St Stithians Easter Rugby Festival 2022

Day 1 : Thu 14-Apr-2022
09h15 St Andrew’s 29 15 St Alban’s
10h30 Maritzburg College 32 33 Michaelhouse
11h45 Clifton 10 15 St Stithians
13h00 Parktown 07 49 Wynberg
14h15 Grey HS 20 31 Bishops
Day 2 : Sat 16-Apr-2022
09h15 St Alban’s 19 34 Grey HS
10h30 St Andrew’s 13 12 Wynberg
11h15 Clifton 20 14 Parktown
13h00 Maritzburg College 10 31 Bishops
14h45 Michaelhouse 36 03 St Stithians
Day 3 : Mon 18-Apr-2022
09h15 Clifton 00 46 Wynberg
10h30 Bishops 26 10 Parktown
11h45 Maritzburg College 36 27 Grey HS
13h00 St Alban’s 09 37 Michaelhouse
15h15 St Stithians 07 50 St Andrew’s


  1. Attended the games earlier… House looks really strong, disciplined and well coached! Couple of big boys in there.

  2. Well, that was a surprise result for House . Looks like a good group of u17s in that squad .

  3. Well I did not see that coming… I thought MHouse would be good competition but to beat College. Quite a result. Maybe the easy start to the season did not prepare College for that. They will need to really step up because Bishops and Grey are great teams.

  4. Maritzburg College vs Bishops and Grey HS will be real tests for them! Eager to see how those games go. They have had a fairly easy run in so far. Mhouse will up the ante and then into those massive games.


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