Sharks u18 Craven Week 2024 final trials players

Sharks High Schools Rugby Association
Wednesday 15th May 2024 @ Hollywood Bets Kings Park
U18 Fixtures:
• Registration for all players (13h00) – Hollywood Bets Kings Park Stadium
• Warm-up Field KP 1
• U17 Game 1 (14h00 – 15h00) – Hollywood Bets Kings Park
• U17 Game 2 (15h00 – 16h00) – Hollywood Bets Kings Park
• U18 Game 1 (16h00 – 17h00) – Hollywood Bets Kings Park
Tier 2 Urban/ Tier 2 CD Fixture:
• Registration for all players (13h00) – KP 10 (Collegians Field)
• Warm-up Field KP 10 (Collegians Field)
• Tier 2/CD Game (14h00 – 15h00) – KP 10 (Collegians Field)
U16 Fixtures:
• Registration for all players (13h00) – KP 2
• Warm-up Field KP 6
• Game 1 (14h00 – 15h00) – KP 2
• Game 2 (15h00 – 16h00) – KP 2
U15 Fixtures:
• Registration for all players (13h00) – KP 3 (Berea Rovers Field)
• Warm-up Field KP 4
• Game 1 (14h00 – 15h00) – KP 3 (Berea Rovers Field)
• Game 2 (15h00 – 16h00) – KP 3 (Berea Rovers Field)
The nature of this trial:
• The format will be 2 x 25 minute halves with a 5 minute break.


1 Aphiwe Shelembe 1 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
1 Rambo Kubheka 1 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
1 Likhona Maseko 1 of 6 Westville u18
2 Mahle Sithole 1 of 10 Durban HS u18
2 Martin Jr van Wyngaardt 1 of 1 Glenwood u18
2 Siyabonga Nyathi 2 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
2 Werner van Nieuwenhuizen 1 of 3 Northwood u18
3 Aiden Botha 3 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
3 Anele Cele 1 of 4 Kearsney u18
3 Bongani Dlamini 2 of 10 Durban HS u18
4 Bohlale Maphisa 4 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
4 Lian Terblanche 2 of 3 Northwood u17
4 Sibusiso Mahlangu 3 of 10 Durban HS u18
5 Jake Jansen 5 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
5 Robert Combrinck 2 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
6 Chris Cloete 2 of 6 Westville u18
6 Daniel Ikotela 4 of 10 Durban HS u18
7 Connor McIntyre 2 of 4 Kearsney u18
7 Naz Isaacs 6 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
7 Vuyo Gwiji 3 of 3 Northwood u18
8 Hanu Pieterse 1 of 2 Hilton u18
8 Imivuyo Kemka 7 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
8 Khanyisa Stamper 5 of 10 Durban HS u18
9 Jack Hughes 3 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
9 Marcwin Nero 6 of 10 Durban HS u18
9 Matthew Fick 1 of 1 St Charles u18
9 Ryan Pistor 3 of 6 Westville u18
10 Aka Boqwana 7 of 10 Durban HS u18
10 Liyema Nela 2 of 2 Hilton u17
10 Luke Davidson 4 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
11 Aya Mkhokeli 5 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
11 Jadrian Afrikaner 4 of 6 Westville u17
11 Zenkosi Mthiyane 8 of 10 Durban HS u18
12 Duncan Basson 9 of 10 Durban HS u18
12 Tom Baguley Bonsma 6 of 6 Michaelhouse u18
12 Nkululeko Sithole 8 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
13 Michael Satade 5 of 6 Westville u18
13 Swelihle Mbatha 9 of 9 Maritzburg College u18
14 Adriano Jackson 10 of 10 Durban HS u18
14 Valentino Lenge 3 of 4 Kearsney u18
15 ⁠Cameron Veenstra 4 of 4 Kearsney u18
15 Zekhethelo Siyaya 6 of 6 Westville u17
1 Unaye Mndau DHS u18
2 Dylan Neill HC u18
3 Luthando Buthelezi MHS u18
3 Reuben Vos NW u18
4 Heinrich Fourie KC u18
7 Ethan Macey NW u18
8 Carlyle Hawkins MHS u18
9 Lian Lochnar Gwd u17
9 Zander Vorster HC u17
10 Unathi Mlotshwa Wvl u18
11 Lee-Rynne Sinkfontein MC u17
12 Zingce Simka DHS u18
13 Rourke o’Sullivan MHS u17
14 Kwenzo Dlamini NW u18
14 Rukudzo Madinga HC u18
15 Ivan Jjuuko HC u18


S Steyn (HIL) J Grant (HIL) M Vyambwera (MC)

A Arde (MHS) J Koopman (WBHS) N Mkize (MC)

A Boshoff (HIL) J Lottering (DHS) N Radebe (KINGSWAY)

A Buthelezi (NW) J Malesa (NW) N Shakwane (DHS)

A Hadebe (MC) J Mun-Gavin (NW) O Davis (MHS)

A Jikwana (KEAR) J Udo-Indung (DHS) O Mbanjwa (DHS)

A Jiyane (CLIF) J van Wyk (DHS) R Adonis (HIL)

A Ngubane (MC) J Viljoen (GW) R Ajibade (STC)

A Qumo (STC) K Makalai (HIL) R O’Sullivan (MHS)

B Hlwatika (KEAR) L Damons (NW) S Dube (GW)

B Khumalo (NW) L Khumalo (GW) S Falconer (HIL)

B la Grange (DHS) L Lochner (GW) S McGough (WBHS)

B Mncwango (WBHS) L Mncwango (WBHS) S Mnqokoyi (KC)

C Barrows (GW) L Mtetwa (GW) S Mlakalaka (KC)

C Cherayi (MC) L Nala (CLIF) S Moolman (MHS)

C Howe (NW) L Nyingwa (DHS) S Ntshangase (NW)

C Reeding (GW) L Simelane (WBHS) S Stevens (NW)

D Aissing (MHS) L Simpkins (WBHS) T Chubb (HIL)

D Humphries (WBHS) L Sinkfontein (MC) T Conyngham (GW)

D Nel (KEAR) L Theko (WBHS) T Madaat (GW)

D Sesink-Clee (MHS) M Dlozi (NW) T Peach (MHS)

E Danquah (HIL) M Engelbrecht (HIL) T Ruwona (NW)

E Witbooi (DHS) M Ludick (STC) T Uys (HIL)

I Mkhencele (DHS) M Mathebula (DHS) W Ridl (MHS)

I Mlotshwa (MC) M Ndwalane (GW) Y Mwamba (GW)

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  1. avatar
    #18 Vleis

    @Griffin (Comment #17)
    Cool – good luck.

    17 May, 2024 at 23:48
  2. avatar
    #17 Griffin

    @Vleis (Comment #16)
    In his second year already. Tough, especially being so far away,but doing very well on the rugby field.

    17 May, 2024 at 21:11
  3. avatar
    #16 Vleis

    @Griffin (Comment #15)
    If he’s yet to go, good luck to him…and if he’s already over, how is it going?

    13 May, 2024 at 21:55
  4. avatar
    #15 Griffin

    @Vleis (Comment #14)
    He was spotted by a South African scout, who is based in France and who works for a French agency. Only took one game that he watched at the Grey PE festival and he wanted our details. There are always international scouts around the festivals, and now with the weekend fixtures being streamed, I have no doubt they watch those as well of the boys on their shortlist.

    13 May, 2024 at 19:05
  5. avatar
    #14 Vleis

    @Griffin (Comment #12)
    Hi Griffin. If you don’t mind me asking, where is your son playing his rugby now and how did he get there – e.g. via an agent?

    13 May, 2024 at 00:17
  6. avatar
    #13 beet

    The Eastern Province schools will be out of action this coming Saturday of 18 May 2024 due to their Meyer Sauerman trials.
    No interschools, focus shifts to EP trials.

    12 May, 2024 at 22:45
  7. avatar
    #12 Griffin

    Unfortunately, after my son being on the receiving end of being overlooked – I have very little faith in the whole Craven week selection process. There is far too much ‘interference’ and unfair influence from coaches and headmasters. It’s not a perfect science, and it never will be. There will always be boys who are good enough, but will never be selected. The tragedy is when boys who might not be the best selection are chosen above those that should be there.
    I’ve said it before – there is no lack of talent amongst our schoolboys, only a lack of talented selectors.
    My son is now playing overseas and will find his place internationally, and potentially be yet another loss to SA rugby.

    To those of you who’s deserving sons do not make it, it’s not the end of the road for his rugby career. You may just have to change tack a bit and find another route to the professional dream. It may take a bit more effort, but if he is talented, he will be seen by the right scout at the right time.

    12 May, 2024 at 16:24
  8. avatar
    #11 beet

    @KatzRugga (Comment #6)
    If it is the case then hopefully a good deal of the money is ploughed back into funding the youth week teams preparations and trips.
    It seems like the only warm-up will be against Border this year on 17 June. Would have been nice to send the teams to Bondedag.

    6 May, 2024 at 12:45
  9. avatar
    #10 beet

    @Pamos (Comment #8)
    I’ve added the u17 trialist names.
    I’m not sure where this ranks in terms of school marketing.
    Obviously going to CW is a big deal. Being picked for the u17 AW team does not necessarily mean a player was the best in his position in the mix if an u17 rival in his in his position is going to CW.
    So a bit harder to gauge the overall prestige but good news for NW and Gwd to have all those u17s at trials.

    6 May, 2024 at 12:41
  10. avatar
    #9 Skywalker


    Yes feel sorry for Vos, Macey and Dlamini. They are u18 now so won’t be eligible for Academy Week since they now take an u17 team. in the past all 3 would have secured a place im sure.
    It does feel a bit wrong since NW have done so well this season (so far), but I also understand that its sometimes just the reality of the year they are in. A prop like Vos, has to content with returning Craven Week players like Khubeka and Botha who clearly have the starting spots. Macey also has been brilliant, and was again against Kearsney, as he was against Hilton, stealing line out ball. Dlamini scored again against Kearsney on the weekend and has racke up tries all year as he did last year. He played KZN u16 and probably isnt sure what else he can do.

    I do feel, all 3 could be first in line for call ups if there are any injuries in those positions between now and the Craven Week tournament and so should keep working hard. Massive test against Jeppe this weekend, and then still Glenwood, MBC and Westville to play!

    6 May, 2024 at 08:41
  11. avatar
    #8 Pamos

    One must remember that this is an ‘U18’ team. There’s more to this list which makes up the Academy (U17) team. I do not know if you have that list or not Beet? But there is a Sharks CW team being chosen, Sharks Academy week and a U17 Rhino week team. This is just the list for the CW trial team. There are 9 Northwood boys in the U17 trials and 11 Glenwood boys in that list for example.

    6 May, 2024 at 02:11
  12. avatar
    #7 Bush

    @Snelvuur (Comment #2)
    Ja very strange🤷🏻‍♂️

    5 May, 2024 at 19:26
  13. avatar
    #6 KatzRugga


    Well done to the included young men!
    To me it’s clear that the Sharks day is a absolutely none event where the only aim is for the Sharks to generate money to ‘redistribution’ as they see fit.

    These teams was already done prior to the day. As such why not be honest and rather just invite the selected guys from each school based on current form, game fit, coaches/selectors input and video footage from 5-8 games!

    Hope KZN does well against the other provinces

    5 May, 2024 at 19:18
  14. avatar
    #5 Grasshopper

    Glenwood with one player, and a recruit at that. Times have changed, I’m sure all the whingers in KZN are now happy. This is worse than the mid 90s when we had two or three each year & squads were smaller. A definite dark period for the Green Machine. These things happen. Well done to all the boys selected….

    5 May, 2024 at 18:39
  15. avatar
    #4 beet

    @Snelvuur (Comment #2)
    I’m sure there will be a lot of disappointment about this and feel there are a few more Knights players who deserved to advance to final trials.

    5 May, 2024 at 18:30
  16. avatar
    #3 beet

    @Henkies (Comment #1)
    I’m sure its not a done deal but by now there must be a pretty clear consensus on who is the leading candidate in every position.
    Obviously I’m just an armchair expert while there are coaches with a ton of training and experience who make these decisions. One of them told me at Sharks Day that you cannot rate a player on one performance. It needs to be an assessment over a longer period.
    And I’m quite sure that knowledge expands to understanding the challenges a player has to regaining full fitness and perhaps confidence.

    I would say that Vos, Macey, Hawkins, Vorster, o’Sullivan, Sinkfontein and Madinga are other players who merit an extra chance to prove their worth.

    Overall the net hasn’t failed. The best players have been identified.

    I think the final choices will reflect the concerns about size and height in the pack. Especially with Western Province being the uphill battle in game one.

    5 May, 2024 at 18:23
  17. avatar
    #2 Snelvuur

    I don’t know KZN rugby that well but, based on Northwood’s results, it seems strange to me that only 3 of their players made the cut.

    5 May, 2024 at 17:00
  18. avatar
    #1 Henkies

    Very surprised to not see Simka included Beet. Thought he had his best game against Oakdale. Hard abrasive running and solid in the tackle – back to his best form. I felt he had a lot to do with setting the tone for that DHS win.

    5 May, 2024 at 15:33

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