with Gim looking sharp and strong on their feet in wider channels away from the breakdowns. Beating the tackles and finding unmarked support once over the adv line. Excellent converting by Freek de Kock as well.
    BL with a late try.
    Final score 47-13

    6 April, 2024 at 13:27
  9. avatar
    #3 Email Received

    I noted you waxed lyrical about Gim, specifically their maul and of course carries from rucks and lineouts. Their maul is effective because the lineout support sets in front of the jumper before landing. Lineout carries often effective when they throw at the back, because 3 players, receiver and 2 x carriers leave the lineout early. On most carries the support player also latches on the carrier before contact. Would have been good to mention that in your article

    3 April, 2024 at 20:11
  10. avatar
    #2 Kaya 85

    Monument in spite of their massive potential were undisciplined, careless and sloppy…not just against Gim by the way. Landbou had some tough assignments, Hilton showing their credentials…but I feel Landbou has a real shot at a win. It’s going to be a test match alright.

    2 April, 2024 at 17:48
  11. avatar
    #1 Snelvuur

    Very tough assignment for Landbou. On the farm, they might have a shot, but I think Gim will win relatively comfortably. That being said, we have not seen this Gim side up against a side of Landbou’s quality this season. Especially defensively, Landbou has looked quite good. Can Gim’s attack that looked so good against the porous defences of Monnas and PBHS look as good against a well-organised defence?

    2 April, 2024 at 17:26

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