EG Jansen lining up an (Ap)Riller month in 2017

Grapevine news broke this week that EG Jansen would replace fellow Valke school Kempton Park in the Noord-Suid tournament for 2017. Jansies rugby has been on an upward curve for a number of seasons now and the presence of the Beeld 2016 finalists at Noord-Suid is going to enhance the status of the young festival which has already made a headline name for itself and set itself apart from others for a number of beneficial reasons including 2nd XV rugby.

EG will join Garsfontein, Waterkloof and the improving Menlopark in the Noord’s bid to overhaul the powerful Western Cape “Suid” teams spearheaded by national powerhouse Paarl Gymnasium and ably supported highly rated rugby schools Boland Landbou and Outeniqua as well as the up-and-coming Stellenberg. The tournament will be played at Waterkloof Hoërskool in Pretoria and will probably take place towards the start of the Easter Holidays in April 2017, although all of this is yet to be confirmed.

If EG Jansen fulfil their other festival commitments it will be a massive April month for them given that they have become a permanent fixture at the Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival (13,15,17 April) as well as at the prestigious Wildeklawer SuperSkole Festival (possibly 29 April/01 May).



  1. Good that EGJ will be playing at this tournament but they will have to let go of some other commitments then. Too much rugby over this period. Also I prefer a festival where two games are played over few days than 3 games in 5 days.

  2. So what happened to the story I read on another blog that certain Cape schools will not play Garsfontein next year or was is just rumours?

  3. @jakes: Haven’t seen the rumour. Only Paarlgym and Stellenberg played them this year…can’t imagine one of them not wanting to play Garsfontein next year. Details?

  4. IMO EG Jansen definitely deserves the opportunity to play in Noord-Suid.

    @jakes: As you probably know the value of Noord-Suid is the fact the teams play 2 matches with a 2 day break between matches. The other big plus is the fact that B teams play as well. Therefore schools are allowed to take 37 players (as opposed to 22 / 23 at tournaments where only the 1st XV play) which definitely helps in building depth at a higher level.

    @jakes: I am no decision maker in that regard but I haven’t heard anything about those rumours. BTW Outeniqua played against Garsfontein at Noord-Suid as well.
    Besides it will be great to play against the winners of the Beeld Trofee

  5. @AbsolutMenlo: Ek ook nie deel van besluit neming span en ook nie bewus van die feit dat EGJ commit het om in N & S toernooi deel te neem , die rede soos Beet bo verduidelik het , ons het nie die getalle as backup indien daar beserings sou wees , solank die bestuur net vroegtydig die manne wat die N&S relings tref inkennis stel. My opinion Kearsney en Wildeklaver is genoeg rugby en geleenthede vir seuns op hul merk te maak.
    @Bolandlandbou : nice bemarkings videos wat jy my gestuur het :lol:

  6. @jakes: That was a false rmour spreaded by a Nelspruit blogger and when he was caught out he said he just wanted to stir. So no truth. Garsies played 3 Cape schools this year. Don’t know who the N-S opposition will be in 2017.

  7. @Djou: Dit wil voorkom dat dit toe nie n stront storie was , ons hoof en die manne oorweeg regtig die Noord Suid , ek kan dit nie glo , hoop maar hul gaan nie voort met die idee , dit sal EG dalk kos vir die res van 2017 jaar :roll: , maar bygese wat weet ek :?:


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