2018 u16 Elite Player Development (EPD)

1 PR Friedrich Weilbach 1 of 4 Paul Roos
2 PR Heiko Pohlman 1 of 2 Monument
3 PR Johann Jordens 1 of 3 Outeniqua
4 PR Sipho Nzoto 1 of 1 Middelburg
5 PR Munashe Mhere 1 of 3 St Stithians
6 PR Sebastian Lombard 1 of 1 HJS Paarl BH
7 PR Tielman Nieuwoudt 1 of 7 Grey College
8 PR Vernon Matongo 1 of 1 Northwood
9 HK Francois Breytenbach 2 of 3 Outeniqua
10 HK Lukanyo Vokozela 1 of 1 Western Cape SS
11 HK Ricardo Fourie 2 of 7 Grey College
12 HK Tiaan Lange 1 of 3 Menlopark
13 LK Andreas Wild 2 of 4 Paul Roos
14 LK Henk Gouws 1 of 2 Glenwood
15 LK JW Mare 1 of 1 HTS Middelburg
16 LK Nyasha Gumbo 2 of 3 St Stithians
17 LK Cornelus Rahl 1 of 2 Oakdale
18 LK Roald Hattingh 2 of 3 Menlopark
19 LK Reinhardt Ludwig 1 of 2 Affies
20 LK Tarek Smith 1 of 1 Hermanus
21 LF Busang Mmile 1 of 1 St Andrew’s
22 LF Linden Roman 1 of 1 Swartland
23 LF Sisonke Vumazonke 3 of 7 Grey College
24 LF Werner Groenewald 1 of 1 EG Jansen
25 LF Enos Ndiad 1 of 2 SACS
26 LF Hardus Rothman 1 of 2 Garsfontein
27 LF Maynard Gouws 1 of 1 Rustenburg
28 LF Renzo du Plessis 1 of 1 Ben Vorster
29 LF Armand Maritz 3 of 4 Paul Roos
30 LF Connor de Bruyn 1 of 1 Kearsney
31 LF Rynard Mouton 2 of 2 Monument
32 LF Willie Potgieter 2 of 2 Affies
33 SH Bradley Davids 1 of 3 Paarl Gim
34 SH Juan Olivier 4 of 7 Grey College
35 SH Nico Steyn 2 of 2 Glenwood
36 SH Rowan Cloete 2 of 2 Garsfontein
37 FH Chad Josias 3 of 3 Outeniqua
38 FH Franco Knoetze 5 of 7 Grey College
39 FH Sebastine Watney 1 of 2 Helpmekaar
40 FH Sihlalo Benge 1 of 1 Queen’s HS
41 CT Carlton Banies 1 of 1 De Villiers Graaff
42 CT Josh Jonas 1 of 1 Hudson
43 CT Larkquin Goliath 1 of 2 Grey HS
44 CT Curwin Gertse 2 of 3 Paarl Gim
45 CT Ethan James 3 of 3 Paarl Gim
46 CT Lincoln Adams 3 of 3 Menlopark
47 CT Mbasa Nkonki 1 of 1 Westville
48 CT Melbirt van der Spuy 2 of 2 Helpmekaar
49 CT Rolen Visagie 1 of 1 Oos-Moot
50 B3 Duran Koevort 2 of 2 SACS
51 B3 Keanen Wentzel 1 of 1 Aggeneys
52 B3 Siviwe Zondani 2 of 2 Grey HS
53 B3 Tinotenda Signe 2 of 2 Oakdale
54 B3 Eben-Ezer Tshimanga 1 of 1 Wynberg
55 B3 Nkhensani Flepu 1 of 1 Selborne
56 B3 Paschal Ekeji 6 of 7 Grey College
57 B3 Latica Nela 1 of 1 Hilton
58 B3 Luke Burger 4 of 4 Paul Roos
59 B3 Sonwabo Sokoyi 7 of 7 Grey College
60 B3 Thabani Maguranyanga 3 of 3 St Stithians


  1. Really sad to see Mbasa Nkonki, a product of Cambridge High School now representing Westville. He represented the Border Grant Khomo side this year.

  2. @Playa: @Knight_CHS07: It’s a growing concern for the Border region. The KZN schools with their deep pockets are already very interested in Border primary schools u13 CW trials for obvious reasons and their appetite for kids who start to show promise at a later stage is growing as well.

    The rumour mill regarding quotas being introduced in high school rugby isn’t going away. I imagine if/when it is legislated it could kill off the quality of Border SBR because the demand will completely outstrip the supply of good players. The future would see any player who shows the slightest bit of potential becoming a transfer target of a wealthier out of province school. The local Border schools will end up with 2nd XV quality players donning on 1st XV jerseys and struggling to hold their own against out of province opponents that they would have beaten in the past. It would amount to a complete downward spiral.

    In the bigger picture, the main motive of rugby development would be lost. The idea as difficult as it is, should be to grow the sport at grassroots level in regions where it is still struggling to gain a meaningful foothold eg KZN. This can never be achieved or even properly monitored/accessed if the KZN schools are simply allowed to solve their shortages via the Eastern Cape.

    Also evident is a glowing number of Western Cape recruits in KZN. It asks a few questions of the Western Cape as well but there is no getting around the obvious which has MONEY at the centre. Remove that from the equation and it becomes extremely difficult to persuade parents and their youngster, that the so called “better opportunities”, that term they love using, are actually better.

  3. @beet: There is no plausible argument against what you’ve said. The “how” and “when” these transfers happen is what will ultimately decide the integrity of it all. Pulling a kid out in the middle of his grade 10 year speaks very little about a child’s well being. Speaks more about a school putting themselves before the child. My thing is that parents need to be educated. There is no way that this kid and the one Westville has taken from Dale are put first. That is a concern. We should not only question the school, but the parents as well.

  4. @Playa: Another thing about the recruitment of u16 or older players is that the poorer school spends the money and derives very little benefit, maybe none in the end. The rich school saves on costs of >=2.5 years of schooling and enjoys most of the rewards.

  5. What would happen if a loan agreement between school and parent ran concurrently with the sports bursary awarded to the student, so that 80% of the loan would only be deemed to be repaid once the student sat for his matric exams. Obviously with all the clauses and exceptions thrown in.

    So for example:
    Gr 8 = R20 000 tuition of which R5 000 offset and R15 000 towards loan balance
    Gr 9 = R20 000 ” ” ” ” ” ”
    Gr 10 = R20 000 ” ” ” ” ” ”
    Gr 11 = R20 000 ” ” ” ” ” ”
    Gr 12 = R20 000 tuition of which R20000 offset and R60 000 offset against loan account once the matric exams begin.

    So if the parents want to move their kid halfway through Gr 10, they need to repay R45 000. The new school can pick up this R45 000 outstanding loan tab. At least then the old school is partly compensated and this business about kids leaving their old schools without notification ends.

  6. @beet in a perfect world that can work, but it never will. Any school binding a contract with a parent for a bursary is doing it illegally, bursaries are not allowed at school so if a parent decide to take their kid to another school in grade 10 they dont have to pay anything back in regards to a bursary.

    I dont know if this might be different at a private school, but it is the case at a government school.

  7. @Playa: So Westville has also “recruited” a player from Dale? Do you know how many players, from the Border u16 GK week, have changed schools since June/July?
    Why is it so difficult for KZN schools to develop their own players? Bussing in children from other provinces for sport is ludicrous!

  8. @Umtata: “Why is it so difficult for KZN schools to develop their own players?” I ask myself the same question whenever this “recruitment” process occurs. As Old Boys we are starting to realise that we will never see a full strength CHS 1st XV.

    @Playa: :-x


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