School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 12 August 2017

Wed.09Aug AHS Kroonstad 42 24 Welkom Gim Griffons Liga Semi Final
Wed.09Aug Witteberg 33 26 Voortrekker (Beth) Griffons Liga Semi Final
Tue.08Aug Tygerberg 61 10 Fettes (Sco)
Thu.10Aug Hugenote 74 10 Labori
Sat.12Aug AHS Kroonstad 22 22 Witteberg Griffons Liga Final
Sat.12Aug Upington 23 17 Duineveld
Sat.12Aug Jim Fouche Louis Botha
Sat.12Aug Garsfontein 37 27 Kempton Park Virsekerbeker Macro QF
Sat.12Aug HTS Middelburg 13 19 Monument Virsekerbeker Macro QF
Sat.12Aug Nelspruit 36 00 Menlopark Virsekerbeker Macro QF
Sat.12Aug Centurion 33 26 EG Jansen Virsekerbeker Macro QF
Sat.12Aug Secunda 25 29 Potch Gim Virsekerbeker Large QF
Sat.12Aug Dinamika 00 64 Transvalia Virsekerbeker Large QF
Sat.12Aug Helpmekaar 45 10 Dr Malan Virsekerbeker Large QF
Sat.12Aug Oos-Moot 37 33 Frikkie Meyer Virsekerbeker Large QF
Sat.12Aug Maritzburg College X X KES Cancelled – smog
Sat.12Aug Selborne 33 25 Dale On TV
Sat.12Aug Otto du Plessis 07 117 Framesby
Sat.12Aug Nico Malan 13 36 Brandwag
Sat.12Aug Grens 10 31 Queen’s
Sat.12Aug Pearson 29 10 Parel Vallei
Sat.12Aug Marlow 87 12 Daniel Pienaar
Sat.12Aug Muir 03 29 Graeme
Sat.12Aug Cambridge Stirling
Sat.12Aug Grey College 83 10 Glenwood
Sat.12Aug Jeppe 20 18 Parktown
Sat.12Aug Diamantveld 28 37 Drostdy
Sat.12Aug Affies 36 20 Pretoria BH
Sat.12Aug Rondebosch 25 16 Wynberg
Sat.12Aug Vredenburg 08 25 Worcester Gim
Sat.12Aug De Kuilen 05 26 Tygerberg
Sat.12Aug Boland Landbou 24 33 Paul Roos SSL youtube link
Sat.12Aug George Oudtshoorn
Sat.12Aug Swartland 17 10 Hopefield
Sat.12Aug Hermanus 27 05 Strand
Sat.12Aug Outeniqua 88 17 Durbanville
Sat.12Aug Kasselsvlei 09 41 DF Malan
Sat.12Aug Stellenberg 41 11 Brackenfell
Sat.12Aug SACS 12 15 Bishops
Sat.12Aug Bellville 96 00 Tygerberg RFC


  1. Bags packed. hitting the road around 9am Friday for my 7th or 8th trip to Bloem (Cant remember exactly how many) Hope the weather is nice. looking forward to sharing a few beverages with the Grey mense at the clubhouse by the rugby and hockey!

  2. @Dixon’s: Cold front in the Cape so pack a warm jacket. It’s amazing the amount of travelling we have to do to watch good SBR. How does the team look without the SAS players?

  3. @Stier: eish. missing players will always hurt. especially against a team like Grey who always have great depth.

    i hope that cold front stays away. Durban Indian okes dont do well in the cold!!!

  4. @Dixon’s: Speaking of Durban Indian okes, an ex Durban Indian oke just opened a nice Indian restaurant in St Rand and he makes a awesome lamb bunny. Best I’ve tasted since the good old days in Shepstone.

  5. Dale vs Selborne will also be broadcast on SS10 at 12:15 – commemorating 125 years of rugby relations.

  6. @Playa: At Selborne people say that footballs grow on trees and babies learn to scrum upon their mother’s knees, Skimela Wa!

  7. Speaking of Durban Indian okes….there’s a new prop at Glenwood……Collap Singh

  8. @Playa: Do they not sing that one anymore, goes on the tune of Jingle Bells! Selborne College, Selborne College, hear the college cry, so you see our first XV are always on the ball! Good memories!

  9. @Playa: my brother in law lives right across from queens jnr, i love taking a walk to the rec on a Saturday to catch a game, great spot to watch school boy cricket also

  10. STOP PRESS: The match between KES & Maritzburg College (TV Game) has been cancelled – all fixtures have been cancelled and KES buses turned around – there is a large fire at a municipal dump site in Maritzburg making it unsafe to play. Many school (St Charles athletics etc) have closed for the weekend and kids sent home early.

    Sad as it should have been a brilliant day of fixtures as normal.

  11. @Rugger fan: Eish that is sad! And I was looking forward to watching that game on tv. Two cancellations for KES in a dream year…such a pity

  12. @Smallies: It really is a wonderful facility. Not many that come close to it in the country. Tough to play on though, I still feel the bumps and bruises at the thought of playing there…17 years on :mrgreen:

  13. @Playa: that whole schools compound with jnr queens, queens, Balmoral, and, girls high must be in the top 4,5 in the country, and the fact that it is open to the community for use is realy special

  14. @Smallies: @Playa: Very fond memories of the Queens grounds. Yes the Queens complex Sen & Jun is by far the the biggest school complex in SA I have not seen another school in SA with the size grounds they have must be expensive the up keep. Must say have been there this year and the the place looked really in top shape.

  15. @Smallies: @Playa: Really a great pity that the QC vs GCB fixture ended although nobody to this date can tell me why and they only 300 kms apart. In 1979 there were nearly 7500 people at the QC vs GCB match at the rec and in 1984 even more attended the game in Bloem.

    I know Queens might not have the depth they had 25 years ago but one thing I do know they would do a whole lot better against GCB than a lot of GCB other fixtures point in question who is better this year QC or Grey PE I would say Grey PE but there is know way in hell QC would have lost by 70 odd points to GCB.

  16. @Smallies: We went to the same school what was your take on them stopping the fixture. In 2006 when I was at a meeting at Grey in Bloem I ask the very question and the answer given to me was in 1995 after the Queens fixture it was decide that QC were not competitive enough which when I asked how they could say that when GCB actually lost to Queens that year they then came up with some rubbish about things were now different at QC which did not sound cool to me.

    Then two years ago when I was there I was told Grey was trying to ensure they got all the old rivals back as you could see with MC which sound strange as QC had always been GCB oldest and most traditional rival?

  17. Grey beats Glenwood 221-0 in the u15D fixture. 8 Grey sides scoring 100 and over with Glenwood not recording a single point in most if not all. Glenwood hockey also taking a beating with the 4ths losing 17-0

  18. Came to Grey to watch rugby. Seeing some cricket scores unfortunately. 1st Hockey came back at the death to earn a fighting draw. u14A and u14E rugby fighting hard but losing but not much. u15A rugby winning from what i heard. Not a good day as far as results go for Glenwood.

  19. @rugbyfan: everyone knows GC stopped the QCBH fixture for ‘other’ reasons that have nothing to do with rugby or competetiveness.

  20. Goeie wen vir PRG teen Boland oppie die Plaas, 33-24, o16 het ook gewen, so nou net Grey Bloem oor vir 2017.

  21. I think it would be cheaper for GC to getc more fixtures in EC as the distance is shorter and petrol/diesel is cheaper in the EC.

  22. Grey(2de) win74-8
    (3de) win 124-6
    (4de) win 147-0
    5de) win 121-0
    (6de )win 152 – 0
    (7de) win164-0

    16A win 82-20
    16B win88-9
    16C/D win 150-0

    15A lost24-27
    15B win 109-0
    15E win 95-7
    15D win 221-0
    14A win 36-19
    14B win 66-3
    14C win 104-0
    14D win 129-0
    14E win 29-10

  23. Grey : Points for 1998 and points against 119 . Surely this fixture has to be scrapped. Why weren’t the games stopped before the 100 point mark ?

  24. The GCB Glenwood fixture does not make any sense, looking at the results.

    If your team lose by 104 points and 9 other teams take a harsher beating it is a farce.

    Even PBHS was much more competitive against Affies and the results of the open teams was an eye opener for me.

  25. A nice result for Grens against Queens is that both /14 and /15a teams won. That would not happen too often.

  26. Thanks to Grey for a wonderful day of cricket. I think the Grey u15E where still batting when i left scoring 221 for 0 when bad light stopped play.

  27. @Dixon’s: I think it is unacceptable for a score like that to be allowed. Surely the referee could have blown the game shorter.

    Another question is whether it was only skill levels that differed, or was there a difference in size and physicality. If the latter then the risk of injury must also be factored in.

    The Glenwood /15e flyhalf must have a strained ankle after so many kick-offs.

    Like Tony Jantjies.

  28. @Rainier:

    Hoe kan jy sê die bepaling maak nie sin nie? Hierdie hele jaar het Glenwood “overall” nie te sleg gedoen teen Top 10 skole in elke ouderdom groep nie.

  29. @rugbyfan: Agree. Would rather see the QC fixture than Glenwood.
    Two weeks in a row with massive scores. Wish we can play Boishaai in this mood.

  30. @warriors7: I geuss next year Glenwood will do much better rugby planning and not end their season against Grey….

    @Djou: Is dit jou linker of regter helfte wat dit wens? Ek dink die twee seisoene wat Grey speel gee hulle ‘n groot voordeel. Vandag was maar Grey se elfde wedstryd vir die jaar. Meeste skole in ander provinsies het nie daai luxury nie. Dit bly egter ‘n ongelooflike dag vir Grey rugby. Sover dit Boishaai gaan, op ‘n sonnige winters dag in Bloem het die Blou Trein vir Grey raak geloop vir ‘n derde keer in die laaste drie jaar. Volgende jaar is egter ‘n nuwe jaar en dan sal ons maar moet sien wat gebeur op Brugstraat. Soos die helfte van jou kan ons ook nie wag tot dan nie.

  31. @Stier: Maritzburg College were smart to play them in the first game. Scores were better. Why don’t Grey play more Gauteng schools? Would be great to see them play monnas helpies and Kes maybe

  32. Ek hoor hier by ons seuns (Prg) dat die o15d spannetjie van more af al begin oefen en n verdedigings expert ingekry het vir komende saterdag se clash met Grey. Na so n vertoning is Prg heavy u underdogs, miskien kan ons o 16a’s dalk so bietjie weerstand bied :mrgreen: :!:

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