School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 16 March 2019

Tue.12Mar Collegians RFC <0> <10> Busy Bee Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar Kasselvlei <25> <5> Parel Vallei Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar Milnerton <5> <0> Brackenfell Newlands R/D
Tue.12Mar Wynberg <15> <0> Bellville Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar SACS <25> <10> Stellenberg Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar Rondebosch <10> <10> Boland Landbou Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar Paul Roos <5> <0> HJS Paarl BH Newlands R/D Click here for match link
Tue.12Mar Midstream 15 13 St Alban’s
Wed.13Mar Zwartkop 26 28 Randburg NWU-Pukke Prestige
Wed.13Mar Noordheuwel 26 20 Potch Volkskool NWU-Pukke Prestige
Wed.13Mar Jeugland 26 12 Potch Gim NWU-Pukke Prestige
Wed.13Mar Die Anker 10 31 Montana NWU-Pukke Prestige
Wed.13Mar Randpark 17 42 St David’s
Thu.14Mar Leinster RFC 31 24 Bishops Ireland Tour
Thu.14Mar Sentraal Witteberg Wesgrow SSR
Thu.14Mar Pionier 54 17 Wilgerivier
Thu.14Mar Florida 34 24 Secunda
Fri.15Mar EG Jansen 2nds 31 19 Durbanville 2nds Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar Affies 2nds 31 14 Stellenberg 2nds Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar Monument 2nds 07 32 Paarl Gim 2nds Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar Menlopark 2nds 03 21 Grey Cherries Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar EG Jansen 30 18 Durbanville Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar Affies 28 21 Stellenberg Noord-Suid
Fri.15Mar Fichardtpark 14 19 Hentie Cilliers
Sat.16Mar Michaelhouse 2nds 24 26 Clifton @ St Charles
Sat.16Mar Port Alfred 05 19 Muir Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Queen’s 08 40 Framesby Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Grey HS 57 03 Hudson Park Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Marlow 19 35 Selborne Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Kingswood 31 00 Pearson Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar St Andrew’s 27 13 SACS Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Graeme 14 14 Dale Graeme R/D
Sat.16Mar Waterkloof 2nds 43 15 Boland Landbou 2nds Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Helpmekaar 2nds 05 31 HJS Paarl BH 2nds Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Garsfontein 2nds 32 19 Outeniqua 2nds Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Waterkloof 31 36 Boland Landbou Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Helpmekaar 20 20 HJS Paarl BH Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Menlopark 28 59 Grey College Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Monument 29 43 Paarl Gim Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Garsfontein 28 24 Outeniqua Noord-Suid
Sat.16Mar Strand 24 46 Middelburg North-South Fest
Sat.16Mar Nico Malan 15 18 Ben Vorster North-South Fest
Sat.16Mar Drostdy 106 03 Transvalia North-South Fest
Sat.16Mar Daniel Pienaar 24 14 Marais Viljoen North-South Fest
Sat.16Mar Ellisras 36 07 Augsburg Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Duineveld 29 12 Jeugland Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Lichtenburg 34 05 Bellville Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Kempton Park 55 05 Brackenfell Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Upington 19 31 Dinamika Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Hermanus 43 22 Alberton Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Diamantveld 66 17 Zwartkop Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 24 53 Brandwag Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Oakdale 33 03 HTS Middelburg Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Vredendal 10 14 Montagu Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Overberg 15 15 Landboudal Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Robertson 33 24 Grens Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Oosterlig 07 47 Agri XV Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Hugenote 28 29 Potch Gim Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Despatch 49 10 Bredasdorp Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Langenhoven Gim 33 22 Rockingham (Aus) Oakdale Festival
Sat.16Mar Paarl Gim u16 Festival DAY 1 Streaming Paarl Gim u16 Fest
Sat.16Mar President 10 07 Namakwaland TSRF
Sat.16Mar Knysna 05 21 WP LSEN Invitation XV TSRF
Sat.16Mar Melkbosstrand 15 59 Ashton TSRF
Sat.16Mar Alexander Road 40 17 Vanrhynsdorp TSRF
Sat.16Mar Schoonspruit 18 12 Bridgton TSRF
Sat.16Mar Paulus Joubert 17 29 Jan van Riebeeck TSRF
Sat.16Mar New Orleans 24 12 Piketberg TSRF
Sat.16Mar Klein Nederburg 31 12 Bellville South TSRF
Sat.16Mar Cederberg Academy 22 12 Bergvliet TSRF
Sat.16Mar Swartland 12 21 Groenberg TSRF
Sat.16Mar Vredenburg 60 00 Bosmansdam TSRF
Sat.16Mar Montana (Bol) 15 10 Victoria Park TSRF
Sat.16Mar Weston 39 07 JG Meiring TSRF
Sat.16Mar Dirkie Uys 08 24 Monument Park TSRF
Sat.16Mar Langenhoven HS 19 21 Porterville TSRF
Sat.16Mar Lutzville 07 14 HTS Bellville TSRF
Sat.16Mar Otto du Plessis 12 19 De Kuilen TSRF
Sat.16Mar DF Malan 20 24 Worcester Gim TSRF
Sat.16Mar Cambridge 15 45 VS Graaff-Reinet Union Festival
Sat.16Mar St Charles 07 27 Michaelhouse
Sat.16Mar Kearsney 14 14 Hilton
Sat.16Mar St David’s 19 22 St Stithians
Sat.16Mar St John’s 40 14 St Alban’s


  1. Groot rugby saterdag DV by Garsfontein. Die sit en staanplekke behoort te min te wees.

  2. @Gifappel: Hoor ook maar van die toernooi , dink seker HJS se 6 de span ( ek hoor HJS nou die amptelike solvente unie in die wes kaap.???

  3. Grahamstown is going to be on fire…
    QC vs Framesby
    Marlow vs Selborne
    St Andrews vs SACS

    Those are some potential humdingers!!!!

    P.S. Anyone know why Bishops isn’t taking part in the Newlands Rugby Day?

  4. @Wyvern: SAC/SACS could go either way indeed. Queens also looking good, so you may have to take some humble pie for that bet. My money is on QC.

  5. @Playa: Selborne, Marlow will be interesting, i suspect that Selborne will win easily, however Marlow tend to put something extra in the pap at breakfast for games like this…. Selborne by at least 25 or by less than 5 depending on what Marlow had for breakfast

  6. @beet: I’m not sure what the final score was, but St Alban’s got hammered away at St John’s yesterday. They were down by 21 to 0 at half-time, when I had to leave. I think the final score was about 40 to 14.

  7. @Playa: At first I thought it must’ve been their B team we played, but apparently not! Knowing Selborne, I’m sure they thought they were in for a quick practice match when they saw the fixture :mrgreen:

    @Vleis: I haven’t heard of anyone new coming in the u16 team this year, but we lost our star flyhalf to Hudson :cry:

  8. @Vleis: A strong St John’s team or a weaker St Albans team on the day? I’m keen to see what we can do next sat against st John’s. We just scraped by last year :lol:

  9. @Gifappel: seker nie HJS se eerstespan wat gelyk speel met skooltjie van die noorde in die onbekende toernooitjie nie???

  10. @Wyvern: They may have thought it was gonna be a quick practice match. Knowing Selborne, they look to punish ‘weaker’opposition rather than sit back and be casual. That said, KC clearly has a strong group there.

    P.S. How do you guys lose a player to Hudson? That’s an anomaly if I ever heard of one. I remember back in 98 you lost a star player to Selborne. Which was strange. Can’t remember his first name but his surname was van Niekerk. Bloody good fullback but he couldn’t make 1sts at Selborne when he moved. His competition, Gibson made SA Schools that year.

  11. @Wyvern: To be honest, I wasn’t paying close attention to the person stating the news/gossip, but they did also mention you losing a star player, as his parents thought that he was not being disciplined enough because he was a star rugby player. 8-O :-? I think that they said that you’ve gained four of five players, but I can’t remember where from, although I think that Pearson is one of them. Both stories could be exaggerated.

    I think that St Alban’s was missing a few key players and they were very small in the backs, so were overrun by St John’s. Of course, things can change, but at this early stage of the season, it seems that St Alban’s are much weaker than last year and St John’s are much better than last year. The latter seemed fired up and focussed – this is the team that was unbeaten as 16s two years ago, so they should be quite strong this year.

  12. @Playa: To Vleis’ point, his parents wanted him to focus more on academics and less on sport. Not too sure what Hudson’s academics are like but a big loss for us :-|


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