Another episode of the SBR soapy

For better understanding of what content / direction to move in please let me know what you think if you’ve read the comments on the blog below.

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  1. I have no dog in this fight, but any system that produces Kearsney as the winner over Glenwood has significant credibility issues.

  2. Well done Kearsney. Well deserved. Redneck schools should be relegated to where they belong :wink: :wink:

  3. Spoke to a affies parent this week. He told me they are cancelnig the gw matches because of the unsavoury behavior of the gw kids and parents on and off the field.

  4. You cannot compare the class of a world renowned academic/cultural institution like Affies to the more practical/technically orientated nature of gw. It is….. Just different

  5. This is an inherent problem with rankings and awards – when there is a clear winner (like Michaelhouse being unbeaten in KZN last year – and even then Glenwood could have felt aggreived given some of their national scalps) it’s easier – but when no one is a clear winner – then the award is a little meaningless.

    Why add an award – for what good reason? If you do want one – then make sure the criteria are set up front and can be clearly gauged. Like the SBR ranking on this site – pretty clear how the rankings are calculated (love them or hate them) – but no argument – unless you tweak the system.

    So an award over a few beers by a few ballies – has about as much relevance and weight as the points on “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” we may as well give Port Shepstone High the accolade – as they had a pretty good win ration too :evil:

  6. @Rugger fan: @Vleis: @McCulleys Workshop: I myself am no huge fan of rankings. Further, Glenwood beat Kearsney so there can be no doubt that they were the better team.

    But as I understand, this is a KZN only award, so Glenwood’s outside scalps do not count. Be that as it may, I reckon the flaw here is not specifying the minimum number of games a team has to play in order to be in contention – the ballies should have thought of that before tucking into those Hansas. I think BHP has a yardstick of 5 SA games played before a team can be considered in his ranking. But I guess none would have guessed the day would come when a team plays more games outside their province than they do locally. You can’t say Glenwood don’t match GCB in anything :mrgreen:

    I personally would have given it to Kearsney, as controversial as that may be…because in my view, (D) is the worst result for Glenwood and perceptions people already have about them. I hope, a lesson can be learned, and this award be scrapped. It really serves no purpose.

  7. I’ll bet if you find one of the original ballies it was just an excuse for a piss up and shisa nyama. Then someone started taking it seriously and now we blog about it.

    I’m only willing to discuss this over a beer … or two … or :mrgreen:

  8. @Playa: Maybe Kearsney did deserve it as they got progressively better as the season went on winning by quite big margins. Glenwood started well, won SANIX and then fell off the cart. I reckon if the Kearsney game had been played towards the end of the season Kearsney might have won the game. To many ifs, buts and maybe’s. I don’t like the rankings or awards, knowing we beat College, Ville and DHS is all an OB wants…

  9. There is a lot of animosity towards Glenwood – some of it may be valid, but a lot of it is over the top.

    Re this KZN award: Glenwood beat all their KZN opposition, while Kearsney lost to Glenwood by 14 points and to Hilton ( I’m told that the 1st game counts), so can someone please explain to me how Kearsney could be the winner in KZN.

    Also, as far as I’m aware, the only top tier KZN school that Glenwood did not play was Hilton, but that should be automatic points for Glenwood as Hilton pulled out of the fixture. If you don’t front up then you should lose the points.

    I do confess to having a small soft spot for Glenwood, as they did SA proud by winning SANIX and beating the Kiwi school champions comfortably during same. Anyone who belittles said achievement is both dishonest and unpatriotic in my opinion. Remember that the great HJS failed twice to win SANIX in the past five years!

  10. I think that the Ballies were pissed by the time they tallied up the points and had double vision when counting KCs season !! Glenwood are the deserved winners of this Banter cup … KC and College tie 2nd as both lost 2 local games …. SBR in KZN is still about the banter and bragging rights for the next 12 months !! As @Grasshopper: says at least the Wood beat there traditional rivals so to are us KCOBs satisfied in beating Ville , College , MHS and HILTON on founders day !! That’s all the satisfaction needed !!

  11. @boerboel: Could it be that your Affie parents just don’t like to host the players of colour or that your Waterkloof kid don’t like a good Bunny chow wen Glenwood is hosting.

  12. @boerboel: Be very careful as the boys of Sunnyside would prefer to go to a world renowned academic/cultural institution like Affies. Think the Nigerian boys would love to put on a Wit Bul jersey. Mr Lesufi would love this……. :mrgreen:

  13. @Grasshopper: I reckon it’s a bit harsh to say they feel off the cart. They lost to very strong Monnas, Affies and Grey sides. No shame in that. Maybe expectations were high, and some may say unrealistically so.

    Any factual reasons out yet for why the Affies fixture has been scrapped?

  14. @McCulleys Workshop: Wgahahahahahshs I nearly rolled my bakkie again. The last time that happened to me was when I was watching Spear wrestle that Tiger Shark like a mountain goat.

  15. @Bush: If Boerboel can type such K@k I suppose we can only form that conclusion. For what I saw this year Affies was not able bring a matching game towards the U14 nor U16 and lost those games badly and that could also be the reason why they did not enjoy the gw expierence on and of the field. Affies coaches was more on the field with the U14 A game than their kids speaking to the ref and the Headmaster of Glenwood had to request them to leave the field and stop interfering.Or could it be that Mr Jonker Assisted with the U16 game and they lost due to that……

    Suppose it is easier to call the Kids Tappets

    My 5 cent

  16. @Buddy: There is quiet a big jump from U16 to 1st team unless you are built like JJ.
    Ja it’s not good when the Acting Headmaster has to come onto the field to tell Jonker to ref properly. Doesn’t go down well with the opposition parents, especially if they are from Blue Bull country.
    So for next 3 years Affies won’t play GW. What were the scores overall against Affies. I suppose just the A team results counted. Everything else didn’t matter. Hopper I’m sure will supply those figures.

  17. @Buddy: Eish these teams that stop playing Glenwood because they are getting whipped by then really need to get over themselves…really now :roll:

  18. Taking all that has been said, into account,it would seem that KZN SBR is now under the direct control of the SARU.

  19. @BOG: No just the parents and supporters are under the spell!

    Have you left yet Bog, we are closer to 90:1

  20. @Bush: @ McCulleys Workshop ,Must be difficult to switch between to profiles just to get noticed…..Almost like speaking to yourself :lol:

  21. @BOG: These guys need to do some house keeping and fix what’s broken on there on doorstep first

    Sad but true

  22. @Buddy: You’re think they’re bad???You should experience the Speartackle/AndreT split personality combo. A solid pair of tappets is needed to stomach that I tell ya

  23. @Buddy: They have been tutored by Andre T in the art. At one stage, he managed about a dozen profiles out of his Krugersdorp dungeon. Two, would be a walk in the park. But I dont think they are one. The one is quite intelligent, and I shall leave it to you to decide which one :mrgreen:

  24. @BOG: Bahahaha, the sad part of it is that the one born with the silver spoon was part of the avocado family for many a year but let leave it there….

  25. @Buddy: Don’t just leave it. Say what you want to say. We keen to see what you have to say??????????????????????

  26. @Bush: Don’t worry boet,your secret is safe with me.Remember you need that silver spoon to eat that avocado…. :twisted:

  27. @Buddy: Buddy I don’t keep secrets, I went to Ixopo High before doing a Post Matric at the greatest school in KZN. I managed to rescue my son from disaster and he is now also at the greatest school in KZN. If you had half a brain Buddy you would know I don’t own a silver spoon.

  28. Very impressive the way you run that 2 profiles or do the 2 of you Whatsapp each other for backup. :lol:

    Your secret still safe with me :!:

  29. @Buddy: Talk Buddy don’t vomit. You won’t know the networking one does with connections from the greatest school in KZN.

  30. @Buddy: The suspense is killing me Buddy…I need some dirt on ou Bush, he’s got a personality only matched by Oom BOG. :mrgreen:

  31. @Playa: Buddy’s profile use to be Umbiloburger. I have no personality Playa, BOG is personality personified

  32. @Bush: Bahahaha, No boet just been part of the Avocado family for a long time and remember when Mr Bush was Mr Glenwood till……Did see you at the Grey match up with the old boys but like they say…..

    Your secret is stiil safe with me

  33. @BOG: Bog totally agree.

    Moet se dat julle 1stes sonder al daai SA spelers nog steeds n moerse span was.Die 2des het hulle goed van hulle taak gekwyt

    Sien uit na volgende jaar se games teen julle

  34. @Buddy: Yes, I was at the Ivan Clark with buddies, don’t know if they were Old Boys. I don’t think so. There is so much kuk on me, nothing is secret. All you have to do is Google. Please don’t spread rumours???????????

  35. @Bush: Don’t worry boet.Thx for silently supporting GW. :twisted:

    Be careful of your twin as he is about to back you up. :mrgreen:

    Ok let’s get down to grassroots level. How do we fix KZN schoolboy Rugby? I know its Glenwood fault but lets for a moment forget about the Avocado and look at the Silver spoon for a solution…..

  36. @Buddy: Jis Buddy and I’m thinking the whole time it was about my older son getting expelled from the Boarding Establishment for his involvement in the use of steroids. We challenged the manner in which he was expelled legally and he was exonerated for his crime. Or the fact that my younger son who at that time was in Grade 8 and had arranged a course of drugs through a 2nd Team player. All he had to was deliver the cash, which thankfully he backed out of doing otherwise I would have had two juice monkeys to deal with. Meanwhile, it’s all because I’m a secret GW supporter. Watching from the Ivan Clark I was supporting Grey, but we will keep that our secret. Lekker.

  37. @Bush: Once again boet, Like you said let’s keep it our secret. Its easy to make a mickey of someone and call them names, I think we need to start respecting our neighbors and make sure that we rather give them a proper game to prove they are the best. Hands down Monnas,Grey and Affies teached Glenwood a couple of lessons and the best is the preparation to make sure that we can up our game next year.

    I would much rather like to pick your brain on how to fix the selection process and KZN Rugby in general.

  38. @Buddy: There’s been no name calling. Buddy I have a hollow space between my ears. But I could always try. Maybe my twin will talk on my behalf.

  39. @Bush: You don’t need either of us to comment, they have someone way more competent to sort out KZN rugby.

  40. @Bush: at least when you roll that bakkie your EVIL twin will rescue you with his tow truck.Don’t blog and drive boet. :twisted:

  41. @Bush: Bhahaha and you eating a avocado with that Silver spoon.

    We must meet for a cold one at the Thirsty Whale just don’t tell your Evil Twin :mrgreen:

  42. @Buddy: Speartackle rules the Thirsty Whale, I’m too scared to go there. I don’t even go out for a movie in Toti. Buddy are you from the Toti Area? Seems like the whole Blog has moved to Toti. Tow Truck Drivers Hide Out

  43. @Bush: Hehehe no just can like to know that place and wanted to see if I can break the Evil spell you are under. :wink:

  44. @Buddy: Then you will have to go with Spear, if you lucky he may even catch a Tiger Shark for you barehanded. Any way back to the rugby side of things.
    Are GW training hard at the moment for next year? If so, who are they going to play in KZN? As it seems like nobody in KZN wants to play them. GW are going to clock up the miles

  45. @Bush: Not sure boet.Suppose I must dust of my Voyager Miles card and service the old Merc.

    Sure the hopper or umbiloburger can help us with that info.Im just a avo waiting for the aromat

    Very sad as I would expect our neighbors to adapt and at least try to keep up with the Jones.Rumour has it that Westville contracted the service of a very good coach anb scout from one of the Pta School.If correct well done !!!

    Only time will tell :?:

  46. @Buddy: Suppose you right, but is rugby the only thing in a school boys life? Hopper will now send a trillion other things that GW are pro at. Maybe the neighbors need to understand what makes Grey, Affies and Monnas so good overall. I know I haven’t mentioned the Paarl schools but we done really see them here in KZN.

  47. @Bush: It really would be great to know why they don’t want to play us anymore. We just a school with kids that loves rugby. We do not operate outside of the law and recruiting is done by all schools. Maybe SARU/ DOE should provide direction. Play or you don’t play! Harsh but at this rate we will have to cross country.

  48. @Bush: now this is a discussion.My first point would be to bring athletics back into our High schools.I am a firm believer that a good athlete makes a brilliant rugby player.

    Our family hosted boys from Grey this year and they all played provincial rugby at U13 for different unions.So they just pitched up at Grey……?

    My point is that Grey must be doing something right as they keep on producing class rugby athletes the same for Monnas ,Garsfontein and Menlo thats new to the party not mentioning the schools from the Cape

    Now what is wrong with our KZN Schools??

    I say when you identified your shortcomings make a plan and fill it.Once filled make sure you look after it and make sure you promote his talent the best you can.His name will be in your school hall forever!

    You can’t blog the problem away…

  49. @Greenman: So what you are suggesting is that the DOE should put out an edict that if you want to play rugby, you need to play against all opposition that elect to play against you, and if you don’t play against them, you can’t play rugby at all? Is that your suggestion?

  50. @Buddy: They go to Grey as they know Grey is the best and they want to be the best themselves. In u14 Grey can put together 3 teams with u13 Craven Week Players. Athletics needs to come back to KZN Schools.
    Chatting to a few Grey parents, BOG can add his comment here. Grey don’t give out busaries or have to buy boys. I can’t comment on Paarl Boys or Paarl Gim. I would say if you have a son that is outstanding at sport or if he academic you would want him in a school with those standards.

  51. @McCulleys Workshop: Sounds good to me. Isnt it more than just rugby i.e interaction, respect, forming, proud etc. If you just sit on your own ass throwing tantrums because you cant get what you want , how would you ever progress.

    How many recreational events has died a slow death and gone forever from schools?

  52. @Greenman: Its a pity House aren’t playing Glenwood next year. In 2016 I’m not sure prescription will work.

  53. @Greenman: You took the words out of my mouth and I don’t even know you.Well said mate !!!

    Lets get the classic classes back and fill up the stands.

  54. @Bush: If I say anything about this, and not that I do know anything, I can just imagine the response. But what I will say, and I have said it many times, that kids have migrated to Grey from all over the country and even from beyond. I myself was a “migrant” from the coast and this has been ongoing for more than a century. Goodness, their hostels are historical monuments. Until recently, the hostels accommodated about 1/3 of the boys, but their capacity was increased to house about 40%.What I do know, is that the kids who are there, are kids who WANT to be there- not because they were lured there by money or bursaries. And by that Im not saying that there is not the odd needy child who is not given financial assistance, but I would not know.Its most unlikely that a boy playing rugby for the 4th team, will be enticed to move elsewhere, even with the promise of playing first team. The honour of just being AT GCB, is too great. And I dont mean this arrogantly- Im just telling you how the average Grey boy will think about it. In a nut shell, money and bursaries will attract the odd child, but that is NEVER going to ensure LOYALTY, the loyalty which I know, exists at Grey and continues to the grave. That is something for which there is no deliberate plan or “recipe”. It comes with time and develops over decades, but exactly how it begins, is a mystery.

  55. @BOG: That’s what school is about. Well written !!

    The question still remains what do you do when you want to compete but you just ain’t got the tools to do the job.

    Do you blog about it and refuse to play your neighbors or change the way you think and get the tools for the job?

  56. @Buddy: Buddy, contrary to your perceptions, most bloggers are parents or old boys of the particular schools they support and I would hazard a guess that very few bloggers, if any, have the ability to change the way the school they support, recruits, establishes coaching structures, their ethos and values or to determine who the school elects to play against nor the number of games in a season. Ask Hopper whose listened to him. Most comments are informative, personal views or banter, this isn’t the “change the world society” as much as we may feel passionately about any given topic. I’m sure no rugby authority takes these comments particularly seriously.

  57. @Buddy: So a person must just keep buying the tools until he gets the right one for the job. GW doesn’t have to develop according to their promise, if they don’t have the correct tool (kid) for the job. Just keep buying, poaching or whatever it is they do. Until they get it right. In doing so you are not to piss your neighbors off, as a good amount of these tools (kids) are stolen from your neighbors. So the neighbors replace the stolen tools, for them to be taken once again.
    Teaching seems to be a thing of the past!!!! As we can see from the burning down of the Varisties.

  58. @McCulleys Workshop: @Bush .Good morning Evil Twins. :mrgreen:

    Guys suppose you start to look after your tools then as the quality tools are very expensive .Kids and their Perants wants to compete at the highest level and if you replaced a tool you need to look after your tools.Sure that is a principle that any workshop would follow as a SOP

    I also need a Evil Twin asap.Please assist :evil:

  59. @star: Hehehe, excepted Boet !!!! :twisted:

    Star is it true that The Ville recruited the services of a very good coach and recruiter from Pretoria to start in Jan 2017?

    If true the rules of engagement will change and within the next 4 year Westville will be a force to be recon with…… :?:

  60. @Buddy: They also recruited a few kids in the Eastern Cape but don’t get trawled through the coals like Glenwood. The purchasing and recruitment past grade 8 is blown completely out of proportion, there was a year or 2 about 3 years ago when a few came in but that has stopped now. Hilton recruited 2 Glenwood Under 16 captains, not an eyelid batted, Northwood buy half a team, nothing said…..funny how it’s only Glenwood who do this….all other schools are innocent.

  61. Ignorance is bliss…If you don’t know about it, it doesn’t mean it did not happen or is happening…everyone recruits!..fullstop,

  62. @Grasshopper: Mr Hopper remember that a 12 spanner can’t torque a 10 bold.The correct tool for the job !!!

    Schools like MH will follow as they want to compete and parents like the Evil Twins will get involved with their governing bodies and insists that they appoint a recruiter- coach. With the facilities that they got it only make sens

    Just a matter of time…….

  63. @Buddy: The House twins are warning me from going to the dark side of the force. I will certainly do my homework though. :lol:

  64. @Buddy: Yep and I think many schools hide their recruitment behind ‘closed bursaries’, angel silent investors paying kids fees etc so no one will ever know the true extent to the buying. It’s been going on since schools started. People underestimate the power of Old Boys, when they want something as a group they usually get it, either via the Headmaster, Old Boys Committee or Parents Committee. Old Boys like winning teams, that is only obvious. BUT they must be legit and no buying should be done post grade 8. Stick with and nurture what you have from grade 8. There will be departures and additions along the way though through natural movement or boys being unhappy at some schools. I myself almost went to Westville when we moved to Westville, thank goodness I didn’t ;-).

  65. @star: Bwahahaha. Sure you already done it Boet :mrgreen:

    Dam just got excited about my new Twin. Will however stand tall :cry:

  66. @Grasshopper: Nice to have you back Hopper.
    The schools that are solely boarding establishments do exactly that. They develop what they have. As it’s all they got. When they have space or as they call it beds open. Only then will a child get into the school. I don’t believe GW operate to their full potential on the rugby field and that is evident from the results of the lower teams. GW don’t and will never nurture what they have in front of them. This never happened for the 6 years that my kids were at the school. Maybe with a new headmaster things will change.

    @Buddy- House is expanding. They are building 2 new Houses starting I think in 2017. So maybe they will fill them with grade 10 rugby players or Post Matrics

  67. @Bush: I disagree, Hutchison and Jordan coached the Under14 E,F & G for over a decade, both are very experienced coaches and helped develop those kids. I think a few of their sides went unbeaten. Glenwood just need to focus on that, so have experienced coaches at the lower level.

  68. @Bush: Congrats Boet ! I’m sure that is very exiting for you guys. Just hope that when you get those grade 10 players that we can arrange a good old fashion derby.

    On the nurture point I must agree with you and hope for that to change

    Didn’t you ever consider to make yourself available to House as according to me your expertise would bring much value as you are legend of the game.

    Did my Homework :idea:

  69. @Buddy: Thanks for the accolade, but no. Coaching and have played the game are two totally different things. Certain people are made for coaching, much like teaching. It is a great skill, which I don’t have. My brother was a brilliant coach and teacher. Playa will vouch for me.

  70. @Bush: Anyway, the point I tried to make, and not understood by some, is this. Boys have been migrating to Grey for 160 yrs, from all over the country- the boarding establishments have never, not been full. But when they do so in recent times, it is said that they are “recruiting” (on large scale). What then, caused this change- from spontaneous migration to recruits?

  71. @Buddy: I think Grassy wants to be your evil twin. He is possessive of anything green. :lol:
    @ Grassy- why do you say ” thank goodness” that you didn’t go to Westville. Might have helped with your general appeal and even Bush would be your ” Buddy” . :mrgreen:

  72. @star: My cousin went to Westville and hated it, he was B class and B team for everything and said they never gave a damn about his group, this was late 90’s though.

  73. @Bush: Funnily enough, Shaun Pollock spoke at the GW Old Boys dinner about 2 years ago and his closing statement was since readmission, private schools have only contributed 4 new Proteas and the rest were gov schools…..amazing really…

  74. It is a pitty that the tradition between Affies and Glenwood should stop. If I look at the scores of all the teams over the last four years in Affies rugby blog it was more or less a one sided affair accept for the first and A teams.

    Just for the stats, Affies seconds were unbeaten this year.

  75. @Grasshopper: Remember to hold your glasses when you roll your polony. Who gives a toss, Shaun was at House for half a term, then ran off to mommy.

  76. @Bush: With all the best facilities, coaches, fields etc one would think House, Hilton, Kearsney, Bishops, St Johns etc could produce more than 4 in 20 years…..ok Kyle Abbott…

  77. @star: Who cares about Bush, he has Obsessive Glenwood Hatred Disorder (OGHD) which is a cross he needs to bare…

  78. @Cappie: It is a pity. As an outsider it was lekker to see different provincial school teams come to KZN. GW 1st and all A teams are very competitive. Their lower teams not the greatest and it gets worse when they join the open ranks.

  79. @Grasshopper: Told you I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I have a black fan belt in street fighting and a Tappet trophy on my mantle piece.

  80. @Bush: Is that a ‘nice’ way of saying he was not a good player? :mrgreen:
    I can certainly vouch for his coaching and teaching. He’s a man I still hold in high regard to this day

  81. @Bush: Come on Mr Bush. @29: you said that the spoon was present at birth. 8-O

    Now I am lekker deurmekaar boet :-?

  82. @Grasshopper: Reckon he’s there on merit, or just another quota pawn? You tend to question these ‘types of selections’ in most cases

  83. @Playa: No he was a brilliant player. Fell Foul of the small school vs the big schools for selection. Should have played Craven Week in his Matric year.
    There was a u20 coach at Natal in the late 90’s put him on par with John Smit.
    He had the skill to understand kids and love them.

  84. @Buddy: No, no. Don’t be confused. That Silver Spoon stuff was said in humour. Hopper loves to point out that the Private Schools are toffee nosed brats.

  85. @Bush: To be honnest, I have no idea. The atmosphere and rivalries where I was sitting between the teams that were playing at that particular moment were always positive and in a good spirit. So I really don’t know.

    I am flabbergasted about it.

  86. @Cappie: Its a big pity. I was at a Affies vs GW game a few years ago. A fight broke out in the U14A game. There were no actions taken against the boys involved. I got up out of my seat as I was quite disgusted about the actions of the boys and the coaches. I went to watch a game on the field behind the main stands. Another fight broke out, the difference here. The Affies coach subbed the player involved. After the game I went up to the coach and had a chat to him about his actions. His response was Affies don’t play rugby like that.
    So if it’s due to various behavioral issues, I’m sure those could be ironed out.

  87. @Grasshopper: You must leave Bush alone. Now that you have taken the chicken run, he is my new accomplice , in keeping the toffee noses on their toes. If he is buddies with Speartackle, he cannot be too posh or selective with the company he keeps. Or perhaps old Spear is just what is called, a social climber?

  88. @BOG: Your support of that fine institution is highly commendable.What confuses me is how then is the current captain of the Cheetahs a WOB and the half back pairing the dysfunctional Westville/GW axis. :lol: With Robert Dup(Kearsney) at province, Lambie and Cronje from House , and Ungerer from College, the Last Outpost is contributing significantly to the country’s pivotal positions. Let us also not forget the Westville/Hilton hybrid that was Cameron Wight. I am sure we will hear more of him in the future. :mrgreen:

  89. I actually think the Affies decision was the right one, these 600km tours take their toll, especially financially. For Glenwood they are only really competitive at A&B team & 1st to 4th’s, the rest get pommeled. Whilst there may be some cultural alignment with history, ethos and a group of Afrikaans boys at Glenwood, the fact is Glenwood is diverse and maybe there were cultural clashes hosting kids. I would far prefer Glenwood playing Northwood and Hilton again & maybe a KES or Jeppe to fill the tour. Monnas again I think is not a great fit & Grey Bloem too strong. Framesby only God knows who set that weird fixture up, rather get Grey PE or Selborne. Glenwood can test their A teams out at festivals so play AFFIES there. A double header vs College and Ville is a must…

  90. @Bwana: Does that now formally disqualify them from the Ballies at Ballito award. :mrgreen:
    @ Grassy- Remember that Selborne will also not play with you. How is it currently on the ground with the Brexit issue? One of my many cousins has just organised an anti petition of 4.1 million signatures which was debated in the House recently. He was present and was not impressed with the usual suspects. :lol:

  91. @star: Well they should start calling themselves The Nomads. Either their season is going to be short or they will resemble a Circus due to the constant travelling.

  92. @Bwana: College & Ville twice maybe, even DHS twice like traditionally. Not sure why these fixtures are being cut especially since Kershaw has gone. Northwood, Hilton & House are fooling themselves by not playing a traditional rival who is likely to be strong again. It’s their loss really…

  93. @Grasshopper: No such luck. No double header between College and Glenwood. Below is the College Fixture List:


    Grey College


    31 MARCH – 4 APRIL

    Jeppe U 16 Rugby Festival


    31 MARCH – 4 APRIL

    St Stithians U18 Festival


    2 APRIL – 6 APRIL

    Francois Swart U15-Affies







    Northwood / Twin with Port Natal




    King Edward VII



    Michaelhouse – Reunion



    DHS / Twin with Voortrekker






    Free Weekend for College











    Perins – U15/16










    King Edward VII



    Skonk Nicholson’s 7’s


  94. @Grasshopper: You right it is our loss and yours too. Its just the way it worked not playing GW. It was the same about 7-8 years ago. Local Schools should play local first-LOCAL IS LEKKER
    Regarding the travel, why cut out a 600km travel and then choose a travel destination of 1200km.

    @Buddy-I wouldn’t tow Hopper truck if it was stuck up your ___ ______!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. @Bwana: I’m sure the Glenwood powers that be have a plan. The privates can stick to pumping St Stithians, St Johns, St Charles etc every year

  96. @Bush: I find it mind boggling that Hilton can just throw away a 90 year long derby so easily, people are not bigger than the schools and personality/policy differences should not affect fixtures like this. Same goes with House. I mean Liverpool don’t just stop playing Man U because of differences, that is what makes derbies so good. The emotions involved.

  97. @Grasshopper: What are those plans? To travel even further? Play KZN Development 4 times a season? Surely it is Glenwood’s loss not the other way round as you say. No matter how you try to spin it the fact is no one wants to play Glenwood. You seem to portray the villains as Hilton and House. Funny how neither Westville nor College have an issue with playing against the Private Schools.

  98. @Grasshopper: Hopper I can tell you House didn’t just trash that fixture. They couldn’t fit it into the schedule. I was upset that the fixture was missing. It’s my kids last year, home ground advantage and after a few sherries anything is bound to happen.
    Who wants to meet GW 1st game up. Just coming out of cricket season and GW are a few games ahead. There are 15 good fixtures in KZN alone, with maybe a 3 hour drive max.

  99. @Bwana: It was kuk this morning, have migrated to Hilton for the weekend. Not much of a surf here, just bloody cold. 28C in Toti 16C in Hilton.

  100. I think we should organize a golf match up between the House twins and the evil Villain/GW axis. Our handicap of having to borrow clubs as we come from govt. schools will be offset by the fact that the House boys will have to play with silver spoons in their mouths. The match referee will be the ” Spear” who fresh from his engagement with a tiger shark will be on point. The prize is still to be determined but will be lot bigger than a nights stay at the Luipaardsvlei Hotel. :mrgreen:

  101. @Grasshopper: Its not completely transparent/clear why Hilton elected not to play GW, nor is it clear why NW dropped the fixture. We are assuming that House have only dropped it for this year due to a crowded fixture list and that it hasn’t been canned entirely. I agree that it’s a pity. Have you got Glenwoods fixture list for next year? It’s a pity they seem to have a disjointed season two years in a row, doesn’t help building momentum nor keeping the guys dialed in for the big games

  102. @star: Star, there is not a chance you would ever team up with up with Tappets. Stop messing with them…

  103. I still cant believe the Affies or Mr Edwards decision concerning the Glenwood Derby. The why is also nowhere to be found. Not even their own bloggers know.

    Ok! we going to play festivals even if they on Koekenaap. Get the voyager miles, book flights, cars, ossewaens. Here we come!

  104. @McCulleys Workshop: Are you ok boet?Just clapped the crap out of a tow truck driver that wanted to violate my 230C Merc on the N3 close to the Hiton off ramp on my way to Mr Bush for a braai.I was just on the phone with Mrs Buddy and did not require your assistance mate, and no meens no !!!Something not frech with you oaks ooo and wash your truck its dirty ……

  105. @Greenman: Come down to CT for a few weeks..Here are plenty of schools to play..HJS, Paul Roos, Boland, Gim, Rbosch, SACS, Bishops and Wynberg will all give you enough teams…You just might have to relocate the school!

  106. @Buddy: There is only one oke that’s invited to braai at my place. The two of us can chuck bones over the fence for you.

  107. @Bush: You need some greens to go with a braai…Buddy can bring an Avo salad, and some bronze spoons just to give you private school spoilt brats a taste of life as a tappet without a sliver spoon :mrgreen:

  108. @Buddy: Fires are on the go, getting the nest nice and warm. Having a warm up of OBS which will help with my carbo loading for the Park Run tomorrow morning in PMB.
    Look after that Merc, it sounds like a classic.

  109. @Playa: Whahahahaha nearly dropped my glass of OBS. If you could see me in the real world you will notice salad is on the bottom of my food list. I could give the bronze spoon a go???????????

  110. @Bwana: well a good old friend of mine was murdered in Westville last week, I prefer some rain than being gunned down in my own home ?

  111. @Bush: Trying to get the old bugger to commit on the long hall as it seems to me that we are travelling far and beyond next year but he keeps on giving me K@k as we approach Currys Post Rd.

    Must be that he only knows the road to House and never crossed that bridge before……??

  112. @Playa: I wonder if they ever asked Bossr what he wanted? Maybe Dolphins offered him a cricket contract?

  113. @Bwana:

    You seem to be one of the College folk who I’ve grown to dislike in my 4 years as a College parent. In the minority I’m glad to say. One of those who seem to think that part of being a College supporter means an automatic dislike of anything Glenwood and celebrating anything that can be remotely construed as being ‘bad Glenwood press’.

    Were you one of the okes back slapping and high fiving on the stands at PBHS when Glenwood was taking a pounding across the road at Affies? I’m thinking yes.

    Hypothetically – will you be glad if College dropped the Glenwood fixture? More back slapping and high fiving with your buddies? Would be a great pity cos the best College matches I’ve seen in the last few years have all been against Glenwood – College boys (unlike some of the cynical supporters) seem to look forward to the fixture and give an extra 25% for it.

  114. @GreenBlooded: College have never run away from tough fixtures and they know Glenwood is a tough one. This year it was only 1 point in it. College would never drop the Glenwood fixture, over 150 games played against each other so far, could be the most derby fixtures ever in KZN because the others have mostly played once per annum.

  115. I think we need an indaba where all school masters go and sit down and sort out there shit! for the kids sake. Egos left at home

  116. @Greenman: First played in 1915. Stats are heavily in their favour;

    Played: 97
    Hilton won: 53
    Glenwood won: 39
    Drawn: 5
    Glenwood biggest loss (1915) – 0-46
    Glenwood biggest win (2014) – 67-7

    Interesting stat in the 90’s, the post matric years we played House 10 times and lost every game and played Hilton 10 times winning only 3. Did Glenwood withdraw from the fixtures, no. We took it on the chin and moved on…

  117. Sorry in 1995 we drew with House in an epic game, monstrous House pack vs tiny Glenwood one….Glenwood fought like mongrels…

  118. @Grasshopper: Why would that matter? And besides, a Dolphins contract would only be effective after school anyway. The kid go a Glenwood contract, and that’s that. Let’s not try and smooth out a gravel road. Sure, Glenwood is not all at fault here because the kid’s dad is a bidder himself.

  119. @Grasshopper: In 1993 Vorries chowed your great school 25-8. Oh Ja that game you had no players you used your hockey team. Oh Ja again those years GW didn’t play rugby they played soccer. Oh Ja those were kuk times for GW.

  120. @Bush: 1993 & 1996 were our worst years in our history, thanks for the reminder. We have played Voories 13 times, won 11 and lost 2. Biggest win was in 1999 53-8 and biggest loss was the first game in 1993. This year our 2nd’s ran over their firsts. Oh yes, Glenwood isn’t a great school it’s a good school trying to get better.

  121. @Playa: Yep, Dolphins would be after school but maybe like for rugby they signed him early and wanted him nearby for training. My point is people don’t know all the factors and forces involved, they assume. We all know what happens when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me. Selborne need to move on like Glenwood have with all the boys we have lost to other schools in the past few years. Bossr didn’t even play rugby this year and played very little cricket as off on tours etc.

  122. @Grasshopper: Here we go, I would consider this year 2016 to be up there as well.
    Boerboel is correct, you have a heavy problem. It goes way beyond been just an Old Boy. I bet you weren’t even a boarder at GW, went home everyday to suck on mommies mammary gland.

  123. @Grasshopper: Where do you get all this info? Can I also get a copy of that book with all the history.

    If not please will you be The Brain and together we will rule the world….

    PINKY :evil:

  124. @Bush: huh, what you on about. Played 18, won 15, lost 3 isn’t a bad year. My mom passed away when I was 11, took her own life.

  125. @Buddy: I have all of Glenwood’s results vs KZN opposition since the beginning, it appeals to the researcher in me.

  126. @Grasshopper: So you never went to Gibson House.
    World Champs and got hammered by a few average schools. If you think of what GW are willing to sacrifice to try and be tops, in my eyes I would consider it a failure.

  127. @Buddy: Any time, thanks for that GW 1st team jersey. It belonged to Hopper you said, I’m so privileged. Pity it’s one from the 90’s when GW was shit. Goes Lekker in my pub. Champion stuff

  128. @Bush: All that counts is April 16th 2016

    1st: Glenwood 56 House 5
    U16A: Glenwood 80 House 0
    U15A: Glenwood 43 House 5
    U14A: Glenwood 21 House 0

  129. @Grasshopper: Jip, that’s when we had a bad year. We used the Girls from St Anne’s. But next year looks to be better.
    Good result for our u14A side and GW were number 1 in the country.
    Answer the question did you go to Gibson House?

  130. @Bush: nope, was never at Gibson House but had to catch a bus early in the morning from the Bluff and back in the afternoon, about an hour each way then make my own dinner at night and breakfast as my dad worked late, certainly not cushy like being in a BE…

  131. @Grasshopper: Shame you poor day dog. It’s a pity you didn’t go, there you learn things about teamwork. You are the only person on this planet to have a shit life. Why run like a coward dog with you tail between your legs. Stay and fight you box

  132. @Bush: it’s not about fighting ones corner it’s about the future of ones kids. You sound too young to know about that…

  133. @Grasshopper: Older than you, I’m South African 100%. Any way, I’m watching rugby. I’m sure you have something Lekker to do with your family in your new country. Have a good weekend. Go buy some wors, Mrs Balls and barbecue Lekker by yourself.

  134. @Bush: You blog like a child though and your grammar is appalling. Plenty to do here & actually have a lekker Saffa butcher in the town. Hope you enjoyed the Boks (Proteas going forward as they don’t deserve to be called Boks) losing to a very poor Aussie side. I’m very happy knowing my family is safe and I’m not going to be shot in the stomach coming down the stairs in my own house to see what the noise is about. RIP Gary, you will be missed…

  135. Having watched the Springboks lose to a team which I thought was pretty weak, Im sure it will make you all feel a lot better about your rugby in KZN. Next week, the ABs and I cannot imagine the total embarrassment to come. I have always thought that SA should do well in the 3 Nations, verses Namibia and ZimBOBwe, but Im no longer sure about that either. Right now, I find underwater hockey a lot more appealing, that is until the ANC wants to get their filthy claws on that as well. We ll have players drowning in the pool, if they do.

  136. @Grasshopper: Well, we are not all as educated as you. Of course you would shop at a South African shop, that is typical. You don’t deserve to call them Boks. So call them what you want, support your new country.

  137. @Bush: I don’t shop at a Saffa shop, I live in Harpenden, nowhere near typical Saffa areas. Also, once a Saffa always a Saffa, you don’t just change allegiances when you move. My kids will support England which is fine by me.

  138. @Grasshopper: Crime is everywhere chief,the only difference is that SA has a warped justice system.Sorry about your friend,real tragic that we have such stories in this country. I really hope you and your family never become victim of a stabbing in the stabbing capital of the world.

  139. @Bush: What are you drinking?@Playa: I still need some entertainment. The good thing is that Supersport should drop them soon and then we all can suspend DSTV and watch rugby on SABC 1 at 01:00.

  140. @Playa: So sorry that Im now obliged to respond to that. Crime is everywhere, but not many civilized countries compare with SA- even close. Your chances of being murdered in SA, is 7 X more likely than in the US, where it is regarded as high. Understandably so, because SA has 50-60 murders pd, and a rape every 4 minutes.We are regarded, officially, as the third most violent in the world. Add to that, SA is now regarded as the most corrupt in the world, after becoming African “champ”. That requires some effort.

  141. @BOG: Cappie and coke, where else in the world can you braai and turn you meat with your 9mm. SA a beautiful place, I love it.

  142. @Bush: You must ask your buddy in the UK to send you some “Navy Rum”. In my drinking days, I was a Red Heart man, but Navy Rum, with Black Currant, nogal, beat it by quite a margin. As things are going now, you will have to upgrade to an automatic, because the vermin come in gangs . Years ago, automatics were banned, but the law made provision for exceptions for people in the border areas. A few in the Border (EL area) latched on to this loophole and bought automatics until the loophole was closed. True story.

  143. @BOG: I will never ask that moose for anything. I’m operating on full automatic at the moment. Loving this Zillinger vs Sharks game.

  144. @Bush:

    Did he really give you a Glenwood jersey? I can think of no-one less fitting to receive such a fine gift. If I were him I would retrieve it before it ends up in your fireplace…….

  145. @Playa: dude, not on the scale of SA, it’s rife. South Africans are just numb too it. Murders don’t even make the news, here if someone attacks somebody it’s all over the news. We don’t live in London, in fact we 55km away from central London in the countryside. I checked the accurate crime stats here in our town, last murder in 2012! Last breakin was 5 months ago. SA is actually considered a war-zone due to the high murder rate. I mean Oscar is a prime case, high profile guys gets nothing for murder, what message does that send. We came here for work & love SA, but unfortunately no matter what one does we cannot control the economy and the leadership. One can put their head in the sand or be proactive. SA will take 20 years to come right, do we stay and struggle whilst waiting or make a change. For me it was a no brainer.

  146. @Grasshopper: Seriously Hopper, we don’t need this stuff on a blog. What about the farmers, what about the people in the townships. If you want to gain brownie points, go to the House(Not the Red and White) and seek refugee in your new country.

  147. Bwahahaha gees you guys are killing me.Just watched the Bok game and missed all the k@k here on the blog.

    We are in deep ? with SA Rugby :!:

  148. @Bush: Funny you mention that, there are quite a few SA people applying for refugee status here in the UK…..EISH…

  149. @Grasshopper: And the Hopper family is one. But your English is above par, so you are fucked. Grow a beard and you will never get a green card.

  150. @Bush: Don’t think that Mr Glenwood can turn this around on his own.

    Was very impressed with Argentina in the first 20 min against the All Blacks and think that’s the recipe on how to beat them if you can do it for the full 80 min?

  151. @Grasshopper: Jis, you blocked me again. I was hoping you would at least give us a true GW struggle. A true Bluff MF round house PK kick, at Ansteys Beach eating shit to become a local.

  152. @Grasshopper: Mr Hopper I need place to stay for the England tour.Can you help me as I will bring Kingsley Holgate aka Bush with me and promise that he will behave ?

  153. @Buddy: Not a fuck, I will sleep in the Forest of Sherwood. Or in the bush of another mother before I get a free handout from a Moose.

  154. @Bush: Garvies OB, get it right……Moose, hahah. I wish you said that on the Bluff bus to town in the early 90’s…

  155. @Buddy:

    I think half the problem with the Boks is poor leadership on the field. WW will make a huge difference in that respect.

    Argentina – Eish! Playing with the big dogs has really built them up. Shows what can happen when a team regularly takes on mighty opponents… :roll: :-?

  156. @Grasshopper:And you are an OB of the Bluff Beach Eating Shit Club.The same as the comments you make about boys struggling at the BE, fuck you, you know fuckall about struggle,Thats why you run like a jail arsehole. FY and your stupid idea of running, now you have given all right to comment on SA

  157. @GreenBlooded: WW will make an impact but we need the correct combination and it just seem like there’s no winning plan on the table.The All Blacks will hammer us with this type of game en dissension making.

    Mr hopper please forgive my friend as he is under the spell of the Green Glenwood Gost and we will request a priest to assist with this problem.

    So stuff Buch I need a bed??

  158. @Bush: classy House boy….losing a parent at 11 and living on the Bluff in a single parent low income household as a kid….vs going to House…..hmmmm…

  159. @Grasshopper: A very moving tribute, indeed. Its happening all over SA and with increased regularity. But most people prefer to look the other way- until it happens to someone close to them. In the same week, a lovely 28 yr old mother , also of 2 small children, was shot and killed in the driveway of her sister in Edenvale, in the presence of her husband and 2 small children,as they were leaving after a visit. It always strikes more when this happens to a young parent. Just two incidents, leaving 2 victims, 2 grieving spouses, and 4 little children without a father/mother.

  160. @BOG: BOG, watch War of the Flea. I will arm myself, stand and fight. I’m South African. This is not the place to look for sympathy.

  161. @Bush: Im not looking for sympathy, but for too long, too many people have been looking the other way, while others are being slaughtered. And while they pretend, the slaughter is continuing. And pretending that things are normal and about to improve. This has not ever happened on this continent. In fact, the “fundamentals” show that things can only get a lot worse. But we should never condemn those who leave. Many are and it takes a lot of courage and money to do so. And the decline is everywhere, even in sport like rugby.But yes, stand up and fight all means. That is all that we can do.

  162. @BOG: in our non Saffa area outside of London my wife has met 3 other Saffa moms and their kids who have moved here in the past 3 months. Laager mentality won’t work forever & the bubbles that Saffas live in are starting to burst….

  163. @Buddy:

    Agreed! The scoreboard in New Zealand next week better have 3 digits on it. What the Bok’s lacked yesterday was guts and heart. Nothing. They should have used the impetus of the early lead to close the game out but they lacked motivation and that should have come from a passionate skipper. WW would have made all the difference with that yesterday.


    Don’t drink and blog! You’ll regret it in the morning! Lords and Legends rocking last night? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  164. @GreenBlooded: Surely, you are not saying that Strauss must accept all the blame for that catastrophe? I think it has more to do with the coaching team, selection—. A captain can only do so much but if you have mostly donkeys or mules in the July, dont expect to win the race. Many think that we in SA only need to get rid of JZ and everything will be hunky dory. Not so. Likewise with our rugby. Politics and sport is like addiction. First step to recovery, is admitting the problem and denial is not a solution.

  165. @BOG: Allistair Coetzee is a nice bloke but not a world class coach. SARU need to pull finger and get a world class coach asap or we won’t get out of the group stages in Japan. Even bring back Jake FFS!

  166. @BOG:

    It was one thing wrong. Not the only thing wrong. It cannot be denied that Strauss’s captaincy has been woeful since he took over. But agree with you on other points – specially the JZ one. Have you read the Johan Booysen book that just came out? Scary scary stuff!

  167. @BOG: I think that we need to get our talented players in Japan and France back to SA.If it means that SARU needs to get their act together and pay these players with salaries that’s on par with the rest of the world.

    We can do with the experience and kicking boot of Frans Steyn just to mention one player….

  168. Ox Nche, Marx & Thomas du Toit should be on the bench and being blooded for the future, that is our Japan front row…

  169. @GreenBlooded: No I have not read the book. I have heard about it though. If we are so pissed off, knowing a little, I wonder how most of us would feel if we had known everything? I agree, AS has not stepped up in that role, but he probably realizes it, which explains his announcement of retirement.@Buddy: There is no chance in hell that you will get the players back, until they have reached the end of their careers and are no longer in demand abroad. And as the ZAR weakens, the stronger the incentive will become to leave. Money talks, especially, where people have only a few years to make it.

  170. @Bush: Eish! You must have taken a lot of sakkie to praat so much kak! In the old days I would have given you a cake of soap to wash out that mouth.

  171. @GreenBlooded: Well I am a College Old Boy who almost went to Glenwood as a 3rd generation Glenwood boy. Where did I state my dislike for Glenwood? All I did was ask some, what I think, were valid questions. I was not up in Pretoria but the only celebration I had was when College fought back and showed some typical never-say-die College guts to win. In terms of the dropping of the fixture I do not agree with it. KZN rugby will be poorer without. It just seems to be odd that plenty of schools seem to have problems with our friends from Nicholson Road. Just my observation but then again all I am is a simple Glenwood-hater according to you.

  172. @Bwana: I don’t want to state the obvious but there are huge cultural differences between the Affies boys and families and the Glenwood ones……could be said for Monnas too…

  173. @Grasshopper: Then why do the College and Affies communities have nothing but mutual respect for each other? A country like South Africa has such a rich cultural diversity. Surely it is in the interest of producing future proud South Africans to embrace different cultures?

  174. @Bwana: I have no idea. No disrespect to College but maybe they find the games easier to win at A team level…under16A is a case in point….

    vs Glenwood (home) – Affies lost 12-30
    vs College (away) – Affies won 74-0

  175. @Bwana: I would like Affies to respond to said matter as Glenwood hosted them but in turn the are not willing to do the same?

  176. @Bwana: Maybe, well good on them and College. I have only heard good things about Glenwood boys from hosts and people visiting the school. Obviously boys will be boys and there are a few that might misbehave, but that is more a reflection on their parents than the school….

  177. @boerboel: Ek praat maar Afrikaans met jou want ek hoor nou net dat jou seun speel vir die u16A span van Affies wat so pakslae gekry het by Glenwood so bietjie meer as n maand terug?

    Ask Bush a secret will come out when his Twin starts his Tow truck?

  178. @Bwana:

    You didn’t outright state it – buy you seemed to come out of the woodwork and bag Glenwood with a string of posts. You comment about our match schedule here @Bwana: then make a snide remark about being “nomads” and a “circus” here @Bwana: Followed by a diatribe on the fact that no-one want’s to play us (which is bollocks BTW) here @Bwana:. Why are you so obsessed with what Glenwood are up to? Just forget about us. The only thing that should concern you about GW is the College fixture. Don’t worry who else we play, when, how we get there, who pays for what etc. It’s none of your beeswax. And if you dislike GW that much – boycott the match. Or petition the GB to boycott the fixture.

  179. @GreenBlooded: Calling Glenwood a circus/nomadic was in reference to their future travelling. Nothing to do with the shenanigans going on at Nicholson Road! Well the amount of fixtures seems to indicate there is a problem with prospective opposition for the men in green! In terms of obsession, that is mainly due to your UK based connection and his constant changing of the subject to Glenwood based. Hopefully the Glenwood boys enjoy all their free weekends off in the rugby season next year! Maybe the parents will get discounted fees. I take it your lighty has been announced as an Acting Prefect. That is great news, congratulations. That is the ultimate honour at College.

  180. @Bwana: is this thread not to do with KZN ranking and Glenwood not playing enough local schools? I rest my case….

  181. @Bwana:

    Why should he do that? Are you saying that Old Boys living abroad should not follow their schools and keep abreast with the goings on at their alma maters??

  182. @Bwana: Just don’t befriend Capt Morgan while debating with Hops, Bush is still doing penance (he met her in Toti at the Rum and Rascal).

  183. @Bush: Put what differently Mr Bush? Sorry Mr GB but most old boys keep an eye open on their alma maters but it seems Hopper is the exception to the norm.

  184. The Evil Triplets………Bush in the sin bin with a red card while Bwana gave his best pass for the Trucker to score but knocked it.

    Impressed with you guys?

  185. @Bwana: so Bobby Skinstad shouldn’t follow or support Hilton from here in the UK? Brad Barritt etc….dumb reason…

  186. @Bwana: when have I bad mouthed SA? I have stated fact….big difference, I love SA and hope it improves. People move for work all the time, like I have….

  187. @Buddy: No, no there can’t be two of you on the same blog?????. Whatever you have as a secret is great. Keep it under your hat. Been stalked is a scary thing and a little weird. I thought my mates from the Bluff, Burra and Wentworth I had around this weekend were weird, but you take the cake.

  188. Greenblooded’s Rugby Blog Theorem:

    The quantity and quality of KAK spoken on the blog is inversely proportional to the time elapsed since the end of SBR season. :mrgreen:

  189. @Buddy: sounds awesome! Doing a tour of SA, Noord Kaap, Augsberg Gim, Tygerberg, Outeniqua, Oakdale, Marlow, Nico Malan, Framesby anyone not too scared or happy to play a semi professional team….

  190. I have heard that the preliminary program for the Kearsney Easter Festival is available. Can anybody assist me in getting it?

  191. @GreenBlooded: So it should have been a 22 Drop Out. Very technical, even the commentators had no idea. Joel is blaming Habana for a bad kick. I understand why refs get it wrong at times. The ruck rule is the most interesting, just as you think you understand the rule. The ref blows it differently.

  192. @boerboel: But you have a successful old Glenwood coach in Sean Erasmus, remember he was at Glenwood for more than 10 years and you hate Glenwood….bizarre…

  193. @Grasshopper: Flip it around, so you are suggesting that we should love and forgive TK because he was at GW for 18 years? … Bizarre

  194. @Grasshopper: So you actually believe that Booishaai’s success over the last few years is as a result of SE’s grooming at GW, It’s ok, we know you are fishing … for compliments.

  195. @McCulleys Workshop: Not solely due to Sean, but he has made a huge impact and did his learning at Glenwood. He probably has some better ‘tooling’ at Boishaai too…

  196. @Grasshopper: You mean not solely due to Sean’s grooming at GLENWOOD!
    It’s ok, we can take it, say it like it is. Boishaai are currently No1 in SA because of GLENWOOD.

  197. @Grasshopper: Ok now we agree, Boishaai’s fantastic two seasons has absolutely nothing to do with GLENWOOD, and therefore Boerboel is at total liberty to not be your GLENWOOD BUDDY.

    Hopper that was like pulling teeth…

  198. @Buddy: Lol – I honestly didn’t know Grasshopper was one of your kids, I would have backed off ages ago! He has been masquerading as an adult for all these years, the opposite of Tom I guess.

  199. @Grasshopper: If I were you I would take exception to Buddy’s comment @Buddy: He’s trying to down play your importance again as an Economics Major and a social media maven of standing.

  200. @McCulleys Workshop: Boet I don’t work at Glenwood ???.Just a parent supporting my son that just want to play the game of rugby and compete againt the best of the best.He enjoys his experience as a border in the BE and smiles. Thats what count’s and not your filthy Truck buddy ?

    So Mr Truck if you think that I am the Burger Man from Umbilo try again ?

  201. @boerboel: Sien Garsies is lus vir julle.Steel mos Abner oornag van hulle dan maak julle of die die WP is…..

    Typical a Boerboel that likes to ? on your grass

  202. @Buddy: That’s it…you mus be Marius Jonker and boerboel is TK…he’s just using the ”my son is at Boishaai” line to confuse the enemy..makes sense now :idea:

  203. @Playa: Bwahahahaha. No mate not Mr Jonker and what a lekke oke he is…..

    The only chap I know for sure is Mr Bush and I had to fish if it was him.Thats perhaps why he feels that he was stalked hehehehe and just to mention that according to me he is a ambassador of the game. Hats of to Mr Buch???

    So guess again of like me happy fishing bud ??

  204. @Buddy: :lol: :lol: :lol: I must say it is concerning when a grown man goes fishing other grown men’s characters and profiles and is ok with it…to each their own! Puts the whole ‘Truck buddy’ obsession into perspective :mrgreen:

  205. @Buddy: Whahaha now you are definitely scratching in the wrong Bush. Whoever you thought I was or were, has all gone pear shaped

  206. @Grasshopper: I had no dog in this fight until I noticed the presence of old Boerboel, a common irritation. He has an invasion of fleas from time to time-in fact most of the time, and then becomes irrational and incoherent. He nagged me for GCBs away record and when I gave it to him, he simply evaporated. Obviously a new arrival- if its true, in the Paarl. Only solution for him is a groom and de-fleaing at the SPCA.

  207. @Grasshopper:

    Hopper – it must be due to all the Glenwood Old Boys and coaches on the selection committee. We have our bloody agents everywhere Boet!

  208. @GreenBlooded: It is actually due to the fact that it is a very good team and have been for a while. Did they not beat House by over 70 points? :mrgreen: According to the Saschoolsport rankings they are 4 in the country with my 2 old schools Hilton at 12 and Westville at 21. Westville have 2 reps which seems is in line with expectations. You see it is as simple as that. However sometimes it is not that pragmatic :roll:
    On another note it appears that the Westville 1st team coach ( Norris) is going to Clifton and I presume that the U16 coach Strydom will step into the breach.

  209. @star: A few of the Glenwood Under16A results;

    vs Michaelhouse won 80-0
    vs Westville won 38-5
    vs Kearsney won 29-10
    vs College won 49-0
    vs DHS won 33-15
    vs Grey Bloem lost 21-32
    vs Affies won 30-12
    vs Monnas lost 5-13
    vs Southend (UK) won 43-7
    vs Framesby won 66-0
    vs HTS Middelburg (Wildeklawer) lost 26-29
    vs Menlopark (Wildeklawer) lost 19-22

  210. @star:

    I feel for him. He’s an astute coach – did my Level 2 with him way back when. What is remarkable is that he has been highly successful at Westville with all the teams he coached. Then he gets to 1st XV and has a mare. It doesn’t fit. Can’t help but think there were other factors at play…………. :roll:

  211. @Grasshopper: The Glenwood 1st coach is going to have a pleasing nightmare in selecting. If this year was rough, watch next year. Still out there who the coach is going to be? Who we playing? Kearnsney week programme?

  212. @Grasshopper: I don’t know about the coaches! Will have to wait and see. possible move of Schwultz to prop and De Wet hooker. My thinking:
    15 Dillion Kruger
    14 Christo
    13 JC Conradie
    12 Jonker/ Le Fleur
    10 Pretorius/Alan
    9 Hendricks/Jooste
    8 Jj
    7 Terblanche
    6 J O Neil
    5 Laubscher
    4 Ncube
    3 Schwultz
    2 De Wet
    1 Clarke

    Just a cause. All played either Grant Khomo or CW

  213. @Greenman: House want to avoid 60 plus it seems….doesn’t look good in the yearbook losing like that to the Scumbilo boys..

  214. Or make a dozen useless excuses when you lose to George Campbell. Let’s watch this space. Going to be very interesting.

  215. @Bush: It won’t be that interesting in KZN with no Hilton, House or Northwood fixture for Glenwood. George Campbell and Northwood loses were fair and square, no excuses. They were a few years ago now though….

  216. @Grasshopper: No I mean overall, GW is not interested in competing locally. We understand that. Let’s see the running with the big dogs!!!!! Can see all the BS excuses when you come second. Team looks awesome on paper.

  217. @Bush: Well one of the big dogs has run away…Affies, even though they gave us a snotklap. We don’t make excuses just naturally get frustrated if the team doesn’t perform to potential…

  218. @Grasshopper: We will see next year. It’s Lekker. Maybe this will send a message to all the schools in KZN to get with the professional school boy program. Or local is Lekker

  219. @Greenman: Out of interest, why would JJ move to No.8? SA Schools A lock and all. I thought he was a pretty solid lock, m limited rugby brain cannot place him at any of the loose positions.

  220. @Grasshopper: You seem to forget that often it’s a case that they perform to the potential that they are allowed to perform to. Its not always a case that GW are brilliant and they just didn’t perform on the day, some teams are just better than them.

  221. @Grasshopper: that being said I would like to see them smack John Ross, Pioneer, Vryheid, Voortrekker Bethlehem in 2017.

  222. Looks like a fabulous 2017 for GW, great 1st XV and a Springbok Captain. Hopefully KZN gets a public holiday, they can call it Greenday or Roll my Polony day.

  223. @Bush: @McCulleys Workshop: @Playa: All in good time Boys, all in good time. Hold on to your banter. No need to trash GW now already. Season only starts next year. We excited. We know your are not. Playa, please refrain from the childish attacks on our kids. No need to get personal.

    why not 8 for JJ? He has played all positions even flyhalf. Might not be but that is where I would like to see him. It will be an awesome pack.

  224. @Greenman: Like your team prediction and would also enjoy JJ on 8.

    Another very exciting player is J O Neil that’s very busy on the field.

  225. @Greenman: I’m not sure where I insulted any kid.Never have and I’ve never intended to do so.Please point out where I did and I’ll gracefully retract and apologise.I hope my account hasnt been hacked.Id be trucken peeved

  226. @Greenman: Greenman, you are too twitchy, nothing offensive has been said (other than by a hacker) and I agree that you should have a great season, as was said this time last year about the 2016 GW season. Loosen up your trigger finger. It will be great to see how they go at KERF and WK, good luck.

  227. @Greenman: I’m agreeing with you and your team. Just don’t want to hear excuses if it doesn’t turn out Lekker for you. It will be awesome for KZN if GW could hold their own in the better league. Only problem if they do, is the Craven Week selection. Your 4th team players will selected before MHS 1st team players???????
    I’m in agreement with Playa about JJ at 8. He’s a solid lock. I think he will be predictable at 8. He will be better hitting rucks at lock than at nr8. Did he play fly half at Primary School?????

  228. @Buddy: quick count 11 out of 15 1st teams players this year there next year. Pretorius and Hendricks, although under 16, played in Sanix. Playing players out of position is nothing new. Even made SA out of position, Richardson.

    Jonas is awesome, agree. Pla

  229. @Playa: Your post 394 and I quote:
    ” I thought he was a pretty solid lock, m limited rugby brain cannot place him at any of the loose positions”
    @McCulleys Workshop: Not trigger happy! We can just hope we competitive but nice to know the boys are good.
    @Bush: You have never heard me throwing excuses when we have lost. Always congratulated the opposition. We give it our best and that is it. JJ doesn’t hit rucks. Want space and then carry three on his back like a buffalo attacked by Lions. :lol:

  230. @Greenman: Now at number 8 that’s an outstanding game plan??? He can and does that at lock already. A lion always gets its Buffalo.

  231. @Bush: come Bush! At lock you locked in. Speaks for itself. But at 8, which way you gonna go?

    wrong, loinS get their Buffalo eventually but then again 14 others to assist. team game remember

  232. @Greenman: Ja and the girls do the work. Any way I’m not qualified enough to debate this. Pouring my first Cappie so signing off before I get hacked again.

  233. @Buddy: Hi, you need a fast oke. Maybe can do the 100 in 11-12’s. But has the capacity of a Hyena. I’ve always like okes like Morne Dup, Gary Techiman, Ryan “The Hoff” players with speed, link up outside your 3/4’s or that can run like a centre. Whiteley is like that, same as the AB number 8 Kieran Read. Proper linking players. You can hit up with your front row, locks and one flank. If you saw them for the first time you would think they are centres. I know there are okes that prefer the smashing number 8, just my opinion.

  234. @Bush: Had n couple of cold cool drinks and could not come up with a Kieran Read for next year.Suppose time will tel.

    You guys happy with available talent for your first team next year?

  235. @BOG: Boet I understand that your school bus branded Grey Bloem was spotted in the Western Cape not tasting wine but busy browsing the talent at Swartland and Drostdy.

    The white Toyota with the OB Reg no: ?

  236. @BOG: Funny how this article lacks in Strauss,Louw,Goosen,De Allende…then again you wouldnt have posted it if it down.Especially after your defence of a highly incompetent Strauss earlier this week.Says a lot about your chracter

  237. @Buddy: That must be about 20 yrs ago, then? That is more or less when they stopped using “OB” registrations, I think. And the 140 yrs before that, they used ox wagons and horses on their recruiting “missions”. A very unique situation. 95% of the scholars are on rugby “bursaries”- even the tennis-, hockey-, soccer-,cricket-, players, athletes, swimmers, all enticed to Bloem by big money. The remaining school fee paying learners must be extremely wealthy?@Playa: I can understand that you too, are probably embarrassed by the state of SA rugby. Given the fact that you would criticise me for an article by John Reason, a highly regarded NZ rugby scribe, rather than respond to the criticism directed at you, at least shows that , for you, its a sensitive matter.( See 394, 400) I did not defend Strauss- I merely said that he cannot be held accountable for all the problems encountered by the team. My predictions of 2-3 yrs ago, for which I was crucified, have become a reality, and understandably, you are pissed off. Classic example of stoning the messenger. How that reflects on my “character”, is beyond me.

  238. @Buddy:
    My crew ran away last night, the lid was put back on the Cappie early.

    House has was it has and that good enough. The boys seem to get stronger and band together when the chips are down. I think that’s all that is needed for a supporter. We understand it’s going to take another 100 years to have a dream team of 2015. As long as the boys are enjoying themselves and having fun?????.
    It’s wonderful to see the development of the kids through the ranks. Starting off with not much and ending with a developed young man.

  239. @Buddy:
    My crew ran away last night, the lid was put back on the Cappie early.

    House has was it has and that’s good enough. The boys seem to get stronger and band together when the chips are down. I think that’s all that is needed for a supporter. We understand it’s going to take another 100 years to have a dream team of 2015. As long as the boys are enjoying themselves and having fun?????.
    It’s wonderful to see the development of the kids through the ranks. Starting off with not much and ending with a developed young man.

  240. @Bush: ??thats what its about.

    Playing the game is supposed to be fun.Could that be the problem with the Boks ?

  241. @Grasshopper: This definitely shows GWs emphasis on the marquee games to the possible detriment of the ” others”. Only 13 games were played against Westville from U16 down as GW were unable to field an U16E and U15E team. GW also only won 30 % of these games. It was actually quite sad seeing the Westville U 16E team playing a mock up game with itself to see some action on a Saturday.
    I also glad that House is rated just above Fochville which is a lovely little town in the Wesrand. :lol:
    Westville will have virtually its entire team back for next year which I am not sure is a good or bad thing :mrgreen: Seriously though there will be extreme experience of the lows in sport and the boys must show character and resolve in 2017. Let the games begin.

  242. @Grasshopper: Congratulations specifically to Paarl Gim (9), Monnas (10) and Helpmekaar College (11), who are the ONLY co-ed schools in the top group of the combined rankings (yes, EG also at 15).

  243. @star: you forget Westville have been taking in huge numbers in the past few years, over 270 in some years. Glenwood usually take in 220 a year. This year was different, around 260. Once this is back up again the teams will come. Also Glenwood demographics are different to Westville, where kids prefer other sports. Westville is a predominantly white suburb, although becoming more Indian, so rugby is the preferred winter sport amongst the avg kids. Rugby isn’t the key focus, look at the recent softball results. Our waterpolo is getting stronger, cricket has been strong for the past few years. Sportsman are concentrating on one sport these days which leads to elitism and fewer teams per sport but more sports. In our day the top sports guys did everything, less so these days. I see Palvie & JJ are top in their athletic events now. Palvie winning shot put & discus in the recent pentangular…

  244. @BOG: Well you only post articles that you agree with, and anyone you consider highly regarded is someone who shares your viewpoints. I read Nick Mallet’s critique and it pointed at a variety of issues – some of which I disagreed with, but I took it as it was well rounded. This one focusses on 3 players of colour, and highlights the race issue – nothing on the 2 journeymen of colour in Beast and Habana :roll:

    Anyway, John uses too much emotive language for me to take this piece as anything more than just a journo playing mind games. His duty here is to get the Bogs of the world to beat their chests with the “I told you so” speech, and to get the Playas all up in arms and throwing their toys. He’s succeeded in getting Bog to do just that, but Playa is not peeved. The Boks are frustrating to watch, but we have seen this picture before…The pre-Kristie era; The Markgraaf-Du Plessis era; The Viljoen-Straeuli era;we are now in the Meyer-Coetzee era – we have had successes in between those eras when we have had the right coach, who picked the right players. This too will also play itself out….so keep calm and support the Boks – or don’t.

  245. @Playa: I think Ox Nche, Warrick Gelant, Marcell Coetzee & Pollard will strengthen the squad when they back..

  246. @BrotherBear: Presuming the top group you refer to is the top 20, you might want to add Drostdy, Outeniqua, Garsfontein and Kingswood to that list of co-eds :mrgreen:

  247. @Playa: Well written Mr.

    Quick Question: Do you guys travel a lot to get quality games in the Eastern Cape and who do you guys consider to be the classic derby on a weekend

  248. @Buddy: Queens and Selborne are our biggest (and oldest) derbies. Those are our annual double headers. Then our other big rivals are St Andrews, Kingswood and Grey PE (which is the furthest we travel).

  249. @Playa: As I said the other day, politics and sport are like addiction. First step to recovery, is acknowledging the problem. You are in denial. John Reason is not only highly regarded as a rugby commentator in Australasia, but throughout the rugby world. He is known for his objectivity and for you to suggest that he is prejudiced, is absurd. That excuse will still be used long into the future. Im sure. In the meantime, have your calculator ready for Saturday.

  250. @Greenman: I am not sure how that is an insult. You know him better than I do. All I was saying is from what I have seen of him, he is a solid tight (lock) forward, but I cant see him as a loosie. I was just seeking clarity on attributes you reckon would justify him to move to no 8.

    @BOG: I didn’t deny anything Oom, and that article is far from being objective. For you to see an article that singles out only 3 players as the root of the Boks’ ills as objective is very concerning – especially one that doesn’t even touch on the issue of Strauss – who you admitted is part of the problem. Well I shouldn’t be surprised.

    The writer says this:”In fact you could make Etzebeth almost the entire South African team at the moment. He has made three try-saving tackles in the previous two games and he has set up two of South Africa’s tries. If you want a guy to straighten the line, bring in two defenders and get the ball out of the tackle, then Etzebeth is your man.”

    Then goes on a rant on just 3 players – and you call that objective????Maybe there’s a different definition of the word objective in the OFS English dictionary.

  251. @Playa: JJ played No8 for a few games in 2015 when he was in grade 10. He certainly has the pace. I think he is about 5th quickest in the team over 60m. So if he did go down to say 110kg he could be an amazing ball carrier. He does seem to like playing very loose and stay away from rucks and mauls, so maybe his natural game is as a loosie. He would be an awesome back of the lineout option…

  252. @Playa: Really. Do you write but cant read. Post 394 states “lmited rugby brain” What does that mean then. Just apologies and move on. Cant believe you want to justify.

  253. @Playa: Fact is that John Reason is objective and for many years, highly regarded in the rugby playing world. No raving or objections from you, will change that. I can understand a rugby writers dilemma when writing about SA rugby. Should they be serious or do it from a humorous angle? Its such a tragedy at the moment, that the latter option is probably the way to go.

  254. @Buddy: No problem if you can get my car back. Was recruiting at GW this morning, went outside car gone. Buddy do the right thing give it back. ???????

  255. @Greenman: Morning Trigger Finger, ease up! It says “M(y) limited rugby brain cannot place him at any of the loose positions”. Sometimes you need to read between the lines, sometimes not, it like that 50/50 call…

  256. I see Bush and BOG dont know which jerseys they want to wear. Just admit deep down you 2 also want to be Hoppers

  257. @Buddy: Now you have run me out. Thanks for jersey, it goes well in the toilets in Khayelitsha. I see someone hacked my Profile once again. Hackers

  258. @Greenman: I meant MY limited rugby brain – typo there – my apologies – I missed the ‘y’…check the lonely ‘m’ after the comma on 394.

  259. @BOG: Even highly regarded, objective writers can write hogwash at times. this is the case for this particular article. My comments were on his particular article, not on his other material. This one is not objective, period.

  260. @Playa: Before Greenman hounds me again, the second sentence should start with a capital letter T, and I missed a ‘t’ in the third sentence, ” This is the case for this particular article. My comments were on this particular article, not on his other material” :mrgreen:

  261. @Buddy: Well someone is hacking my profile, I could never wear a GW jersey as well as talk so much kuk. All in one night. Never. There is a Third Force behind this.

  262. @Bush: Whahahaha. Just spilled my coffee over my desk

    Just do that ” I Love Glenwood ” again and you will feel better, wish I can do that magical trick with the jersey…. :cry:

  263. @McCulleys Workshop: @Playa: Apology accepted. Get blood rush so don’t assume between the lines reading. We good. Finger off the trigger. Trucker, never that pedantic but the kids do come first. Moving on

  264. @Buddy: Then hack my profile again say those lovely words and give my bloody jersey back?????
    Return my car to the place you took it from and I won’t say a word to the cops.

  265. @Bush: Whahahaha, If I had that magical powers I would” Love Michael House” every morning :mrgreen:

    Boet return my GW Jersey and we can talk……

  266. @Playa: Well not really, it’s the wake up call we have been needing since readmission. We have been overrated for years with plenty of luck at times. Our luck has run dry. And just for all the Glenwood haters out there, Glenwood is overrated and can’t run with the big dogs…

  267. @Grasshopper: I was being sarcastic…that comment was for Bog. And I agree with you.There’s this belief that SA all of a sudden the Boks due to politics only started being weak post 95.We fell behind during isolation and this is evident in the 92-94 results.The 70s leading up to isolation in 81 weren’t great either.Go further before the 70s and you will see a serious period of ebb and flow.The 30s and 50s were awesome,with the 60s being incosistent.

    It’s because we had a period where The Curriebeker was the sh1t and manne thought SA was great though they were not competing internationally….little did they know that they were stuck and not evolving…and that lack of evolution is still evident in the game plan(or lack of) we have had for the last 16 years.Barring the 2007 world cup where Eddie Jones helped out.

    Also brings me to a very important point…no one ever cared who the backline coach was till Jones came in.Then he left and no one cared again.Now Stick gets a lot of stick. I don’t recall any criticism of Loubcher during Heynekes term.Strange

  268. @Grasshopper: Glenwood certainly aren’t underrated by my estimation, but they are grossly overrated in yours, that’s the difference. They should have a good 2017.

  269. @Playa: Loubscher was clueless too. We haven’t had a decent coaching team for the past 5 years or more. We really need to wipe the slate clean and start again. Bring in a world class coach whatever it costs and let them pick the assistants etc. Also, ALL Super rugby coaches need to buy into the same gamplan as the Head coach. We have the players (whatever colour they are) and can sort this mess out before the next world cup. Maybe we should give a schoolboy coach a go, couldn’t do any worse than we doing now…..Sean Erasmus?

  270. @Grasshopper: Lol, ok you majored in Economics! If I think they are overrated, the counter of that is I don’t underrate them! I can only speak for myself, but I have never underrated a Glenwood side, however that pales into insignificance in the face of your overwhelming overrating of them! You set them up for failure every year by raising the bar to extreme levels, generally at this time of the year while the banter builds. I’m sure they will be very good next year and maybe land some great scalps, and unlike House last year, I certainly hope they test themselves against all the big guns, to show their mettle. But please don’t project them to the stratosphere!

  271. @McCulleys Workshop: Then when they do lose its all kinds of excuses from the Hopper man. I really hope for the schools sake they do well. After everything the school has been through this year. Let’s get the Buffalo Biltong, the PVR remote for the pause and rewind function, let’s not forget the Cappie and Coke. 2017 come on Baby

  272. @McCulleys Workshop: that is the thing, I purposely don’t hype the team up. It must be other OB’s you know. I promote the school but never claim they going to be all conquering & whip the top sides. In fact I’m usually quite realistic but quietly optimistic. I’m just proud of the boys, nothing wrong with that

  273. Was just working through the comments on one of the other threads and very amazed on how they pouch coaches and kids in Gauteng

    We need to step it up in KZN ???

  274. @Playa: Astonishing to see how many writers are now sharing his views, according to you, “not objective”-period. Perhaps they are the ones being objective? When someone starts singing the praises of Stick as a coach, he has lost all credibility. So when will Zim and Namibia make a comeback?

  275. @Grasshopper: I’d be careful of throwing schoolboy coaches into the net. Some people are just great with kids, and struggle with adults, or rather are able to get a good response from kids, and not so much from adults. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, however to start looking into schoolboy coaches as a grooming area for coaches in the next 5 years or so.

  276. @BOG: Then there’s a huge problem with those many writers if they believe that only 3 players are responsible for the Boks’ dismal performances :roll:

  277. @Playa: I didn’t read the article like the blame lay with 3 players, he just singled out a few and they happened to be of colour. He is a Kiwi so is fully aware about being sensitive to racial issues in a country with a large Maori & Pacific Islander community. It’s a combination of issues, coach lacking ideas, loss of experienced players, young guys making their mark, quotas, SARU lacking strong management….etc etc. Mallet loves to lambast everyone but he has no answers either. Why doesn’t he stop moaning and get stuck in, offer to advise AC. Same with Rob Louw & all the others whining. We need to support these guys as genuinely most of the squad are our best.

  278. @Playa: When the black wave comes in the last quarter of the match, the defensive structures of the bok back line needs to not only stand up but put back. There is not one player ( black or white) that has shown the necessary ability or attitude to do so. That is one reason for the dismal performances and certainly does not mitigate the appointment of Stick but rather exposes it further. Grassy mentions Sean Erasmus. It would be interesting to compare CVs as bringing in Foster and Smith would make the exercise beyond laughable. We have to get beyond our own narratives in order to really understand the challenge ahead.

  279. Here’s a thought a Bok Indaba at a conference centre inviting all the experts to thrash out ideas to put the Boks back where they should be. Come to some sort of consensus and blue print to catch up with the All Blacks.

  280. @Grasshopper: The writer chooses to go the political route – that’s fine – politics in rugby is an issue. My problem is, if you’re going to write an article about the problems with racial selection then do that and be honest about it. Some glaring things from the article in point form:
    – I agree Rohan J v Rensburg should be ahead of de Jongh. He should have been ahead of de Allende in the first place – but this seems to be ok with the writer
    – I am no fan of Mohoje, and I would never have picked him in my squad in the first place, but he has shown up more than Flo has in the last few tests.Yet he goes at him, calling him a disgrace, citing a high tackle and one missed tackle….IN ONE BLODDY TEST against Argentina.
    – The criticsm on Jantjies is fair. He hasn’t stepped up for whatever reason – but can we argue that he was our best available 10 when he was selected? His solution is an injured Pollard.

    My problems:
    – He praises Etzebeth for being the standout player in the team, doing things outside of his job description – but only singles out Mohoje as a weak link.
    – He says the backline is a shambles, then tucks into Elton and de Jongh with a one line after-thought right at the end:
    “Oh, and did I mention that Johan Goosen is dodgy under the high ball and there is no longer a top-class No 9 in the country.”

    No criticism of a disgustingly underperforming Beast. No criticism of a Habana that is clearly way past his sell-by date. Why? If the point was to highlight players of colour that are letting the team down, why leave those two out? I can only speculate, so I’ll leave at that.

  281. My best side with 2nd in brackets;

    1) Kitshoff (Thomas du Toit)
    2) Marx (Mbonambi)
    3) Redlinghuys (Nche)
    4) Etzebeth (Jenkins)
    5) PSDT (RG Synman)
    6) Kriel (Kolisi)
    7) Coetzee (Du Preez)
    8) Whiteley (Notshe)
    9) Faf (?)
    10) Pollard (Lambie)
    11) Skosan (
    12) Van Rensburg (Mapoe)
    13) F Steyn (Vorster)
    14) Combrinck (Sergeal)
    15) Kriel (Gelant)

    Apologies if I mixed the wings up….

  282. @Playa: I do apologise- also on behalf of the majority of rugby writers, all for being wrong. Wrong, meaning that we all disagree with you ?? @McCulleys Workshop: Who says that I dont already live in Durban or environs ?

  283. @BOG: Lol…..jinne ou Bog maar ek sien jou deesdae gereeld in n groen trui. Oefen jy vir vir die Tour de France?

  284. @Andre T: Bog is now family and he just can’t stay away from Glenwood. He now funds our tuck shop Up and Under on a daily basis with is presence :mrgreen:

  285. @BOG: LOL! Oom, I thought you were smarter than that. You surely don’t believe that a majority view is always the correct one, do you? Or does that only apply to views that parallel yours.
    Aargh, it’s Friday, and CT has depressing weather as is let me not go into the dark side.

  286. @Buddy: I think I saw you in GW jersey earlier. What is wrong with you okes exchanging jerseys all the time?

  287. @Andre T: You are correct Mate. I borrowed my GW Jersey to @ Bush last week at a braai and the bugger did not want to return it. Then Yesterday someone stole his Landie with my jersey in it at GW while he was busy recruiting rugby players.

    This morning my Jersey magically appeared on my profile and now gone again.

    Some weird Sh$t going on in KZN Boet….. :evil: :twisted:

  288. @Buddy: I never borrowed your GW jersey nor did I have my Landy stolen. It was a recovery vehicle for the Landy, it was my Toyota.
    Well there has been some funny things happening on the Blog and in KZN. My account gets hacked and someone writes all that kuk, my account gets hacked for the second time and I get given a GW jersey. Then I’m at GW recruiting players for the French Foreign Legion and my Toyota is stolen.
    I think I’m going to move to the UK, Hopper what street do you live in??? Imadoos Rd

  289. @Bush: I think that title would be long to you with your infatuation with trying to piss me off and all things anti Glenwood…balony-trekker deluxe…

  290. @Grasshopper: Come on I love you, you my only friend. Or I’m your only friend. Let’s Roll Something Together. Gravies Beach left handed cigarettes.

  291. @Greenman: Jis Greenman did someone hack your account as well. You dress like a ,,,,,,,, I’m not going to say it. But I like the way you think?????????????

  292. @Bush: D@Bush: Dressed like a gentleman sir. Knew you would not recognize one when you see one. Slip slops P T pant and vest. That you would recognized because it is in the mirror :mrgreen:

  293. @Greenman: I promise not me, I look kuk in a vest. Especially those ones of yours with the holes and its white. I think it’s called a Greenman’s Vest. (Grandpa)

  294. @Andre T: Nee wat, toe ek die groen trui sien, toe weet ek jy en Spear is kort op sy hakke. Ironies, het ek nie veel van n probleem met GW nie- nie dat daar plek by my is vir tweede gunsteling nie.@McCulleys Workshop: You mean for the pufters they now marry?And prey for Sangomas like Player. I see that you can now do a BSc in Witch Craft, but you require a 10% pass in Maths literacy.

  295. @BOG: :lol: :lol: :lol: I saw that article. I take it, it was a renowned & respected writer that wrote that story? The same one that wrote the one about the Department of Home Affairs introducing compulsory DNA tests for newborns? You must have been pi$$ing your pants after that old woman came out saying some farmer from the Free State she worked for 40 years ago fathered her son…you must have had a Bob Hewitt/Bill Cosby moment there, Oom.

  296. I repeat!!

    Greenblooded’s Rugby Blog Theorem:

    The quantity and quality of KAK spoken on the blog is inversely proportional to the time elapsed since the end of SBR season.

    You okes seriously need to get out more.

  297. @Playa: No it happened a lot. Why should it concern me? Not that the DNA would have been a bad idea. Its where some of the biggest fraud take place- “buying” SA parents by illegals for late birth registrations. What the heck, the flood gates are open and its happy hour in SA. No job, no problem. Do what the big induna does- steal, deceive, plunder, devour and consume. Let the few “stupid” ones produce. Which lasts of course, only so long. Then the pillars begin to collapse and eventually even sport- like rugby. And dont we have some excellent examples on this continent?

  298. @Buddy: I reckon Playa is the gay tokoloshe and BOG is the oke lying in that bed. Those eyes belong to a Grey Old Boy. Good Night going to bed, before one of you guys hack my account. ?????. Sleep Lekker

  299. Mission accomplished. Transformed and equality attained in a remarkably short period. The “Springboks” are at last, now on par with Bafunny Bafunny. Had it not been for the ABs having an average game, they could have taken them well below the level of “soccer”. Now for the hockey.

  300. @Playa: The eyes?. Please do, as the last time I saw that look???? Don’t worry about the Tokoloshe, everyone is jealous as he has a massive banana.

  301. @Playa: I find the Broederbond team, allies of the regime, reprehensible. You seem to be struggling with the truth, may I say, and obsessed with colour. And as my multi coloured family shows, I dont see colour. Merit only- players and coaches. Only problem is that they cannot be used as political pawns.

  302. @BOG: Nonsense!You are colour.That ‘I have black friends’ rhetoric may work with your low self esteem black employees and friends,it doesn’t work with me.The first comment you had in the Bok loss was colour based.You see colour,you’re not fooling anyone by bringing up your so called black family.Give us a bit of credit for owning half a brain at least.

    Fact of the matter is that the only team with a chance of beating the All Blacks is their B team.Get over race and get over yourself…for the same of humanity.

  303. @BOG: It’s getting a little bit tired now. Man I hate all the bad kuk against me and my son. But hell we love SA. I’m South African and I love this country, it’s people and its problems.SA has done well considering. Hey my car got stolen, shit happens. Eskom, SAA, SANDF, GW, Internet, GO Pro Connection, Jealousy of Tokoloshe. Man Come on, Eish.

  304. @Playa: You are obviously pissed off with things and believe that denial is the best way to deal with it. Im certainly not trying to impress you with anything- dont fool yourself. You are the one who wants to turn my criticism of the selection policies into a race matter.And you will hardly find a journalist who will support your views.@Bush: Yep, so well, that only a miracle can prevent a credit downgrade. And I wonder how many SAs really fully understand the consequences? But, what the heck, Im sure that the Morgan fellow will console you- but his company will become very expensive with the ZAR at R50+ to the dollar

  305. It’s got nothing to do with race, it’s got all to do with an out of their depth coaching staff. They have been thrown to the wolves. We need a proper proven international coaching group. We have plenty black players who will be there on merit, Gelant, Notshe, Nche, Kolisi, Sergeal, Skosan etc. We have a group of young guys learning the hard way. In 3 years from now under a proper coach we will be back to where we should be. It’s not all doom and gloom. Also this constant praise of the AB’s make them more confident. We need to believe psychologically we can compete, not put them on a pedestal. Next step is to make Whiteley the captain up to the next World Cup. Let him build the confidence….lambasting them doesn’t help.

  306. @BOG: I understand the expense of all that I love. But, where can you buy a Buffalo Bull for 168 million. I’m pissed that my wealth has decreased by 50%. I still choose to live here. Come on all you have is negative stuff. Do you still live in SA?

  307. Hey Guys. Love you all !!!

    We are alive and like they say.”Dis Lekker om te lewe”

    Look at your Family and enjoy ✌✌✌

  308. @Bush: what’s going to sting the most and what I felt the most was the constant protection of the Rand by increasing interest rates. My bond increased by R2000 a month in 6 months, car by R1,000. It’s going to continue to a point where financing anything will cost too much. Your beloved House will be half a bar a year within 5 years. Interest rates in the UK are almost zero %…

  309. @Bush: even Scumbilo will be a 100k a year for day dogs within 5 years, salaries are just not keeping up with this…

  310. @Grasshopper: Truck man, there’s a difference between working and running. I got a D for English. I’m tired going to bed. Sleep tight??????.

  311. @BOG: Do you think Grey rugby has declined?I mean they’ve lost to a 50% black team for two years in a row.They’re still lilly white and Boishaai is the Top team in the country

  312. @Bush: My favourite- the term “negative” . Im afraid that there is no room for the term. An opinion, be it optimism or pessimism, must have an underlying REASON. Without that, you are irrational. In the case of SA, there is unfortunately no rational basis for optimism. I also love my country, but Im seeing it deliberately and systematically being destroyed by a ravenous pack of wolves, and the decline of sport, including rugby, is just a by-product of this plunder.@Playa: You are missing the whole point. I have on numerous occasions explained to you, the quota problems outside of WP, SWD, Boland, EP and Border, obviously to no avail. And how does that record look over a slightly longer period? GCB has experienced 2 yr slumps occasionally for more than a hundred yrs. Dont get too excited too soon. And niceties and EC English, does not hide the fact that you are an apologist for the regime. As elsewhere on this continent, you will have to experience to learn. Quota selection? De Jong, Jantjes,Paige— De Allende (not sure quota for what?) And with that Im not saying that several of the “white”players, should be there.Come to think of it, Im having difficulty in thinking of any player who is there on merit? Which of course, reflects on the coaching staff and selectors. But then of course, the corrupt and incompetent Mbalula is the faceless convener, political commissar and social engineer. Simple, as long as there are “guidelines” for selection, there will be quotas.

  313. @Grasshopper:

    ETF’s are the way to go! Fund managers are expensive – the source of their 7 figure salaries being your investment.

  314. @GreenBlooded: LOL! There are strong arguments for/against both methods. ETFs track the market – in fact they lag the market because you do pay a fee, albeit far less than what you’d pay a fund manager. Whilst you hire a fund manager to beat the market. Cost sensitive investors are better off in ETFs – but you’d need to be a blerry good asset allocator to beat the market if managing it yourself.

  315. @Playa:

    There is heaps of research out there that says that active fund managers do not consistently beat the general market – and one is much better off in low cost index tracking ETF’s. I must admit – I’m very much a disciple of this theory although I will admit I have done my own DD on the process – just believe some of the guru’s I follow.

    But you are correct on one thing – the amateur stock market player is just as well off throwing darts at a stock chart that trying to pick the next market beater. As Warren Buffet famously said: The stock market is a mechanism to transfer money from the impatient to the patient!

  316. @Grasshopper: mmmmmmmmmmm prime went up by 50 basispoints-so your uutstanding bond was roughly r5.5m?

    for somebody that looks like he eats most of his salary-another fabrication?//

  317. @GreenBlooded: Some people run to their GP at the first sign of a cold, while some just head to their nearest pharmacy and get some Corenza & Med Lemon. :mrgreen:

  318. @Grasshopper: Ask him to respond to the away results of GCB, and he is gone like a flash. The jungle has changed , gentlemen. What worked and was reliable last year, may not be so now.

  319. @Playa:

    I’m the med-lemon type of guy! My missus makes a lethal hot-toddy – tastes disgusting but works wonders. To this day I don’t know what she puts in it – and I think I’m better off not knowing!

  320. @boerboel: “pak kry” elke paar jaar, is goed vir die mens, maar jy en jou maatjies moet maar eerder se hoe dit voel om op n meer gereelde grondlag dit te ervaar. Steeds geen kommentaar oor GCB se weg-oorwinnings nie? Nee wat, jy is seker maar nuut daar waar jy is.

  321. @BOG: ja soos almal weet word die grey rekord goed aangehelp deur oldboy refs en coaches wie se girlfriends die lynregters is–korrek deur brendon venter opgesom

    skande vir so skool

  322. @boerboel: Ou Sonstraaltjie, vra vir die skool wat jy steun. Hulle sal dit vir jou bevestig. Al fabrikasie, is jou verstand. Waarvan, sal ek liefs nie hier se nie.Hulle gebruik dan seker “old boys” as refs in Stellenbosch, Pretoria en die Paarl ook. Miskien moet jy vir hulle se om nie so dom te wees nie. Jy is n skande- vir die mensdom, “a walking violation of humanty”.

  323. @Speartackle: The last time we went for a dop, you had some virus from an Umhlanga mommie. Better stick to the Toti babes as you know what you are getting yourself into. :lol:

  324. @GreenBlooded: He is sulking, after they laughed at it in Toti. I believe that he now showers in a speedo after a round of golf. So, be careful not to hurt his feelings. Its a sensitive matter for him. He is now known as the “Pecker” from the West Rand.

  325. My bond increased by R2000 a month in 6 months–another fabrication by the schoolboystalker who was forced to emigrate!!!-interpol probably homing in on his ip adress as we speak

  326. @boerboel: Not lying boet, the interest rates will go up again as the reserve bank try to protect the Rand. I reckon repo will be 10% by the end of 2017. Not forced to emigrate you numskull plonker, it was a choice. In my industry the market in SA is too small, you wouldn’t understand my industry. IP sniffing, easy to do…

  327. @Grasshopper: obviously maths not your strong point

    2014 to now-is that 6 months?

    forgot you went to gw-i will explain slowly 2016 – 2014 in months=…..

  328. @BOG: He is missing the point completely, the point is the Reserve Bank think they clever hiking interest rates to protect the Rand but all it’s doing is making the average man poorer and stunting growth. Once the Nuclear deal goes through and there is a credit downgrade this will go off the scale. You are lucky you probably have your bond & car paid off…

  329. @Grasshopper: An indebted man will be poorer yes.But the unemployed man with a net worth of 0 will have a chance because higher rates attract foreign investment which contribute to growth and job opportunities.Other side of the coin.

  330. @Playa: Agreed, but a credit downgrade would mean capital flight instead of investment…..fingers crossed the recent local election results help avoid that…

  331. @Grasshopper: I have no financial problems. Everything I had, I gave away and my car is 20 yrs old. I have a few T-shirts, shorts, slops, a pair of long trousers and have never been happier. And what I have, I share with all who need.They expect the downgrade in December. I believe the conditions already warrant a downgrade, but the rating agencies have been sympathetic and have held back on the downgrade. But they are all 3 visiting SA in the next 2 months. If not December, next June. And the average SA has no idea what the catastrophic consequences will be. Ill be happier after my daughter has also left SA next year.

  332. @BOG: Well, Jesus is coming soon so you won’t have to live like that for too long…

    I gave my daughter away and have never been happier.

  333. @BOG: We’ve been at “junk” grade before. It makes borrowing more expensive, ironically it makes us an investment destination for those willing to absorb the risk, and there are plenty of those. Right now the betting is a 30% chance of a downgrade.

    @Grasshopper: Reserve bank is not protecting the rand, they’re fighting inflation by raising rates and making borrowing more expensive. You’re right that it hampers growth, but they’re not doing it to protect the rand.

    I don’t expect Zuma to make it to the next general election. His support base is being eroded by the day. Just him going will bring the rand back. Did you see what just the SCA ruling on Motsoaneng did in the last few days.

  334. @Gungets Tuft: ever the optimist, glad there are a few out there. Point is raising interest rates does protect the currency. I still don’t see a good future for the universities and a very tough time for semi gov schools…

  335. @Grasshopper: I remember you bleating like a stuffed pig when I outrageously mentioned your favorite Rene Zelwiger, the next up and coming flyhalf…

  336. @McCulleys Workshop: When the downgrade comes, you will be giving away a lot more than what you anticipate. If Jesus comes, and prophetically, there is not a single reason why He cannot come at any moment, Im ready. Are you and the hyhena barking after you, ready?Or has he enrolled for a BSc in witchcraft yet? He better hurry because as things are going now, there might not be a campus left by next yr.@Gungets Tuft: Im afraid that you have got it wrong. If the country is downgraded, international fund managers, do not have an option, but to protect investors, they are by law, compelled to divest. We will then see the biggest flight of capital that this country has ever seen with all the catastrophic consequences that go with it. The IMF will probably get involved with very bitter medicine and it takes about 11/12 yrs on average to recover, IF the right things are then done, but given the SA “situation” of demands/expectations, that would almost be impossible. SA has never been in a downgrade (to trash). RW Johnson- google him, gives you his reasons why SA has less than 2 yrs(and that was almost a yr ago). Listen to his scenario.

  337. @Grasshopper: You won’t be alone. I think the whole of SA will be rolling polony with you, when SA’s greatest Fly Half is back on the field.

  338. @BOG: Not officially (as SA was cut out of anything ‘international’ at the time)…but has experienced the effects of a downgrade…you would remember in 1983, when the government abolished the financial rand exchange rate system and key international banks refused to renew credit lines for South Africa, which forced the temporary closure of the foreign-exchange market in the country. By 1985 the R/$ the exchange ran to 2.23 (from being 0.87 in 1974), and the repo rate sky rocketed to the 20 somethings. You would of course remember the chaos that came with that – and that was only reversed by a change in political outlook – which I think was GT’s point.

  339. @Buddy: Definitely time for Lambie. Jantjies has been disappointing – too many crucial mistakes & he’s playing in a game plan (if you can call it that) that doesn’t suit him. I’d still put him on the bench, and only introduce him if (when) the Boks have a healthy lead and have momentum. We also need a proper 12….I’m thinking Rohan deserves a chance!

  340. @Playa: Im glad that you have taken a break from having fun on some or other campus and dancing on desks. I can only laugh at your comment, “exchange ran to 2.23(from being 0.87 in 1974” and the repo rate “sky rocketed to 20 something”. Further, “the chaos came that was only reversed—” What would we not do to have that “chaos” and exchange rates back? Not to mention the chaos we now have and the destruction along with it. Their decision was purely political and not economic and still, SA was not at “trash” status. Currently, SA is at “Junk” on economic merit and fully justified. I think that you should rather consider drama, rather than a BSc in witchcraft.

  341. Frans Steyn is a must to shore up the midfield. It’s like a sieve at the moment. I liked Harold Foster a few years back…

  342. @BOG: Amazing! You looked past the whole decline and just saw a small number, and your feeling is “What would we not do to have that “chaos” and exchange rates back?”…I think you give your intelligence too much credit.

    Some perspective – the Rand was introduced in 1961 at R2 to the pound…as a result it was 0.72 to the $

    1961 – 0.72
    1974 – 0.87

    That is a very good stat!!! People who lived through that are the only ones who can rightly say “What would we not do to have that “chaos” and exchange rates back?”

    1974 – 0.87
    1985 – 2.23

    Depreciation of 156%

    This, by any sane man’s standards is trucken kaaak period! But to Bog, this is OK.

    1985 – 2.23
    1994 – 3.55
    1999 – 6.11

    Enter Argentinian crisis and World Trade Center bombings

    2001 – 13.84
    2016 – 13.99 (Yesterday’s close)

    15 years…depreciation = 1.08%

    Off I go to go register for a BSc in Witchcraft so I can spend my days dancing on desks and throwing stones at the police!!!

  343. @BOG: Hahahaha! I am stating facts Oom – I thought that was what you prefer dealing with.But ja, I’ve known you long enough to know that the only ‘facts’ you agree with are the ones that support your rhetoric. The rest to you is spin and blah blah blah….back to rugby, I agree

    I am halfway through the Jammie stairs, all ready to do my monkey dance on tables.

  344. @Playa: Just hope that you have waited- for maximum effect and disruption, to dance where fellow students are writing tests and not an empty room. And of course with the SABC on standby. Any glass still not broken? Goodness, what would we not give for a 156% depreciation to an exchange rate of $1=R2.23, nogal? Or .87 ZAR to the $ ??

  345. @BOG: More perspective…I don’t suppose you took the time to calculate that R2.23 in 1985 is worth R28.90 in today’s money…
    But hey, all’s well in BOG’s world…excellent…let me not interfere with a ‘head OUT OF the sand’ moment

    Unfortunately, all academic activity is suspended at UCT. So we’re dancing in empty lecture theatres.

  346. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. Winston S Churchill

  347. @Playa: Lets not forget that SAs growth rate in 1965 was 7.9 %. I wonder what it would be “at todays” %? You need to be re-deployed to Gordhams office, for “some magical” spinning.He needs you- desperately.@AbsolutMenlo: What Winston did not take into account, is that there are underlying REASONS for a view. If one is optimistic and contradicted by the realities, one is irrational and not optimistic. And vice versa too, of course.

  348. FFS……when is this ever gonna stop??????

    We have a few breathing encyclopedias here

  349. @BOG: Oom, you really need to grow up. And that is said with the most respect. I did not spin anything, I have only stated facts. I have not once tried to defend or attack anything, just provided stats and facts. It is you who is trying to spin facts to fit your own perceptions – that is fine, and as I said…do you boo.

    I will not be dragged into the growth discussion – we have had his ad nauseum in the last 2 years – and it is clear that your thick-headedness, gives you the inability to give any bit of thought to anything that disturbs your perception.

    I suggest you scrutinise your own advice to @AbsoluteMenlo – I know it’s too much to ask. And with that, I leave this topic.

  350. @Grasshopper: I know of course that the pain is setting in. Much of what is happening in SA, is simply not sustainable, but a deployed cadre is trying to make the hunchback of Notre Dame,look like Cinderella.@Playa: Of course you are spinning- yourself into confusion. Bottom line is this. Back then, the ZAR was substantially stronger against a substantially stronger USD. Today, the ZAR is substantially weaker against a substantially weaker USD. And I do happen to agree with almost all independent economists, inside and outside of SA.

  351. @BOG: There! My point exactly – I never disputed that the rand has weakened. I am the one who showed you the figures that show that it has. You are the one who has been opinionating all day here. All I did was illustrate (through factual figures) that the decline of the rand began a long time, and was substantial then. I stated a fact of a decline from 74 to 85 – you justify it with an opinion of “it was better then”, and that “2.23 is better that 13.99”.I did not counter that, it may have been better for you, sure…who am I to say it wasn’t? If going from being ‘paid’ by the US to buy a 1974 Ford Cortina to buying one at 1.5 times more in 1985 was better for you – well, as the old Nandos ad goes…You’ve been having it! Good for you.

  352. @Playa: No, I was talking to someone else when you joined the conversation. And you showed me nothing. In all modesty, as the saying goes- what I have forgotten, you must still learn. Stop being an apologist for a cancerous system which is destroying the country, as we watch running gun battles at Wits. And that concludes my discussion with you.

  353. @Playa: Must say that I enjoyed Morne Steyn and he made a difference spreading the ball.Then Hougie in my opinion played a solid game and looked for the extra work on the field. If our couch needs experience perhaps that would bring it to the team at 9 and 10???


  354. @BOG: You have serious fathoming issues. I hope to never hear ou utter the phrase about “pure proven facts”. I deliberately stayed away from my own opinions today (some of which may surprise you) and you failed, dismally. You conclude by saying I am apologetic of a cancerous system, when I have made no mention of any system, old or new in any post. Good, I am happy to walk away from this – it has achieved what I set out to achieve.

    I see Buddy has a rugby related post :mrgreen:

  355. @Buddy: Eish…Morne Steyn…it’s my view that it’s time we let go off him. Same with Frans Steyn (from Hopper’s post earlier). I think part of why we struggle with depth is that we tend to hold on for too long to players who may have gone past their prime. Hougie should be ‘benching’ at 9. Yeah Faf has been a bit bitter on the mouth lately, and maybe with Lambie back in the squad, it would be a good idea to start Hougie at 9 and Lambie at 10 to get things going. A player like Hall should be in the set-up somewhere as future 9 because Hougie hasn’t got much time left.

  356. @Playa: You achieved absolutely nothing. Have you heard the term, self deception? That is part of your problem- you live in a fools paradise. Stop defending an oppressive system, even subtly- it is destroying the country.

  357. @Playa: Agree just feels like we need a bit more experience in the team but like they say “Different strokes for different okes “??

  358. @BOG: I never did. Quote me on just one occasion where I did? On any thread since I joined this blog 4 years ago. Ask Beet to help you. But heck, you aren’t good at answering questions or providing proof – no point in asking that is there? To your old forgetful self…grow the truck up please.

  359. @GreenBlooded: If ever your jersey ended up being an Umtata High jersey…just know who it is :mrgreen:

    @Buddy: Experience has a part to play, but as a new coach you need to build towards something. Jake’s record was appalling leading up to the 2007 WC for example, but he could explain his way through because he had a vision which succeeded. If Toetie’s role is to build anything, then he needs to let go off some old dogs. Habana will probably retire end of 2016, Strauss (I don’t know why he still picks him) has said he’s done, so why pick them? We need experience that has at least 1 more season in them together with youngsters who have 10 more. Otherwise why do we have an under 21 side? Why have a performing Lions side when we cant pick the 8,9,10,12,13 combination to start for the Boks?Why do we still keep Jesse Kriel away from 15?Those are the questions. Build on that for 2019 Alistair, I dare you.

  360. Listening to you two(BOGPLAYA) is like watching paint dry! Oh Thx @Buddy for that glimpse of rugby!

  361. @BOG: South Africa was rated junk from 1994 till about 1999.

    RW Johnson wrote that in June 2015, so we’ve got 8 months to go. Chat in June next year.

    I don’t argue with people who ignore the rules of rational debate. Your rule breaks are assumption, generalization (assume Playa is black, therefore he burns libraries) and ad hominem attack. Unless you’re willing to debate properly.

    We can chat after the next school rugby season.

  362. @Playa…reminds me of the eternal optimist!..thats not you by the way, yet like him, you never disappoint.
    Uzokwaziswa supprized kanjani umdwebo okuphumuzayo kungaba!

  363. @Skopgraaf243: LOL! Optimists have their flaws. I am one of them. Pessimists tend to not admit their flaws because they believe they are right. And it’s ok to generalise – that’s what irks me. But I’ll accept their views as theirs – which irks them as they believe their views should be universal. Tight spot

    P.S. Did anyone tell Hopper that inflation is down to 5.9%? I’m not a believer, but I’m led to think that if that figure was 10% and Discovery announced their increase, him and BOG would be popping bottles of Moet right now. Shucks no, what I’ve just said is in support of the current cancerous regime, so let me go to bed before I get the secret service knocking at my door

  364. @Playa: Or you wake up and you Morne Steyn. Or Buddy has hacked your account and says something funny to BOG??????

  365. funny when you tired. You were probably just easy to defend as a pradictable runner :-P no generalised comments. Just you!

    Isnt it a bottle of Brut they will be popping? :mrgreen:

  366. @Playa: Im an old dog and knows when support is given, however subtle. And that goes beyond just these comments.@Skopgraaf243: We have to compete with those never ending debates you have in Pretoria about whose is the longest, X,Y or Z?@Gungets Tuft: SA was not rated “Junk” by the 3 international rating agencies, S&P, Fitch and Moodys. The country may have had an unfavourable rating at the time, but it was not “junk”. Had it been so, hardly any investments would have come into the country. International fund managers are prohibited from investing in countries which have a “junk” rating. And really, if you take my comments about Player dancing on desks and throwing stones seriously, you really dont deserve a response. Even he knows that those comments were made in jest and while I know he supports the regime, I also know that he is an upright and law abiding citizen. Its not just RW Johnson. It is almost ALL the credible independent commentators.

  367. @Playa: Dale vs Muir fixture is on for next year it will start as a home fixture for Muir.

    See I do something besides sleep.

  368. @BOG…new low for you, no supprize here!
    …and no my cooler doesn’t have that ruler on the lid, like the one’s in Freestate! Not that you’ d need it, ’cause your compensating clearly shows me I’m dealing with that teeny tiny sindrome!

    You see whats happening above, politics, mudslinging, no value conversation s. Normally I would avoid this, but for you I shall make an acception!.
    You make reference with your rooinek buddy who also chose to fled cause could’nt make the African cut! Supposedly head in the sand, well pull your finger out your arse and add some value chum! Your armchair ideas, sometimes based on facts and live commentating of bad news and misfortune is uncalled for. Well certainly not for this blog anyway!
    Personally I think ur a f….idiot!

  369. Jrrrrrrrrre. It’s going to be a looooooonnnnnngggggg off-season. I vote Beet shuts down the blog until Jan next year.

  370. @GreenBlooded: No Hotties, I suggest you take a drive down to Toti and let Andre T show you a few hot properties. And yes it was a big secret but he has also joined me now down here. I was struggling a bit with my swimming for the World Veteran’s Iron Man competition early next year in Guatamala City and he is helping me a little with the butterfly stroke.

  371. @Speartackle: Yes thank you Spear I didn’t actually want people to know that but since you have been such an inspiration and a marketing wizard,I’ll forgive you.

  372. After reading this thread I must admit that I support BOG on this. He sounds well informed and his arguments very conclusive. To all the others – if you wear blinkers, you’ll keep on pulling the cart towards nowhere slowly.

  373. @Green Mamba: We all know there are problems but this is a School Boy Rugby Blog … do you honestly think the AbsolutPesimist is inspiring our school boys with his constant negative bad attitude…..!? The opposite will make a difference in this great country!

  374. @AbsolutMenlo: Hey Mr Menlo. You must watch out your car will disappear if you chirp these okes. The Trucker and his Evil twin don’t take any kind of crap….. :twisted: :twisted:

    If they can’t sort out the problem Mr Spear will take you to go and wrestle a Tiger shark while we all enjoy a cold one from the Thirsty Wale’s deck :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    We are watching you Boet….. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  375. Boggie and his comments on SA and the economy is typical of someone who could not even use his pre 94 advantageous position to find financial wellbeing-he has now given up(20 year old car-slops and 2 pair of jeans) and blames the system for his failures

    all he has to hang onto is that he apparently went to gcb


  376. @Queenian: That’s wonderful! I’d love to be there – if only to hear who does the “Amadoda” war cry better.
    Is there a date set yet?

  377. “ever heard of a company transfer?” Yes I have! …I suppose the problems of SA edged that decision for you right there!
    “Houtkop rock spider!”…I can have you extradited for comments like that, I would watch my back if I was you!
    ….by the way, I think its called a “Koraal spinnekop”, but you can call me Corporal!

  378. @Grasshopper: 673 comments:
    I haven’t had time to read through all the comments but I have started at the bottom and saw your comments. I suggest you get it deleted. I know who have been called rock spiders in the past but the other word used is in extremely bad taste

  379. Anyone that wants to talk Rugby ???????????????????????????????????

    Leave Mr Hopper he is just hopping along…….. :-?

  380. @BuffelsCM: Apologies, didn’t mean to offend, domkop would have been better. Ek krap met n kort stokkie aan n groot leeu se bal….

  381. @Grasshopper…the old foe of justifying ones actions!

    @Buddy…ou pel! Jip enough with BS.

    Whats happening the weekend with 7’s?
    Any predictions?

  382. @Grasshopper: You cannot equate h**tkop with rooinek especially in the context of the history of this country. No double standards whatsoever. If that is your belief it is probably better for you to stay in the UK.

  383. @Grasshopper: Well Done Hopper, your true feelings came out. Must be from that great EDUCATION you received from that great school. Mmmmmmmm House 2….3….. Good luck.

  384. @Bush: it is not just the lack of common sense but the audacity to think it is okay to use that term. I am still in shock

  385. @Bwana: He’s such a ………….., that racist animal has been sitting inside him waiting to jump out. I have no time for him or his bias comments.

  386. @Bush: It was a misuse of the term, remember I am a rooinek, but hey ho if that is what you think then so be it. Your opinions mean nothing to me. I was meaning to use the Afikaans equivalent of imbecile, cretin or moron. I certainly am not racist at all I just want equality. Quotas = racism, simple as…

  387. @Bush: You’ve never met me, so not sure how you can judge a person like that. What we say on here is banter and said in jest. But if you take what we say on here as reflections or our real selves then I did underestimate your stupidity. I only realised the term was derogatory after I wrote it.

  388. @Grasshopper: Just shut up. To get the racist term confused with the afrikaans word for imbecile highlights your lack of intelligence. Just please stop you are making it worse for yourself

  389. @Playa: That old chestnut, why would I lie. I don’t have any close black friends, but my daughter does here in the UK and in SA, her and Yinhla still whatsapp message each other. I don’t care about race, religion etc just about being treated fairly and intelligence. But if the lynch mob want to continue then let them. It’s like the term umlungu, which I know is derogatory and I have been called many times, but it’s water off a ducks back…

  390. @Grasshopper: See you are a racist, you discriminate a person education, their school, their personality, their social being. Face the fact you a racist. I don’t pity you at all. Scumbilo racist. I would never want to get to know you in any event.

  391. @Green Mamba: Exactly and if old Bushy boy knew me he would know I’m not a racist. But hey ho, what does his opinion mean in the bigger scheme of things, niks nadda nothing….

  392. @Grasshopper: With reference to mlungu, of which I too have been called on numerous occassions, the term does not have the same political and historical baggage as h**tkop. As the Nguni languages (i.e. Xhosa and Zulu as well as Shangaan) are very descriptive languages, it originated as a description of the European settlers. I stand to be corrected but its correct meaning is that of “white froth from the sea”. Interesting but in Zim it is murungu and in Zambia mazungu. Sorry Grasshopper but the weight of history is against you

  393. @Bush: Elitist & silverspoonist? Judging people on the school they came from, Schoolist? Everybody makes judgements on people they wish to affiliate themselves with, be it on hobbies, sports, common interests. So maybe we should have hobbiests, sportists, areaist’s….etc etc…..

  394. @Bwana: Almost there. The reference is to the white foam of the waves – in relation to how white people ended up in Africa – by ship. Umlungu is therefore ‘the man born off the wave’. Because of their skin colour, it made sense to them that they came out of the white foam.

    Contrary to belief that it is a racist/derogatory word, black people have grown to use the word to refer to a ‘master’/’boss’. And blacks even refer to other blacks who are doing well financially, as ‘umlungu’. Never in my life have I encountered a person who has used that word to offend – in fact I was hugely surprised when someone on this blog got offended a few years back.

  395. @Playa: Just stopped on the side of the road for a piss, on my way to Kokstad. Holding my gun in on hand and my firearm in the other. My thoughts are to write this, Playa you a champ. Through out these threads you have been insulted and challenged. Not once have you said or acted untoward. If you are the future of SA then we are in great hands. Stuff the runners and they know who they are. Viva SA Viva Viva Playa Viva????????

  396. As I rode into town
    With my gun in my hand
    For somebody must die
    for the death of my wife

    Chorus…….cause I did what I did for Maria……..
    repeat twice….

  397. @Bwana:

    Batsadi ba BOG ba dula mo polaseng, Tate wa BOG ke molemi. O lema tshemo le trekere Letstatse le lengwe makau a polase, o dira botswerere.

  398. @Playa:

    Bana ba sekolo…bana ba sekolo
    tlang sekolong…tlang sekolong
    tshipe e a bitsa….tshipe e a bitsa
    di tu tong…di to tong

    Vader Jakob in Northern Sotho

  399. @QC86: And here I was trying to protect your identity :lol: :lol: :lol:

    How you doing?

    I’m going to be in King on the 28th October, I’ll pop into the shop for some biltong and chops…Hope you’ll be around…I promise I wont call you ‘that’, ever! :mrgreen:

  400. @Playa: all good thanks,will be good to see you.i am following the blog closely but don’t wont to get involved with all this crap.
    Biltong will be on the house choem.

  401. @Grasshopper: I am sure you have better things to do with your time than to spend it digging up bad news about SA. It’s not your problem anymore, let us who are still here deal with it. Some of us were not born with dual citizenship, so this country is all we have. You chose to move, so do just that. If keeping our heads in the sand is what keeps us going…so be it.

    The irony here is how you spend a large part of your time on the blog defending the try line for Glenwood when the haters come launching – even at times when the school is in the wrong. One would think that you of all people would know better. SA is my Glenwood, and not amount of ex-pat hate will change that.

  402. @Grasshopper: Thanks for the rare racist remark once again. Hope you sleep Lekker at night and not with one eye open. That been your brown eye. Whatever you post on here is not going to change the way I feel about my country. Get lost you racist.

  403. @Playa: With tears in my eyes I sincerely applaud your strength of character and level headedness….. I would have lost my day job months ago if I was involved in some of the conversations you have been in….. then you throw in Latin as well marvelous show off you are…… Well done chap you are top class….. me I am a fan of yours.

    And whichever one of our friends is studying that fabled Bsc. Witchcraft do finish I need to consult for next season :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    On a side note you would think this blog is angry Tinder with some of the antics that carry on here…..

    I am off again will be back in month to make in another month to make my one comment a month so that I do not forget my password…. Can I ask a dumb question how does one change their password need to improve the strength of mine seeing how people hack accounts lately.

    @Buddy: Please teach the trick of changing your avatar at will need to change mine to a normal Jeppe jersey as I never had the honour of wearing the 1st XV jersey when I was there. I should not give one to myself after school.

  404. @Playa: I don’t dig it up, it’s in general news and on my Facebook newsfeed. I’m not trying to find bad news. Good news today about Interest rates holding & upping growth expectations. What Bush doesn’t realize is that my blood is green, green for SA and that can never be changed. I love SA and my family are still there so I want it to succeed. But like the Varsity riots I cannot trust the education system will be good when my 4 & 1 year olds reach high school, so it’s better to make the move early for their sake. Do you think I like the weather & travel here, no! But parents do everything for their kids, this is my sacrifice. Bush can call me a traitor, a runner whatever but I will always back Glenwood, the Boks & SA until I die. I made one emotional remark because I was called a rooinek, it was the wrong use of the term and now I’m the baddy. Anyway, Beet and other old timer bloggers who know me and met me know who I am, that is all that counts..

  405. @Bush: I don’t care what you call me, you just a troll. The dude that kicked this off was Skopgraaf423 calling me a rooinek….

  406. Grasshopper…I really cant see why you got worked up over being called a rooinek! Atleast its derived from when the British hit the shores of africa their light skin got sunburned under african sun, hence rooinek! Last I checked ur a Brit with ur passport. So where was I wrong?
    I even felt bad on your behalf.
    On the contrary you went all rogue! Open your bag of sorry’s and move on! I have, put it behind you, and move on! 8)

  407. Whahahaha you guys still busy with the Hopper???

    Still can’t put my Glenwood jersey on??

    Spear where are you boet.Sitting on the deck in the rain on my own ????

  408. @Grasshopper: But in your ignorant manner you used the term h**top. As I have said that has more baggage and bad connotations than rooinek. As our esteemed Dalian intimated, SA is our valhalla and those of us left here are trying to turn around and make this country fulfil its potential. Best you keep your bigoted racist mouth shut, we do not need your negativity to weigh us down

  409. @Bwana: As I said I misused the term, I translated it literally as wood head. I saw that clip and thought it meant dumbass. Anyway, take it as you like it….it wasn’t meant in a racist way. I have been blogging for over 5 years and never been racist.

  410. @Grasshopper: Quit while you’re ahead. Oh, wait …

    Seriously, you’re toung enough to claim ignorance, sort of, because a so oke translation would have revealed the difference between calling someone a wooden headed idiot (as described bigots that never made it out of Venterdorp), and a description of somewhat spend 20 minutes moving from translucent to visible from space. Of course the direct translation to English is Redneck, characterized by having no branches on their family tree.

    You’re followming a well
    Worn path set by expats, doing enough googling to justify a decision to leave . All good, except South Africans mostly just letnitnwash on by.!rightntounare …

  411. @Skopgraaf243: Very typical. One of those who think that their crap is more intellectual than the crap of others. One of those who are hyper sensitive to the truth- who prefer the head-in-the-sand position, hoping that no one would remind them of the realities and the truth. Surprize !! There are many who wont and never will stop talking about the social injustices. And that also applies to the injustices in sport/rugby. So, talking about these issues on a rugby blog, is very relevant. Generally, I see that the play school has been on an outing- a free-for-all. Enjoy yourselves. @Grasshopper: I have referred to this article many times, but go and read it again with all the crap that has been said here. Their condition is analyzed perfectly and the best way to respond, is to leave them in their stupor. They have blocked out all realities and no matter what you say. it does not penetrate. The article :
    The well known writer, Al J Venter,originally SA , who has been traveling the world, particularly Africa, visiting hot spots, since the 1960s, summed up Africa, very nicely, with these few words: “With time, Africas eternal shortages, monumental mismanagement, corruption, fierce dissolution and tens of thousands of dying children sort of become repetitive”. The faces change, but the area remains the same. The “opinions” expressed above, however misguided and ill informed, with one or two exceptions, are captured in this article and brief statement. Only the eventual realities, as history has repeatedly shown, will, even might wake them up. So, dont disturb their “peace”- they are in “lala-land”

  412. @BOG: Then just leave us alone. Let us be with our heads in the sand, in Lala-land. Hopper and you have made your choices well done. Leave us stayers alone. I’m happy here in SA, if my kids must leave then they must leave. They have their freedom, freedom of choice. BOG this blogging is getting irritating, one thing that was drummed into me by Afrikaans instructors while in the SADF not the NEW SANDF, was politics, religion and alcohol don’t mix. So rather just stay on the one liter brandy and 500ml buddy. Leave the rest alone.

  413. @Gungets Tuft: you talk as if I’m a wet behind the ears lighty. I’ve lived in 6 countries & 20 years out of school, im no idiot. I used to respect your opinions knowing you know people I do but I’m starting to doubt them now. I mean a young man & friend of mine killed in cold blood a few weeks ago, the Isandlwana guide, varsity riots etc I mean come on boet, does it have to happen to you or someone close to you to see it. You are lucky your kids are through the education system. Put yourself in my shoes with a 4 & 1 year old. Leaving SA was a huge decision as its my country & I love it BUT things have got out of hand. I lived in the UK 10 years to return to SA for 4 years to see for myself. I’ve seen now and its future looks bleak. Cost of living is out of control. Earning a bar isn’t a enough these days if you want medical aid, life insurance etc which are must haves there with a family. I know some people don’t have options so they will defend SA with all their hearts. All the ‘it’s another Kak day in Africa’ pics on Facebook. But even my hardened devout Saffa friends are considering leaving. Queues of Saffas are applying for jobs here, black & white, so it’s not a race thing. My biggest hope is for the majority to finally have enough and vote DA or another opposition. But realistically that is going to take another 20 years. Can I afford to live through that mess with young kids, no. People with no debt have a chance if they plan properly and I’m guessing that’s you, house almost paid off etc. Zuma has caused enough rubbish, he needs to go. I tried to live with my head in the sand and let it wash over but when close friends and family are hijacked, attacked & robbed it gets too close to home for me. Cry the beloved country….

  414. Ahoyi this old country of mine has no more hope. We all know it and there is what the buffer we can do about it.

    I couldn’t leave the country so I emigrated here to The Republic of Natal. Will spend my last 10 years here sitting on my balcony or at Thirsty Whale watching the dolphins in this magnificent Indian Ocean. In the distance I’ll see freightliners carrying whatever….guns, drugs, who cares

    On Monday nights I watch CSI, Tuesday afternoons I play tennis, Wednesdays I play golf and watch Cape Town at 20h50. Thursday night I fondle women at Lords and Legends, inbetween I help Andre T selling a few houses but fortunately I have weekends off

    What more do I want? Thursdays in the South Coast Sun I read how many hijackings and assaults there were in Toti and surrounds. Every day between 4 and 6 I see drug deals going down right in front of my unit on the promenade. I see white guys with Cashmere suits pomping prossies on the dunes or in the car park behind me.

    It has all become so “usual”….actually boring if 1 day passes without an ‘incident’

    So yes my brothers….This is Africa…..and Africa it will always be

    It is in our blood …..same with…..You can take me out of the West Rand but you’ll never get the West Rand out of me………….

    Lets see what today brings

    Maybe I should continue with my West Rand Diary again…..I’ll call it now The South of Durban Diary

  415. @Speartackle: yep, it’s sounds great. Just like my parents in law in St Francis Bay living in their bubble. Day starts with a walk or paddle, then shops for food & dop, then lunch on the balcony, walk on the beach & then time to get vrot. Every day like Groundhog Day. The difference is stage of life, at 60 plus it can become I did this and I did that, like you say. You can be selfish. But at my stage there is no I, it’s all about the kids & their future. I’ll get to my I stage with time, hopefully not too quickly as I’m enjoying watching the kids grow. Everyone has choices and differing reasons. What irritates me are the ones that judge you for your decisions. They should support your decisions. Old Bush thinks I’m running away to the contrary it’s seeking better equal opportunities for my kids…

  416. @Grasshopper: It is solely used in a racist way, you are making this worse for yourself Alan Sparrow. Surely as a so-called educated South African you should have known its racial undertones. Unless you had your head in the sand pre-1994. As my fellow OC Gungets has said, best you just quit whilst you are ahead. You are, in your own words, a dumbass. It would seem that you are not ignorant but just dumb. Intelligence is not solely measured by your Economics degree.