Boishaai Rugby Festival to celebrate 150th birthday in 2018

Nothing is official yet but as part of the 2018 school year in which Paarl Boys’ High celebrates their  150th birthday it sounds like they might arrange a rugby festival featuring the who’s who of top rugby schools from around country as well as a few schools from abroad.

It’s becoming par for the course for schools that reach this milestone to mark the occasion with a festival of significance.

In 2012 Maritzburg College went all out and organised a 3-day festival which included:

1 Affies
2 Dale
4 Grey High
5 Jeppe
6 Monument
7 Noord-Kaap
8 Queen’s

Like Affies did for their 90th in 2010, College also hosted the Wildeklawer Skouspel in 2012.

In 2015 Paul Roos organised a 1-day festival, which they have kept going. The original one featured:

1 Affies
2 Boland Landbou
3 Diamantveld
4 Hermanus
5 HJS Paarl BH
6 Hugenote
7 Landboudal
8 Langenhoven Gim
9 Oakdale
10 Outeniqua
11 Paarl Gim
12 Pietersburg
13 Rondebosch
15 Worcester Gim

In 2016 DHS arranged a 1-day shortened practice match type festival which they backed up with a follow on in 2017. Their inaugural festival included all the major KZN schools:

1 Clifton
2 George Campbell
3 Glenwood
4 Hilton
5 Kearsney
6 Kloof
7 Maritzburg College
8 Michaelhouse
9 Northwood
10 Port Natal
11 St Charles
12 Voortrekker (Pmb)
13 Westville



  1. Like beet said there is nothing from the school yet but their was some talk that they wanted to invite schools from New Zealand, Australia and Europe and a few of the top schools in the Cape and one or two from outside of the Cape. I hope they can do something like that but seeing that it will have to be early in the year it might be a problem for teams form NZ and Europe to cope with the heat in Paarl. The person I spoke to mentioned eight to ten teams. I haven’t heard anything since so maybe Kattes, BoishaaiPa or any of the other wise Boishaai bloggers can give some more info.

  2. If HJS stays unbeaten in South Africa this year, which is a 100% certainty, they should invite Marlow to the festival. Seeing that Marlow was the last team to beat them in SA.

  3. @Rainier: hulle sal nog nooit daai kans vat met die jaar se marlow span nie, die wolramme is wild die jaar… Moenie verbaas wees as hulle vir oakdale knyp nie

  4. @Smallies:

    Die jaar se Marlow span het gesukkel teen Hoërskool Duineveld wat weer ‘n pak gekry het teen Boishaai se tweede span. Ek twyfel dat Boishaai ‘n kans gaan waag om teen Marlow te speel.


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