Xander the renowned Bulls recruiter calls it quits after a decade

The most famous school rugby recruiter in South Africa, possibly in all its rugby history is no more. Xander Janse van Rensburg, who joined the Bulls in an unofficial capacity in 2009 before Heyneke Meyer made his appointment official a year later, has resigned from the Blue Bulls.

During his time at the Bulls, an energetic and committed Xander spent more time on the road than all the other unions’ recruiters combined in his efforts to watch and meet talented prospects. No school or festival was considered too small or too out of the way for a man who appreciated that it was all worth it if it led to uncovering even just one hidden gem.

Xander must have given in the region of 500 schoolboys the opportunity to advance their rugby careers via Bulls contracts. Many of those juniors who seized the day have since gone on to establish themselves as top professionals both locally and abroad, with several earning international test caps as well while others are well on their way to doing the same.

Interestingly the rumour mill suggests that French rugby club Stade Français where Heyneke Meyer is currently based as head coach is possibly where Xander is heading.


  1. Must say! Love him, or hate him! No-one can deny that he was an extremely hard worker, that did not shy away from the sometimes un- glamorous donkey work, which occasionally required travelling to remote places. He certainly was not everyone,s cup of tea. But in all fairness. He was a good recruiter.

  2. Yeah he isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but there has to be respect for the 110% effort he’s put in as far as school rugby talent scouting is concerned.

  3. I believe Xander was made the escape goat by many a disappointed parent and player. He gave many a player the opportunity as a professional player. Some just had to do the hard work. Some did and many did not.
    Unfortunately he also made a lot of promises to individuals that he did not honor. Good luck to him. Did hear some rumours of him going to France to join Meyer.

  4. @Riempies: cannot speak for the individual, but know that the world he and his associates operate in is complex and requires extremely good relationship skills. All the individuals I have interacted with have inadequate skills and capabilities to ensure trust and sustain relationships. They promise a lot and ignore even more. They believe that the few that are made happy will more than make up for the multitude disappointed – reality check?
    From word of mouth, it seems he tried to serve the MASTER well.


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