Winelanders travel to the Suburbs under no illusions

Boland Landbou and Paarl Gim will face proper tests in the form of Wynland and Rondebosch respectively in high profile Western Province Premier League matches this weekend. SACS are also at home to Paul Roos but with far lower expectations of getting something out of that match.

Wynberg vs Boland Landbou
The wounded pride versus the walking wounded.
Previously unbeaten Wynberg would have been licking their wounds after being beaten convincingly at home by Rondebosch in a match everyone expected to be a tight affair.
The Boland Landbou pack has been decimated. Five starters are out.
Berg is enjoying a good season. Given the strength of their forwards even without a regular loosie, they are expected to hold the advantage in all the contests up front except maybe the lineouts but maybe not.
The big battle at 10 won’t materialise either. BL’s star Retagan van Rooi broke his collarbone a while back and is in a race to get fit ahead of the youth weeks. Berg’s ace Yaqeen Ahmed will feel he owes his team something after the Bosch game. When he’s on song he is a nightmare to contain.
BL had a match to forget against Helpmekaar at Absa Wildeklawer but quickly bounced back with a much better effort against Monnas two days later. The showed plenty of character in a match they came very close to winning. As an ongoing facelift, they are no longer a 10-man rugby school. The new coaching staff is continuing on the path of developing their game to be more expansive at the right times and more adventurous on the kick returns.
Prior to the Bosch shock of 49 points conceded, Berg were giving up just 13.6 PPG. This is something BL won’t enjoy. 13 points are unlikely to get them an away win against this Berg team.

Rondbosch vs Paarl Gim
Rondebosch will be confident.
Bosch has a good balanced team to perform well in every facet of the game and in every part of the field. They look after the ball pretty well.
Bosch has a big pack and of the Southern Suburbs Four they appear to be the best equipped to match the physicality of the Winelands schools.
No doubt the will be wary of the Gim rolling maul.
Bosch with their lineout options I’m sure they will do their best to disrupt the Gim lineout game.
Gim can be thrown a little off by a big pack that can dominate them but all things said they are expected to settle into their ball retention via quick ruck speed, the hard to predict lines of attack and upper body strength with a bit of an offload game. They condition is superb.
Facing the Gim Tsunami is sort of like having half a second less time to get set be it defence or attack. Often the brain signals are there to tell a player what is about to happen and what he has to do but his hands and feet just have not been trained to operate that bit faster to achieve this. Spontaneity helps. Improvisation helps a lot.
There is some nice creative options that Bosch can call on as well.
Gim welcomes back their standout centre and captain, so SA’s second best pairing are reunited in midfield. This huge plus for Gim is bad news for Bosch.

SACS vs Paul Roos
Massive tough assignment for underdogs SACS in this Winters’ Day derby between the two schools closest affiliated to the respective big varsities in the Cape.
SACS defence is set to be tested and they keep this score respectable by passing that test.
Paul Roos are getting better as the season goes on. Their loosies rule the roost and their hooker plays like one a lot of the time. The pack has got it all. Power, size, height, speed. There are still a few notches available for their backs to move up.

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  1. avatar
    #10 Ploegskaar

    @Gold (Comment #8)
    Hey man, it’s just the opinion of an old vrot guy. Riversdale and George is way worse, Stellenberg a close third. Then Gim and only then Berg 🍷

    11 May, 2024 at 21:37
  2. avatar
    #9 beet

    My post from the results page:
    I watched Rondebosch vs Paarl Gim.
    Felt like an even match in most respects but Gim definitely left points on the Tinkie Heyns – ball dropped over the line in the process of dotting down, ball ruled as knock on in the process of scoring, three reasonably easy kicks missed.
    First two tries by Gim were off the charts good and started from deep inside their own half from turnovers. I think the Bosch supporters will be disappointed with Freek de Kock’s brilliant opener as several would-be tacklers looked like they were playing touch instead of tackle rugby.
    Lots of yellow cards in this game. At one stage Gim played against 13 Bosch players. I don’t think Gim scored but not an idea situation for SBR.

    11 May, 2024 at 20:46
  3. avatar
    #8 Gold

    @Ploegskaar (Comment #7)
    As a Wynberg old boy I’m really sorry to hear this, and am of course biased to feel that it’s a lovely rugby atmosphere.
    I’d also like to say a big congrats for a dominant day for Landbou, all u19 teams winning shows that there is complete strength in depth. Well done for carrying the day (as disappointed as I am with the 1st XV score) and hopefully we can give you a closer game in the return fixture on the farm next year.

    11 May, 2024 at 20:10
  4. avatar
    #7 Ploegskaar

    @yesnomaybe (Comment #3)
    You are right, one winter sport and no other hobbies or pastimes. Just never enjoyed the set-up and atmosphere, but that’s just my opinion of course

    11 May, 2024 at 15:28
  5. avatar
    #6 OomPB

    @Snelvuur (Comment #5)
    Ja Nee Sacs se hokkie is tops sedert die Cassiems weg is by Bishops.

    11 May, 2024 at 10:23
  6. avatar
    #5 Snelvuur

    @Kantman (Comment #4)
    Yep. Similar story to last year: PRG beating SACS in the Hibbert Shield final and then losing convincingly in the league fixture. Those SACS boys can play!

    10 May, 2024 at 22:39
  7. avatar
    #4 Kantman

    Paul Roos taking a 2-6 loss to SACS at 1st team hockey ….

    10 May, 2024 at 20:50
  8. avatar
    #3 yesnomaybe

    Ploegie, firstly you forget to mention that all 140 boys you refer to, play rugby as their winter sport because as far as I’m aware there is no other winter sport on offer, however, that is still more numbers than any of the Southern Suburb schools in Grade 11 & 12 that play rugby. The schools might have more boys in total but their are other mainstream sports in winter such as hockey & football that they participate in.
    “One of ur least favourite places to watch rugby”. In my opinion if we talking about views, there’s not many better places to watch rugby than standing on the hill looking down on the field with the mountain as a backdrop. So it must surely be the hamburgers or boerie rolls that you not keen on, it cannot be the setting. I’ll be honest, the farms not exactly the most exciting place I’ve ever been to.
    Looking forward to a great match tomorrow between 2 good teams.

    10 May, 2024 at 16:58
  9. avatar
    #2 Ploegskaar

    @yesnomaybe (Comment #1)
    Think with about 140 boys across gr11 and 12 it is safe to say Landbou’s depth will be tested the most. Missing 3 key players at the back as well, has made a bi-annual trip that has been tough the past 10 years just a little bit tougher. One of my least favourite places to watch rugby, but not missing it either way. Let’s hope the weather and guys with the pink jerseys behave

    10 May, 2024 at 15:12
  10. avatar
    #1 yesnomaybe

    On the injury front, Berg also suffering, Scrumhalf out (concussed last week & left in an ambulance heard he is ok, big question marks around the actual incident, dumped on his head off the ball right in front of the linesman, on video very clear to see).

    Beet out of interest how does this scenario work when clear & obvious foul play is seen on video & not by the referee, is up to the school to discipline or does WP Rugby get involved?

    Hooker out, Possibly 2 Props as well, so could very well be without 4 of their pack so that evens things out there. How much depth is there for both sides, tomorrow will tell, it hasn’t stopped drizzling/raining in the South all day. Heard it might clear up but it will be wet underfoot. Good test for the extra drainage that was installed on the Hawth in the off season.
    Predictions Berg by 9, Gim by 4, Roos by 30-40

    10 May, 2024 at 13:05

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