BHP Top 50 – week ending 02 June 2018

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# School Avg Reg Type Gen #Boys Est
01 Grey College 5.26 FS State Boys 1190 1855
02 Paul Roos 5.06 WP State Boys 1230 1866
03 Glenwood 4.78 KZN State Boys 1070 1910
04 Paarl Gim 4.52 WP State CoEd 580 1858
05 Transvalia 3.84 VAL State CoEd 570 1958
06 Hilton 3.80 KZN Indep Boys 560 1872
07 HJS Paarl BH 3.55 WP State Boys 870 1868
08 Framesby 3.42 EP State CoEd 560 1966
09 Monument 3.41 GL State CoEd 690 1921
10 Selborne 3.37 BOR State Boys 740 1872
11 Garsfontein 3.35 BB State CoEd 880 1988
12 Wynberg 3.22 WP State Boys 760 1841
13 Jeppe 3.22 GL State Boys 960 1890
14 Helpmekaar 3.17 GL Indep CoEd 460 1921
15 Drostdy 3.06 BOL State CoEd 690 1903
16 DHS 2.99 KZN State Boys 1090 1866
17 Menlopark 2.99 BB State CoEd 680 1963
18 St Andrew’s 2.97 EP Indep Boys 460 1855
19 Oakdale 2.94 SWD State Boys 420 1928
20 Boland Landbou 2.94 WP State Boys 340 1953
21 Grey HS 2.90 EP State Boys 930 1856
22 Ben Vorster 2.87 LIM State CoEd 420 1962
23 Bishops 2.82 WP Indep Boys 720 1849
24 Goudveld 2.64 GRF State CoEd 360 1961
25 Rondebosch 2.63 WP State Boys 820 1897
26 Marlow 2.60 EP State Boys 230 1931
27 Affies 2.53 BB State Boys 1090 1920
28 Rustenburg 2.39 LEO State CoEd 590 1922
29 Welkom Gim 2.35 GRF State CoEd 440 1953
30 Diamantveld 2.28 GW State CoEd 340 1935


  1. Hoe vêr gaan die uitslae terug wat in aanmerking geneem word – 52 weke of selfs meer? Ek neem ook aan dat na elke week, die oudste uitslag dan wegval? Beide Grey College en Glenwood het byvoorbeeld nie oor die naweek gespeel nie, maar beide se gemiddelde punte is hoër as laasweek. Dit kan net beteken dat hulle puntetotaal in hierdie week deur ‘n kleiner getal wedstryde gedeel is as wat in laasweek die geval was. Of mis ek iets anders vir die hoër gemiddelde terwyl ‘n span oor ‘n naweek geen punte kon verdien het nie?

  2. @PRBoitjie: Garsies het ook punte gekry al het hulle nie gespeel. Monnas 5.5 gekry en Hjs 6. Miskien kan BoishaaiPa ons leer hoe dit werk?

  3. @PRBoitjie: Hy gebruik net hierdie jaar se uitslae. Vir hulle punte om te verander moes hy een van die spanne teen wie hulle gespeel het se rating verander het.

  4. Good to see Menlo moving up again!! Well done MenloBoys!!

    Interesting, from the six Noordvaal teams in the top 20 five are playing Virsekerbeker. Only Jeppe not playing Virseker.

  5. @AbsolutMenlo: If memory serves, last year’s Top 20 contained three Noordvaal schools not playing Virseker, and two that played Virseker, so perhaps its just this year? Although, in Noordvaal, one would expect there to be more Virseker teams in the top 20, as most of the top Noordvaal teams have historically played in the Virseker/Beeld/Admin Cup.

    Does playing in a cup make a school stronger? HJS, PRG, PG and GCB provide conclusive proof that a school does not need to play in a cup to be strong.

    However, there is also an argument that cup rugby better prepares the boys for tournaments after school, which are all knockout at some point. At school boy level, there are national (or at least provincial) cup tournaments in many other countries (e.g. NZ, Ireland, UK, etc) who all seem less flustered than our guys at the u20 RWCs.

  6. @Vleis: … perhaps only this year, but only time will tell. Personally I think the new Virseker structure will benefit the schools “traditionally” involved in Noordvaal cup rugby.

    Agree with your point re HJS, PRG, PG and GCB! All these schools have quality inter school fixtures that build up to a HJS vs PG and PR vs GCB and traditionally its been like that.

    In Noordvaal (regarding the traditional cup rugby schools) the season builds up to playing Admin/Beeld/Virseker, then play-offs and ultimately finals. High intensity, high quality top class SBR week in and week out that ends with a final.
    Compare that now with Affies and W/Kloof (previous traditional cup rugby schools). Both have only three games left building up to a final game for Affies against PBH and W/Kloof against Glenwood that is not a traditional interschool’s fixture.

  7. @AbsolutMenlo: I don’t understand your debate! We read English slowly in KZN, so you may need to repeat yourself. However your assement as it stands makes no sense, firstly if your are referring to non traditional interschools fixtures, certainly you can’t be referring to Affies v PBH, and secondly if you are referring to finishing the season on a high and under pressure, GW is a great choice. If you are referring to overall playing competitive games, certainly Affies have played as many top flight teams or more than the other NV teams. Why Affies is not included in the comparison with GC, HJS or PG is interesting, considering they have played them and have annual derby’s against some of the best teams in the country. If you let PG, HJS and GC off the hook for not playing a knock out compo, surely your should let Affies off??

  8. @McCulleys Workshop: No debate … only my view!

    In Noordvaal the season peak with playing traditional knockout rugby, of which Affies and Kloof were previously part of.
    Take Menlo for example we have 5 games left in the compo excluding possible play-offs and finals. Knock out rugby at its best in my view.

    Compare that now with Affies … only three games left against schools all outside the top 30. Yes, PBH is a traditional interschool’s and should continue. (Previously PBH was also part of the traditional Noordvaal compo)

    Regarding Kloof vs Glenwood … new fixture with no history behind it to end the season.

    … yes agree Affies and Kloof can play who they want!

    We played Kloof last weekend and it is not the same as playing them as part of the traditional Noordvaal compo. Just my view!!


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