Official BHP Top 30 for the week ended 22 April 2017

Rank Team Avg
1 Paarl Gim 4.90
2 Paul Roos 4.38
3 Monument 4.30
4 HJS Paarl 4.23
5 KES 4.10
6 Grey College 4.00
7 Glenwood 3.90
8 Affies 3.75
9 Bishops 3.73
10 Grey PE 3.73
11 SACS 3.56
12 Boland Landbou 3.50
13 HTS Drostdy 3.39
14 Kearsney 3.34
15 Rondebosch 3.25
16 Waterkloof 3.05
17 Selborne 3.00
18 St Johns 3.00
19 Menlopark 2.93
20 Oakdale 2.88
21 Helpmekaar 2.86
22 Ben Vorster 2.83
23 Noord-Kaap 2.80
24 Transvalia 2.75
25 Eldoraigne 2.75
26 Framesby 2.67
27 Nelspruit 2.63
28 DHS 2.58
29 Dale College 2.53
30 Tygerberg 2.50


  1. @beet Propably the most accurate rankings available to date. Top 10 is still anyones’ for the taking. Eg Jansen will move up into top 20 if they keep playing like they did against Nellies, also Helpmekaar should move up during the season. They have played a few high profile games and just lost. KES is really playing well hope they can keep form. Mzwaki doing very good work as coach.

  2. Where will EG Jansen stand right now? I know how the rankings work.EGJ did not have the best results at the festivals which shows on the rankings. Yet they beaten nr 27 with around 50 points. So on current form they should be right up there. Now another 3 tough games lying ahead in the next two weeks. Wildeklawer and then Monnas in the Tuks final. This might make or break them to reach top 30 this year. A very demanding schedule.

  3. @BHP: out of interest, I am trying to understand this, so could you kindly clarify

    on your previous top 30 ending 17 june (after easter festivals) Helpmekaar had a 3.0 average and sat at nr 17, on this one their average dropped to 2.86 and ranking to 21, yet as far as i know they didn’t play any games in the last week…so how can their avge drop? only logical explanation is that they played a game which i am unaware of, or is there another reason?

    Another interesting one is Ben Vorster who dropped from 3,08 avge and position 16 to 2.83 and position 22 after their loss to Centurion, no problem with that….they lose their 80% win bonus, but get 80% of Centurions ranking losing by less than 5…if my maths is correct that means Centurion must count as category 2.5 school…i have a big problem with that, they should be a 3 at least. I know they were very poor the last 2 years, but before that they were quite good as evidenced by the 5 year rankings, and are on the comeback trail

    Your rule state that schools get allocated cat points based on performance last 3 years or so…..if we look at the side panel there is a ranking for the last 5 years (2012-2016)…there Centurion is in position 42
    if you look at schools around them we see Stellenberg (38), Helpies(39), Menlo (40), Welkom Gim (44)!, Eldoraigne (46), Hilton at 50… are they also cat2.5? i don’t believe that for a moment, that will be totally wrong.

    If we just look at your own final rankings of last year we see KES at 43, Bishops(46), Drostdy (44)Queens (43) Stellies at 47….again i do not believe that stellenberg Drostdy or Bishops gets a 2,5 cat ranking

    so to me it seems the category points lower down might be somewhat faulty, perpetuating a situation eg as a macroschool, Eldoraigne has to play them in a leaugue game, and even if they win by 20, it will worsen Eldo’s average point and their ranking. Then again i might be totally wrong

    So out of interest, is it possible that we can again see every schools category points, so that we can see how individual schools are asessed, and get a feel for it?

  4. @Vyfster: This is exactly the point I made to BHP earlier this week on a different thread – i.e. that some Noordvaal teams are categorised too low. As you say, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as it makes it very difficult to ever improve ones’s category.


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