Wynberg’s southern suburbs campaign off to a bright start

Wynberg who were not able to record a Southern Suburbs derby win in 2017, opened their 2018 account with a 5-try 31-19 win at Rondebosch. Berg capitalised on Bosch’s mistakes to gain the upperhand. It’s still early days but things do point to an even more fiercely contested S/S season than usual. At this stage it’s anyone’s guess who will emerge as the best of Cape Town’s Big 4 come the end of August.

The full Rondebosch vs Wynberg game is available on SchoolSportLive


and there is also a highlights package here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hlT1ROMfds


  1. Did School Sports Live stream this on their platform or YouTube live? I was searching everywhere to watch it, but it wasn’t being shown on their channel. Anyone else experience the same thing?? :/

    I agree it’s going to be quite competitive amongst the four Southern Suburb schools. It’s a good start from Wynberg and good to see them back being competitive. Will be interesting to see how Bishops do against higher competition but they had some good results at their Easter festival. Rondebosch have it in them to be competitive but need to cut out the sloppy errors, or more teams will capitalise on them. I fear for SACS this term, they may not be as strong as the last few years; their thumping at the hands of Paul Roos is not a good sign. That being said, Paul Roos definitely look a Top 3 side this year, and will most likely give all the S Suburb schools a hiding.

  2. @BoschBoy: From what I’ve been told SSL didn’t want to commit to livesteam for the rugby because of the unstable internet. In the end they recorded the rugby but did not show it live.

    Kearsney also had similar concerns for their festival a few weeks back. The quality of the internet wasn’t up to scratch. At the eleventh hour they got Cell C in and it saved the day, as their product was vastly superior to the one offered by the parastatal.

  3. @Beet: Thanks for the clarity Beet! They live streamed two other matches though, but was it just a case of internet in Cape Town being poor on the day?


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