u13 Craven Week: KZN A & B teams

1 Mark Nel Pelham Midlands
2 Christo Scheepers Pelham Midlands
3 Carlo Miller Umhlali Durban Coastals
4 Zander vd Merwe Umhlali Durban Coastals
5 Esethu Qwalela DPHS Durban Coastals
6 Nkosi Nzama G/wood Prep Durban Coastals
7 John Bridger G/wood Prep Durban Coastals
8 K. Khumalo Pelham Midlands
9 J.J. Foord Lucas Meyer Northern KZN
10 Kade Wolhuter DPHS Durban Coastals
11 L. Mbona G/wood Prep Durban Coastals
12 B. Nene Neuwe Republik Northern KZN
13 N Ntsuntsha Cordwalles Midlands
14 S. Kikane Monument Northern KZN
15 Vernon Nel Umhlali Durban Coastals
18 Wandile Hlope Richardia Zululand
16 Taine Loelly Penzance Durban Coastals
17 Kaide Pardey Westville PADSSA
19 Mark Armstrong DPHS Durban Coastals
20 Jordan Bamber DPHS Durban Coastals
21 S Mkhize Merchiston Midlands
22 T Zakwe Merchiston Midlands
1 M Crosson   PADSSA
2 S Craig   Northern KZN
3 M. Dlamini   Durban Coastals
4 B Tedder   Midlands
5 T Le Roux Merchiston Midlands
6 J Moodie Merchiston Midlands
7 J Aigner   PADSSA
8 M Kheswa   Northern KZN
9 G Akker   Durban Coastals
10 W Visser   Northern KZN
11 S Ndlovu   Northern KZN
12 N. Makhaza   Durban Coastals
13 A Ntaka Pelham Midlands
14 A Nzimande Merchiston Midlands
15 S. Tocknell Pelham Midlands
18 S. Mzolo   Midlands
16 L Seroke   Zululand
17 J de Swart   Northern KZN
19 M Munga   Durban Coastals
20 T Jacobs   Southern Coastal
21 M Gumede   Zululand
22 S Mhlogo   Northern KZN



  1. Keep an eye out for KZN A no. 22 – I understand he will be going to House next year and he is really good.

    @Beet – do you know if the #20 is related to Ricky who was at College a few years back?

    Interesting selections all round – Merchies and DPHS have been very competitive this year so would have expected to see a few more of them up there in the mix – perhaps our u 18 selectors can learn a thing or two from these selections. :mrgreen:

  2. Watch the No 10 – Kade Wolhuter. Hard to believe he is 13 years old. Got a head his shoulders, can kick with both feet, and decision making is everything you’d ever want from a 10. He will go far.

  3. @GreenBlooded: Eeeesssshhhh. Just re-read that post and thought I’d better clarify: not accusing him of being overage, just a very mature rugby brain and skill set for one so young.

  4. @Redblack White: Sorry I have no idea if he’s related to the College former centre and I don’t any of these kids from a bar of soap to be honest. Someone else was kind enough to help me out by filling in the schools of the A-team players.

    For anyone out there: any help with the B-team youngsters would be appreciated.

  5. @Redblack White: No, he isn’t. This Bamber had a brother or two go through DPHS and on to Kearsney – he will definitely go to Kearsney as well, no question.

  6. @beet: Hi Beet. In the B-team, no. 5 , 6 and 14 are from Merchiston whilst no13 and 15 are from Pelham :lol:

  7. Okay I’ve updated more details thanks to other help received. Now you can see the high schools the players are linked with as well

  8. @star: Tjaaaaarsiss man, do you have a hidden camera in my “rooms”. I had exactly that little discussion with another inmate esor before sparrows this morning. {sniff} .. Ed Zachary … cannae see too many kids from DPHS escaping the Highway area this year.

  9. @star: @Gungets Tuft: Why people are always trying to humanify superheroes in society is beyond me. Just respect them for who they are and the good that their supernatural powers do. :-D

  10. @beet: Respect .. Fear …. Abject Terror ….

    Actually, it brings to mind the sight of Cruella De Ville scooping up the 101 Dalmations and heading up the hill .. :mrgreen: 8) 8-O

  11. I’ve removed the High School column from the table above because it was in danger of not achieving the goal it was intended for which was to provide information on where boys would be schooling next year. Instead it was potentially harmful to schools and possibly even the players themselves particularly in cases where decisions have not been finalised.

  12. @ Beet- why is there no prediction pool for this weekend. Also why the bonus questions as that is twice I have been bumped for being a little backward :mrgreen:

  13. @star: Bonus questions seperate the men from the boys so to speak :mrgreen:

    I think you might get it correct this week though :idea:


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