School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 07 March 2020

School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 07 March 2020

Tue.03Mar Clifton Port Shepstone
Sat.07Mar Paarl Gim B <35> <5> Hottentots Holland Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Worcester Gim <5> <5> HTS Bellville Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Bellville <15> <10> New Orleans Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Boland Landbou <50> <0> Tygerberg RFC Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Hugenote <10> <15> Milnerton Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Stellenberg <30> <0> Fairmont Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Drostdy <25> <25> Hermanus Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Boland Landbou <45> <0> Brackenfell Boland Landbou R/D
Sat.07Mar Gonubie 00 24 Mzomhle Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Chief Boklein 29 14 Alphandale Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Queen’s 33 00 Stirling Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Grens 31 07 Toise Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Cambridge 29 07 De Vos Malan Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Dale 24 19 Port Rex Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Selborne 17 15 Hudson Park Border Rugby Day
Sat.07Mar Potch Volkskool 12 36 Noordheuwel NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Jeugland 19 54 Rustenburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Oos-Moot 30 12 Lichtenburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Marais Viljoen 41 14 Heidelberg VS NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Zwartkop 25 22 Middelburg NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Wesvalia 18 08 Hugenote (Springs) NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Die Anker 27 14 Potch Gim NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Montana 59 03 Oosterlig NWU Prestige Reeks
Sat.07Mar Nico Malan X X St Andrew’s Postponed
Sat.07Mar Glenwood <> <> St Charles Practice Match
Sat.07Mar Clifton <7> <49> Michaelhouse Practice Match
Sat.07Mar Hilton X X Westville Practice Match – Coronavirus
Sat.07Mar Diamantveld 60 03 Sentraal Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Noord-Kaap 34 33 Jim Fouche Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Goudveld 28 05 Fichardtpark Sentrale Skole Reeks
Sat.07Mar Langenhoven Gim 12 19 Pearson South East Cape R/D
Sat.07Mar Outeniqua 38 05 Brandwag South East Cape R/D
Sat.07Mar Kearsney 24 24 Northwood
Sat.07Mar Graeme 64 07 Daniel Pienaar
Sat.07Mar Landboudal 03 22 Marlow
Sat.07Mar Grey College 69 33 Welkom Gim
Sat.07Mar Louis Botha 24 20 Duineveld
Sat.07Mar Upington 57 19 Klerksdorp
Sat.07Mar HTS Middelburg 66 07 Eldoraigne
Sat.07Mar Waterkloof 28 15 Transvalia
Sat.07Mar Affies 27 17 Helpmekaar
Sat.07Mar Ben Vorster 45 07 Pietersburg


  1. @Cappie: Nee ek ken vir Thys.In ons jare het jy nie jou rugby geken as jy nie al die spelers in die A bond in Al die posisies kon op noem nie.Nou net gegoogle,3 toetse, as reserwe teen die Britse leeus,vervang vir Rob Louw,begin as 8 teen Jaquars en vervang vir Theuns Stofberg teen USA(die een wat vas gesteek het).Thys was n yster.

    Ek het nie geweet Philp is sy seun nie.Baie underrated.Onthou nog hoe hy die Bulle verpes het met sy mannewalis as Hy gaan score het :lol:

  2. @Grizzly: Dit is ‘n laatlammetjie. Oudste seun is Phillip Burger wat vir die Vystaat vleuel gespeel het. Nou 39! Thys Lourens het net een toets gespeel. Thys Burger heelwat meer.

  3. @Cappie: Moet n baie laaaat lametjie wees :lol: Is Thys se enigste toets nie teen USA nie?

    4×4 wat n agterlyn afrigter soek,ek sal nie verder kyk as Helpies nie,op defence en attack.

  4. @Rainier: I watched the game with Thys Burger (former Springbok and old Helpmekaar scholar) who’s son is presently playing o’16E for Affies, however should be much higher up, so he beliefs. He was very impressed with the Affies nr 6. He also commented that Affies forwards looked a bit tired towards the end. He was impressed with Helpmekaar’s defense. He said that Affies got lot’s of potential and he could see it is their first game of the season. He liked the backline of Helpies and the way they could distribute the ball wide.

    I was impressed with the nr 5 lock of Affies. He was very busy in the lose and his line out work was near perfect.

  5. @Quagga: I thought the 13 was their best player. Great guts to keep on playing after the injury, that cover tackle saved a certain try and he is dangerous ball in hand.

  6. @Rainier: Agreed. They will learn from it. What did you think of Helpies #13 vd Spuy? I thought he played very well. Affies #15 is very elusive. Great potential.

  7. @Quagga: The line-out calls did the hooker no favors.

    Just after a bad miss the next call is a 3 man line-out with a front set and a lob into space on a retreating pod – not an easy throw.

    Only after a full line-out and a banker ball at 2 did the line-out start working, they should have started with that.

  8. @Rainier: Good summary of the Affies vs Helpies game. Affies have a lot to do but they have potential. Helpies made a lot of progress in one week, but I agree they have to sort out their lineouts and perhaps look at the selection of key positions. The one thing that really bugged me was the referee who allowed Affies to be offside on defence constantly. Referees outside Pretoria will not be as forgiving so they will need to sort that out.

  9. @Beet: If Hudson Park used some of the opportunities they had in a first half they dominated it would have been a different result.

    The scrums was surprising, even more so when taking into account that the Hudson 8 never had his head in a single scrum.

  10. Affies started the match like a house on fire and dominated the first 15 minutes. Added to that was the Helpies line-out that was a mess and it looked like it was going to be one way traffic. The Affies 8 was great during this period, closely followed by the 5 and 6. The Affies 2 looks and plays like a miniature Akker. This domination did not reflect on the scoreboard and slowly Helpmekaar found its feet with the set pieces starting to work and passes starting to stick.

    In the final minutes Helpmekaar has a conversion attempt to lead 19-17, it missed and Affies scored 10 quick points for a win that was not as comfortable as the score suggests. Helpmekaar kicked possession away and tried little chip kicks, one directly led to an Affies try. Why anyone would kick onto the Affies back 3 is beyond me, the 2 wings have pace to burn and is very elusive and the 15 reminded me a bit of EW Viljoen.

    This AHS team is very talented, but losing focus and intensity against teams like GCB will see them having to play from behind.

  11. @Vyfster: 15 minutes per side. Both games ended 50-0, SSL got score wrong in last game, and they played their strongest side in both games.

  12. I watched the Hudson Park vs Selborne game today. Hudson played well. I enjoyed their interchanges to keep the ball moving and the shared responsibility amongst the players. Prodigal son Dillan Kromhout was great. It looked like he was really relishing the opportunity to be back in Slummies. The jet shoes wing Bulumko Mfundisi took flashy to a new level. Surprising to see Selborne scrum under pressure like that. Anyway its early days. Lots of work ahead for Selborne. They have some nice ball runners and workers. Now they need more backline action to profit from it. I think the Selborne boys in the stands told how happy they were with the win. Warwick Day’s clutch kick to win it was well taken.

  13. @Playa: Agreed. I have had my own challenges coming to terms with the sizes of the England u20 rugby team players over the years…and it’s lead me to undermine all their achievements.

  14. @Vyfster: Hi Vyfster, well come back. I have gone back and bracketed the Boland Landbou R/D matches so they show as unofficial as they were just no kick at post 20min per half matches.

  15. @Tang: Definitely. Doping is massive in the English #choolboy rugby scene. Publishing this takes attention away from their own challenges. Smart

  16. Boland playing 2 games in one day on their rugby day?
    Suppose shorter games , rolling subs…or did they field 2 different teams? 8-O

  17. @Rainier: It was a fully fledged St Andrews 2nd XV. 11 of the 1st XV players were in Joburg for Rowing and Water Polo and the other 4 were on the touch line watching the match. Nico Malan were you informed of this and chose to still play their 1st XV. That was their choice. As far as I know the 1st XV match is scheduled to be made up later in the season.

  18. @Rainier:

    It was the SAC 2nd team as per their fixtures on their website. 1st XV haven’t played as yet.

    Nico Malan 1st 26 – SAC 2nds 17

  19. Ben Vorster vs Pietersburg

    1st. 45-7
    2nds. 38-13
    3rds. 0-32
    16A. 69-10
    15A. 14-19
    14A. 38-3
    14B. 24-5

    That’s all I got.
    Lekker Vossies , well done…lol…the biggest local derby done and dusted in first game of season.
    Battle for Limpopo supremacy settled…..happy they could find a date , since they don’t compete in same league anymore.
    The current Noordvaal Virsekerbeker division 1 plate champions beat the division 2 champs?
    Next year Pieties turns 100 year, and the derby will be at their grounds.
    I’m very happy for the Vossies, to win your big local derby is half the season .

    I do feel sorry for Pietersburg though, 2 years ago they started both in the new Virsekerbeker beker division 1 Shield.
    BV was overall winners of that group and got promoted to plate group in place of Centurion, whilst Pietersburg got relegated down to division 2 to make way for Heidelberg Volkies who was overall winners of division 2.
    Now they are suddenly 2 leagues apart.
    Pieties 1st team did their part last year, winning Noordvaal div 2 in final against Ligbron, but overall Ligbron won and got promotion to Shield in place of Centurion.
    BV first team won the plate , but overall Marais Viljoen won promotion to Cup with Transvalia dropping down to plate.

    It’s gonna be difficult for Pietersburg to regain place in division 1, where they should be.
    Same can be said for other schools with big traditions like Klerksdorp, Potch Gimmies, Potch Volkies, Centurion., Ermelo …all playing in div 2

    Watch out for up and coming schools like Die Anker, Secunda, Wesfalia, even maybe Piet Retief…..gonna be mighty battle for promotion to move to the 25 top schools playing div 1.

    Back in the plate things are gonna be tough for the Vossies, with Transvalia following Nelspruit In to that group, with Rustenburg, Montana, Kempton, Zwartkop and newly promoted Middelburg in that group.

    Was very competitive last year, BV won most of their games, including the final with a 1 score margin…..good luck boys, you’re far and away the smallest of all that schools, and you’re depth will be tested…let’s hope you can repeat last years good show.

    Up in the Cup, newly promoted Marais Viljoen started the season in a impressive way, let’s see how they shape up against Monnas, Menlo and the rest.

    Before that The Vossies play Menlo, then HTS Drostdy, Kearnsey and Worcester Gim in the other north- south tourney.
    Then KES Easter fest against Northwood, Florida and one other will happen.
    Tough fixture list, hope injuries won’t take its toll, otherwise Virseker gonna be tough.
    I can only see one easy game rest of year….Florida shouldn’t be a problem

    Anyway, good luck to all the schools, may the season be good.

    Congrats again to BV beating Pietersburg so convincingly, good luck against Menlo next week, and rest of season?!

  20. @Rainier: It was not a 1st XV match accd to SAC. I was told the 1st XVs would meet later in the year???

    Click on the Drostdy link and see if you can ID the hooker

  21. @Chalkdust: Yeah I heard that it would probably be made official tomorrow. The Coronavirus case in the Hilton area to be blamed.

  22. @Tang: @Beet: Our SBR is easily the best in the world, plus we have a huge amount of strong schools, so it’s likely that the volume of SA schoolboys taking PEDs will be higher (or a lot higher) than their counterparts overseas. That said, if you compare like with like (e.g. Craven Week players here v Club Academy players in the UK), i think that the percentage of PED users will be similar.

  23. @Gatskop – You are right. Boerseuns are generally very big. No doubt the Dutch herritage played a large role in the size and strenghth (as well as the desire to work hard).

  24. @Kobra4 – I think it’s a global problem for schoolboy rugby and it’s amazing how some parents are involved with their children.
    I read the article over a few times and I think there is an element of the Enlisgh finding an excuse for the World Cup.

  25. @Kobra4: Nee ek verskil van jou. Ons stutte in die ou klein skooltjie waar ek was het 126kg en 114 kg geweeg en ons het nie eers n gym gehad nie.
    Boerseuns was en sal altyd massief wees.
    Goeie artikel. Min feite en baie verdagmakery.

  26. @Tang: great article! Must be true….back in the 90’s forwards of 100kg was huge…these days its the norm

  27. @Beet – Have you seen the BBC article written by Mike Henson titled, Steroids at 16: South Africa’s schoolboy rugby scene faces a widespread doping problem.

    The link can be found at

    It’s worth a read.

  28. Wow paar lekker wedstryde so vroeg in seisoen !! Die Affies vs Helmekaar; Hilton vs Westville en Grey vs Welkom Gim in besonder ! Die Kaapse spanne begin eers meestal aan die einde van die maand speel .


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