DPHS National Rugby Festival

Durban Preparatory High School (DPHS) or Prep as they are so often called is hosting a sizable primary schools rugby festival at their grounds in Morningside beginning next Thursday, 13 June 2013.

Apart from the hosts and local KZN schools Westville Senior Primary, Cowan House, Pelham and Merchiston,  the list of visiting under-13 teams includes Bishops, Rondebosch, SACS and Wynberg, all from Cape Town, Trinityhouse  from Randburg (Gauteng) and Selborne from East London.

Put some time aside to see a well run, high quality school rugby festival made possible thanks to the efforts of DPHS and sponsors Photonote.

Thu, 13 June
Top Field
Game 1 11h00 to 11h45 DPHS 10B 49 0 Trinityhouse 10B
Game 2 11h45 to 12h30 DPHS 10A 17 0 Trinityhouse 10A
Game 3 12h30 to 13h15 DPHS 11B 56 0 Trinityhouse 11B
Game 4 13h15 to 14h00 SACS 5th 26 10 Trinityhouse 4th
Game 5 14h00 to 14h45 DPHS 11C 15 29 Westville 11B
Game 6 14h45 to 15h30 DPHS 5th 27 0 Trinityhouse 5th
Game 7 15h30 to 16h15 SACS 4th 30 0 Trinityhouse 3rd
Game 8 16h15 to 17h00 SACS 3rd 24 15 Trinityhouse 2nd
Game 9 17h00 to 17h45 DBN Development 5 24 DPHS 2nd
Bottom Field
Game 1 11h00 to 11h45 DPHS 11A 21 7 Trinityhouse 11A
Game 2 11h45 to 12h45 SACS 2nd 0 17 Cowan House 1st
Game 3 13h00 to 14h00 DPHS 1st 38 10 Selborne 1st
Game 4 14h00 to 15h00 Westville 1st 0 31 SACS 1st
Game 5 15h00 to 16h00 Merchiston 1st 14 26 Wynberg 1st
Game 6 16h00 to 17h00 Pelham 1st 38 17 Rondebosch 1st
Game 7 17h00 to 18h00 Trinityhouse 1st 7 31 Bishops 1st
Fri,14 June
Top Field
Game 1 12h45 to 13h30 DPHS 10C/D 17 17 Westville 10B/C
Game 2 13h30 to 14h15 Pelham 6th 0 12 DPHS 7th
Game 3 14h15 to 15h00 Pelham 5th 0 46 DPHS 6th
Game 4 15h00 to 15h45 Pelham 4th 25 17 SACS 4th
Game 5 15h45 to 16h30 Pelham 12A 20 27 SACS 3rd
Game 6 16h30 to 17h15 Pelham 2nd 0 36 SACS 2nd
Game 7 17h15 to 18h00 DBN Development 12 17 Northlands 1st
Bottom Field
Game 1 12h30 to 13h15 DPHS 2nd XV 12 14 Cowan House 1st
Game 2 13h30 to 14h30 Merchiston 1st 7 12 Trinityhouse 1st
Game 3 14h30 to 15h30 Pelham 1st 12 32 Wynberg 1st
Game 4 15h30 to 16h30 Westville 1st 7 40 Bishops 1st
Game 5 16h30 to 17h30 DPHS 1st 56 24 Rondebosch 1st
Game 6 17h30 to 18h30 Selborne 1st 31 19 SACS 1st
Sat, 15 June
Top Field
Game 1 08h15 to 09h00 DPHS 11D 63 12 Westville 11C
Game 2 09h00 to 09h45 DPHS 3rd 30 7 SACS 3rd
Game 3 09h45 to 10h30 DPHS 4th 24 14 SACS 4th
Game 4 10h30 to 11h15 DPHS 2nd 26 12 SACS 2nd
Game 5 11h15 to 12h00 DPHS 5th 15 7 SACS 5th
Bottom Field
Game 1 08h00 to 09h00 Pelham 1st 13 25 Selborne 1st
Game 2 09h00 to 10h00 Merchiston 1st 7 27 Bishops 1st
Game 3 10h00 to 11h00 Trinityhouse 1st 12 26 Rondebosch 1st
Game 4 11h00 to 12h00 Westville 1st 21 3 Wynberg 1st
Game 5 12h00 to 13h00 DPHS 1st 17 14 SACS 1st


  1. Interesting, I wonder if clip board guys from DHS will be doing some recruiting and offering pencils ;-). Not sure they will be able to lure kids from the Cape….should be a great tourno…

  2. @Grasshopper: I am sure there will be many other schools represented by the clipboard gang – not just DHS. Foolish if they aren’t.

  3. @Grasshopper:
    I think that DHS have upgraded their pencil stock once again so the kids from the Cape are now a possibility too.

    But I think that at this point 95% of the boys already know what high schools they are going to.


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