Big Pearson in search of another Border giant-killing

The big close on 800kg Pearson pack will be looking to get back to winning ways with a second over a Border powerhouse.

Pearson already accounted for a major surprise by defeating Queen’s 19-11 at the Graeme Rugby Festival played during March 2024.

Last season Pearson beat Selborne 25-22.

They will take confidence from that win plus this year they will be at home in Summerstrand.

Pearson enjoyed quite a rise in Easter rugby profile as a result of attending the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival, where they gave a good account of themselves in spite of two defeats.

Selborne toughest challenge of their short season to date has been a 21-26 defeat to the Pretoria Boys’ High Candies at the KES Easter Rugby Festival.

Eastern Cape Fixtures

School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 06 April 2024
Sat.06Apr BOR Port Rex vs Graeme EP
Sat.06Apr BOR Grens vs Dale BOR
Sat.06Apr BOR Stirling vs Queen’s BOR
Sat.06Apr BOR Hudson Park vs Cambridge BOR
Sat.06Apr EP Pearson vs Selborne BOR
Sat.06Apr EP Bergsig vs Daniel Pienaar EP
Sat.06Apr EP Brandwag (EP) vs Marlow EP
Sat.06Apr EP Muir vs Grey HS EP


1 Lunathi Njara u19 1 Robert John-Osunkwo
2 Thokozane Mpanza u18 2 Luke McGregor
3 Kian Rademeyer u18 3 Luke Stegmann
4 Dalton van Wyk u18 4 Thabo Sonamzi
5 Cameron Knoetze u17 5 Matthew Beän
6 Nicholas Hughes u18 6 Adam Schwedhelm
7 Franco Erasmus u18 7 Gcina Puzi
8 Mark Anderson u18 8 Joshua Cloete
9 Denilo Jordaan u18 9 Page Fennel
10 Caleb Friskin u18 10 Chad De Beyer
11 Luyolo Manelli u18 11 Njongo Mbanga
12 Ithani Shoba u17 12 Siyamthanda Sakhela
13 Troy Hargreaves u18 13 Oliver Schmidt
14 Christoff Williams u18 14 Daniel Breetzke
15 Sibu Mkontwana u18 15 Bungqina Nuku
16 16 Boitumelo Selonyane
17 17 Banoyolo Bukula
18 18 Zothando Mrara
19 19 Luca Liebenberg
20 20 Dominic Stegmann
21 21 Chad Weimann
22 22 Jaden Landman
23 23 Zuko Budli

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  1. avatar
    #3 KatzRugga


    Pearson seems to be doing all the right things in regards to their sports programme across the bord. Insipring stuff!
    3 April, 2024 at 06:41
  2. avatar
    #2 Jakkals

    I was quite impressed with them at the Kearsney Fest. They might just roll most of the big dogs in their region.

    2 April, 2024 at 21:28
  3. avatar
    #1 Kaya 85

    Great to see the rise and rise of another Top contender. Never seen them play but this is fantastic.

    2 April, 2024 at 17:51

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