1. All things considered,I like this team.I know, there’s boys supposed to be there on merit,not there,but….I think this team may take it deep and may just be the surprise of the week.

    @Vleis, congrats on St Albans no7,don’t know the boy,is he a yster?

  2. @Grizzly: I read on Ruggas that Simon Muller had a blinder against the Lions. It seemed like he was always being picked at lock so it was a surprise to find out he was doing the damage at 7. Happy to see Raynard Roets promoted to start.

    No George Oosthuysen has seen the Bulls turn to Adolph Visser at 8. I wonder how he will fare in this position?

  3. Ek kan nie glo dat Luan Potgieter van Menlo nie in Bulle Cravenweekspan is nie!

  4. Upon enquiry I was able to find out that Affies players George Oosthuyzen is out with a broken bone in his foot and Dieter Crafford the fullback has a damaged ankle. Really unfortunate timing for both players.

  5. @beet: There is a mistake in the cravenweek team… The official team has Rowan Cloete at no. 21 and not Divan Roelofse…

  6. @Rugbyman: So then what 5th Best #9 in Blue Bulls area? BS!!! Or did the BB pull a Lions on them self and only have one #9 per team? Talking about 2016 and 2017.

  7. Baie geluk aan al die seuns en hulle ouers dit bly n groot eer om vir jou unie te speel maak nie saak in watter span nie julle almal kan trots wees

  8. @beet: @The O: Thought so,no shortage on top loosies so for him to grab his chance,hats off…

    Also agree with MF on Menlo player and then I’m really disappointed for Affies 8,bad luck…klipharde speler.

    Interesting on the GK side Menlo with 5 players.Rewind 3 years and that team was unstoppable.@Riempies: I’m with you on Divan,for 2 years his been extremely good and consistent.Dont know the exact reason but I believe we all have the same suspension…Like @kuifie I want to congrat every boy on selection and all the best for the CW.

  9. Wow baie geluk aan al die Swartjies wat dit gemaak het.
    6 is n baie mooi nommer gegewe ons omstandighede die laaste paar jaar.
    Sal moet n wedstryd gaan bywoon van hulle as daar nog oor is hoop ek.
    Sterkte ook aan al die ander skole se seuns.

  10. @Grizzly: @Beet: As Simon is three years behind my son, I did not know too much about him. That said, last year I asked one of the coaches how St Alban’s managed to get a gr11 soutie lock selected for Craven week given that even ex-St Alban’s lock Jason Jenkins (who was as Springbok lock by the age of 22!) was only picked for the Academy week in his gr12 year. The coach corrected me by saying that his name is pronounced See-mon, not Si-mon. :lol: :lol: I believe that he comes from a family steeped in rugby pedigree from Pretoria – e.g. his dad was (or is) head of Harlequins rugby, etc. Last week, St Alban’s leaked 21 points against PBHS while he was in the sin-bin, which shows the impact that he has on the team.

  11. @Riempies: There are 2 scrumhalves in the team. The second scrummie played GK A-team last year and actually is very good.
    Whether he is better than the Bulls B-team number 9 is another issue. But by now you should know other forces are at play in the selection process!

  12. @Rugbyman: Nee dit weet ek….. @Djou: Nou gaan ons terug na history toe… Hy het al dit en hy het al dat…
    Dit nou antwoord wat mense my gee hy was deel van sisteem…
    Ek se sisteem se g.t. AS jou huidige vorm goed is gee ek nie n hel om of jy nie deel van die SISTEEM of wat jy van te vore gedoen het nie… Dit presies deel van as en wanneer hulle SA skole spanne kies en dan later die probleem is…
    Maar ja jy praat van other forces at play en dit speel n reuse faktor.
    Tipiese uitkyk van in die land van die blindes is die een oog koning.. :idea:

  13. @Riempies: Kyk rieme, moet my nie verkeerd opvryf nie. Ek skuld jou niks, net probeer om jou onkunde reg te stel, nl dat daar net een scrummie is.
    Daar is 2.
    Dan, ek het niks met die sisteem te doen nie en het dit nooit goedgepraat nie.
    As jy aggro is, haal dit op die sisteemmakers uit. Ek het jou probeer verduidelik dat die bestes nie altyd in die span is nie.
    Cheers ou grote!

  14. @Murrayfield: Ek stem oor Menlo se 7, yster.
    Ek voel ook dat Garsies se 2 en 7 ook rede het het om ongelukkig te wees. Hulle kan darem die 23 tal gehaal het. Die moelike ding as ek so stelling maak is dat ek nie weet hoe goed die ouens is wat bo hulle gekies is nie want mens kry nie kans om al die spelers te sien speel nie. Wat ek wel weet is dat Garsies se loskop baie beter is as reserwe vir die C span. As ek ‘n keurder was het hy vir die A span begin. Maar nou ja, sterkte vir al die spelers, geniet dit en kom sonder beserings terug.

  15. @Djou: Ag asb klim tog net van jou high horse af. Moet tog nou nie alles persoonlik neem nie. My standpunt nie teen jou gerug nie. Of het jy skielik iets geword in rugby admin. Glad ook jie jou verduideliking nodig gehad nie. Net soos meeste hier n stelling gemaak. Die enigste probleem was dat ek jou geadresseer het. Vra tog nederig verkoning. Ek baie goed ma nie jou ou grote nie.
    Miskien moet jy sommer weer n sabbatical neem. Dan kan niemand jou verkeerd opvryf nie Genie.

  16. @Grizzly: @beet @ vleis @ Wonder. As you know I’m a huge PBHS supporter, we have 8 boys in the teams, 4 of them play for our 2nds.Happy for them, but it does make a mockery of the whole provincial set-up

  17. Just saying that I called St Albans having more representatives then Waterkloof….

  18. I have a feeling that the CW side will struggle abit this year. They are missing a general at 10. Basson hasnt impressed me at all this year. He doesn’t even have the kicking duties for the garsfontein anymore.

    Pity that Scheepers wasnt at trials which resulted in him not being picked for the A team. He should be in the 8 jersey and Visser at 6.

    I agree Zenha is the best loose head in Pretoria. His game against Menlyn was outrageous. Unfortunately players cant pick themselves.

  19. Dis snaaks hoe hierdie gekies word. 4 speelers in die 2nd span vir PHS? RowN Gous is in die 2nd span by Garsies.

  20. @The O: Yes,that’s why I said all things considered…I still like the A team…It’s not necessary for administrator’s to go that route.Time for the Unions to stand up to SARU and they in turn stand up to the Government….I know, highly wishfull thinking :idea: That’s why sponsors like Coke afther decades choose not to be part of it no more…still the band is more concern which tune to play next while the Titanic is busy sinking…

  21. This result has been pointed out before. Nothing quite tells the story like it though:
    screenshot from Affierugby.co.za
    Affies 6th XV vs CR Swart 1st XV

  22. Let’s look at this statistically. I’m guessing that the top ten Pretoria school 1st teams (i.e. 150 players) only have about 25 POC. However, the four Bulls u18 teams need to have 48 POC. Clearly this is a problem. Also, it’s clear that schools with more POC will have a disproportionately higher representation in the Bulls teams – e.g. CR Swart have six players despite getting hammered by Affies 6th team. In my humble opinion, we should debate wether the quota system needs to be revisited, rather than criticising the schools that provide the POC, or criticising the POC themselves, because:
    1. The players do not pick themselves.
    2. If said schools (i.e. PBHS, Garsies, St Alban’s, etc) did not provide said POC, the Bulls would be in a much worse position.
    3. Historically, some of the best players in the Bulls CW teams have been POC (e.g. Papier, Nonkontwana, van Reenen, Appollis, Kumbirai, etc) who do not need to have their abilities questioned.
    4. It makes it much harder for a non-POC from one of those schools to make one of the Bulls teams because the default position is that there are already too many from said school due to the POC. This is shortsighted, as is evidenced by two recent non-POC from St Alban’s – i.e. Jason Jenkins, who at only 23 got his 50th cap for the Bulls today and Simon Miller, who was voted player of the match for the Bulls u18 v the Lions u18 on Tuesday.
    5. Some of the smaller/weaker schools have brilliant payers that deserve their selections – i.e. their 1st teams struggle because there are too many other weak players in the side – i.e. you’re only as strong as your weakest links.

    That’s just my thoughts on this.

  23. @Riempies: Rieme natuurlik was dit teen my gerig, lees weer.
    Maar, so be it.
    Punt is die stelsel is wat dit is.
    As jy mooi kan onthou was Garsies se 15 van verlede jaar die beste by verre in Pretoria. Hy kon nie een van die 3 spanne maak nie weens die stelsel.
    En so kan ons aangaan.
    Natuurlik is dit nie lekker nie. Dis eintlik afgryslik dat kinders aan so ‘n stelsel onderwerp moet word.
    Ek voel bitter jammer vir Leelu se seun. Hy is ‘n goeie speler en verdien nie die behandeling nie.
    Maar mens kan nie die seuns wat gekies is kritiseer nie. Dis swak smaak want dis nie hul skuld nie.

  24. @Djou: Glo my dit was nie teen jou gerig nie. MAAR miskien wel teen stelling dan een al 0/16 GK gespeel het. Dit was my punt. Daardie tel vir my niks. ….
    Ek wil n kleintjie kry as kommentators se die speler het 0/13 CW, 16 GK toe 0/18 CW toe SA skole toe toe en dit maak hom so n goeie speler!
    Nonsens. Dit is asof dit die speler se keuse so regverdig.
    Dit my punt oor die sisteem. Daar manne nou nie 0/20 WB toe nie. Rede? Hulle/hy was nie deel van die sisteem nie. Wel die sisteem is stukkend. Dit kan duidelik gesien word in bogenoemde kommentaar.
    So as jy dink ek het jou persoonlik aangespreek dan het jy my verkeerd verstaan.
    Laastens ek glo Leelu se seun is n resultaat van die gebreekte sisteem. Geen persoon op hierdie planeet gaan my anders bewys nie. Kom ons kyk wie in toekoms nog deel van die rugby strukture gaan wees. Ek wet jou ek gaan reg wees.

  25. @Riempies: Ons stem dan saam.
    Maar as ons die sisteem wil verander sal ons met voorstelle moet kom.
    Daai SARU skape kyk net na hul eie sak en dink nie.

  26. @The O: 2/4 of the boys you mentioned played Grant Khomo when they were u16. There’s aserious selection problem when it comes to the boys. I would say say at least two of them should be in the first team right now. One of them was was in the original starting XV for all them games until after Jeppe.

    To prove that those first XV players aren’t that great; Paul anthony called the Bulls and requested that 5 of his players be sent to that final trial (the day before the trial). All five of the players he sent didn’t make any of the teams. The selectors watched enough of the games to know who they wanted at the trials.

    I was even surprised Justin Cross made the Craven Week team intially. He has good qualities ito kicking but everything around that is sub par which is unfortunate. Drifts wide a lot. Decision making is slow and when he is in trouble he reverts back to inaccurate grubber kicks.

  27. The only Boys High player who is unlucky not to be in these Bulls teams is the 12. He sustained a what appeared to be a serious concussion (2nd of the season) this past weekend so it doesn’t matter now.

  28. @The Don: Yes, I’m aware that two of the players played GK, however, I don’t agree with any player playing provincial if he is not the no 1 choice for his school and if the no 1 doesn’t play provincial. That applies to all sport. So I’m definitely not saying that more Boys High players should have made it. I’m also not sure that I agree with you that 2 of these players should be playing 1sts at this stage, but it would be an interesting “offline” discussion.Maybe 50/50
    Agree with you on the 12, unfortunately out for 5-6 weeks. You’re other point, another “offline” discussion :wink:

  29. @The Don: I think there are going plenty of players that are going to raise concerns about whether they are of a standard good enough to merit being at Craven Week once the action gets underway. Having watched Justin Cross I somehow don’t think he will fall into that category. He looks like a flyhalf who can play out of the pocket or play very flat and seems to have the all-round skills to execute well. The defences at CW tend to be weak in terms of commitment and organisation amongst the backs. I’m not sure what the service to Cross will be like but if its good, he might find attacking conditions to his liking.

    There are a few other PBHS players who might not have been considered good enough to make a BB team but who definitely would not have been out of their depth at CW.

  30. @The O: I hear you. I mean I’m not against a 2nd team player playing provicial rugby because I’ve seen politics kill players at school. For example Khwezi Mafu was playing second team at Grey High School when he was selected for SA Schools in 2015 and IG Prinsloo was also playing 2nd team at Grey College when he was seelected for SA Schools in 2014.

    I’ll be at the St Johns game if you want to have an “offline” discussion :mrgreen:

  31. It’s one of the reasons that EP allows you to come to trials if you’ve represented the province before despite the team that you currently play in at school.

  32. @beet: I agree with you when you talk about the defences at Craven Week and that if he receives decent service then he’ll perform.

    I must disagree on his ability to execute when playing flat. The PBHS backline is very flat and that’s when he seems the most unsure of what to do especially in the attacking third.

    The first *really* good performance I saw of him was at the final trial where he had a pack that was going forward and backs that were running onto the ball at pace. He looked a lot less rushed and much more comfortable.

    All in all I think the XV team is exactly where he should be. Still a decent 10, just not the type to win you CW.

  33. @The Don: I’ll definitely be there, it’s always good to hear and share different views. I think JC had some very good games this season, Saturday was probably not one of them, but it was a messy kind of game. I think there are some positional changes that can be made to the Candies that will result in an even stronger team…


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