Wesgrow Sentrale Skole Sports Reeks 2018 – Fixtures

A promising new series involving a number of known rugby schools from the central region is set to kick off in 2018.  The interschools will consist of rugby, hockey and netball. There is also a minimum requirement of five rugby teams per school.

Noord-Kaap Diamandveld
Witteberg Voortrekker (Beth)
Sentraal Jim Fouche
Fichardtpark Goudveld


 A Sat.10Mar Fichardtpark Witteberg
 B Sat.10Mar Goudveld Diamantveld
 A Sat.24Mar Witteberg Noord-Kaap
 B Sat.24Mar Jim Fouche Voortrekker (Beth)
 A Sat.14Apr Sentraal Witteberg
 A Sat.05May Fichardtpark Sentraal
 B Sat.12May Voortrekker (Beth) Goudveld
 B Sat.19May Goudveld Jim Fouche
 A Sat.26May Noord-Kaap Sentraal
 B Sat.26May Diamantveld Voortrekker (Beth)
 B Sat.21Jul Diamantveld Jim Fouche
 A Sat.21Jul Fichardtpark Noord-Kaap

These conditions of participation effectively ruled out the two other prominent rugby schools HTS Louis Botha and Welkom Gim who cannot meet the criteria.

Obviously Grey College being a boys school and having their own established annual fixture list is also out of consideration.

Matches playing in the series will in all likelihood form part of the respective Bloemfontein city and Griffons leagues.

The Kovsies are fully behind the concept with the semifinals and finals planned to take place at the university in Bloemfontein.

It seems like the series will replace the large school Shimla-liga while the small school compo continues as normal.

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