Milestone birthday schools left with limited options

Affies’ 100th celebration was the unfortunate victims of Covid-19 in 2020. In 2021 four of the well-known rugby schools are set to celebrate milestones:

  1. Helpmekaar (100)
  2. Kearsney (100)
  3. Monument (100)
  4. Michaelhouse (125)

One has the feeling that whatever restructuring they attempt, no matter how sincere and create it may seem, it will be watered down and won’t have nearly as big an impact as the original plan expected to draw a big attendance. The only hope is for a postponement until much later in the year coupled with the wishes of a drastic improvement in safety conditions.



  1. Yep – feel for those schools, their supporters – and the other teams that were itching to play them.

    Guys like Affies lost out big time last year too – and I really loved what the Candies did at the end of the season as a sign of respect – great video of rivalry and respect between the schools.

  2. Die rugby kan weer begin oefen… Woooop eoop. Ek so bly vir die kinders se part.


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