Union High Rugby Festival 2016 – finalised fixtures

Grey College and Framesby will take each other on in the main game of Day-1 at Union High in Graaff-Reinet. The match days are Saturday 19 March and Monday 21 March 2016.

UHS Puttick 9:00 19/03/2016 Camps Bay vs Port Alfred
UHS Puttick 10:10 19/03/2016 Framesby 2nd vs Grey College Cherries
UHS Puttick 11:20 19/03/2016 Gill College vs Stirling
UHS Puttick 12:30 19/03/2016 Volkskool vs Charlie Hofmeyer
UHS Puttick 13:40 19/03/2016 Grens vs Grey Unicorns
UHS Puttick 14:50 19/03/2016 UHS vs Cambridge
UHS Puttick 16:00 19/03/2016 Framesby vs Grey College
Botanics 9:00 19/03/2016 Spandau Sec. vs Winterberg
Botanics 10:10 19/03/2016 Paarl Gim Daisies vs Andrew Rabie
Botanics 11:20 19/03/2016 Milnerton vs Westering
UHS Puttick 8:30 21/03/2016 Paarl Gim Daisies vs Framesby 2nd
UHS Puttick 9:40 21/03/2016 Grey College Cherries vs Charlie Hofmeyer
UHS Puttick 10:50 21/03/2016 Grey College vs Stirling
UHS Puttick 12:00 21/03/2016 Gill College vs Cambridge
UHS Puttick 13:10 21/03/2016 Port Alfred vs Winterberg
UHS Puttick 14:20 21/03/2016 Volkskool vs Westering
UHS Puttick 15:30 21/03/2016 UHS vs Milnerton
Botanics 9:00 21/03/2016 Camps Bay vs Andrew Rabie
Botanics 10:10 21/03/2016 Spandau Sec. vs Grey Unicorns


  1. @Hustle: Paarl Gim’s 1st + 2nds + 7 reserves will be at Noord-Suid in Pretoria over the same weekend. The Daisies must be their 3rds/4ths

  2. @Umtata: I also don’t see why Stirling has to play Grey College. I think that honour should’ve have gone to the hosts.

    I just hope CHS can pull off another memorable win against the hosts this year.

  3. I watched Stirling in a pre season game playing Grens on Monday night. They still have a lot to do if they think they will be able to take on the schools like Grey. I understand that they need to start playing the bigger schools but might taken on to much in one season.

  4. @GCollege86: Good to have you back on the blog sir. Have you heard anything about Border Schools’ fixtures?

    How are Grens looking? Those okes leave everything on the field when they play.

  5. @Knight_CHS07: I had some time on my hands. I still read all the comments though.
    Border schools fixures are out since last week but I have not seen the list yet. It will be on the 5th of March at the Selborne College fields. Selborne will be playing Grens and Hudson will be playing Queens, but anything can still change. Dont know much about the other games.
    Cant say to much on Grens based on Monday’s game but they will be on par with last years team. One or two players that stood out from both teams.

  6. @BrotherBear: Maybe the match against Stirling will have mostly Cherries’s players.

    @GCollege86: CHS vs Dale is the fixture I want for this year. I wonder why Grens and Hudson have swapped…it be because Stirling is not willing to play Selborne, and I don’t balme them.

    I wonder if Hangklip will attend this year :-?

  7. I am trying to recall if cherries attended an Easter festival in job once, perhaps when I was a kid. Does anyone know?

  8. @Knight_CHS07: Dont really know how and by whom the fixtures were done. Last week Monday it was common knowledge amongst Selborne and Hudson supporters that they will be playing each other. On Tuesday the fixures said something different. Selborne will be playing Grens twice now in less than a month at the same venue. Stirling has a full derby against Selborne this year. This is a first in more years than I can remember. They have put a lot of effort into their rugby with some tallented youngsters comming through and they have a very good u16 side. I do think they might be to ambitious to take on teams with the like of Grey.

  9. @Playa: Lets hope for a sterling performance-from GCB. Years ago, they were only a primary school and I do hope that they know this is U19. Is their school the old Commercial school, located in Bunkers Hill?

  10. @BoishaaiPa: Thanks.

    I’ve seen the Grey Strawberries and Peaches names come up at festivals in the past.

    Outstanding by Gim afford their 4th team players that opportunity and as a co-ed to have that sort of depth.

  11. @BOG: Stirling vs Grey.

    Stellenberg are at Noord-Suid that weekend.

    Hats off to Stirling for taking up the challenge but they might be in with a better chance against the Grey 3rd XV based on their recent years results.


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