1. Never thought I will see the day that a Framesby and Brandwag both have more CW representatives than a Grey High!…Are times a changing?

  2. @BoishaaiPa: The Brandwag representation surprises me – they will only play one highly ranked team in Framesby later in the season.

    Framesby has some great wins under the belt. Grey only starts their season during the last 3 matches when they play Selborne, Framesby and GCB.

    So it will only be apparent whether the selectors picked the right players after CW and at the end of the season.

    I still find it ridiculous that the boys should pay to play trials.

  3. @Rainier: Howzit. Who do they pay? I thought SAC would have had a better showing. Liked their locks. But of the others only seen Framesby.

  4. @Rainier: I watched Grey against Paul Roos amongst a few other games and they put on a good show against a very strong PRG.

    Of their players I like the openside flank Damon Royle. He’s a proper fetcher. His omission is a surprise. I’m told he was injured before final trials. Pity.

  5. @McCulleys Workshop: of the SAC boys two that I appreciated are Miles Danckerts (12)- sadly injured at Kingswood 125 and Dylan Wilson (7). Not sure why he didn’t feature but he’s been prominent for them.

  6. @Smallies:

    Craven Week – Petro Somerset (ARCA), Christiaan v Schalkwyk (Brandwag) Christo Scriven (Framesby)

    Academy Week – Brendon Scholtz (Kingswood), Abe Smith (Franco’s brother – Nico Malan), JP du Preez (DFM)

    EPCD – Damian Arendse (Aliwal) Christopher Felix (Aliwal)

  7. @beet: The injuries are always unfortunate. The Nico Malan flyhalf would also have been a contender but is out for the season.

  8. @Rainier: Are they still paying this year? I thought the public attention it was given last year would have brought the practice to an end. I wonder who is responsible for accounting for the money?

  9. @Rainier: Neither do they! It’s atrocious. And yet SARU stipulate POC Numbers and can’t work our basic stuff like this.

  10. @Rainier: From what I’ve heard the players are still paying R200 and it does not seem like they were issued receipts either. There needs to be proper accounting for that money. How much was collected, what portion was spent on what and what happens to the balance if any.

  11. @Smallies: Die mense in aliwal hoop dat hy saam sy U/16 span gaan op skyf. So ver my kennis strek is die meeste van hulle wedstyde gestop op 50.

  12. @DieLem: ek ken daardie onder 16 span baie baie goed ,die Odendaal tweeling Gershon Smith Serue Serue Gatla Odendaal…Ps my dogter is n ANHS en my seun was tot 2016 waar Hy was deel van daardie o 16 span met Ruan Krugen,Dirkie Kotse Danie Naude ,Mihle toko,Junoir Mazibuko en vele meer was. Hulle het van 2014 af slegs drie wedstryde verloor en het 3 grant khomo spelers op gelewer,Die o16 groep van die jaar was toe o13 en het self 3 vrystaat cravenweek spelers gehad en so iets soos 9 vs platteland spelers…almal het toe al gese hulle gaan n bul span wees

  13. @BoishaaiPa: Is daar weer ‘n bondedag vanjaar? WP, OP, SWD en Boland? Ek het verlede jaar ‘n rumour gehoor dat dit nie meer gaan plaasvind nie!!

  14. @Smallies: Dis reg ja. WP het mos 3 jaar terug besluit hulle wag tot na hierdie toernooi om hulle spanne aan te kondig!! :roll: :roll:

  15. @beet: The /15 and /16 boys also paid R200 to play in the trial matches.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

  16. Don’t think i will pass my comments yet but very surprised Grey 10 and 12 no were to be seen. No 12 the most intelligent centre in the EC

  17. @BoishaaiPa: look at the coaches and you were will understand @Rainier: Brandwag will battle against Framsbey they were in big trouble against Muir only when Muir had 4 injuries in the last 15 min did Brandwag eventually get the lead. Muir small pack had 80% of the ball till that stage

  18. @Queenian:
    Dear Queenian, maybe you should just get all the info before you make a statement like that. 4 days before Muir, the 15 broke his neck and is still currently fighting for his life in hospital. So the boys are sad and maybe even lost their confidence. I CAN GUARANTEE you one thing, they will give Framesby a hard game and it will be very close. Muir will never be a challenge, so boys will always struggle , especially after previous week’s game against Daniel Pienaar which is highlight of the year. Brandwag punches way above their weight with about 300 boys of which 120 play rugby. In pass 6 years they have beaten Framesby, St Andrews, Kingswood, QUEENS (twice),Marlow(4 times in a row in Cradock) and drawn against Dale, beaten Nico Malan etc. Grey pe refuses to play them at home…maybe a bit scared and have beaten Daniel Piebaar 11 out of 12 Classic Clashes.
    And yet Framesby, Marlow, Nico malan, Muir and Daniel Pienaar get invites to Easter Festivals.
    So maybe the boys deserve it..

  19. @Queenian: Grey no.12 – SLOW POISON – I love that nickname. I agree good player. EP Top 3 schools all have good 12’s this year. Wilkie, Wolf and Danckwerts.

  20. @wika: Hi Wika. I agree that Brandwag punches above their weight. The Framesby match will be another huge test for the boys.

    The news about the fullback’s injury was very sad indeed and I like many others were moved by it and are praying that he makes a recovery. I heard that the specialist said that after the operation there was still a chance.

    With regards to playing Grey PE, I looked at the Eastern Cape results on this website and notice the 45-12 result in 2016 that year was the last time the schools played. I am also lead to believe that a more recent fixture in 2018 did not go ahead. Hopefully ties can be re-established.

  21. @beet:
    The is 2 problems with this fixture:
    1. Every time the fixture gets going, Grey insists that the fixture starts with a home fixture for them. (Which happened in 2016)
    2. In 2017 the fixture should have taken place at Brandwag and it didnt. The reason was that Brandwag dont have enough teams, which by the way make sense (they cant field C & D junior teams and only have max 4 senior teams).
    But here lies the problem, the fixture was good enough for a home Grey game.
    So both schools have valid points.

    Ps. The interesting thing about 2016 was that Daniel Pienaar beat Grey in Uitenhage(the irony :mrgreen:

  22. Which brings me back to my initial point. They punch above their weight and are desperate for bigger fixtures, but financial constraints of a industrial town plays a big role to try to get enough boys for C & D teams.

    So the boys in the Cravenweek and academy team deserve their places.
    Ps..the problem with some of the other schools,are that a few of the stars in their teams are u/19 this year.

  23. @wika: Brandwag always have punched above there weight that is clear to see know body would disagree with that. You mention them not playing Grey Brandwag pulled out of that fixture not Grey. And Brandwag pulled out of there fixtures against both St Andrews and Kingswood. So please state the actual facts. They still do very well that i will say but not all is always that rosie. For example 3 years ago two players arrive a week before the DP game and leave two weeks later after they play Muir one being a SA schools player not healthy. And i know everybody does that these days so maybe its okay. As for the boy that got hurt that’s is very sad i know them personally and i pray they get through this.

  24. @wika: In my estimation to truly be credit worthy, what one really needs is for neutrals or even better, for opponents to be saying the players deserve their places in the youth week teams. This does not just apply to the EP province in 2019, it applies to most regions every year.

    If/when a supporter of a team says the players deserve their places it carries far less weight.

    I understand that the selection process is about assessing individual talent not school performances. The make ups of youth week teams can also be influenced by the quality of PDI players available in positions. This is because in many regions the quota target requirement provides a massive challenge to finding PDI players of a suitable standard whilst there is an abundance of non-PDI players that meet that standard. The consequence is that some non-PDI players who may be the best or second best in their positions in their region have to be overlooked. It is unfortunate but it is a reality. This is how the system works. In regions with an abundance of standard meeting PDI players to choose from, the selectors have more flexibility to put together a team that includes the best non-PDI on offer.

    When I look at the EP situation, the three leading teams this season are Grey, SAC and Framesby in no specific order. All three are predominantly non-PDI teams this year. So I would have thought that perhaps the PDI target would have to be serviced by other schools in the EP. However when looking at the breakdown of selected players:

    7 Grey players picked, 6 PDI. Only 1 non-PDI
    8 SAC players picked, 4 PDI, 4 non-PDI
    8 Framesby players picked, 2 PDI, 6 non-PDI
    9 Brandwag players picked, looks like 3 PDI, 6 non-PDI

    I know the Grey captain at #8 is u19 plus a lock (PDI) are u19 and Framesby has two stand out non-PDI u19’s. Not sure if SAC has any u19s.

    It does look like the Grey non-PDI players many of whom have performed well this year have been overlooked in favour of non-PDI from the likes of Brandwag and Nico Malan, when equating school form back to representation.

    It looks like Grey’s main contribution to the u18 youth week teams in 2019 is to service the quota requirement, which given the season they have had and the quality of their non-PDI players is very misleading. This is not to say their PDI players have not had great performances as well.

    To conclude, I reiterate the process is about individual ability not school form.

  25. @Queenian:
    The facts:
    1. Brandwag dont pull out of fixtures, never have and never will.The problem comes in with amount of teams as I said previously, which makes sense.
    2. Had a full preseason fixture again St Andrews a few years ago, beat them and following year they didnt want to play. Still dont know why.. it was an excellent fixture for both schools, especially preseason.
    3. Last time they played Played Kingswood, they gave them 50 points. Following year it started to clash with exams and holidays that are different with both schools having holidays at seperate times. It would be a good fixture every year. Plus cravenweek teams started to practice 3 times a week in June.
    4. One not two players arrived at Brandwag one week before classic clash a few years ago. He received a full busary like hundreds of other kids get all over the country. Two days later he jumped on a bus, without telling anybody. Later it came out, that his previous school (not named) and a certain union up North made a big offer to him and he jumped at it again.
    So yes, he made everbody look bad…and now he struggling to make name for himself, because he jumps from the one offer to the next.

    So the big problem is numbers…primary schools in uitenhage have less and less boys playing rugby. Handhaaf is only school who plays top league rugby out of probably 10 schools in area.
    Plus lately boys stop playing when they dont get picked for A-teams, which is really sad.

  26. Al wat ek oor die OP se pak voorspelers gaan se onder Chriaan Van Schalkwyk is pods pods pods pods pods pods pods pods….pods pods pods pods pods pods pods pods pods…..pods pods pods pods pods …..pods pods pods pods pods

  27. @beet: Your last sentence is GOLD! I noticed how much emphasis was put on school performance in the KZN thread. You can have outstanding individuals in a below par team, and you can have below par individuals in an outstanding team. Combinations and clicking with a few ‘star’ players make a team great.

  28. @Smallies:
    Totally of the point..your comment has got nothing to do with the topic. So keep your personal feelings to yourself. Funny how they won the cravenweek a few years ago??

    So lets stick to the topic of how teams are picked in a massive province with big logistical problems.

  29. @wika: yip Grey het n top span gehad daardie jaar met Bosch heel voor in die koor,kyk van OP skole rugby gaan jy my nie veel vertel nie,ek is deur daardie vleismeule….lock stock and barrel,van moet betaal om proewe te speel tot kos moet aanry vir kinders by oefenkampe en toernooie omdat Op nie kan kos koop nie tot besighede se gatte lek om pt broeke en kouse te sponser tot tot tot

  30. @wika: Agree 100% schools battle in Uitenhage they don’t have a lot to choose from Junior schools are very week besides Handhaaf. DP most likely the one under performing the nost with the numbers they have hopefully Brandwag/DP and Muir can survive. Brandwag with 300 boys and Muir with 340 will be most pressed. DP just on size have no excuses. Just a few facts Grey vs Brandwag 2017 was cancelled by Brandwag due to a flu epidemic. The scrum half arrived at Brandwag 2 days before the classic clash with DP and left 2 days after the Muir game so thats 12 days. The second boy fair enough left Brandwag 5 months before and came back and stayed till he finished. And the last gane against Kingswood was in Uitenhage and Brandwag won 35-26.

    I have a lot of respect for Brandwag so none of this is a attack on the school and agree a big issue with fixtures is the amount of teams schools have.

  31. @wika: And do i think these schools will survive as is on the rugby front not sure about DP but Brandwag/Muir i doubt will money will be a big issue being involved with these two schools for 10 years and bursaries will soon be a thing of the past Muir already stopped givi g outside bursaries 3 years ago and Brandwag the Pot will run dry soon. A great pity but painfully the truth. Will give Brandwag and Muir there due academic,s still very good.

  32. @Smallies:
    That is the big problem.
    Otto du Plessis, Andrew Rabie, Df Malerbhe,Cillie all were good fixtures about 15 years ago. Now you have to travel to make up the loss of those games and financially it is tough. Hudson park, Sterling, even Cambridge are ideal replacements for full rugby,hockey and netball fixture, but they are settled in their league and that is why Border Rugby is looking better. It use to be run away victories for Selborne. Watch Hudson Park next year..

    Brandwag rugby pot wont run dry, their staff has so much passion and dedication for rugby.

    But my initial point was, they sometimes do have a Top 20 team but dont get invited to any Easter Festival, while Framesby, Dp, Nico Malan, Marlow do and even Muir have Cape schools.
    They travelled 2 days a few years ago to play Paarl Boys High (1 in country) just to get an oppertunity.

    But witg no C & D teams, it will always be a big struggle
    to move forward.

  33. @beet: Yes plenty good number 12’s the Muir boy also brilliant but i see they picked him as a wing for the Academy team

  34. Grey 10 didn’t go to trials. The other schools are pretty strong anyway. Framesby has a side with good players and so does SAC. Grey drew with SAC with early in the season so the competition is strong.

    Also, saying Grey’s season starts during the last 3 games is a stretch. What about PRG, Wynberg, Queens, Dale, SAC???

  35. @wika: But when you go into the karoo things change….volkskool ,union, marlow,burgersdorp, Aliwal north, Middelburg,Craddock all have small but very healthy rugby programmes, Aliwal has 3 Grant Khomo players in 2 different teams and another 4 players in epcd and vkb teams…they even had their first protea netball player…

  36. @wika: A possible solution would be to have a double date with Grey for example. I am sure their D & E teams don’t get a lot of game time. For home games, Brandwag can get the Grey D & E teams to play vs the opposition C & D teams. Given their current fixture list,Grey can do this on Saturdays where they play Dale, Queens and Graeme in PE. Away games, the opposition can get a filler. It seems to work well in KZN, otherwise the DHS vs Glenwood derby would be a thing of the past if numbers were the defining factor of keeping it alive.

    P.S. This thing of Brandwag never being invited to Easter Festivals is quite intriguing.

  37. @The Don: Grey No 12 didn’t go to trials , no invite. But he has French agents contacting him. And he seriously looking at Europe next year. No need for SA rugby.

  38. @Rainier: Delron beseer….ag nee dis regtig jammer, lanklaas so afgeronde 10 gesien wat n hele span aftrap en onder die pale druk….watse graad is die outjie, gaan hy dalk wee geleentheid kry?


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