School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 08 May 2021

Sat.08May Framesby X X Kingswood Cancelled – Covid
Sat.08May Pretoria BH X X Jeppe Cancelled – Covid
Sat.08May St Alban’s X X St John’s Cancelled – Covid
Sat.08May Noord-Kaap X X Diamantveld Cancelled – Covid
Sat.08May Hudson Park X X Cambridge Cancelled by Cambridge
Sat.08May HJS Paarl BH 03 37 Grey College Premier Interschools – SuperSport
Sat.08May Paarl Gim 25 10 Paul Roos
Sat.08May Boland Landbou 19 26 Drostdy
Sat.08May Bishops 29 22 SACS
Sat.08May Rondebosch 05 19 Wynberg On Rondebosch Youtube channel
Sat.08May Parel Vallei 14 22 Durbanville
Sat.08May Stellenberg 19 33 Oakdale
Sat.08May Brackenfell 13 27 DF Malan
Sat.08May Swartland 20 17 Worcester Gim
Sat.08May Hermanus 27 12 Strand
Sat.08May DHS 10 34 Maritzburg College
Sat.08May Kearsney 24 26 Michaelhouse
Sat.08May Northwood 06 31 Hilton
Sat.08May Glenwood 13 03 Westville
Sat.08May St Charles 27 18 Clifton
Sat.08May Dale 20 22 Grens
Sat.08May Brandwag (Uitenhage) 48 12 Muir
Sat.08May Grey HS 23 26 St Andrew’s
Sat.08May Queen’s 10 32 Selborne
Sat.08May Nico Malan 05 29 Marlow
Sat.08May Port Rex 15 19 Graeme
Sat.08May Pearson 63 00 Humansdorp
Sat.08May Monument 24 14 Waterkloof
Sat.08May Garsfontein 48 00 HTS Middelburg
Sat.08May Noordheuwel 03 26 EG Jansen
Sat.08May Helpmekaar 31 32 Marais Viljoen
Sat.08May Pietersburg 05 28 Ben Vorster
Sat.08May KES 11 15 Affies
Sat.08May Menlopark 21 21 Nelspruit
Sat.08May Middelburg 43 07 Ermelo
Sat.08May Centurion 40 03 Wonderboom
Sat.08May Klerksdorp 26 12 Transvalia
Sat.08May Rustenburg 33 32 Welkom Gim
Sat.08May Montana 29 27 Die Anker
Sat.08May Jeppe 33 07 Randpark
Sat.08May Oos-Moot 21 42 Zwartkop
Sat.08May Lichtenburg 07 13 Wesvalia
Sat.08May Florida 12 42 Alberton
Sat.08May Ligbron 61 22 Kempton Park
Sat.08May Heidelberg VS Potch Volkskool
Sat.08May Hugenote (Springs) Secunda
Sat.08May St Stithians 51 18 St David’s
Sat.08May St Alban’s 36 19 Trinityhouse
Sat.08May Goudveld 14 34 Voortrekker (Beth)
Sat.08May Fichardtpark 13 40 Jim Fouche
Sat.08May Landboudal 20 10 Sentraal
Sat.08May Witteberg 47 07 Eldoraigne
Sat.08May St Benedicts 12 15 Northcliff


  1. @Oakdale supporter:
    Dankie dankie, ek lees al n hele klompie jaar die blog, maar nog nie veel te sê gehad nie, maar is baie teleurgesteld om te hoor (baie goeie bron) dat Kleynhans dalk verloor gaan word… Glo regtig daai mannetjie (moerse mannetjie) gaan ver kom in rugby (dis nou as beserings hom nie keer nie)

  2. @Tolla: Hy is ‘n yster,my opinie,die beste skole speler in ons land. Ek dink Garsies moet hom aanbod maak vir volgende jaar dan het ons ook ‘n 0/19 speler in die span. Die ou is regtig goed,hulle moet hom eerder GROOTHANS noem.

  3. Ek hoor die grootste belangstelling vir Kleynhans (Oakdale nr8) kom alweer uit Frankryk…🤨

  4. @hound: I must agree. I saw a few very good number 8’s at the festivals in Gauteng recently and Guy Bishop of Selborne seems to be right up there with the best of them. I watched another really good one in action this weekend for Hilton College – Nick Hatton. The Glenwood 8 Gerrit Ockerse would also be an asset to any school he played for. Lots of talent doing the rounds in that position at u18 level annually.

  5. @Vleis: Yes I’ve watched a lot of Sam Simmonds. He is a super player. He’s scored so many tries this season, it feels like watching SBR when he’s playing. No.8 is my favourite position to watch in the English premiership. All the no8’s are slightly different. There is nothing better than watching Jasper Wiese with ball-in-hand for Leicester. He is a wrecking ball. Alex Dombrandt and Zach Mercer also deliver high quality performances.

    I don’t think England has quite as much depth as SA coming out of school every year, but with 13 decent pro teams and the salary cap incentives created to develop young players, there are far more opportunities for teenagers to gain top level senior rugby experience at this young age than in SA where we really only have at most 5 teams that offer relatable opportunities. These days a lot of the breaks for youngsters in SA come via the succession created by player drain as opposed to them outperforming older players to gain promotion.

  6. @beet: Agreed, I was very surprised when I saw that Marcus Smith already had 100 caps for Harlequins despite having only just turned 22.

    Also, a year ago, my son pointed out Sam Simmonds as a great player that deserved more game time in the England team, so he had a big smirk on his face when Simmonds was selected for the Lions squad.

  7. Impressed with the Selborne performance against QC, great loose forward trio , led by Guy Bishop, what really struck me, was the comradery amongst all the players, this bodes well for the season

  8. @Rainier: Marcus Smith is awesome most of time. You know he became first choice for Harlequins at the age of 18. He kept the likes of Demitri Catralikis and Tim Swiel on the bench that first year. The way Eddie Jones overlooks him for England is a crime.

  9. @Strepie: don’t want to rub salt into the wound, but 30 years ago , wasn’t the last time you lost with such a margin.
    12 years ago 2009 , the scoreline read GCB 50- 8 Boishaai .

    Lol….so it could have been worse, at least it wasn’t a 50 this time around. :wink:

  10. @Rainier: There are a couple of other youngsters making a name for themselves as well – Marcus Smith and Matthieu Jalibert who is maybe more of a likeness for Campion. These are terrific players. They can deliver sublime moments sometimes out of attacks that look to be going nowhere. I always expect an imbalance in their play but they don’t seem to buckle under defensive pressure either. However here in South Africa, those attacking tendencies seem to give way to more routine conservative stuff as players get developed for seniors. I recall players like Hennie le Roux and Andre Pretorius and the highlights they were capable of as 10s in their primes. SA just does not seem to favour that style of player.

  11. @wrecked: Yes the HJS lock Coetzee le Roux really looked up for the challenge while he was on the field. He is a very good tight-forward. I’ve seen a lot of kids of his size that just don’t have the energy and sometimes desire to sustain a 70 min workload. I presume he will be out for a while and very hard to replace.

  12. I think the pressure and physicality from Grey was very intense. Once the big lock went off injured they got a bit rattled. I don’t think it would have made a big difference on the day who you put there. This Boys High team from under 14 has always dominated and had plenty of front foot ball . This was a relatively new experience for some of them.

  13. @Strepie: he should have started at 12 for the first team, you dont move your 10 to 12 and then start your second choice 10, you keep your best 10 at 10 and choose your second best 12 to start in place of your regular 12 ….

  14. @beet: My 2c worth ,you dont take your premier flyhalf and switch him to 12 they are two totally different positions and 10s very seldom successfully convert to 12s as 10s are traditionally not so keen to take contact ,12 is a very physical position today and rank next to 7 in the amount of contact taken…..Boishaai would have been better off playing the seccies 12

  15. @Rainier: @Strepie: In hindsight it seems like a bad move but if CVL had played 10 and Boishaai lost, the same questions might have been asked about why Louw was left out after a good performance at NS.

    I think even at these big schools with plenty of depth, the coaches are looking to field their best 15 on the park. Someone had said to me Boishaai had worries in midfield due to missing players.

    At NS there were questions posed about why Grey had played Gert Steyn at centre in Monnas 100 match when he is a standout fullback and delivering big performances in that position.

    At Gim Luca Bakkes is arguably the best hooker in South Africa right now yet he started the season as a flank. And going by Andries Strauss’ top effort in the commentary box on Saturday, Gim have a couple of backs playing in positions which may not be their preferred starting berths.

    Going back to CVL, his play-making was really missed. Getting the ball into his hands early might have been the way to go. I think Grey flyhalf Jean Smith who impressed in the match has stepped up a gear or two now because his 9 is not holding onto the ball so long but rather giving it to him ASAP.

  16. @Wyvern: @Palma: The Grens result wasn’t a shock. If you look at Dale’s two results last year pre-covid, you could see it coming. They just beat Port Rex by 5 points and lost to Muir. Grens won’t be the only CO-ED to beat dale this season.

  17. Ek sien ons hokkie was voor, en in die laaste sekondes het Grey n doel aangeteken.
    Ek het geen idee hoekom Compion na 12 geskuif is nie.

  18. @Strepie: Bly om jou terug te sien. Die seisoen is nog lank en die hou is dalk net die regte medisyne vir die eintlik wedstryd wat vir jul Paarliete regtig saakmaak. Ten minste kan jy trots wees op jul hokkiespan wat gelykop gespeel het.

  19. @beet: This massive defeat is a very hard pill, for me personally, to swallow, but what can one do.
    Chin up and live to fight another day.
    If you want to win the ‘big’ matches, you have to be clinical and take your points when the opportunity allows it.

  20. @Strepie: Hi Strepie. Gim and Grey are leading the way in 2021 with Big-D. Very hard to crack the code and score points against either of them. That said in the Boishaai – Grey came, I think of a few critical moments that might have changed the landscape for HJS. Kickable points missed or not taken in the first half and in the second half the ball dropped just before the line. Golden opportunities in a match that Grey were leading 16-3 with about 10 min to go. At that stage there were also questions about what’s happened to the Grey flair – they cannot move the scoreboard along like we are all so used to. Grey finished in awesome style though. They got players into the right positions, made the right choices, near perfect execution. Full marks to them. 21 points later and the score suggests a disaster for Boishaai.

  21. Ja nee kyk, vandag moet al ons oudskoliere en ondersteuners van Boishaai ons trots in ons sak steek, ons hoed afhaal en n hap vat.
    Baie geluk Grey, julle het ons gedril Saterdag.
    Ek weet nie waar om te begin om foute te soek nie, maar ek dink dit is eintlik redelik eenvoudig.
    Ons het die spelers, maar die afrigting sukkel so bietjie.
    Boishaai gaan moet ernstig selfondersoek instel en ek hoop die Strepies kom terug met n ‘bang’!
    Weerens aan Grey, baie geluk, dit moet bitter naby aan n rekordnederlaag op ons Koevert wees!
    Ek dink ons het 30 jaar terug so ver verloor..

  22. @Vyfster: You are 100% right, thank you.

    For KZN I think a good top 4 battle unfolding between Maritzburg College who are looking good as you mentioned, Glenwood, Hilton and Westville who cannot be written off in spite of the loss at Glenwood.

  23. @beet: maybe just recheck the Zwartkop-Oos Moot game….I believe the score is the other way round, Zwarries won, not Oos Moot.

    Might be wrong, but that’s my info :wink:

  24. @beet: yeah, well done to Rusties so far this year.

    Obviously Paarl Gim, Oakdale and GCB looks like the 3 strongest teams this year….but Maritzburg College have some impressive results so far, Selborne and Outeniqua 2 other teams that will contend for top 10 spots this year imho.

  25. Hoekom het daai skitterende 10 van HJS op 12 gespeel?

    En daai 7 is ‘n yster, laat my baie dink aan ‘n kind wat nog in Gr10 in Sutherland in Pta was.

  26. Moet sê ek was baie teleurgesteld gister in Boishaai. Indien dit die beste is wat Boishaai se 1st span kan lewer, gaan daar nog ‘n paar verlore die seisoen wees
    Grey het hulle ‘n behoortlike les geleer gister

  27. @Wyvern: Looking at these teams at u16 level suggests that Dale should be clear favorites. If this is the first match for both teams then it might just be a shock result and nothing more.

  28. @AbsolutMenlo: Jy is bietjie hard op die twee spanne. Digitv het my net die laaste 30 min van die wedstryd toegelaat, maar dit wat ek gesien het was kliphard met ‘n paar ondernemende en aanskoulike drieë. Beide spanne is op ‘n opwaarste kurwe. Verdediginglyne vanaf gebroke spel kort nog hard werk aan Nelspruit kant.

  29. @beet: After St John’s pulled out due to Covid, St Alban’s played Trinity House instead. St Alban’s 1st team won by 36 to 19.

  30. @beet: Two more surprises are all the Northcliff A teams beating all the Bennies A teams and Randpark only losing by 33 to 7 v Jeppe. Seems like the co-ed schools are upping their games.

  31. @Vyfster: Rusties definitely on the radar now as a surprise package team for 2021. They will certainly add plenty of value to the VB Plate this year.

  32. @Palma@Wyvern: : I wonder if there are mitigating circumstances or if it was simply a case of Grens being better than Dale on the day.

  33. @STONEY: Baie geroes na lang aflê, maar behoort beter te raak soos seisoen aangaan.
    Net dankbaar dat seuns weer kon speel.

  34. Geluk Sylvester Booysen en Drostdy met ‘n goeie wen teen Boland Ladbou! Span om dop te hou.

  35. @VanniLaeveld: Menlo / Nelspruit wedstryd wat net nie aan die gang kon kom nie met beide spanne wat baie foute maak.
    Nelspruit wat teen die verloop van spel ondeskep om die voortou te neem en Menlo wat in die laaste minute gaan druk om gelykop te speel.
    Menlo lynstane het gelol veral op die aanval, maar tog so nou en dan gewys dat hulle na‘n hoër rat kan oorskakel.
    Goeie wenne vir Garsfontein, Monnas, EG Jansen en Marais Viljoen wat verras teen Helpmekaar.

  36. HTS Middelburg kry bietjie swaar. Wonder of motivering hul kelder nadat al hul games nou wegwedstryde moet wees agv die COVID reel in Mpumalanga. Gaan ‘n moeilike jaar weer wees

  37. Well done aan die Wolramme met jul oortuigende wen teen Nico Malan. Die 0/16 span is n span met baie talent en goeie belegging vir die vlg 2 jaar.

  38. Grey Bloem, Oakdale en Paarl Gim is volgens my n cut above the rest hierdie jaar.

  39. Geluk al die skole wat gespeel het en gewen het.
    Grey was net te sterk Bois… Baie geluk.

  40. Schools need to just give up on DigiTv and setup their own YouTube channels or even Facebook live stream. Ended up watching Northwood vs Hilton u14A and 15A games in the early morning instead of DHS because Northwood had their games streamed on their YouTube channel while DigiTV wasn’t working for DHS(and every other school). Luckily the first team game was streamed on College YouTube channel(although a DigiTv production). I hope DHS follows Northwood’s lead for the rest of their home games and just use YouTube

  41. Fantasties om weer skolerugby te kyk..

    Ben Vorster 27-5 Pietersburg…🥳 , bly vir my maar die groot local derby.

    Die groot game tussen GCB en Paarlbois ietwat teleurstellend….nietemin , geluk Grey.

    In die Noorde het Rustenburg beindruk Met oorwinning oor Welkom Gimnasium, Zwartkop wen Oos Moot 45-21, Nelspruit speel gekyk teen Menlo, Middelburg wen Ermelo 47-7….almal friendlies…..dit lyk of plaat afdeling van Virseker beker baie straf gaan wees…die wenners is almal in daardie afdeling saam die Vossies

    Sterkte aan al die spanne reg oor land…Covid begin onheilspellende skadus gooi😩

    Kom ons hoop maar vir beste.

    Lol….dis tans nogal stil uit HJS se geledere, moenie worry nie….julle voorspelers lyk baie sterk, moet net foute uitskakel.

    Mag ons almal ‘n goeie seisoen beleef😊

  42. Two surprise results for me were Marais Viljoen edging out Helpmekaar and Durbanville not putting Parel Vallei away by a lot more

  43. Kearsney had a 17-0 lead just before half time against MHS. Then House scored 26 unanswered points. The House prop Kirk and scrumhalf Price were quite inspirational in helping their team to turn things around. Kearsney scored a try in the last 10 minutes via useful centre Mkhize and tried their best to unlock the House defence at the end but to no avail. Final score 26-24 to Michaelhouse

  44. @Smallies: dis nat hier in Struisbaai. Droog in die Paarl. Boishaai was net swak. Boelie het uit een van daai bome geval van Brugstraat

  45. @beet: to think the nr 1 position in the country might be decided this year by two missed penalties, Grey and Gim looks to be extremely close this year

  46. The Grey College counter attack game in the second half was too much for Boishaai. Crazy score in the. 37-3. The match was a lot closer on the field. While it was a contest Boishaai were guilty of not turning opportunities into points. I think the only thing Grey will be unhappy with in the end is the penalty count against them, otherwise a day beyond the expectations of most I’m sure.

    For Boishaai possibly a depth test coming up. They have a heavy schedule and it looks like a couple of the most dependable players may be sidelined

  47. Sjoe… boishaai lyk
    bietjie lig vir die GROOT KANONNE Kom glad nie voor en agter in kontak vorentoe momentum kry nie???

  48. @Rainier: Yes Grey won very comfortably, forgot the score but it was with 30 points more or less ,Grey also won 0/ 16 A in closer came than it sounds 26-12 and Boishaai won the 0/15 game . Big boys still have to play .

  49. @rugbyman stuur maar asb vir ons die uitslae van Virsekerbeker soos julle dit kry van alle skole, digitv het WEER opgedonner

  50. I see Grey /14 had an easy win against Boishaai. That is a very talented team.

    Nico Malan /14 won 19-5 against Marlow – well done boys.

  51. @VanniLaeveld: Ons game by HTS Middelburg skuif ook Pta toe… selfde rede… Gauteng dept wil nie dat Gauteng skole buite die grense reis nie…

  52. Yes. Some people now are getting normal flu/cold/sinus symptoms. We are all washing hands, and wearing masks to prevent Covid, but people are catching normal colds and flu ? Is the mask just preventing Covid then ?

    Is the parents attending rugby matches more threat then the 100’s of people in Potch Nightclubs?

    What is going on here ?

  53. @VanniLaeveld:Good on Nelspruit. Nellies are a very accommodating school. I think they already proved with in the Noord-Suid arrangements.

    I was just saying to someone what a potential kak time this has been for the kids who love playing rugby. At short notice this sort of thing can happen or like in the case of Framesby vs Kingswood, one youngster in the squad tests positive and now all the rugby is off for Saturday.

  54. @beet: Late this morning (Thursday) the Gauteng Department of Education informed Menlopark that they are not allowed to travel to Nelspruit on Saturday with their rugby teams. (Reasons not clear yet). If they do, the school will face severe repercussions. Some late organising and phone calls on the part of both schools, have Nelspruit now travelling to Menlopark on Saturday. It seems Mpumalanga dept of Education more willing. Very short notice for parents, bus companies etc for a 350 km + trip.

    Congratulations to both schools for going the extra mile to let the boys play. Would have been easy just to cancel.

  55. @beet: My nephew is in the St Andrew’s 1st team, so hopefully they will front up, as you say. This age group’s results in u14 and u15 were poor, but improved to average in u16. Thus, with a little more improvement at the open level, which is usually the case at SAC, they could have a good season. Interestingly, they were beaten by Kingswood by 40 in u14 and by 18 in u15; then they drew with them in u16 and beat them by 16 last weekend at 1st team level.

    They lost by 10 to Grey at u16 level.

  56. @Beet the Monnas vs Kloof game will be a total miss match. Monnas by 50. I will be amazed and apologise to Kloof if they can prove me wrong but both age grades 11 and 12 now at Kloof have been poor under age level, Kloof also have new head of sport and coaching staff appointed in 2019 and then couldnt really work with any boys because of Covid untill now. Unless Kloof can cause a major upset, they have had Monuments number in 2018 and 2019,off course then all the North teams that got hammered at Noord/Suid will have to pull back their excuses of having 1 less week (7 days) to prepare.

    Maybe the closest NV game this weekend could be HTS Middelburg vs Garsies.

  57. Sjoe there are so many good games on this weekend. Some tough choices to make. Putting allegiance aside, these are my picks:

    NV: Monnas vs Klofies – 2 reasons 1. what are Kloof looking like 2. What has Coach Tjaart done to try fix his attack esp if/when play moves a bit wider

    KZN: Glenwood vs Westville – First look at G Machines to see if they have the super speed game going again. See if Ville can go up one notch from their Northwood win.

    EC: Grey High vs St Andrew’s – Hopefully SAC will front up and this will be a classic.

    WC: Paarl Boys’ vs Grey College – titanic battle. Hopefully another blockbuster. Still a few Grey boys to produce their best form while just to Boishaai to continue to produce big point producing plays.

    WC: Paarl Gim vs Paul Roos – Gim everyone’s favourite. Fantastic team to watch. PRG under the radar due to a few quieter years but with plenty of firepower this year.

    A few other WC games worth watching as well.

  58. @beet: Queens have completely revamped their fitness centre and they have also employed a full time S&C staff member. They are turning the corner. Their rugby setup is looking promising now. Unfortunately, it looks like its’ Dale College’s turn to go through a few rough years. I just hope they can eventually pull things together. I’d like to rank the TOP 3 schools in Border this year, but I need to see the team sheets first for numbers of post-matrics before I decide :mrgreen:

  59. @beet: If Im correct Queens used to have something like 800 -900 boys and atm its like 500-600 perhaps a former pupil migjt shed some light on this

  60. @Palma: they certainly have the facilities in terms of hostels and sports fields they just need to get the recruitment right ,there are some very talented boys in the Border NEC region that are not in Selborne’s catchment area ,Queens need to start looking in towns like Aliwal North, Burgersdorp,Cradock,Middelburg,Barkley East,Lady Grey, Elliot ,Dordregcht and so on….

  61. @beet: a strong Queens side is always a good thing ,they have been a powerhouse and must always be a powerhouse in SA schoolboy rugby ,it would be fantastic if they can be restored to their former glory…

  62. @beet: I would love to see a strong Queens side again, hopefully not strong enough to beat Selborne :wink: but strong enough to compete for top 30 nationally. Maybe it’s a bit of stretch, but the brilliant Dale side of 2016 shows anything is possible.

  63. @SBRfan: No disrespect to Selborne but it would be awesome for the interschool season in the Border region if the Queen’s team is strong this year and came away with a few noteworthy wins.

  64. @Palma: I think Selborne, Queens and Hudson are going to be leagues ahead of everyone else in the Border region. I stand corrected, but I believe Hudson have roughly 5 post matrics back. I don’t know if any other schools have a number of u19s this season though. So Border schools could well see Hudson as the top school in the province this year. Queens should win this weekend.

  65. @beet: That is for sure. It almost happened this year if the Virseker tournaments couldn’t continue due to travel restrictions, but we are just happy that we can play again. Nelspruit will be a nice challenge this year if you look at their results last week versus Middelburg HTS results.

  66. The current matric class for Queens did the double over Selborne at u16 level, both games were tight if i’m not mistaken. This should definitely be a decent Queens side this year.

  67. @Vleis: The fact that BV and Merensky do not have a derby since 2010 (except for one year when they had to play in the Limpopo Big Schools League) has nothing to do with VB, really. Let’s just say, it’s complicated…

  68. @PaarlBok: Dankie, ja gesien Grey vs HJS is op 211
    Sal maar uitkyk vir die ander een
    So jammer man kan nie daar wees nie

  69. @Zion: Ek sien dat die Grey vs HJS premier interschool fixture is. Sal seker op SSL of DigiTV wees.

  70. Sorry ek het dit dalk gemis maar gaan die Gim/PRG game iewers uitgesaai word

  71. @Bloktrui: Can’t Ben Vorster and Merensky still play each other each year at a time that does not clash with VB? The VB does not use up the whole calendar.

  72. @Strepie: Rugby wen altyd ,dis net tussen ons ouens hier waar dinge funny raak soms ,die seuns worry niks, hulle jol net ,en as daar bietjie handbags is ,dan is dit al vergete teen die tyd wat hulle op die busse klim

  73. @Strepie: Ek gaan nie n voorspelling waag nie ,die twee spanne is baie baie na aan mekaar ,op die einde dink ek die een met die beste kondisionering gaan dit deurhaak ,ek dink nie daar gaan meer as 3-5 punte verskil in die game wees nie

  74. @Skywalker: Yes the Hilton team has been very strong coming up the age-groups and flexed their muscle in the Glenwood win at Glenwood last year. So I also expect them to be strong. I don’t think Northwood matches up too well against Hilton either. I suspect NW will focus on their own game and not pay enough attention to countering the HC game. So HC should be dominant up front and when NW try run the ball, the HC linespeed press will force errors and turnovers.

    I think MC will record an away win at DHS. It was hard to work out where the DHS strength lines. College backs have something going on but have room to improve to get closer to the better teams that played in Gauteng festivals recently.

    Kearsney vs Michaelhouse is potentially a close match. Kearsney seemed to be content to operate at half pace in Dundee even though there is feeling that the line is quick while MHS did not produce too many chances against SAC but had a few players in wider positions who looked like the could influence the outcome. I don’t see enough to see who of the two could dominate forward proceedings.

    I think Glenwood vs Westville will be the match to watch. I think the Westville team has also been decent coming up the age groups and have a few threats in their pack and backs. But Glenwood can never be overlooked. They will no doubt aim to play at high tempo. I could be wrong but think last year their midfielders were newish to the school and u17, this year as seniors they could light up the stage. I’m not sure what the Glenwood pack will be like but even here they tend to be more focused upping the tempo rather than big collisions.

  75. @Palma: Selborne should be at their competitive best again this season , with quality forwards and backs. The schools in the Eastern Cape will have too be at the top of their game to match them

  76. @Palma Based on their junior performances , Selborne should be their at their usual competitive best this season, they should have quality forwards and backs , teams in the Eastern Cape may have too be at the top of their game too beat them

  77. @beet any thoughts on the KZN match ups this weekend. Some big games!

    I expect Hilton to be far to good for Northwood unf. With the investment they have made into their rugby over the last few years I am sure they will be aiming for top honours in KZN and a top 10 in SA even.

    DHS: College
    Kearsney: Mhouse
    Glenwood: Westville

  78. @Strepie: Ja….die trofee idee kom van die ou Administrateursbeker en later Beeld trofee af , julle ouens in die “suide” speel vir ander redes as trofees :wink: :wink: ,op ‘n ernstige noot is daar ook ander gevolge van die Virseker model , skole speel in verskillende afdelings ( krag teen krag), Ben Vorster (Tzaneen ) speel in afdeling 2 van die Beker teen skole buite ons provinsie Nelspruit , Middelburg , Rustenburg , Montana , Zwartkops ,Transvalia en Kemptonpark wat veroorsaak dat plaaslike skole nie meer teen mekaar speel nie , dit is baie hartseer …In Tzaneen is daar 2 wonderlike skole (Ben Vorster en Merensky) wat oor jare heen groot wedstryde opgelewer het en die gemeenskap vir daardie dag van alles anders laat vergeet het …..die hele gemeenskap en oud leerlinge was langs die veld …meer toeskouers as enige ander saamtrek in ons dorp ….maar heelaas gebeur dit nie meer nie weens redes soos bo.Sterkte vir julle seisoen , daar is nie maklike wedstryde in julle “liga” nie!

  79. @Strepie: Ja….die trofee idee kom van die ou Administrateursbeker en later Beeld trofee af , julle ouens in die “suide” speel vir ander redes as trofees :wink: :wink: ,op ‘n ernstige noot is daar ook ander gevolge van die Virseker model , skole speel in verskillende afdelings ( krag teen krag), Ben Vorster speel in afdeling 2 van die Beker teen skole buite ons provinsie Nelspruit , Middelburg , Rustenburg , Montana , Zwartkops ,Transvalia en Kemptonpark wat veroorsaak dat plaaslike skole nie meer teen mekaar speel nie , dit is baie hartseer …In Tzaneen is daar 2 wonderlike skole (Ben Vorster en Merensky) wat oor jare heen groot wedstryde opgelewer het en die gemeenskap vir daardie dag van alles anders laat vergeet het …..die hele gemeenskap en oud leerlinge was langs die veld …meer toeskouers as enige ander saamtrek in ons dorp ….maar heelaas gebeur dit nie meer nie weens redes soos bo.Sterkte vir julle seisoen , daar is nie maklike wedstryde in julle “liga” nie!

  80. @strepie ja hulle doen

    Maar daar is verskillende afdelings en in elke afdeling ook ek dink n paar groepe binne die afdeling en die wenner skuif op en verloorder af elke jaar ens.

  81. @beet: Maybe to early to talk about “Limpopo title” , but because Ben Vorster and Pietersburg play in different VB leagues it could be seen as such :wink: :wink:

  82. @Bloktrui: The Limpopo title up for grabs this weekend?

    I think the Monnas 100 fest showed that Ben Vorster will be a force to contend with during the VB Plate.

    101 year old Pieties an unknown quantity and hopefully for the sake of the region and school rugby as a whole, they are on an upwards curve.

  83. @Rainier: Daai is drie Aliwal Noord Outjies in die Marlow first team ,al drie deel van daardie sterk o13 span van 2015,Eric Waagenaar nr 1 Hansie Odendaal nr 9 en Wessie Odendaal nr 10….Ek voorspel die tweeling is albei in die OP CW groep die jaar

  84. @beet: dit gaan om die minste te sé baie interessant wees. Kloof sonder enige wedstryde die jaar sal moet staatmaak op proewe vir eerste kontak. Geen speeltyd vir Kloof vs 210 mins vir Monnas gaan n verskil maak. Voeg daarby dat dit n weg wedstryd vir ons is, Monnas nog hulle wonde lek na 2 jaar agtereenvolgende velore teen Kloof en dat Kloof met n groot getal O/17 die jaar gaan speel maak dit net nog moeiliker. Ons hoofafrigters kry dan nou ook die 1ste keer kans om vir n seisoen saam met die manne te werk. Dit bring nog ‘n nuwe dinamiek na Saterdag se game. Daar mag dalk n paar nuwe gedagtes wees vanaf die nuwe breierskorps wat n verskil op die veld kan maak.

  85. @Rainier: it sounds like Nico Malan will be favourites to beat Marlow based on that assessment. Then again I was sure Kingswood would turn the tables on SAC and then SAC won with a bit of margin in the end and were the better team on the day to justify it.

  86. Marlow gave Graeme a hiding the other day, but Nico Malan has a strong Gr 11 group supporting a talented Gr 12 group and I think it might be a close game.

    A team to watch at /16 level will be Marlow, the folks on the plaas have high expectations of this group.

  87. @Palma: Quite interesting that you expect Queen’s to give Selborne a challenge. I hope that is good news for Queen’s in terms of strength and not Selborne being weak this year.

    I watched a half of the Grey v PBHS match. Every once in a while Grey was able to switch on and come up with scores. They look like they have two potent wings. the left wing contributed to two of the three tries in the half. The right wing looked the size of a typical NZ Aotearoa Super Rugby wing.

    SAC also had a good outing away to neighbours Kingswood. They had a high conversion rate of opportunities to points. Classy flyhalf – one of the best in the country this year. If they continue to improve they can really give Grey a go this weekend.

  88. Gim se dream team gaan baie moeilik geklop word vanjaar. Hopelik is PRG kompeterend.

  89. Selborne vs Queens should be a close one. Dale should be too strong for Grens. Not sure how St Andrews are this year but Grey High look like the favorites for the best team in the Eastern Cape this year.

  90. Kan nie wag vir die naweek nie
    Darem ‘n jammerte man kan nie die games gaan kyk nie

  91. @Strepie: Monnas have three matches under the belt now and have lost their last two. They will be feeling the urgency to turn things around. Klofies who have had to withdraw from the two big festivals and isolate due to the Covid situation at the school, will in all likelihood be short on match practice and match fitness. I suspect Klofies will be big underdogs for this one.


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