Swys de Bruin to assist Helpmekaar

Highly respected former Golden Lions Super Rugby head coach Swys de Bruin has joined the Helpmekaar coaching compliment for 2020 as a consultant focusing mainly on improving the attacking play of all the private school’s rugby teams.

The Helpies coaches have already had a meaningful session with Swys and the school has described it as a privilege to have him onboard.

Swys’ last schoolboy rugby assignment was a very brief spell as Northwood in Durban head coach. He left suddenly after accepting an offer to work alongside Johan Ackermann as the Lion’s assistant coach, a position which turned him into a household name in South African rugby supporting circles.

Voormalige Goue Leeus Super Rugby afrigter en Springbok hulp afrigter, Swys de Bruin, gaan in 2020 betrokke wees by Helpmekaar as ‘n konsultant, met ‘n hooffokus op die verbetering van spanne se aanval.

Die afrigters het reeds ‘n opleidingsessie met Swys deurgewerk en sien uit na sy verdere betrokkenheid by die skool se rugby vanjaar. Dit is vir Helpmekaar ‘n voorreg om ‘n afrigter met Swys se kennis en ondervinding by ons afrigtingskorps te verwelkom.


  1. Alle sterkte. Hoop die man se senuwees kan dit hou. Skole rugby kan soms erger stressed wees as profesionele rugby(as mens n paar van die mammas langs die kantlyn dophou) :lol:

  2. Exciting news for both HMK and schoolboy rugby. I think the coaching contingent at Helpies are generally enthusiastic young people who are eager to learn and express themselves very well in attack and they are sure to benefit from his expertise. I am keen to see his impact on what I expect to already be a very dangerous backline to start the season off with. Staying involved in the game is obviously good for Swys as well.


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