BHP Top 50 – week ending 12 May 2018

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# School Avg Reg Type Gen #Boys Est
01 Grey College 5.10 FS State Boys 1190 1855
02 Paul Roos 4.87 WP State Boys 1230 1866
03 Glenwood 4.69 KZN State Boys 1070 1910
04 Paarl Gim 4.16 WP State CoEd 580 1858
05 Transvalia 4.00 VAL State CoEd 570 1958
06 HJS Paarl BH 3.82 WP State Boys 870 1868
07 Wynberg 3.69 WP State Boys 760 1841
08 Hilton 3.60 KZN Indep Boys 560 1872
09 Monument 3.58 GL State CoEd 690 1921
10 Oakdale 3.47 SWD State Boys 420 1928
11 Framesby 3.47 EP State CoEd 560 1966
12 Jeppe 3.36 GL State Boys 960 1890
13 Ben Vorster 3.27 LIM State CoEd 420 1962
14 Selborne 3.24 BOR State Boys 740 1872
15 DHS 3.09 KZN State Boys 1090 1866
16 St Andrew’s 3.06 EP Indep Boys 460 1855
17 Drostdy 3.06 BOL State CoEd 690 1903
18 Bishops 3.04 WP Indep Boys 720 1849
19 Menlopark 2.99 BB State CoEd 680 1963
20 Garsfontein 2.93 BB State CoEd 880 1988
21 Grey HS 2.86 EP State Boys 930 1856
22 Affies 2.70 BB State Boys 1090 1920
23 Marlow 2.70 EP State Boys 230 1931
24 Boland Landbou 2.68 WP State Boys 340 1953
25 Helpmekaar 2.62 GL Indep CoEd 460 1921
26 Bellville 2.56 WP State CoEd 560 1937
27 Upington 2.48 GRI State CoEd 270 1896
28 Brandwag 2.47 EP State CoEd 410 1937
29 Kearsney 2.46 KZN Indep Boys 570 1921
30 Goudveld 2.43 GRF State CoEd 360 1961


  1. This is probably the first time in history that 2 other Pretoria schools are rated above Affies and Waterkloof on this blog. Also I wonder if EG Jansen will at least make the top 30 this year? Lets wait and see

  2. A “low-key” fixture that will be interesting is Welkom Gim vs Goudveld. Welkom don’t feature here while Goudveld does, though they’ve pretty much beaten the same teams, though WG suffered some losses against quality opposition, i.e. GCB, Drostdy, Glenwood and Paarl Gim. This will surely be the battle for top honours in not just Welkom, but East of Bloemfontein.I haven’t seen Goudveld this year, but my slim bank account is on Welkom. They’ve been an impressive bunch so far.

  3. @Playa: More North than East!, lol. Its only “low key” if you dont stay in that area – the razzmatazz that goes with that derby is something to behold. Gim will be too strong for the boys in blue and white though….

  4. Well done to Transvalia, Jaco and rest of coaching team, great results up to now boys! Keep up the good work! 8))

  5. @kokkie: Ek vermoed die transvalia manne of ten minste sewe van hulle het n klomp jaar terug hier by ons op veekraal kom kuier toe no as rissieville en daai tyd al was hulle ontstuitbaar.Ek gaan probeer om van daai pappas hier betrokke tekry.

  6. @Playa: I must admit at being surprised that the SBR-system doesn’t reflect Welkom Gim’s First XV to be amongst the top 30 teams in South Africa. Over an above the teams you pointed out they also went down 10-5 against Monument in the Bulls rugby day – and not 30-5 as indicated in the SBR results.

    They have thus played against five of the top seventeen teams in the SBR rankings and – looking at the scores – upheld themselves with dignity. They won 41-7 against Marlow (ranked 23rd) and have obliterated their opposition in the local Griffons League.

    The Schoolofrugby website rank them at number sixteen which is in all probability a much more realistic indication of their relative strength.

    Insofar as the Derby against Goudveld is concerned – the latter has lost five of their last six games against Welkom Gim. I have seen a couple of games of both teams this season and does Goudveld have their best team in a number of years. The Derby will be an intense affair but do I predict that the pace of Welkom Gim’s backline will in the end prevail and grant them a comfortable victory.

  7. @Herakles: Apologies for the incorrect score. I seem to have used the 2017 score by mistake. If it’s any consolation those shortened no kick at posts games don’t count towards the rankings here.

  8. @Herakles: I guess Gim’s absence from the top 30 is best explained with reference to the teams they did actually beat (Marlow aside), rather than the losses they suffered against more reputable opponents. However admirable those losses were, they were still losses and none were close enough to warrant any points for these ranking purposes.That having been said, they definately are very competitive.

  9. @Rugga Fan: yes you are right. The first Blue Bull school team or rather ‘Pretoria’ school only starting at 19 8)) . This is a surprise.

  10. It was a good day at the office for Waterkloof against KES this weekend with al the A team taking the honours, highlighted by the 1st team 35-23 win.

  11. @BlouLou: Yes – Waterkloof did very well to win the A & 1st & 2nd team games. All were very close & very competitive. The Klofies 1st team play very exciting rugby. It’s a joke that they are not rated in the top 20. One of the rankings even had them in the 80s.


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