Peter Engledow named as new Boishaai head coach / head of rugby

30 August 2018: Official press release

Paarl Boys High announced the appointment of Peter Engledow, current coach at Griquas as the new “Head of Rugby”. Peter will replace Sean Erasmus as “Head of Rugby” who accepted an offer to join the Golden Lions Rugby Union.

According to the principal at Paarl Boys High, Mr Derek Swart the panel that handled the appointment had the privilege to work with some excellent candidates and after a thorough process it was decided to appoint Peter Engledow.

Peter studied at the University of Stellenbosch and after coaching at Table View High School he moved to England for over a decade where he also was appointed at St Joseph’s College, Ipswich, England as Director of Rugby. He returned back to South Africa and joining Griquas Rugby Union where he was initially appointed as Assistant Coach. He became Head Coach of Griquas’ Vodacom and Currie Cup Teams winning the Vodacom Cup in 2014 as well as ending runner-up in the 2017 Supersport Rugby Challenge with a 90% winning ratio.

“It is a great honour and privilege to become part of the Paarl Boys High’s culture,” said Peter ” The selection process was comprehensive but I am determined to make the school proud and successfully replace Sean Erasmus.”

Sean was Head of Rugby for five years at Paarl Boys High and achieved unknown successes with the 1stXV. Highlights of his time at Paarl Boys High includes being unbeaten for three years in a row as well as a four yearwinning streak against Paarl Gimnasium in the annual Interschools clash. The 2ndXV also only lost two games in the five years.

Peter will be joining the Paarl Boys High family towards the end of October.

29 August 2018. Former Griquas and English RFU coach Peter Engledow has emerged as the man to take over at the helm at Brugstraat. That’s according to several sources at Paarl Boys’ High School. It appears that’s it’s just a matter of finalising the financial package before it all becomes official.

Boishaai’s highly sort after job attracted some of the best rugby coaches from around South Africa, including Glenwood rising star Derek Heiberg, who apparently came in as second choice and could possibly still get the job, if terms cannot be agreed with Engeldow.

Last week Brent Janse van Rensburg and Dawid Theron who were amongst the frontrunners, both withdrew their candidacy for reasons unknown at this stage.


Boishaai head coach shortlist contains 7 names

12 August 2018

According to an article on Netwerk24, Paarl Boys’ High have narrowed down their search from 74 applicants to just 7 shortlisted candidates for the soon to be vacant highly sort after position of director of rugby slash head coach.

The article goes on to mention that successful incumbent Sean Erasmus will indeed be heading up junior rugby at the Golden Lions Rugby Union next year, even though Erasmus himself is not able to confirm yet what his exact role will be.

Of the 7 candidates, Netwerk24 were only able to leak the names of 4, of which 3 have basically been linked with the post for a few weeks already.

The newest name is that of recent Japanese league club Docomo Red Hurricanes coach Dawie Theron. The former Bok prop of 13 tests built his coaching reputation at the Griquas during a time when their rugby was strong. This paved the way for him to get the SA under-20 job. Although he guided the Baby Boks to a world championship title in 2012, his time in charge was one associated with criticism over a lack of game-plan vision, under-preparedness of the players and one-dimensional tactics. Theron took over a fairly poor setup and definitely added more structure to the under-20 selection and pre-Junior World Championship development however the  surfacy impression remained that he didn’t work hard enough in the months leading up to the event for the team to succeed. So instead of it being a step up in his career, it sort of nosedived. It’s hard to judge his success in Japan without really knowing the surrounding circumstances but Theron did cut his stay down to 2 years of a 3-year deal with no set rugby job prospects in the pipeline upon his return to South Africa.

With the general public’s senior rugby expectations remaining extremely in spite of many adverse factors affecting pro rugby in the country, a major one being tighter that ever purse strings, it is difficult to be a success story in that field now and in some cases even the coaching contracts do not offer the same level of job security as they once did. So it’s little wonder that coaches with useful CV’s like Theron’s one, are looking more to schoolboy rugby, where there is the same amount perhaps even a little more pressure at times, but it’s in a working environment that is financially sound, well organised and very efficiently run.

Interestingly, along with Theron, the other 3 known candidates all have well-established roots in the Central region of the land and like Theron, 2 of them have quit their head coaching posts.

Both Brent Janse van Rensburg (resigned Pumas head coach) and Peter Engledow (contract not renewed Griquas head coach) have respectable reputations as coaches. Engledow is perhaps the great anomaly because before the Griquas he was a English RFU development official for 8 years. Janse van Rensburg CV suggests he is a bit of job hopper. The last thing Boishaai will want is a coach who hands in his resignation a month before Paarl Interskole to take up a “better” offer. The HJS folks should have learnt something from their big rivals Paarl Gim, whose coach Pieter Rossouw put their 1st XV on the backburner in 2017, to take up a temporary but financially rewarding Japanese coaching post. That deal worked out very badly for Gim’s 2017 season. The moral of the story is get a coach who is 110% committed and who has shown a high level of loyalty to causes in the past.

The last of the mentioned candidates is Andre Tredoux, who small world, was one of Theron’s assistants in Japan for a while before returning to take up the vacant assistant coaching job at Boishaai earlier this year. This prompted many to believe that he would be Erasmus’ replacement and it did come across as excellent planning by the powers that be at the school to ensure a smooth transition to a very capable coach. Like Erasmus, Tredoux had a humble beginning at a very small school in KZN and even coached alongside Erasmus at Glenwood High School for a while as both coaches climbed the ladder to the top. He really built his credentials at the Leopards and then the Cheetahs, where on a very limited budget he put together successful under-19 teams, that not only held their own, they toppled a few much richer big unions teams along the way.  Perhaps this Boishaai 150th birthday year of 2018 not going according to plan, especially in relation to the results the same group achieved at under-16A level, Tredoux’s stocks have dropped a bit??? Nevertheless between Tredoux, Theron, Janse van Rensburg and Engledow, there are plenty of top schools who would kill to have their experience onboard.

Given the success of two KZN coaches in the ultra competitive Western Province Premier League in recent seasons: Sean Erasmus (astonishing feat of 3 unbeaten WPPL seasons in a row) and Paul Roos’ director of rugby Ryno Combrinck (debut season unbeaten in the WPPL), it’s a wonder why Galpille decision-makers are not looking to that part of the rugby landscape for the next prodigy. With 3 of the shortlisted names not yet made public, maybe they are?


  1. You are forgetting the name of former Paul Roos director of rugby Hein Kriek whom is also on the shortlist, or has he pulled back his application ?
    The 4 names that was ons the list during the Cravenweek in Paarl had (Tredoux. Kriek. Engeldow and Janse v Rensburg) with Dawie Theron who had puleld back his application ? Has this changed ?

    Will Tredoux stay on at HJS if he is not the person taking over, will he be happy just to be another PT teacher and assistant coach ?

    Rumour has it someone from Montpellier is taking over with a direct link to the club and feeding the French some quality players yearly, as MR Altrad is funding the job. This could also just be a rumour ?

  2. @Smallies: Ja but Theron and Jv Rensburg also without jobs at the moment. It would mean Boishaai offered Engledow the job before the final interview process. If that were the case why have 7, just have 2 or 3 interviews if its a done deal.

  3. @beet: ek dink Theron kan dalk net die man vir die bulls job wees, hy kan dalk by die Griquas ook weer inval, of dalk mobi unit, dink hy is al bietjie over qualified vir die BH job

  4. Is hulle nie almal over qualified vir die skole job nie. Of het skole rugby so professioneel geword, of dalk is dit net n meer secure job. Ek kan nie sien hoe n professionele afrigter sy pos sal los om by n skool af te rig nie. Dalk is daar te veel low level rugby in SA dis hkm skole wedstryde meer toeskouers kry as die Supersport challenge finaal, die poelwedstryde praat ons nie eers oor nie. Dalk moet dit gaan skole na Superrugby en dis al.

  5. @boerboel: 100%. The only reason that Grey vs PRG had so many spectators was due to this game being the final encounter of who finished 1st and 2nd. If PRG was Number 13 (CLF) there would only have been GCB supporters and they would be the parents waiting to take the kids home after the final game. HJS vs 2 3 Gimmes is massive. A Game That Divides A Town

  6. @boerboel: Ek vergelyk die PRG, Grey interskole glad nie met julle ou gampie in die paarl nie daar kan geen vergelyk wees nie, ek het bloot gese dat die twee games meer toeskouers as meeste superugby gemes gehad het die jaar….

  7. @Smallies: dis ook nonsens soos gewoonlik. Daar was miskien 7/8 k mense by grey paul roos. Watter S18 game het minder mense as dit gehad?

  8. Engeldow se CV beter as Dawie Theron se CV. Dit klink n bietjie dik vir n daler.
    Nietemin – Sterkte Pieter, laat die bloutrein loop!

  9. Ek sien julle manne verwar weer kwaliteit en kwantiteit.

    As net nommers tel dan moet die ANC die beste politieke party in SA wees, want die meeste mense stem vir hulle.

    So ook met die jaarlikse wedstryd tussen Gim en HJS, net omdat daar die meeste mense is beteken nie dit is die beste nie.

  10. @KoedoeBul: Toe ou boelieboetie hier bo post dat die 2 wedstryde nie eers met mekaar vergelyk kan word nie het hy nie bedoel die GCB/PRG game is die beste nie.

    Maar hy is ‘n ou trolletjie – ek het net die gedagtegang gekeer voor julle sy leiding volg.

  11. @KoedoeBul: Mens ken mos jou kliente.

    Praat liewers met jou mede alumni aan daai kant.

    En die internet bestaan vir vinnige aannames en ondeurdagte kommentaar.

    Julle 7’s span kom kuier vir ons hier die naweek – die wedstryde sal op DigiTV uitgesaai word.

  12. @KoedoeBul: By far the biggest interschool is between PTA and Bloemfontein.Two Capitals,not who’s the best in town….if PTA offered the same entertainment as paarl,Loftus wouldn’t be big enough… :lol:

  13. Nothing bigger than Virsekerbeker Noordvaal finals! 2 3 Monnas for 2018!!

    Biggest Schoolboy Rugby Tournament in Da World!!!

  14. @KoedoeBul: I see the Southern schools is getting better by the day and will post a serious challenge to the Wineland schools in the not to distant future…Maybe is got to do with all the Vallies migrating to Cape Town… :lol: :lol:

  15. @beet: A small correction / adjustment to the article. The 2nd XV of Boishaai actually lost 3 matches since Interschools 2014. It is still an excellent performance though.
    Gim’s 2nd XV won 18 – 5 in 2014; 13 – 10 in 2017 and 21 – 19 earlier this month.

  16. @PRBoitjie: Jy is heeltemal reg ja. Ek het vergeet daarvan…dus het hulle 4 wedstryde verloor gedurende die tydperk ter sprake.


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