WP u19 wing gets 3+16 weeks ban for foul play

According to Netwerk24, Christian Ambadiang, the Western Province under-19 wing who continued with an altercation including landing a headbutt after he and an opponent from the Eastern Province under-19 team had both received red cards, has been given what looks like a hefty sanction for his unacceptable behaviour.

Ambadiang received 3 weeks for the red card and a further 16 weeks for the headbutt from SA Rugby. The ban effectively rules the Cameroonian born player out of the Under-19 Championship playoffs. The sentence was also structured so that the December offseason shutdown was not taken into account, meaning the player will only be eligible for selection on 1 March 2019 again.

In true, in spite of the ban amounting to  just over of a year, with the season winding down, the player might only miss three competitive matches. However his actions may still have greater consequences in terms of his contractual future at Province.





  1. One of the condition needs to be thorough counseling for at least nine months. I see a young man who seriously need constructive assistance.

  2. @Han: This ban actually means nothing. Games only start later in the year. Its like my wife telling me I am not allowed to watch any schools rugby for the rest of this year.

  3. Yes, he made a mistake and got sanctioned. Now he needs to be supported to learn from it and come back as a better Rugbyman!
    That’s what this great game is all about!

  4. This guy has “cry for help” all over him.
    A couple of weeks outside season has NO effect for starters and the fact that there is probable cause for physical attacking of players after being repremanded and still act in disregard of disciplinary codes of the sport it is clear that anger management of some sort be evaluated before exposing this type of player again to other players.
    Otherwise he will have no regard for the sport and its codes.
    Cut him loose if necassary caise this ends in a criminal offence at the end of the day. NO one has the right going around assaulting players.
    Find a different sport or seek help.

  5. I think the player may have been in the mix for the Varsity Cup competition which kicks off in the first week of February.If so he will miss most of the games.


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