Schoolboy Rugby 100% records in recent years

Here are a few of the 100% win records for the season amongst the top rugby school:

1 . Grey College 57 – 6 Duineveld
2 . Grey College 66 – 0 Marais Viljoen
3 . Grey College 21 – 6 DHS
4 . Grey College 52 – 7 Daniel Pienaar
5 . Grey College 50 – 6 Jim Fouche
6 . Grey College 66 – 10 Harmony Sport Academy
7 . Grey College 64 – 9 Sentraal
8 . Grey College 86 – 3 Maritzburg College
9 . Grey College 68 – 0 Selborne
10 . Grey College 48 – 24 HJS Paarl BH
11 . Grey College 47 – 10 Affies
12 . Grey College 44 – 26 Grey HS
13 . Grey College 38 – 20 Pretoria BH
14 . Grey College 81 – 0 Glenwood
15 . Grey College 40 – 14 Paul Roos
TOTAL 828 – 141
AVERAGE 55 – 9

1 . Grey College 55 – 16 Harmony Sports Academy
2 . Grey College 57 – 6 Duineveld
3 . Grey College 45 – 0 EG Jansen
4 . Grey College 45 – 7 Kearsney
5 . Grey College 26 – 6 Monument
6 . Grey College 52 – 9 Louis Botha
7 . Grey College 23 – 12 Paarl Gim
8 . Grey College 45 – 6 Outeniqua
9 . Grey College 61 – 14 Selborne
10 . Grey College 23 – 6 Affies
11 . Grey College 32 – 12 HJS Paarl BH
12 . Grey College 34 – 29 Pretoria BH
13 . Grey College 38 – 8 Grey High (PE)
14 . Grey College 62 – 9 Sentraal
15 . Grey College 59 – 8 Jim Fouche
16 . Grey College 16 – 9 Glenwood
17 . Grey College 41 – 29 Paul Roos
TOTAL 714 – 186
AVERAGE 42 – 11

1 . Affies 32 – 7 Diamantveld
2 . Affies 27 – 13 Queen’s
3 . Affies 31 – 3 Grey HS
4 . Affies 51 – 0 Dale
5 . Affies 88 – 9 John Vorster
6 . Affies 46 – 6 KES
7 . Affies 36 – 18 Jeppe
8 . Affies 41 – 21 Framesby
9 . Affies 17 – 10 Paul Roos
10 . Affies 37 – 31 Grey College
11 . Affies 19 – 18 Waterkloof
12 . Affies 51 – 20 Maritzburg College
13 . Affies 53 – 23 Glenwood
14 . Affies 50 – 12 Pretoria BH
TOTAL 579 – 191
AVERAGE 41 – 14

1 . HJS Paarl BH 39 – 3 Framesby
2 . HJS Paarl BH 22 – 12 Diamantveld
3 . HJS Paarl BH 52 – 0 St John’s
4 . HJS Paarl BH 25 – 20 Monument
5 . HJS Paarl BH 32 – 9 Garsfontein
6 . HJS Paarl BH 23 – 17 Outeniqua
7 . HJS Paarl BH 26 – 7 Louis Botha
8 . HJS Paarl BH 19 – 14 EG Jansen
9 . HJS Paarl BH 21 – 19 Grey College
10 . HJS Paarl BH 34 – 10 Rondebosch
11 . HJS Paarl BH 29 – 24 Boland Landbou
12 . HJS Paarl BH 12 – 7 Bishops
13 . HJS Paarl BH 43 – 7 Tygerberg
14 . HJS Paarl BH 62 – 14 Wynberg
15 . HJS Paarl BH 29 – 10 Paul Roos
16 . HJS Paarl BH 30 – 11 SACS
17 . HJS Paarl BH 16 – 10 Paarl Gim
18 . HJS Paarl BH 25 – 19 Oakdale
TOTAL 539 – 213
AVERAGE 30 – 12

1 . Michaelhouse 18 – 13 Glenwood
2 . Michaelhouse 52 – 19 Helpmekaar
3 . Michaelhouse 51 – 3 St Stithians
4 . Michaelhouse 40 – 19 Windhoek HS
5 . Michaelhouse 27 – 24 Kearsney
6 . Michaelhouse 24 – 18 Hilton
7 . Michaelhouse 54 – 6 DHS
8 . Michaelhouse 78 – 3 Northwood
9 . Michaelhouse 37 – 3 St John’s
10 . Michaelhouse 94 – 3 St Charles
11 . Michaelhouse 34 – 8 Maritzburg College
12 . Michaelhouse 38 – 24 Hilton
TOTAL 547 – 143
AVERAGE 46 – 12


  1. @Grasshopper: It’s quite amazing how the arrival of the professional era changed the focus of school sport and obviously rugby. In my days at school an unbeaten season wasn’t really an issue.

    We never had cell phones or Facebook to communicate with our mates from College or even DHS for that matter. So when we played these fixtures it was like a reunion and time to catch up on the latest happenings. I remember looking out for Chris Theron and Cliff Torlage from College and Derek Ethelston from Kearsney. And if we played rugby against each other, then even better.

  2. 1957 was another unbeaten year for Glenwood.

    vs DHS – won 9-0 & drew 3-3
    vs College – drew 6-6
    vs Michaelhouse – won 11-3
    vs Hilton – won 20-3
    vs St Charles – won 17-0
    vs Kearsney – won 19-0
    vs St Henry’s – won 14-0
    vs Port Natal – drew 0-0
    vs Northlands – won 8-0

  3. Glenwood 1960-2009 vs KZN Opposition
    Played – 563
    Won – 341
    Lost – 197
    Drawn – 24
    % won – 60.57%
    % lost – 34.99%
    % drawn – 4.26%

    Not too bad really, not in College’s league but still showing some rugby pedigree. This whole idea that Glenwood has only become a rugby school recently is wrong..

  4. Anthony ‘Toppy’ Hortop, Glenwood 1st team coach from 1970 to 1991 & 1996 to 2007, that is 30 years as 1st team coach. I would love to hear his best 15 of his time in charge, both for Glenwood and then for other schools. Maybe someone at Glenwood should dig out his records…

  5. @Rugger fan: My stats all come from Jimeloyo and “For Hearth and Home”. There are article written, as well as some history on the College web page. At least it was there till the redesign, not sure now. The new book has stats from 1990 onwards

  6. @Gungets Tuft: There is a great story about how Skonk gave a young Jeremy Thompson a gap when he was in the lower teams and came along to watch a 1st XV practice. He managed to get some boots very quickly after an invite from Skonk – was on the field and as they say – the rest is history. (Gungets – perhaps you have the link to an article?)

  7. @beet: The Newlands day is not used to calculate rankings but is still seen as a match by the school itself. All previous seasons the Newlands match was part of the win/loss stats of the school. Its only in my calcs that we don’t count it in because it is not a full match with all the normal variables and thus we don’t use it for calculating rankings. It is however in the greater picture seen as part of the season and why you will see that the school will always have 1 more game played than in my stats calcs. They are now currently on 19 matches according to their official records.

  8. Skonk was a legend, arguably best school coach ever! Glenwood have Toppy, similar mould but not the same success. However, he had far less talent to work with so could be seen as working miracles. Glenwood’s intake has traditionally come from English primary schools playing soccer….

  9. @BoishaaiPa: He was a giant of a man, and his coaching was only a part of that. I was privileged enough to have been at College during his tenure and he had a huge influence on me personally. Mostly because I caused a lot of kak for a few years and he was responsible for getting me back on the rails, but also, while I never played well enough to be coached by him full time, he used to patrol training and lower team games looking for potential. It wasn’t that rare for a 4 team centre to suddenly find himself at 2nd team training as a flank, because Skonk had that sort of eye on him. Mensch first, schoolmaster second, then coach. Imagine how good he was at the first two 8-O

  10. @Gungets Tuft: Skonks years were particularly successful for College. From 1948 he coached the First XV for 35 consecutive seasons, until 1982. In 1949 the First XV was unbeaten, as in 54, 55, 59, 62, 63, 74, 78, 81 while a further thirteen First XVs during that period lost only one match each. His teams in the 1950s and early 1960s were particularly successful, at one stage losing only five matches in eleven years! …I picked up this trivia while doing the overviews for PI. That is one incredible record for a coach!

  11. @Gunges Tuft.Another double SA Schools rep in rugby and cricket that Rugby 15 website left out in their article was Shaun McCulley from Paarl Boys High in 1981.He was the flyhalf in later years for SWA/Namibia that has beaten WP in a Currie Cup match at Newlands!

  12. College 100% seasons between 1921 and 1990

    In KZN – 22

    Against all teams 14 – in 32, 49, 54, 55, 59, 62, 63, 74, 78, 81, 82, 85, 88, 95

  13. @Gungets Tuft: 1965 is a long story in Jimeloyo. Injuries to 3 fly halves meant that the eventual Springbok from year, Andy Van der Watt never got the chance to really weave his magic. In those days SA Schools wasn’t chosen but he would have made it. Another standout that year was HG Norton who later captained Natal. I see the name of AI Drummond, I’m certain that his grandson is now in 4th form.

    Confirmed just the one game against Glenwood.

  14. @Roger: Ja, I don’t know where I got 5 from. 11 is still a fairly exclusive group.

    I’m counting down for another similar submission …

  15. The last time Boishaai had an unbeaten first and second team was in 1982.

    Our captain of the current first team’s father, Dries van Wyk, played flank for the seccies in that year.

    We beat the dream team of Paarl Gymnasium, 16 – 15.

  16. @Grasshopper: That return against College haunts me. College had a penalty to win it in the last seconds, 30m out, nearly the middle of the field. Kicker hooked it left, game over.

  17. @Roger: nope, it was the manner and size of the wins in 2014 that impressed me. Yes, a few loses but to strong opposition. Locally we were dominant!

  18. @Grasshopper: that draw to DHS in 2000 on Dixons will forever haunt my dreams… last game of the season, last game of my school career. Glenwood where heavily favoured to win. edgy game after the first fixture (Glenwood v DHS was a double fixure them) was cancelled. i actually think i still have that game on VHS somewhere.

    Glenwood also lost a meaningless (meaning that they should never have made he trip for thee game… no disrespect to Ermelo) festival game at Ellis Park to Ermelo that year. came back with some injuries that definitely cost them dearly on the following Saturday against DHS.

  19. @Roger: Hahahahaha! Now you’re going to make Greenblooded’s blood boil.

    One rule about playing in the Border as a touring side is to never let the game be too close…either get a huge lead, or let the home team hammer you…otherwise the game becomes ‘Border Rules Football’. Ask the 2000 Affies team. They gave us a good spanking at the Graveyard, and then made a meal of it against a very mediocre Selborne side in Slummies 3 days later…”Border Rules Football” kicked in, and Selborne sneaked it by 2 points.

  20. @Grasshopper: I’m not privy to details of the make-up of the GW side, I just have the score and venue. I’ll check if I cant get hold of a date…it might jog your uncle’s memory :mrgreen:

  21. @Playa: Pretoria Boys High spoilt our party in 88 (9-16) and in 2009 (13-15 – last game of the season) – they obviously enjoy doing it – the buggers 8-O

    In 82 it was your great rivals, Queens, (1 point loss – last game of the season on tour in Queenstown) and to this day those class of 82 chaps say they were diddled by the ref big time!!

    Obviously those dodgy midland refs travel far and wide :mrgreen:

  22. @Playa: Maybe that was a 2nd side or depleted side, not sure. My uncle doesn’t remember playing in a game vs Dale, maybe it happened during Craven Week when Glenwood had about 8 players in the Natal Schools side…

  23. @Grasshopper: I have a 5-0 win for Dale against Glenwood in King in 1965. A side that only lost one game (3*5 to Gill College).

    @Roger: We could have had 3 unbeaten sides in the ’90s…thanks to Pretoria Boys High… :evil: …13-14 at St Johns in ’99…ja they spoilt our party like your alma mater did in ’87… :roll: …bloody Gautengers

  24. In terms of quality of opposition it’s too hard to compare generations, but for me 2014 and 2000 are great contenders to the 1965 side. My uncle would obviously say 1965 was the best :-)

  25. 2014

    Team Venue w/l Points For Points Against
    Westville H W 32 15
    Michaelhouse H W 17 14
    Bishops (Grey PE) A W 23 11
    Jeppe (Grey PE) A W 20 14
    Dale College (Kearsney) A W 31 17
    EG Jansen (Kearsney) A W 31 20
    Framesby (Kearsney) A W 31 29
    Waterkloof (Wildeklawer) A L 27 39
    Outeniqua (Wildeklawer) A L 15 20
    DHS H W 38 13
    George Campbell H W 64 3
    Maritzburg College A W 27 14
    Monument A L 19 30
    Hilton A W 67 7
    Northwood H W 64 27
    Kearnsey H W 86 13
    Grey College H L 12 29
    Affies A W 36 22
    Maritzburg College A W 21 20
    661 357

    3x SA Schools players, Jaco Coetzee (No 8 & Captain), Morne Joubert (fullback) and Kenny Van Niekerk (prop)

  26. @Grasshopper: 1965 I have only one game, College lost 6-8.

    That 1079 loss against Glenwood was the only loss for the ’79 side.

    @Roger: That 1974 side also produced 2 of 5 double SA Schools players ever in Barnard and Mally Thompson. College were also unbeaten in 1974, one of our rare wins against Queens by 22-10.

  27. Glenwood in 2000

    vs DHS – drew 13 all
    vs College – won 24-18 & lost 16-28
    vs Michaelhouse – won 19-14
    vs Hilton – won 24-14
    vs Kearsney – won 14-7
    vs George Campbell – won 52-0
    vs Northwood – won 36-9
    vs Westville – won 45-0
    vs Voortrekker – won 45-0
    vs Pinetown – won 52-3
    vs Peterhouse (at Saints) – won 17-0
    vs Jeppe (at Saints) – won 45-11
    vs Bishops (at Saints) – won 19-11
    vs Pretoria Boys High – won 26-9

    then an unbeaten tour of UK & Scotland, need to get those results. Looked a very good year indeed :-)

  28. I’ll play this game too:

    1968, 73, 74 and 78 were unbeaten teams;
    1982, 88, 98, 2009 and 2011 lost only one game (might be more);
    but generally the 74 side captained by Lee Barnard is regarded as the best ever – two SA schools players in L Barnard and S Carty.

  29. @Gungets Tuft: Good old Richard Kelly, probably the most muscular and ripped prop of all time. Jeez that guy was a speciman! He was flippin short but as wide as he was tall. Never shaped after school, probably too small…

  30. @Playa: Loretta were at the Saints fest in 92 and 93 – KES also hammered them in 92 – obviously after Dale dismantled them in 93 they decided that discretion was the better part of valour and ducked forever!

  31. Best seasons for Glenwood (not sure about out of province opposition then)

    vs DHS – won 11-6 & 20-3
    vs College – won 11-6 & 20-3 (Gungets please check this, I can’t believe the results were the same as vs DHS)
    vs St Charles – won 46-0
    vs Kearsney – won 12-8
    vs St Henry’s – won 32-0
    vs Port Natal – won 14-0
    vs Northlands – won 6-5
    vs George Campbell – won 52-3
    vs Westville – won 11-3
    vs Michaelhouse ?
    vs Hilton?

    I think 8 boys were selected for Natal Schools, including my uncle.

    vs DHS – won 32-4
    vs College – won 33-6 & lost 3-7
    vs Michaelhouse – won 24-0
    vs Hilton – won 53-12
    vs Kearsney – won 20-0
    vs St Henry’s – won 54-6
    vs Port Natal – won 20-4
    vs Northlands – lost 21-28 (Hugh Reece-Edwards must have caused the damage)
    vs Westville – won 44-9
    vs Grosvenor – won 25-3
    vs Beachwood – won 26-9

    I think it was 5 Natal reps including Derek La Marque, SA Schools Captain


  32. @Grasshopper: Ja, that’s the thing, I’m not qualified to nominate.

    1995 had 9 KZN reps (GN Appleford, ZB Aszalos, TP Boynton, PJ Dixon*, T Holman, RC Kelly, GF Laue, LM Lotriet, AJG Steele) and Peter Dixon in SA Schools as captain. Unbeaten with a draw against Nico Malan and a win against Paul Roos, Selborne and Grey High.

    1996 not so much, 5 losses, including KES, Affies, PBHS, DHS. 6 KZN reps and 1 SA Schools, RC Kelly who captained both.

  33. @Grasshopper: @Gungets Tuft: I don’t think Loretta ever toured SA after that. I wonder who else they played on that tour.

    Before I get shot down, the Selborne and Queens scores are season scores. Home and away scores were:

    Queens 12-6 and 15-9
    Selborne 16-5 and 14-9

    P 22 W 22 PF 833 PA 125

    Definitely difficult to argue against. I believe they are our only unbeaten side to have a 100% win record…and unlike College, we haven’t been blessed with a lot. Besides the 1990s, it was pretty much one unbeaten side every 3 decades :mrgreen:

  34. @Grasshopper: If you beat Grey that year it would have been a schizophrenic year. College lost 3-50 to Grey, lost to Glenwood 14-19 on Dixon’s and then beat Glenwood 24-0 on Goldstones. Then they beat Affies 19-15 and lost to Westville 20-29 away.

    Perhaps there was something in the KZN water that year .. :?:

  35. I would need to do some digging to get the Glenwood best seasons, I do know they were 1965, 1979, 2000 and probably 2014. Although 2006 was the only time we beat Grey Bloem and I believe they had a very bad year that year…

  36. @Playa: It’s interesting, but while 1985 is considered College’s best, there are other years that stood out. I’ve mentioned 1987. They lost 2 (Bishops and Grey 11-12) but got 6 into Craven Week and 4 into SA Schools, including the captain of both.

    2002 got 8 into CW and 3 into SA Schools, including Peter Grant. They lost 2 that year, 19-20 to Affies and 17-32 to Grey College.

    College have had a lot of unbeaten seasons, judging them is in the eye of the beerholder I guess.

    Those Dale results look brilliant though, they klapped some schools with serious pedigree. Hard to argue with their results. 8-O

  37. @Gungets Tuft: Just to throw it in there. It would be interesting to see results from each blogger of the year considered the best in their schools’ history. Dale College 1993. 10 Craven week reps, none made SA Schools. Grant Griffith (current coach) was captain and Barry Hayidakis (current assistant coach) was his center partner:

    Cambridge High School 76 – 5
    Grens 21 – 16
    Grey College (Bloem) Won 26 – 7
    Grey High School – PE Won 37 – 10
    Hudson Park Won 39 – 9
    King Edward the Seventh – KES Won 48 – 0
    Kingswood College Won 35 – 5
    Loretta College, Scotland Touring Team Won 122 – 0
    Paarl Gym Won 13 – 6
    Pinetown Won 83 – 0
    Port Rex (EL Tech) Won 64 – 10
    Queen’s College Won 27 – 15
    Rondebosch Boys Won 48 – 7
    Selborne College Won 30 – 14
    Tour – UK – Bishop Wordsworth Sch Won 13 – 0
    Tour – UK – Hurstpierpoint College Won 48 – 3
    Tour – UK – Hymer’s College Won 18 – 10
    Tour – UK – Leicester Grammer Won 43 – 0
    Tour UK Gwent Comb Cnty- Wale Won 15 – 5
    Wynberg Boys Won 27 – 3

    Difference between this side and 1990 is that in 1990 there was a draw against Paarl Gym, and they didn’t play Grey Bloem, who were considered the best team in the country that year. Werner Swanepoel’s side if I am not mistaken.

  38. @Rugger fan: that’s him – but he lied to us :mrgreen: told us he was – how does old Gungets phrase it ??- a College former 1st XV’er :mrgreen:

  39. @Gungets Tuft: we had a house master at KES (boarding master) who was in that 85 side – he must have been studying at Wits or something and was a KES for a couple of years and coached one of the junior sides – Venske I think his name was?

  40. Excu@Gungets Tuft: Excuse me correcting you but you do not want the 85 boys after you, now that they are a little bigger than they were then, but the captain was Arve Arntsen . :-D

  41. @Gungets Tuft: No injury – actually Captain was Arve Arntzen (not Stransky) – I stand corrected – but Darryl Cullinan kept Stransky out the SA schools that year? Stransky plays KZN – but not selected for SA Schools.

    an interesting aside – Glover jnr played in the College 1st XV this year – and should be there again next year as one of the seniors.

  42. @Roger: 1985 – Results. I really should quote from Jimeloyo for that year, it’s quite a read.

    Alexandra – A 34 – 3
    Bishops – A 44 – 0
    DHS – A 18 – 8
    DHS – 33 – 9
    Glenwood – A 25 – 3
    Glenwood – H 22 – 6
    Grey College – H 10 – 4
    Hilton – A 20 – 17
    Kearsney – A 33 – 18
    KES – A 25 – 7
    Linpark – H 60 – 3
    Michaelhouse – H 25 – 6
    Northwood – H 25 – 3
    P.B.H.S – A 24 – 3
    Rondebosch – H 22 – 6
    St Stithians – H 62 – 0
    Voortrekker – A 57 – 0
    Weston – H 70 – 0

    In 1985 I think a try was still 4 points, so adjust those scores accordingly. Astonishingly only 6 of that side made KZN and 1 (Glover) made SA Schools. Captain was one JT Stransky who made SA Schools the previous year but not in 1985. I’m not sure if he was injured …

  43. @Redblack White: I remember that team (although I was younger) – they were at the Saints festival and gave KES a klap (think it was 33-12 – although it was a very mediocre KES 1st XV in 85 !! ). Who else did College play at the Saints festival in 85? KES got spanked by Bishops and College and then drilled Hilton (they must have been really poor in 85)

  44. @Roger: Not so sure about the physical side either Roger. Have you seen the size of some of those ’85 College okes these days. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  45. @QC86: hmmmm – not sure – all we did in our day was run, catch, pass, run into space, practise 2 on one’s and 3 on two’s, practise counter attacking, play touch rugby – defence was just about making your tackles – structures weren’t taught or practised like today. Dropping a pass or a bomb was an absolute no-no back then – I don’t see the same ball skills these days, just more emphasis on defence and size

  46. @BoishaaiPa: @BoishaaiPa: Agree! The match against Drosdy will also double up as a semi final [ WP VS. BOLAND , large schools] for Die Burger competition. The winner will play Outeniqua [SWD], who beat Framesby[EP] in the other semi final.
    Although Drosdy is having a topsy- turvey season, with some unexpected losses, mixed with some quality results[ beat Waterkloof 16-12 at Pukke and Tygerberg away 37-14], they are always a force on their beloved Trappespark grounds.

  47. I think its a little premature to talk about a 100% win record for Paarl Boys in 2015. We still have one league game and a possible Burger final to play. This is like setting up a jinx for us!..Please delete this whole article and all posts until the season is properly over! :mrgreen:

  48. @Gungets Tuft: one thing I can tell you is that the College ’85 side physically would get smashed by the current crop. Todays sides are physically and defensively way better than they were 20+ years ago. I have no doubt that skills wise the 85 side would more than hold their own but would lose the collisions (badly).

  49. @Playa: Agree, to say the College 1985 side would have dominated local opposition in 2015 is way too far a stretch (and I will get outraged messages from a few of the 1985 side now, so will turn off my phone :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ). We’ll never know that. Same with any team more than a few years apart. So was the Kearsney team of 2012 better than 2014, sure. Better than 2015 …. not as clear, I think there are 2015 players that would have strengthened the 2012 side. That’s about all I can offer.

  50. @Playa: That said, it would be easier to compare the 1st XVs of the same school in different times, i.e. House 2015 vs 2012 or GCB 2007 vs 2010 etc. Because barring the festivals, the traditional fixtures remain the same, and it is easier to tell whether the 2012 KC side was stronger than the 2015 one, or that the 2007 Affies side was weaker than the 2010 one etc.

  51. @star: @Gungets Tuft: I am not doubting the strength of the 2012 Kearsney side. I remember vividly of how good they were said to be…I wish I had seen them play. My comment was just a general one in terms of comparing two sides in different years (eras).Who’s to say the Dale ’93 side was better than the QC ’84 side? Who’s to say the Grey Bloem ’90 side was better than the College ’85 side? The College ’82/’85 sides vs the QC ’84 vs the Dale ’90/’93 sides vs GCB ’86/’90 sides…and so forth and so forth. I say only the measure of the strength of opposition in the respective years can provide an objective answer.

    Yes, we know Kearsney were stronger in 2012 than they were in 2015…that’s one tick. But one would have to go through the whole lot to make the determination. It would be a tiresome exercise, and one that is very difficult to get to the bottom of. Especially when teams have different fixtures.

  52. @Playa: The 2015 House team did not play Westville ( the closest challenger) and it would have been away on Bowdens. Interestingly Westville beat House in the Skonk 7s tournament . The Kearsney team this year I believe played beyond their own expectations but even then ended 44th on BHP rankings. The 2012 Kearsney team with the Dup twins et al was challenging for a top 10 place. Even hardened supporters like Pedantic and Grassy would concede the relative strengths of the sides with GW currently battling for a top 30 ranking. I suppose you have to be an avid KXN supporter to get a feel for the relative strengths on the ground. :lol: Again as my son would say ” it is all in the banter”

  53. @Playa: Can’t speak for Westville 2012, but if there was a stronger Kearsney side than 2012 I’d like to see their results. The foundations of that team were laid in about 2005 at DPHS.

  54. @star: “The nephew will argue that in 2012 they played Westville and a Kearsney team at the top of their powers. GW were also more competitive than their current team.”

    That is the cake for me. How do you measure the strength of the opposition in two different times? It’s close to impossible, unless there is a formula that BHP can trump up. The most objective thing we can say is both teams are great sides, in different times. As to who is the better of the two…well that will depend on each individual, making it subjective.

  55. @Grasshopper: Grassy how true is this? If that is true, thats great for us(Stormers). Yes please. Now we can effectively run the ball well. Look at how good the Sharks were when Dick Muir was coach and when Plum tree was coach. Plumtrees influence was clearly on showcase at the Canes this year

  56. @CapeMan: We have many skilled players, just look at Warren Whiteley, now thrown on the Heyneke rubbish dump! Warren played flyhalf until grade 10 and it shows in his handling/passing……real pity….

  57. @Die Ken: hence SA coaching. Obviously I’m generalising but the vast majority of coaches do not teach basic ball skills. How many times at cravenweek this year did you hear the commentators highlight the fact that the boys are holding the ball in the wrong possesion and not holding it correctly? I mean that’s basic at its core. Our coaches are not skill orientated but rather rely to heavily, as you kind of stated, on size. We are already blessed with size in SA. Let’s focus on the skills like we did before in SA. Its kind of like footy in SA. The boys have all the skills( hence they’ve won the u12 Danone world cup twice I think) but they don’t train to become stronger physically which the other teams around the world do. They incorporate skills, nutrition, gym programs, training and video analysis. Anyway, I just went on a tangent a bit, I hope we change from the top and focus on the skills because we already have the physical side down pat

  58. @star: hahahah, well unfortunately or fortunately I did have many family at local KZN schools, my uncle being the highest pedigree of the lot. Played in the 1964 & 1965 Glenwood 1st teams, scored over 100 points in those 2 years. He played in the 1st Craven Week and was picked Doc Craven as the best wing on display, even though he was a soutie. Unfortunately for my uncle, he lacked size and never really made it at Natal level, just a few games for them and then a shoulder injury. He would be able to tell me who he thinks the best House side was since then. The 1965 Glenwood 1st team was our best ever! Played 15 won 15…

  59. I see Eddie Jones is heading to the Stormers, best news ever for SA rugby. He is in my opinion one of the best in the world.

  60. @CapeMan: I just want to disagree slightly with you on this. It’s not that SA coaches are stunting growth, it is that the SA coaches with the verkrampte views get to the top and not the ones with the creative views. There are good enough SA coaches. Secondly, and I see this at primary schools level, the big, fast boys are praised, where the ballplayers are used to feed the big ones – our skills training and running into space, offloading etc is useless. This is very difficult to alter when the boys reach High school, and therefore, a viscious circle.

  61. Even the English juniors are now better than us. Sad. If only we could get NZ or AUS coaching. SA coaches are stunting our lads growth

  62. @CapeMan: That wasn’t a bad WP side by any stretch with Jurgen Visser, Johan Sadie and Danie Poolman at 10, 12 & 13 and Tythan Adams on the wing.

    @BOG: Obsession with size, often at the expense of a rugby brain, in SA rugby cost Robert Ebersohn IMO. I wonder how the likes of Brian O’Driscoll and Conrad Smith, probably the two best centres on the planet in the last decade, would have progressed through the SA structures?

  63. @star: Agree that comparisons can’t be taken too seriously in the same way that the various ranking systems shouldn’t be. Home and away schedules in a given year also have an impact on results as well as the relative strength of opponents in a year. Good for a bit of banter though :-D

  64. How good was this this House side in the rich annals of the schools history? I was able to talk to a few family members( I am starting to sound like grassy :mrgreen: ) – uncle 1953( the last team to beat College before their run of 44 matches- lost one game to a WC team), brother 1979 – a team that threatened much without really delivering, and nephew 2012( and 2011) a team that last one match ( to GW by one point with oom Tom scoring the decisive try) All three played CW/Natal schools. The feel was it is so difficult to compare years with each year throwing up different challenges. The nephew will argue that in 2012 they played Westville and a Kearsney team at the top of their powers. GW were also more competitive than their current team. To be honest the current team has only played 3 teams in the top 50 ( according to the BHP ranking) although you cannot blame the players for that. He was also quick to suggest that there were only 3 “manne” in the 2015 team and a lot more in the 2012 team :lol: Personally I think comparisons can sometimes be odious and should not be taken too seriously .

  65. @CapeMan: Your comment, “playing not to lose”, has a familiar ring to it- I wonder where that comes from? I guess, we will be seeing a lot of that in the next 2 months, probably with devastating affect. Ironcally, only one player of the 2007 GCB side, became a Springbok- Coenie Oosthuizen. And not a regular one at that. The two scrumhalves of the seconds/thirds, Reinach and Piet ??, have though.

  66. Just the way that 2007 GCB side offloaded the ball and the interplay between backs and forwards was too much to handle. If SA schools had just picked that entire GCB side I really believe they would have won an u18 world cup if there was such a tournament. Guys they fed us (WP) 53-3 in the cravenweek final. That game was soo much more impressive than the final WP won this year because WP actually tried in that final but we’re just totally obliterated by a far superior side.

  67. @BOG: oom Bog I totally agree with you when you say the skill level has plummeted. I’ve said this as well before on this blog. The skill level isn’t what it used to be. Sometimes it seems the boys are not playing to enjoy the game and win but rather not to lose. And that’s not because the talent has depreciated but I believe it’s because of the professionalism and the immense pressure from the school, Old Boys, sponsors and coaching. That’s why I love watching Bishops play. Even though sometimes it doesn’t work but my word those boys are taught to give it a go and have fun while still playing tough. More often than not it pays off and even though it pains me to say it, they are historically the best opposition to the Winelands schools because sometimes what they lack in the physical size that those Winelands boys have they are taught how to play rugby the right way and they give the ball some air. The great GCB sides have combined the physicality of the plaas and great running skills and none did it better than the 2007 side

  68. I had the privelege of watching the 2007 Grey College side in 2007 against Selborne in East London. I have never ever seen a schoolboy rugby side that sublimei in my life. People who didn’t watch that side must rather not comment. I really don’t think this is up for debate.

  69. 2007 Grey side without a doubt the best schoolboy side I’ve seen. Their 7 tries to nil, 52-3, demolition of a pretty strong WP side lead by Nick Koster in the final game at Craven Week that year (playing as OFS of course) underlined just how good they were.

  70. @Grasshopper: You said that GW had an average team in 2007? So, what has changed? (Sorry, I could not resist that) @Andre T: Times are changing indeed. The skills levels have plummeted.@CapeMan: Thank you for an independent and objective opinion.I could of course be accused of partiality,but I am very objective in my opinion. The 2007 side was better than the 1981 and 1987 sides, both of which produced 5 Springboks each. Hansie Cronje captained the 87 side (no 8) and Ruben Kruger was 7.

  71. And to make myself completely tiresome, and because I have a spreadsheet that spits it out, Colleges best 3 unbeaten runs :

    1953 (after losing to Michaelhouse) till Umtali in 1956 – 44 matches.
    1964 (after Selborne in 1961 8 – 10) till Glenwood 1964 (12-14) – 36 matches
    1964 (after Prince Edward in 1980 6 – 12) till Glenwood 1983 (7 – 15) – 36 matches

  72. @rugbyfan: Have to add that I see a pattern here, pesky Queens gatecrashing parties. We really should stop inviting them :roll:

  73. @rugbyfan: College played 36 from 1980 to 1983 without a loss. They lost 1 to Glenwood then won another 26 matches on the trot till 1984 when Queens broke the run (13-15), then another 22 in a row after that. 2 losses in 86 games, 1980 – 1986. The late 70’s to 1990 were College’s golden years. 1978 – 1990, played 208, won 186, drawn 7, lost 15.

  74. @Grasshopper: 1987 had Catterall captaining SA Schools, with Goedeke, Reed and Wilson also in the team. 2 losses that year, 12-13 in a last minute loss to Grey College at the St Stithians week, and a pummeling by Bishops (9-41), but then undefeated in KZN, then also beating Paarl Gym (16-11 away), Rondebosch (12-10 away), Wynberg (31-15 away). The one Glenwood match was once again an epic, with Glenwood leading 13-6 well into the second half when College scored 16 unanswered points to eventually (after a last minute Glenwood try) end 22-17.

    1985 was probably the best side College ever produced.

  75. @Andre T: I’d go even further in saying that Boishaai’s Seccies would have beaten most of the 2007 and 2010 opposition

  76. @Beet: GCB traditionally also has a big fast fullback running at angles and one or more really exceptional loosies.

  77. @CapeMan: 1987 would slot in around 7th, but remember tries were worth less then. I still think 15 from 15 isn’t too bad….

  78. @Playa: Ah, maybe he was on the bench or I remember him as standing out in the age groups, sorry….25 years ago now…eish!

  79. There was a 1990 Dale side that I watched, thought they were incredible! Steven Hall at lock, Terence Knickelbein etc……jeez! But remember I was only 11 so all the big school 1st teams looked amazing…

  80. @CapeMan: What about Ruben Kruger’s year, I think 1987. They must have been pretty good. I do know 1987 was immense for Maritzburg College

  81. @CapeMan: I didn’t get the privilege to see them play. I did see a very good Boishaai team in 1991 or 1992, forget the year. They played an Ascension Festival at Glenwood and Corne Krige captained the side…..Glenwood held them close at home but then lost heavily on a tour to the Cape later in the year….

  82. @Tandem: I agree about consistency. It would be interesting to see the results of schools over the past decade and then ranked. I bet Glenwood would consistently be in the Top 20. Schools like Noord Kaap, Garsies, Menlo, Eldo and EG would probably not feature. An even better exercise would be to do it for the past 100 years and any school with a more than 50% win record should be considered a ‘rugga’school, although quality of opposition has changed.

  83. I keep telling people that we should have a debate as to the 2nd best team with a 100% win season. GCB 2007 is the best school boy rugby side I have ever seen play and trust me when I tell you that I’ve seen some magnificent sides play. Their record and points difference speaks for itself. Even amongst GCBs 100% win ratio seasons, that 2007 team is their most successful rugby side ever. SIMPLY THE BEST???

  84. @BrotherBear: Very interesting question . I really think it is a very unpredictable thing . I know of many teams that when they were” taking stock” of the current year predicted either a great or even bad next season and then the next year it worked out much worse or better . Constants will obviously be a talented team and good coaching . Uncontrolables making predictions for the next year very difficult may be injuries , issues with chemistry in team , general team morale , loss of form of stars only in grade 11 , the quality of the captain etc , etc . Also how your normal arch rivals shape up etc . For me personally it will be important to ensure consistency and I am proud to say that Boishaai was as far as I can remember always been in the top 10 area and in the last 5 years or so mostly in the top 5 . To be fair most of the current top 10 will more or less say the same so although the numbers sometimes change from 1-10 teams like Boishaai , Paarl Gim , Paul Roos , Grey and Affies are more years in the top 10 than not . I really believe that this is what really makes a school a successful rugby school . It has to be about consistency .

  85. @BOG: 2007 was an average year for Glenwood, lost 11-48 to Affies. Close wins vs DHS, College and Kearsney. Didn’t play against Westville or Michaelhouse due to a teachers strike and Hilton was during the çool-off’ period. I see College lost 86-0! Had some good wins over UK schools though..

  86. As they say, one cannot argue against stats. But damn DHS for messing up a pattern, otherwise the average in 2007, could have been in the sixties. As I have said before, such skills I have not seen on a rugby field. You only need to look at the video on Youtube, “The Ebersohn twins”, and those were just two of the team. And was Glenwood not ranked “2” that year, when they were beaten by this team, 81-0 ?

  87. Would be quite interesting to know what these teams had in common as part of their winning recipe – as a lessons learnt. Probably number of talented players and in key positions would be one, but there could be many more which could assist coaches and team managers.

  88. @Queenian: As far as GCB records go they lost on the 12th July 1969 to Queens 3-9 and the next game the lost was on the 12th August 1972 also to Queens 10-12 in Bloem. As far as I know they played 37 games in between without losing.

    Would not be surprised if this was a record for longest period without losing of any school.

  89. @Playa: Would be interesting to know what the longest unbeaten run for a school is say from date to date.

  90. @Kattes-Strofes: Definitely a standout season for Boishaai and rightfully supporters should be extremely proud of the achievements, I know I would be if it happened to a team I supported.

    You can’t have it both ways though with regards to Newlands Rugby Day. In 2014 there were constant reminders to disregard the 0-10 loss result against Bishops. :)

  91. @Kattes-Strofes: Well…longest un in recent history. Dale played 22 games and winning them all back in 1993 :mrgreen:

    Great season indeed for Boishaai! A huge well done to all involved.You’re all allowed to brag about this for many years to come.

  92. Well Beet. Boishaai 2015 have already made history with the longest unbeaten run in a calender year. And to add to that, only 6 matches were played at home at Brug Street. The match against Rondebosch was also an away fixture ,and not home as you indicated on the Western Cape’s fixtures and results. Add to this the 10-0 victory over Boland Landbou at the WP School’s day at Newlands, as well as the victory over the touring English side King Edward School, where Boishaai,s Seccies stood in for the 1st. 15, and the record becomes even more impressive. Well enough bragging for now. It is study time for the matrics.


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