Maritzburg College’s Festival for 150th

Maritzburg College will be celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2013. Plans for their rugby festival over Easter weekend are falling nicely into place.

Along with College, the 9 other schools confirmed for the big event are:

1. Affies
2. Dale
3. DHS*
4. Grey High
5. Jeppe
6. Monument
7. Noord-Kaap
8. Queens
9. Rondebosch

*Durban High School



  1. EISH!!! DHS will have to play their heaarts out to not lose badly against some of the best sides in SA! Luckily, a decent u16 group is coming through. That means DHS will be involved in two 150th celebrations festivals with St Stithians also having theirs if I’m not mistaken.

    Hope the festival fixtures are released soon…
    Or is that DHS as in Diamantveld?

  2. @Horsie, St Stithians was established in 1953 so it’s definitely not their 150th anniversary. Sad to see College have not invited Glenwood who they have played for over 90 years unless Glenwood are still committed to Kearsney or another festival. I’m sure the DHS listed is Durban High School, College’s oldest rival.

  3. @HORSEFLY NO.1: DHS = Durban High School

    I somehow don’t think a festival with both Noord-Kaap and Diamantveld would be defined as a festival by their respective supporters. :mrgreen:

  4. It sounds like Colleges’ 150th will clash with Kearsney Fest – if that’s the case then College will be without loads of Glenwood blokes who would have rather unusually be shouting for College at Goldstones – now that would have been something to see!!!

  5. @grasshopper
    If that’s so then its their 50th celebrations.
    All I know is that they invited DHS in 2011 for their festival.
    RE: Glenwood
    Maybe the recent arguments couldve been the reason?

  6. College 150th

    Horsie ! your’e back Arguments ? if you are talking about overage players again remember the Flies pushed the start button here
    there has been speculation on SBR rugby blogs for some about which Durban school would be invited and most bloggers including Glenwood ones had the feeling that DHS would get the invite not based on current form but rather on long standing historical standings between College & DHS

  7. @Horsie, I think the arguments you are talking about are hearsay. The people College should have arguments with are the parents of the kids moving them from College to Glenwood, Glenwood can’t make them go to Glenwood. Also, if the relationship between the schools was that sour we would not have had such a great competitive day at Glenwood played in great spirit. Be careful making claims about issues. The College headmaster is a Glenwood Old Boy and would not over react due to a few greedy parents


    Well said Grassie !on the button – the irritating fly has found this site and is back
    this thing with some College boys migrating to Glenwood is unsual to say the least . at the Glenwood – College match I saw Kershaw & the College Headmaster chatting away and they appeared to be on good terms . cannot say the same about the Hilton match .Body language at Hilton between the 2 heads the vibe was not the same – this is purely my observation . I sat right next to the blue chairs brigade
    This maybe due to Hilton not allowing Marne to play at Hilton ?

  9. Hi Chaps. There is no bad feeling etc surrounding the invites for the 150th at College. From my limited knowledge it was all about the longest, traditional relationship with a Govt school which had to be DHS. College will not let side shows ruin 150 years of tradition. At the end of the day it is about he boys and their reaction to said boy leaving College to go to Glenwood was ‘let him go, we only want College boys at College.’ Enough said. Glenwood and College will discuss and sort out issues as gentlemen and there will NEVER be hidden agendas.

  10. @ all the greens

    There have been arguments about these things between the two schools. Not just on the one boy. But others also. College have only been asking Gw to stop this. They are true!!!

  11. @HORSEFLY NO.1: But most importantly the College and Glenwood headmasters actually met and worked thru the issues, reaching an agreement. Just this alone suggests the 2 schools still have one of the best relationships in the province.

  12. @Horsie, so you are saying that Glenwood actively recruit boys from College? I think you will find that boys followed a certain coach/teacher as they probably wanted him to coach them. I think you will find in swimming for example, if the Westville coach decided to go to DHS as an example a few Westville swimmers would follow. This is a normal thing, especially if parents chose a specific school due to it’s quality of coaches. This is exactly why Glenwood have attracted good rugby players due to Sean Erasmus’s high regard in KZN. Be very careful stirring up things between schools that have a very good relationship over many years…

  13. Horsefly: Yes, there have been issues and I believe there will be more until the age problem etc goes away but it will always be dealt with in the best possible spirit. College pride themselves on doing the ‘right’ thing. Dont want to sound holier than thou but it is about the boys. College are looking forward to hosting Glenwood in the 3rd term. Should be a cracker, again. Just the small task of Affies, PBHS and Dulwich before this.

  14. @All Black, Glenwood play Affies away in Pretoria the week before we play College on Goldstones!!! Affies are sure to soften us for you guys. We then have Grey Bloem the week after, ouch!!! I am hoping the boys are resting up now in the holiday, no wait they have Craven Week to play. Gosh it does not get any easier does it..

  15. Grasshopper; Yep. Great games to look forward to. Affies is going to be hard for both teams. I think you will beat Grey. Their forwards are just not the same this year. Cant say the same for Affies with their huge pack. Concerned about a PBHS side in Pretoria. Big boys who have just beaten KES for the 2nd time this year and lost to Affies by a couple. i Think they also play Grey in the 3rd term?

  16. 3rd term rugby is just awesome. Every game is high profile. Paarl vs Paarl, Glenwood vs College, PBHS vs Grey, College vs Affies, Glenwood vs Affies, Glenwood vs Grey. To name a few.

  17. Not rugby, but sad news about the death of Peter Bees, water polo and sports academy head at Westville. Died this weekend from a long standing heart condition. It’s a big blow for Westville, particularly in their acquatics division. Big loss for lifesaving in KZN.

  18. guys , i think that the third term is dead in terms of spot and as its still the height of Rugby Season , Schools should play through, could be rematches or a league or something , but at the moment I see it as a waste

  19. Hopper – agree with you – 3rd term is bit of a vacuum – here’s a suggestion why not get 1st tier u16’s , 2nds & 3rd teams (these would be potential 1st teams for 2013) to challenge 2nd tier 1st teams – Porties ,Gelofte , Werda , Pinetown Kloof etc to some matches during this period ?

  20. i know we have all spoken about structured seasons , and maybe that is too idealistic , but let’s look at the closest possible perfect season.,
    1st term , warm up games GW should play Port Natal, Developments and possibly GC, in this mix , 2nd term should be the tier 1 schools with possible home and away fixtures ,
    The likes of Pinetown, Voortrekker and that we need to look at possible mid-terms in the 2nd term,
    3rd Term look at other schools from other provinces and possible touring sides as well as playing staggered tier 2 schools


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