The Official BHP Rankings for the week ended 21 April 2018

1st Rankings for 2018. Schools had to have played 3 or more games to get ranked.

Rank School Pts
01 Grey College 5.13
02 Paarl Gim 4.98
03 Paul Roos 4.60
04 Glenwood 4.53
05 Monument 4.47
06 Menlopark 4.33
07 HJS Paarl BH 4.33
08 Jeppe 3.74
09 Transvalia 3.69
10 Helpmekaar 3.64
11 Wynberg 3.48
12 Boland Landbou 3.48
13 DHS 3.47
14 Hilton 3.40
15 Drostdy 3.30
16 Selborne 3.27
17 Framesby 3.26
18 Bishops 3.24
19 Affies 3.23
20 Ben Vorster 3.14
21 Oakdale 3.08
22 St Andrew’s 2.80
23 Garsfontein 2.71
24 Rustenburg 2.59
25 Brandwag 2.57
26 Upington 2.48
27 Marlow 2.46
28 Grey HS 2.40
29 Kearsney 2.34
30 Welkom Gim 2.33


  1. Still a bit of sorting out to do.

    My gut feel Top 20 would be:
    1 Paul Roos
    2 Grey College
    3 Glenwood
    4 Paarl Gim
    5 Monument
    6 HJS Paarl BH
    7 Transvalia
    8 Boland Landbou
    9 Garsfontein
    10 Menlopark
    11 Wynberg
    12 Oakdale
    13 Drostdy
    14 Affies
    15 Hilton
    16 Jeppe
    17 Helpmekaar
    18 Outeniqua
    19 Bishops
    20 DHS

  2. @beet: beet trek vir my n PRG truijie aan asb. I like your gut feel ranking, but as i said elsewhere, the next 3 games for most teams will be crucial 8)) 8))

  3. @beet: One can only work with actual results..Did your gut tell you Monnas gonna put 60 odd on Garsies?..or Wynberg is going to run Boishaai close?.. :mrgreen:

    SBR is to unpredictable to go on any gutfeel..results is the only criteria you can use!

    @Riempies: Current results suggest it is so…Nothing else to base it on but facts and outcomes.

  4. @Riempies: Helpies het nog net teen spanne gespeel wat nie in die Top 30 is nie.

    Jeppe het darem al vir Marlow geklop wat in die Top 30 is.

  5. @beet: I know its not criticism. But gut feel is not very reliable. Although I know and feel Garsies is probably more a Top 10 side in strength, their results and the combined results of other teams put them lower at this stage. They would most probably beat most of the teams above them up to No 10, but we have no proof of that as yet!

  6. Very nice to see Ben Vorster at nr 20….and currently deservedly so.
    7 out of 8 wins, only loss against Jeppe (8) with penalty after the hooter. Beat Marlow(27), good wins against Centurion (last year top 20) and solid schools like Oos-Moot, Frikkie Meyer, Klerksdorp, Northwood.

    Interestingly, it would currently make them the top team in SA in the deep rural areas. The rest of the top 20 are all in the big metropolitan areas….except Drostdy, but Worcester is a veritable metropole compared to Tzaneen, and are too close to Paarl and the Cape metropole too be considered rural.
    Also nice too see a team like Upington getting some rare recognition

    Obviously it would change, and Oakdale, Garsies, Welkom Gim etc would move lower.
    The 1 big question for me…where is EG Jansen?
    If I look at results this year, surely they should be in top 30 at least?

  7. Although injuries is part and parcel of rugby and cannot be used as an excuse for poor form or results, it does have an impact on team dynamics and outcomes. In 2015 Grey College had a horrible run of injuries and had up to 15 first choice players all injured at one stage or another so they could never field a fully fit first choice team. That impacted directly on their 4 losses that season..If that can impact a school with the depth of Grey, imagine what 12 first choice injuries can do to a team like Garsies. No matter how you try and justify that you have to play with what you have, loosing a couple of key playmakers can have a detrimental affect on a team and can make the difference between winning or losing a close game. Very few teams goes through a season being able to pick all their first choice players in most of the games, so if you have 5 or more key injuries, it will eventually impact on your results as you have to adjust and maybe sacrifice certain plays due to individual strengths.

  8. @BoishaaiPa: Very true. Now imagine Ben Vorster, also in 2015, when they lost both the 1st and 2nd team flyhalves with long term injuries in the very first outing of the season. That defined their season right there!

  9. @Beet: I believe Outeniqua will struggle to crack top 20 list this year, but I think Rustenburg have a great opportunity to finish near the top 10 if they continue their current form.
    This is if you look at remaining fixture list….All their games are in Virseker div 1 plate, against Kempies, Marais Viljoen, Noordheuwel, Montana, Zwartkop, Centurion etc …thus not the highest category schools, but fairly decent category. Rusties looks too strong for them at the moment.
    I believe they will win the plate and be promoted, if they can win all their games from here on in , they can en surprisingly high on the rankings…..easier said than done, but the ball is in their hands….nice position to be in.
    Quaggas have a much tougher fixture list remaining and their losses against Garsies, Menlo and Booishaai will make it mathematically very difficult going forward, even though they are a very good team. then again, if they keep on winning, but i think it will be a bridge too far

  10. @BoishaaiPa: Thanx.
    Just for interest sake, a team like Belville…who sounds very strong this year, judging from their recent results, where can they end up if they remain unbeaten rest of season?
    They might be a surprise inclusion in rankings
    @Riempies: Moenie Jeppe onderskat nie…hulle het nou al paar close wedstryde gewen Teen Marlow, Ben Vorster, KES, St Albans…hulle gaan nie le nie….julle speel teen hulle, en Helpies behoort te wen, maar gaan nie so maklik wees as wat jy dink nie.

  11. My gut feel & the said rankings agree that GCB should be no.1

    PRG are somewhere amongst the top 5, but the next few games will obviously tell us quite a bit

  12. @BoishaaiPa: Bloot interessantheidshalwe – word die uitlslae teen die buitelandse skole (bv HJS 150 fees) ook ingereken en hoe word hulle gekatogoreer?

  13. @BoishaaiPa: Agreed. It is what happens on the field. Not what should have happened, or who didn’t play or who has the biggest names. Many guys still laugh about Monnas’ 2012 season and the rankings show they were 33rd – no comments column and you take it on the chin.

  14. @BoishaaiPa: The fact that the Tuks comp is only for u/18 boys does that have a effect on your formula? Apologies if have to answer it again?

  15. @BoishaaiPa: I suppose it will be impossible to account for that but it does make a difference. Garsies took a hiding in Tuks but once Virseker starts Monnas are going to suffer the reverse as per @Grizzly: . 8-O

  16. @Stier: Ek gaan nie meer predictions maak nie,tyd sal kom dat Garsies die praatwerk op die veld sal doen.Onthou egter dat ek van die begin af gese het dat Monas en Menlo gunstelinge is vir Virseker.Soos kan sien is hulle klaar 5 en 6 en ons 23?

  17. Die rankings na die naweek glo ek sal wesenlik verskil as n paar van die groot honde mekaar aanvat.

  18. @Grizzly: Julle plek op 23 ten minste veilig die naweek. Dink dalk 5 en 6 kan maklik 11 en 12 raak as dinge verkeerd loop vir hulle.

  19. As ek sien teen wie sekere spanne gespeel het en nog moet speel sal n span soos Hilton seker top vyf eindig :roll:

  20. @MikeSt: Strik vraag aan almal hier. As Monnas beide wedstryde verloor kan hul nog steeds 5 bly? Albei spanne wat hul speel is in die top 3. Of as hul net net verloor dalk opskuif na 4?

  21. Greetings people. First time on the blog for me in a long while. No loss of interest on my side, but a severe, yet hopefully temporary, physical disability. Been watching everything streaming and the TV could offer us so far this season and I am truly grateful for the superb work these people put in to bring us the most beautiful form of the game. In terms of the rankings it seems like things are hotting up but the top 6 or so seem to be a class apart and the competition among them is going to be awesome. 7 to 20 still up in the air and the next few weeks will be telling. The team I have absolutely loved watching this year is Paul Roos. We expected a great team from them and they are not disappointing. I think Grey College may be the single biggest nightmare to all their competitors but let’s see what Wildeklawer brings us.

  22. @Quagga: Hope you are feeling better. It was tough in George as usual. I have to agree the coverage of schoolboy rugby is amazing and we should be very grateful for what these people are doing. I have to agree PRG and Grey looks really good and it’s going to take something special to beat them, but I am sure everybody will try their best to beat them.

    @Grizzly: We know Garsies were sandbagging, no way 12 boys are injured, you can’t pickup that many injuries from studying. Monnas knew they had no chance in Virseker so they went all in with Tuks. All very suspicious.

  23. @Stier: 8 beserings of wat nie kon speel nie,onder koreksie.Plus 3 0/19.Van die spelers het by die 2des seer gekry so was reserwes plus in die game het ons n slot vroeg verloor by 1stes.Van die begin af is al die Garsie bloggers dit eens dat die beste span op die dag speel,geen verskonings.Ons kry weer kans teen Transvalia en Monnas en hoop vir beter uitslae.Die anderkant is Garsies se 11 punte die bench sover teen Grey,ek wag dat n span dit gaan verbeter…

  24. @Grizzly: People can say what they want but injuries hurt a team even if it’s not an excuse? That is one reason why I consider the Boishaai performance in 2017 as possible one of the best by any schoolboy rugby team in history.

    How many of those boys will be back for Virseker? We might have our differences but I feel for you guys especially considering how good this team is. You know what they say “schoolboy rugby is Grey and then you beat them three times in a row”?

  25. @Stier: Hopenlik almal.Dit sal nie gebeur nie maar Virseker nog n rukkie weg so die meeste sal fine wees teen daai tyd.Die grap is ons het hierdie jaar kwaliteit diepte,maar ook net sover.BH se rekord sal nie weer geewenaar word in die moderne tyd nie..nie eers deur Grey nie.By the look of things gaan julle die jaar iewers verloor,maar tot dan gaan die rekord aan…

  26. @BoishaaiPa: I think top 5 will be sorted out by 5 May. The nature of top 10 is that we have 5-7 schools who play each other & can easily lose on a given day. Within top 5 they can easily lose 3 games and that throws you out top 10. Example is Roos last year they had Boishaai, Grey, Landbou and these games go either way. Then you have Glenwood who play majority Natal teams who increase win ratio. I believe BHP best formula without a proper league.

  27. @odie15: You say that Glenwood play mostly KZN teams to improve the win ratio??? I don’t think that you’ve reviewed their fixture list. Out of of their 18 matches this season, only 5 are against KZN teams. Indeed, their next five fixtures are against: Stellenberg, Outeniqua, Affies, Menlopark and Monnas…and then later v GCB!

  28. Would love to see SBR’ next rankings. It appears that SA Schoolsports has lost the plot completely.


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