Virsekerbeker Bowl 2022

Sat.14May Wesvalia Alberton
Sat.14May Secunda Centurion
Sat.14May Dr Malan Potch VS
Sat.21May Pietersburg Dr Malan
Sat.21May Die Anker Alberton
Sat.21May Centurion Wesvalia
Sat.21May Potch VS Secunda
Sat.28May Centurion Alberton
Sat.28May Die Anker Dr Malan
Sat.28May Secunda Pietersburg
Sat.04Jun Alberton Dr Malan
Sat.04Jun Potch VS Pietersburg
Sat.11Jun Wesvalia Potch VS
Sat.11Jun Die Anker Pietersburg
Thu.23Jun Alberton Potch VS
Thu.23Jun Wesvalia Secunda
Thu.23Jun Centurion Die Anker
Thu.30Jun Secunda Die Anker
Thu.30Jun Pietersburg Wesvalia
Thu.30Jun Dr Malan Centurion
Sat.06Aug Alberton Pietersburg
Sat.06Aug Potch VS Centurion
Sat.06Aug Wesvalia Die Anker
Sat.06Aug Secunda Dr Malan
Sat.13Aug Alberton Secunda
Sat.13Aug Pietersburg Centurion
Sat.13Aug Die Anker Potch VS
Sat.13Aug Dr Malan Wesvalia
Sat.20Aug Semi Final Semi Final
Sat.20Aug Semi Final Semi Final
Sat.27Aug Final Final

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