Matric Results 2017 : ranking table for rugby schools

Here is a table listing the matric results 2017 achievements and ranking of most of the rugby playing high schools who progress is tracked during the season on this website. Please note that the weighting for this ranking relies primarily on University Degree passes and Maths/Physics achievement.


Important to note is that the matric results 2017 ranking list below is perhaps at best a tunnel vision view of a much much bigger academic picture and therefore does not take many important education variables / obstacles into account.

Also worth noting and mentioned on similar blogs over the past few years are the following:

* Technical schools : some schools cater for specific needs while other schools offer a portion of their students subjects that do not qualify for degree passes.

* The language challenge : schools with higher percentages of second-language learners can and do feel the impact of this challenge on their overall results.

* Private school advantage : many private schools have the advantage of smaller class numbers which allow teachers to dedicate more time to individual students.

Link from where the data was obtained:

Key for table below:

Area = rugby region
NSC = “National Senior Certificate”
IEB = “Independent Education Board”
Reg = “registered” for matric exams – this figure is obtained by looking at the last student number for any given school.
Pass = “passed” matric exams – this figure is obtained by adding up the various types of passes obtained.
Miss = “missing”. It is calculated by taking subtracting PASS from REG. Reasons for the MISS figure could include failing, not sitting exams due to medical reason, leaving the school, writing at another educational institute or withdrawing from writing. There are probably a host of other valid reasons for the MISS figure.
Deg% = university “degree” pass divided by total number of students that wrote
Deg = university “degree” pass
Dip = national “diploma” pass
HC = “higher certificate”
Avg = total distinctions for all subjects divided by total students that wrote
Math = total Mathematics distinctions
Phys = total Physics distinctions
M+Ph = Maths plus Physics total


  1. @Bush: Ho man the 18th is a par 5
    Island green
    He went for two and the ball hopped out of the water 6 feet from the hole

  2. @Hooit: Thanks my best Afrikaans Buddy. They can hop on the back of my Land Cruiser. It has cattle bars and heavy spots just encase they make a hop for it.

  3. @Speartackle: Lekker Spear. I see Andre T’s lightie won the Far West Open at Leopard Park. He won it with an Eagle on the play off hole par 4. It hopped into the hole for two.

  4. @Bush: 19 May 2018. If you confirm then I can arrange a few sisters here in the Westrand. They will be very ‘koekerig’ but you can take as many sisters home as you want to.

  5. @Hooit: Morning Hooit, yes may hop into Monnas to watch that game. My money will be on College. What month is that game as I’m hopping onto San Francisco to watch the 7’s World Cup.

  6. @Bush: Not selling it. Giving it to me as soon as I get my bodyfat to 5% or less.
    @Andre T: Give Spear my regards. Hope he enjoys the island. I hear he now have 6 players in his squad already.@Bush: You must try and come up to Monnas for the Glenwood clash this year. The Witbul staduim is under revamp and will become something special.
    @McCulleys Workshop: Will only stay there during the offseason which is currently 11.5 months a year.

  7. It’s lekker when you make fun of someone who cant defend himself here
    He told me he is checking you cHops out and might just Hop on a plane and come and dish out a few tighties

    Well I’m going to Hops now ( sorry I meant Tops ) to go and get a few Richelieu’s for the cricket. Nothing better than dHopping when watching cricket and just hope Kohli makes runs man……such a great captain and person

  8. @Hooit: Spear can sell anything even the Hops from your beer. Just hop I get the right price for my place when he sells it. Hope he doesn’t Hop off to Oz?

  9. @Hooit: Ja jong. Sommige mense hou nie van die waarheid nie en floreer net wanneer hulle kan spog, selfs al moet hulle appels met pere vergelyk. Ander hou weer van “sweeping statements” om ander te verkleineer.
    Die ou egotjies!!!

  10. @Hooit: Ya he’s desperate and living in hop. It’s a long commute from Umkomaas to Grande Baie.

  11. @Speartackle: Hopfully you can find a 1.96 – 118kg lock with 2% body fat that can cover 100m in 11.3 and double as a fullback.

  12. @AbsolutMenlo: Please explain which assumptions are laughable. Caveat before your anwer: I don’t deal in assumptions.
    @sewes: Please inform which learners did not reach their potential.

  13. @Quagga: I agree with you 200%. I can still understand moving from a school like Florida or Noordheuwel to Monnas as you stay within the region and the rugby is in a different league. However from Helpies to Monnas is a 50/50 call as rugby can only take 1% further than school.

  14. @CharlesZA: Charles !Ongelukkig het ek geen sê in die voor seisoense program nie. Dit is (en heel tereg ook) die coaches, saam met die sport organiseerder (Stokkies)se voorreg. Ek het darem 3 uur se slaap ingekry.

  15. @sewes: Gister lank met n ouer van jul 1ste span gepraat en hy is baie positief oor die seisoen.Volgens hom egter nie rerig werwings gekry nie so julle span behoort baie bekend te wees.Backline behoort baie goed te wees.Oor jou opmerking,dis presies wat ons doen op die sport gebied.waar my klong in 15 meskien n 6 was is hy nou n 8.Wat hy onder krieket aftigters geleer is op alle tereine is te veel en breed om hier te noem.Sien jou by NS dan kan hy jouself vertel.

  16. @Djou:Ek lees jou post en is werklik beindruk met julle akademiese beleid maar wonder net hoekom julle nie dit ook in julle sport toe pas nie.

  17. @Far Meadows: That does surprise me.I think you are right in that regard.More and more schools will start opting for Cambridge.With every damning report that comes out about South Africa’s education woes all educational institution/ structure gets tarred with the same brush in world opinion.With more kids traveling to study abroad or doing online courses from International institutions the demand for a internationally recognized school certificate will increase.I had heard that everyone at St Charles does the Cambridge system but I may be wrong about that.

  18. @Hooit: I am all for it if a kid wants to further his rugby playing prospects and a move makes sense in the bigger picture. But in the excitement of opportunity knocking on the door, people sometimes perhaps run the risk of forgetting that rugby is only a part of the picture. Move up a level of competition in rugby sure; move up from a little ‘dorpie’ into a feeder area for a large union perhaps; but just moving from A to B who play on the same stage unless it makes logistical sense for the family?
    One important thing which parents and players should know is that a kid cannot be promised a provincial spot by a representative of a particular school. If that is the ‘pull tactic’ my thought is RUN Forrest RUN.
    Moving a boy after his grade 11 year could be a HUGE mistake. What happens if that kid does not get accepted into the new group, or does not make it in terms of academics, or gets injured to the point of not being able to play rugby any more? I heard of three such very sad cases recently and there is only one loser in that picture and it is the boy every single time. Let’s hope rugby player movement this year between schools is truly in the best interest of that child.

  19. @CharlesZA: Ek glo daar sal iewers ‘n plan gemaak word. Die probleem wat ek sien is dat die tweede span reeds by die Oakdale week speel as die Old Mutual Agri XV, maar soos gesê dis kan nie van span verwag word om die 2e April op Riversdal te speel en die volgende dag in die Paarl nie. Ek sal maar sien hoe dit bestuur gaan word.

  20. @Oakdale supporter: Julle gaan sekerlik nie die 2de en 3de n game speel nie. Kan darem by julle eie toernooi seker n makliker game reel die 2de en n 2de span in veld stoot.

  21. @Kattes-Strofes: Oom moet maar probeer om bietjie meer slaap in te kry. Sal nie goed vir die gesondheid wees nie.

    Sal maar altyd daardie stryd he, maar moet hom aanhou veg. Hoe lyk dit met n warmup game daar teen julle voor die seisoen begin.

  22. @Kattes-Strofes: Ek sal ook maar wag en sien wat my span vanjaar gaan doen. Daar wag egter ‘n klomp rugby, vroeg in die seisoen. Die eerste wedstryd is al op 24 Maart teen jou einste Brakkies. Daarna is daar 3 wedstryde by Oakdale week in vyf dae (29 Maart – 2 April) en dan ‘n dag later begin Boishaai se week met nog drie games (3 April- 9 April). Dan wag Durbanville en die donkies van Drostdy en daarna Wildeklawer. 11 wedstryde in 5 weke.
    Al wat ek “Verseker” weet is dat daar oral verrassings gaan wees. Enige span kan op enige dag ‘n groot kanon wen.

  23. @Bush: Also struggling to find a good fullback here. They dont like taking the up and unders out of the air…..they always let the ball Hop first

  24. @Speartackle: Sounds like a lekker day. Hope the Hops in the beer is not a knock out. Mauritius being a French speaking Island I’m sure you will find a few French has been’s. Go scout at the Dodo Club, a few GW OB’s hang around there.

  25. @Bush: It such a lekker day here on the island today, going for a round of golf at Heritage just now and then for a few cocktails next door at Outrigger. Tomorrow is a big day as I have the first contact session with the locals here, I have a problem in the tight 5 though, my props only weigh 70kg’s and my tallest lock is 1.69m

    But I’ll get there

  26. @CharlesZA: Charles ! Soos jy weet, poep mens teen donderweer wanneer een van die top Wynland skole n seun nader. En ja ! Ek verstaan dit ook (was self in daai bootjie). Die werklik talentvolle seuns se kanse om n toekoms na skool in rugby te hê, is verseker beter by daardie skole, indien hulle die 1ste span haal.

    Volgens my, is die geheim hier agter die wors gordyn, om die ander goeie spelers te behou ,wat by die Wynland skole heel moontlik B of C ,of selfs laer spanne sal haal. Dan hard werk om hulle te help ontwikkel, en die manne wat goed vaar, ook geleenthede te help bied om verder n loopbaan in rugby te kan geniet.

  27. @Grizzly…as ek sê ek rate julle kry jy dalk chip oppi skouer :-P
    Jy weet julle het goeie kans om die jaar dalk Helpmekaar te wen so hoekom nou daaroor praat as jy hulle moet gaan afstof :mrgreen:

  28. @Bush:
    Jeepers Wilson man

    These dutchies are taking over every thread …..we should ask Beet to ban afrikaans here

  29. Dink as jy akademie en rugby rankings kombineer is Helpies nou eerste gerank :idea: :wink: Verseker die slimste rugby spelers in die verseker beker!! :twisted:

  30. @Djou: Sorry!! Garsfontein not Grasfontein.

    Your assumed insights of Menlo is laughable!!
    … at least the rugby players at Garsfontein receive special treatment i.e. recruit/bursaries.

    @Grizzly:@Crusader: Die twee spanne om te klop in Virseker is verseker Monnas en Garsfontein. Garsfontein gaan ‘n baie ervare span he met soos Grizz noem baie diepte.

  31. @Kattes-Strofes: Ek wag nog om te sien wie is en wie is nie by Monnas nie. Elke dag n nuwe gerug. Weet 2 broers wat deel so wees van 1stes is Boishaai toe. Gerugte van iemand wat Noordheuwel toe is. Weet laasjaar het n seun van Rustenburg alreeds aangesluit. Gerugte van Helpmekaar, Florida en EG spelers wat oppad is na Monnas. So huidiglik Monnas n top 10 span. Al die gerugte kan Monnas in top 5 sit. Diepte is n groot probleem in sleutel posisies.

  32. @Kattes-Strofes: Nee wat, ons is nie een van groot kanonne nie. Net n Prem B span.

    Goed om te hoor juniors lyk sterk, ons moet die seuns hier in noordelike voorstede hou.

  33. @Skopgraaf243: Dankie vir die terugvoer. Ek sien beslis daarna uit om Menlo se vordering dop te hou. Hoop julle het darem die “bulk” van jul puik juniors behou. Indien wel, gaan julle nog vir n paar opskuddings sorg teen die groot honde.Sterkte vir die seisoen.

  34. @CharlesZA: Charles ! Soos jy sien is ek alweer op nagdiens. Die dieetpil wat ek drink, hou die slaap weg. Nietemin! Ek weet op die stadium maar bitter min van die Brakkies se span. Ek gaan dus maar op hoorsê van die slim manne. Volgens hulle sal die span nie so goed wees soos die afgelope paar jaar nie.Agterlangs nog heelwat flair en spoed, maar klaarblyklik bietjie lig voorlangs.Die span gaan beslis hul besielende kaptein Sen D mis,terwyl die WP manne manne Eymann en J-L DE Lange nie maklik vervang sal word nie. Darem n Sharks Grant Khomo senter bygekry.As ek dus kan aflei gaan die span moontlik swaar trek teen die groot kannone (wat mos nou ook julle insluit), maar behoort darem kompeterend te wees teen die Premier B skole. Wat die juniors betref, wil dit voorkom of die 0/16 span heel skaflik behoort te vaar. Die 0/15 span, wat verlede seisoen n nagmerrie beleef het, behoort bietjie beter te vaar met n paar aanwinste. Ek glo ook dat die 0/14 span sy man teen die meeste skole sal staan.

  35. @Crusader: Hys n pound vir pound speler,die 2000 groep is baie trots en kompeterend.Die trui beteken vir hulle baie.Hy gaan dit sy beste gee,dit gaan nie maklik wees om in die span te kom nie.Ek dink ons het kwaliteit diepte as die beseringsspook loop soos laasjaar of iemand verloor vorm.Dis ons laaste jaar so ons gaan dit 100% gee.

  36. @Grizzly: Ek is altyd verbaas oor zwartkop. Hulle het so baie potensiaal maar kom net nie tot hulle reg nie. Ek wonder maar altyd hoekom? Ek dink met respek dat eldoraigne bietjie in die knyp is. Ek verneem van, van my pelle dat baie van hulle beste onderwysers weg is die laaste jaar of twee. Maar jy is reg, die 3 skole moet baklei om steeds goed te doen. Centurion is so groot area met so baie kinders dat daar eintlik geen verskoning is vir swak prestasie nie.

    Ek ken mos darem so een of twee manne by garsies. So ek gaan maar op wat hulle oor spekuleer. Net tyd sal leer. Ek lei af jou klong is in matriek en dat hy groot is in die krieket? Speel hy ook die ovaalbal game ernstig?

  37. @Crusader: Ek is bly dinge gebeur daar by cent.Dis baie belangrik dat die 3 suid skole se rugby gesond bly.Hoop net ni di keurders behandel hulle weer so stief ni.Ek sien jys meer ingelig oor Garsies as meeste.Lekker om n slag onder die radar te beweeg,sien jou die jaar langs die veld…

  38. @Grizzly: Pla jou seker nie as hy julle nie rate nie? Dit beteken net dat julle die underdog tag dra wat ou Rugbyman so voor lief is.

    Nee wat, ek dink die games gaan baie gelyk wees. Ek moet darem egter sê, garsies sal die manne weer besig hou dink ek. Daar was lanklaas ‘n swak garsfontein 1ste span. Hulle doen iets reg met hul kultuur. Ek het so via die grapevine verstaan dat hulle baie graad 11s in laasjaar se span gehad het en eks oortuig daar sal ook so een of twee aanwinste wees soos by meeste vd top skole.

  39. @Kattes…
    Ek dink almal in die Menlo kant hou maar hulle asems op en of die nuwe graad 8’s hulle skoene kan vul van verlede jaar se u14’s wat n bul vertoning opgelewer het.
    Ek dink die u15 en u16 vir 2018 het al groot hoogtes bereik en kan daarop voortbou op hulle suksesvolle aanslag op ranglys.
    Die 1stes sal verseker :mrgreen: die kollig steel want ek dink en glo ons het baie talent wat net wil wys wat in hulle steek.
    Ons vat die Kaap behoorlik by die horings en speel teen Paul Roos en Paarl Gim as ek reg onthou by Wildeklawer. Twee spanne wat ons goed opgemeet het so met verloop van die jare se ouderdoms groepe.

    So ver die bonde spanne aangaan behoort Affies sterk span te hê.
    Waterkloof ook groot forwards en paar blitse agter.
    Garsfontein in my opinie sal beter span as 2017 hê.
    Transvalia kan vir paar verrassings sorg.
    EG Jansen sal ook kompiterend soos altyd wees.
    Monument, wel, nooit n maklike game nie. Sien uit na hulle ontmoeting teen Grey bloem.

    So ja met Verseker beker en waterkloof oppi paviljoen behoort Monnas, EG, Menlo en Transvalia goed te doen.
    Klerksdorp was die ander sterk groep wat saam Menlo en Monnas deurgekom het maar oopspan rugby verander konbinasies ens.
    Sien baie uit ook na Noord Suid dag.
    Rugby gaan kookwater wees soos altyd!

  40. Ok ! Now that everyone had their chance to brag (or sulk) with their school,s results, I hope that we can get down to discuss some serious rugby.
    I will kick-off by saying that Boishaai will this year field a monster pack of forwards, with plenty of depth in most positions. Also a more than handy backline. I expect them to do well again in 2018. In my opinion, Paul Roos will present a huge challenge, while Grey Bloem and Paarl Gim will, as usual, ask serious questions. I do not at this stage know much of the other opponents, like Affies etc. Can bloggers please share their opinions of their schools possible performance in the new season.

  41. @AbsolutMenlo: Maybe you meant Garsfontein and not Grasfontein.
    Here are a few things you might not know about Garsfontein which show the difference between Garsies and other schools such as Menlo.
    First, we would expect other schools such as Menlo to have more distinctions – and congratulations for that. But at Garsfontein we don’t recruit and award bursaries to the cleverest learners – like Menlo and other schools do.
    The emphasis at Garsfontein is on reaching your potential, in other words improving your marks from grade 8 to grade 12. So, if you have 40% in grade 8, the emphasis is to take you to 60% in grade 12 if 60% is your potential. This is the big difference between Garsfontein and e.g. Menlo as the emphasis is not on the number of distinctions.
    Also, did you know that some Menlo learners did subjects at Garsfontein as the subjects are not taught at Menlo – and the Menlo kids got distinctions in the subjects.
    Nevertheless, IMHO I deem the “contest” on the number of distinctions as superficial as it is based on distorted and superfluous reasoning. Rather celebrate the learners’ accomplishments and support them for the next phase of life.

  42. @AbsolutMenlo: Aanvaar nou julle 3de of 4de of wat ookal plek.Dis die dept wat die reels maak.Om die eerste plek aan Kloof af te staan is nie vir ons lekker nie,maar ons vat dit soos n man.As ek jou 12-10 wen met n rugby game en jy het 2 driee gedruk,ek 4 strafskoppe oor gesit wen ek nog steeds.Maar kom ons praat ruggas,julle het hierdie jaar regtig n goeie kans om dit n groot jaar te maak.julle jnrs het mooi deur gekom,eintlik was julle jnrs nog altyd sterk.Soos ek al gese het daar is n groot verwagting by jul snrs agv die jnrs se uitslae in die verlede.Hoe ookal ek sien ons game naby soos dit altyd was toe hulle in die onder ouderdomsgroeppe gespeel het.Ek verstaan julle backs is aan gevul deur 2 goeie werwings so kan nie wag om hulle in aksie te sien nie.Sien jou langs die veld…

  43. Some interesting research results.
    Learners from schools who write the IEB on average have a big advantage over their peers in government schools – when starting tertiary education. However, the gap narrows as the years progress. When finished with their tertiary education, the gap is non-existent – on average. In other words, the other learners catch up.
    Also, the number of distinctions, or even distinctions per learner means nothing apart from the limelight they receive when at school and the bragging rights they provide to a school. The distinctive factor – worldwide – is the social capital of a learner, in other words the ability to take control of a situation. And there is no difference here between learners with distinctions and those without distinctions.
    We emphasise distinctions at school way too much in this country!!

  44. @Grizzly: Maths +Phys Menlo 103, Garsfontein 59.
    Menlo 266 en Grasfontein 321leerders … say no more!

    Nee! dit is nou eers swem en atletiek.

  45. @AbsolutMenlo: the number of distinctions means didly squat. Obviously with more students, you have more distinctions.
    The more telling factor is the distinctions per student. Close to 3 is excellent. With 2.7, Menlo is one of the top state schools. Helpies is proud with 3.1
    Schools closer to a figure of 1 may also have excellent systems in place, because it does depend on the student potential. Kudos to the rugby players that achieved more than the school average.
    I also know that some of the rugby stars barely scraped through. For one thing – Work ethics in the pofessional realm makes a huge contribution to success. Also self-drive plays a big role. Papa-pushing will no longer help.

  46. @Veg: Bishops , surprisingly do not do IEB.

    I reckon that in the next few years we might even see a change from IEB to Cambridge.

  47. @Quagga: ja,na hulle die beste in Gauteng was in 16 het hulle 2de na Kloof geeindig in 17.@AbsolutMenlo: Daai LO onderwyser van julle is baie goed :wink: :wink: Hoe gaan dit met die voorbereiding,ek sien daai droomspan van julle is loshande die gunsteling op die blog vir Virseker. :wink:

  48. @Bush: Wilson please now man

    Hops just Whatsapped me asking nicely for you to grow up now and to start contributing in a positive way please

    He says he still reads this blog 4 times per hour and is well clued up on most SA things
    No fake he has a masters certificate in computerised chemical analytical statistic economy

  49. @Quagga: Vier skole nasionaal met die meeste onderskeidings in alle vakke:
    Menlo – 718
    Affies Meisies – 682
    Waterkloof – 675
    Garsfontein – 669
    Ja hulle is een van die beste … :wink:

  50. Wil nou nie krap waar dit nie jeuk nie, maar is Garsies nie bekend as een van die beste akademiese skole nie?

  51. @Speartackle: Whagsgsgsgagshahsgs just rolled my SA Flag. Where is Hopper? Still in SA? I thought he moved to Mud Island. I hope his sister is still in NZ as I’m planning a trip to go and watch the u19 World Cup as there’s a House Boy in the side. Now that’s support. Don’t believe everything Hopper tells you. The oke doesn’t exist he’s a fake person put there to irrate us that live in SA

  52. @Bush: Hopper asks that you must please stop making fun of GW alumni
    He also said you are a bad influence to me and stop making remarks of old bloggers now living the European Dream
    He is very disappointed in you changing allegiance now that House rugby has reached an ultimate low

  53. @Bush: I saw the College varsity exemption rate, that’s a phenomenal result and worth mention, along with Rondebosch, SACS, Wynberg and Parel Vallei.

  54. Man he was in GW for a year
    He was Webber’s favourite
    They cant claim him

    Same as HJS cant claim Abner v Reenen

    Drinking lekker Phoenix beers here with my island lovers
    Jis its lekker here
    My only problem is I have a big pitsweer on my arse

  55. @Speartackle: Hopper won’t score unless Warren Whitely is Captain of that boat. Don’t say that now I feel insignificant with my rural and bush education. I always wanted Pounds in my wallet and not on my ass. There’s a flight every week to the Island, might see you this weekend.
    You know cricket, this oke Munro that plays for the Black Caps. Is he from GW?? Flip the oke has been carving up the WI like I carved the Guineafowl with my Silver Pigeon

  56. @Bush:
    I agree Wilson but you see they have the education and then you can cash in on the Sterling and also walk around Westminster Abbey and Carnaby Street all day
    Here on the island the Creols are willing to learn man…. even lekker things
    You should come and gooi a turn here….they love hairy men

    Even Hoppers with his goatie will score here

  57. @Speartackle: Heard it’s very lekker there, sun, beach and tons of gin. Good thing for me is it’s English. Ja I’m very jealous they have moved to the land of the £. If I had the cash and resources like them, I would run tonight. England got such a good cricket side and it’s been said their rugged side, will be the only side to give the AB’s a run for their money. I’m sure in 3 years time your Mauritian team will be the next team to run the AB’s off the field.

  58. @McCulleys Workshop: Lekker McCulley. According to Spear they play cricket as well. College results are very brilliant. 97% Degree Pass Rate. House got 98%. Well done College. Thats my new school this year 2 3 Corellege

  59. @Speartackle: Whahahahahaha Spear did you roll another cart and smash your kop again. Are still looking for your Tekkie or Takkie ????????????????

  60. An interesting ranking that took hours to compile!
    Various schools have their own challenges, but facts speak loudly!

  61. I got this on email from a reader

    SCHOOL Affies Glenwood Grey Grey Jeppe KES Maritzb. Pretoria Westville
          Coll PE     College Boys  
    Total Distinctions 410 213 226 94 156 264 462 456 412
    LO Distinctions 105 87 100 28 70 98 178 76 120
    LO% of total 25.60% 40.84% 44.24% 29.78% 44.80% 37% 38.50% 16.60% 29.12%
    Maths Distinctions 45 12 17 7 12 18 17 55 42
    Physics Distinctions 41 13 24 7 12 21 26 51 41
    M+P% of total 20.97% 11.73% 18.14% 14.89% 15% 14.77% 9% 23.20% 20.14%
    Degree Admission 89% 73% 72% 77% 75.66% 89% 97% 86.69% 83%
    OTHER DISTINCTIONS                  
    IT 11 0 0 7 7 3 5 17 2
    Accounting 36 12 19 6 11 22 15 42 41
    English 60 7 9 1 5 9 14 14 20
    Afrikaans 34 27 11 12 12 24 34 80 36
    Life Science 16 7 21 5 8 11 25 31 40
    History 25 11 1 11 9 33 13 29 8
    Geography 10 6 5 4 2 16 26 14 6

    The email goes on to say:
    If you remove the LO distinctions, you start to get a real picture of the academic prowess of the Boys Schools. When you look at the academic subjects like accounting and IT, the picture becomes crystal clear.


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