Nellies still have work to do to make a return to the NV top league a reality

Nelspuit are on top at 1st XV level heading to the third term of 2022. The Pumas powerhouse cannot afford to dream big though. Rustenburg from the Leopards are proving to be a formidable opponent on the overall table and may yet end up stealing the thunder and winning that all-important promotion to the Noordvaal Cup (top league)


  1. So did manage to win Rustenburg last weekend and that puts us in a good position for now.

    Building a school up again takes time and I think Nellies needs more than just this year.

    The underage teams did not do well against Rustenburg and they are also building and recruiting.

    So I have also learned, just now, that Garsfontein have recruited one of our under 16 locks. May the boy (JS) play his best rugby there, and I hope that Garsies promised him a Craven Week spot.

    Lekker Dupie!


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