Jeppe under-16 Festival 2015 – fixtures & results

Golden Lions XV 50 0 St Benedict’s
Noordheuwel 17 27 Parktown
Kearsney 27 14 Nelspruit
Helpmekaar 29 6 Westville
Pretoria BH 19 36 Queen’s
KES 21 15 Selborne
Jeppe 15 40 Maritzburg College
Parktown 15 20 Queen’s
Noordheuwel 31 0 St Benedict’s
Helpmekaar 39 8 Maritzburg College
Westville 19 8 Nelspruit
KES 20 21 Kearsney
Pretoria BH 11 19 Golden Lions XV
Jeppe 10 20 Selborne
Jeppe 25 35 Queen’s
Kearsney 18 11 Pretoria BH
Maritzburg College 17 25 Golden Lions XV
Helpmekaar 29 15 KES
St Benedict’s 0 68 Selborne
Westville 38 14 Noordheuwel
Parktown 52 5 Nelspruit


  1. @Rugger fan – The Lions Development team were very physical against PBHS so no doubt they gave more of the same to College today.
    The parents of the Lions Development team were speaking English and Afrikaans so I am guessing they must be from the small Lions schools such as Leewenhof, Alberton, etc.

  2. @Tang: Thanks to candies – it felt like I was there. But als – College kept the lead until ab out 5 min from the end when they leaked a penalty and try (10 points) to loose 25 – 17.

    speaking to my boy – it seemed that College were just a little tired after 3 solid, hard games and no real “festival” match of open running rugger. The physicality I think just wore them down over the 3 days. Some growth done over the weekend.

    Would bee interesting to hear/see where the Devt team were drawn from.

  3. @Candies – I watched the Boys High VS Grey fixture today and the chasm in quality between Grey and Boys High was massive. Grey have some excellent players and when they attack they look extremely dangerous.
    The lack of penetration of the Boys High back line (at u16 and first team level) is clearly a massive factor. Boys High did not threaten Grey once.
    I think Boys High have lost many potential pupils to schools willing to dish out bursaries. No doubt this will have an impact on results.

  4. @Rugger Fan – The Lions Development (a very strange name for this team because none of the players look like they are in development schools) are a very good side.
    Boys High were very brave against them and if they had cut out errors could have won the match.

  5. @Tang: To answer your question about sport bursaries – Yes, I personally think it has an influence on results, but the school has taken a stance on the offer of bursaries which I think will not change in the near future.

    @Rugger fan: Yes, I will be at the festival tomorrow and will send you updates on the College game.

  6. @Tang: @Candies: Will you (or anyone else) be there to send Whatsapp updates of the College game?

    Would appreciate it. Thanks

  7. @Candies – I think it is clear the PBHS side have come into this festival grossly under prepared. Hence the reason the backline aren’t firing. I reckon Boys High needed to play at least three fully fledged fixtures before arriving at the festival. The warm up fixture against Waterkloof is barely enough to get them out the blocks.
    On a separate note – Boys High are probably the only side at the festival who don’t offer sports bursaries. Do you think this is having an impact on results?

    @Rugger fan – I can tell you that the Lions are no walk over and will probably provide college with the biggest test so far. They have a giant fly half who can boot the ball from 22 to 22 with ease. He murdered Boys High with some monster clearance kicks on Saturday.

    I am off to Saints tomorrow and then will head across to St Johns for the Jeppe VS Nelspruit fixture. I have enjoyed the u16 festival. Jeppe should think about making this a permanent fixture.

  8. My predictions:

    Collard Field
    Jeppe VS Queens – Queens by 20
    Kearsney VS Pretoria Boys – Boys High by 2
    Maritzburg VS Lions – College by 20
    Helpmekaar VS KES – Helpmekaar by 20

    White Field
    St Benedicts VS Selborne – Selbourne by 25
    Westville VS Noordheuwel – Westville by 25
    Parktown VS Nelspruit – Nelspruit by 5

  9. @Tang: I agree. The forwards played more as a unit but the inability of the backs to penetrate the advantage line and to distribute the ball to the wings are a great concern. I think this is a real problem for the team going forward.

    The game against Kearsney tomorrow will be a real test of character for the PBHS team seeing that Kearsney, together with Helpmekaar and KES, are the 3 best teams of the festival. Seeing that PBHS plays KES in 2 weeks time, the game against Kearsney will be a good opportunity to measure the teams ability to step up.

  10. Interesting match ups for tomorrow:
    Collard Field
    Jeppe VS Queens – 8:00
    Kearsney VS Pretoria Boys – 9:10
    Maritzburg VS Lions – 10:20
    Helpmekaar VS KES – 11:30

    White Field
    St Benedicts VS Selborne – 8:00
    Westville VS Noordheuwel – 9:10
    Parktown VS Nelspruit – 10:20

  11. @Pebble @ Candies – I thought the forwards were good yesterday but the backs lacked any kind of penetration.
    Given the amount of territory and possession in the first half, Boys High should have been way more than 6-0 up.
    The game was close but the missed touch kicks in the second half gifted two tries to the Lions.

    I must say the Lions were pretty robust. Some big boys and not an easy side to play against.

    I wonder what day three will hold for Boys High.

  12. Final day fixtures:
    COLLARD Field
    08h00 Jeppe v Queens
    09h10 Kearsney v PBHS
    10h20 College vs Lions
    11h30 Helpmekaar v KES

    WHITE Field
    08h00 St Benedicts v Selbourne
    09h10 Westville v Noordheuwel
    10h20 Nelspruit v Parktown

  13. Thanks for the updates and scores.

    Please advise when the Day 3 fixtures are out.

  14. PBHS 11 – 19 Golden Lions Inv. Played in the rain. Very disappointing display by Boys High.

  15. St Benedict’s 0 – 31 Noordheuwel. Ran away with the game in the last 5 minutes.

  16. Jeppe 10 – 20 Selborne
    Queens 20 – 15 Parktown
    Queens 4 tries to nil for Parktown.

  17. Hope someone can send updates again on Saturday. Tang was AMAZING on Friday!

  18. OK – let me get in the action:

    Jeppe VS Selborne – (Selborne by 15)
    Parktown VS Queens College 10:10 – (Queens by 10)
    Noordheuwel VS St Benedicts 11:20 – (Noordheuwel by 15)
    Helpmekaar VS Maritzburg College 12:30 – (College by 10)
    Westville VS Nelspruit 13:40 – (Westville by 15)
    KES vs Kearsney 14:50 – (KES by 15)
    Pretoria Boys High School VS Lions 16:00 – (Lions by 15)

  19. Now be has talked about park town boys they seem to halve respectful results this year. Anyone law noticed that festival results always seems to have higher score lines, rather than traditional match ups!

  20. @Queenian: Here goes, based on performance (I did not see all the games though) and results of day 1.

    Jeppe VS Selborne – (Selborne by 10)
    Parktown VS Queens College 10:10 – (Queens by 5)
    Noordheuwel VS St Benedicts 11:20 – (Noordheuwel by 15)
    Helpmekaar VS Maritzburg College 12:30 – (Helpmekaar by 10)
    Westville VS Nelspruit 13:40 – (Westville by 5)
    KES vs Kearsney 14:50 – (KES by 3)
    Pretoria Boys High School VS Lions 16:00 – (PBHS by 5)

  21. Official matches tomorrow:

    Jeppe VS Selborne 09:00
    Parktown VS Queens College 10:10
    Noordheuwel VS St Benedicts 11:20
    Helpmekaar VS Maritzburg College 12:30
    Westville VS Nelspruit 13:40
    KES vs Kearsney 14:50
    Pretoria Boys High School VS Lions 16:00

  22. @Tang:

    Thanks for the reports!! Great to hear about the College win over Jeppe. Hope your teams do better going forward.

  23. @Rugbyfan – on the Jeppe front I am just going to out it down to too much pressure. I am sure it will all be sorted by tomorrow and Jeppe will play good, physical rugby with no off the ball stuff.

    Potential matchups for tomorrow:

    PBHS vs Selborne
    Jeppe VS Nelspruit
    Noordheuwel VS St Benedicts
    Golden Lions VS KES
    Kearsney VS Helpmekaar
    Queens VS College
    Westville VS Parktown

  24. Results from day 1 (sorry – finger trouble on previous post):

    Golden Lions XV 50 St Benedict’s 0
    Noordheuwel 17 Parktown 27
    Kearsney 39 Nelspruit 19
    Helpmekaar 29 Westville 6
    Pretoria BH 19 Queen’s 24
    KES 21 Selborne 15
    Jeppe 15 Maritzburg College 40

  25. Results from day 1:

    Golden Lions XV St Benedict’s
    Noordheuwel Parktown
    Kearsney 22 Nelspruit
    Helpmekaar 29 Westville 6
    Pretoria BH Queen’s
    KES Selborne
    Jeppe 15 Maritzburg College 40

  26. @Tang: I have seen this Queens Under 16A team play once this year and on at least 10 occasion’s over the age groups and they have one the best backlines I have seen, there draw back has always been there forwards not that they are not good but have always been on the small side. Although when I saw them play at the Graeme Festival a week ago they seemed to have grown quite a lot since last year.

    That,s shocking about Jeppe and they the host’s I think there Headmaster needs to have a talk to them. Not a good advert for the school.

    Any idea for the match ups for tomorrow.

  27. @Candies – agree fully with you. Boys have to learn to play for the whole match.
    It also seemed like Boys High have not settled on the starting line up. I am sure the festival will give more direction to the team. I was impressed with a few of the Boys High players. Just can’t make basic errors like missing tackles.
    However, I would rather point out how slick the Queens backline was. The last break (I think the full back of Queens) who broke from his own 22 and was just held up over the line by a brilliant tackle was one of the moments of the day.

    I don’t like to complain but I have to say I was disappointed in the Jeppe coaches and the misdirected aggression of some of the Jeppe Boys. Rugby is a physical sport but the Jeppe coaches are firing the boys up incorrectly. The half time tirade by the Jeppe coach was not on for u16 boys. It seems there is too much expectation growing at Jeppe around rugby. Hopefully Jeppe sort this out. When they started to play rugby (in the last 10 minutes against College) they looked much better.

  28. @Candies: College had a good day. Wins for 1st XV vs Gtey PE and U16A. U15A drae at François Swart. Not heard the 2nds ay Vryheid or U14 scores yet.

  29. @Tang: tang ….. You rock. Thanks for the updates on my boys game. Much appreciated.

    Candies. Thanks Fir the comments. Glad to hear MC held their nerve and discipline.

    Amy news on the day 2 fixtures yet?

  30. I agree with Tang’s comments. PBHS was in the game up until the last 10 minutes, then the wheels came off. Some hard work lies ahead and if they can sort out their discipline, their ability to compete will improve. Congrats to Queens, they deserved the win.

    For me the 2 outstanding teams of day 1 were KES and MC.
    KES for their never say die attitude and MC for playing an entertaining, running style of rugby despite numerous off the ball incidents by Jeppe.

    Looking forward to day 2 on Saturday!

  31. I watched two and half games at Jeppe today.
    Second half of PBHS vs Queens, KES VS Selborne and MC VS Jeppe.

    Overall some very good rugby.
    PBHS very disappointing against Queens. Score was 19-24 to Queens, Boys High on attack. Then turn the ball over and Queens score a break away try. A few minutes later and Boys High miss several tackles and concede another soft try to make the score look like a complete blow out.
    Queens have useful backs and did look good when on attack.

    Selborne VS KES was a cracker of a match. Selborne went 10-0 up and then seemed to switch off. KES started to throw everything at Selborne. Eventually the pressure told. Selborne received a yellow card for continuous infringements. KES took full advantage and scored three great tries to finish Selborne off. Selborne scored a late consolation try but credit to KES for hanging on and never giving up.

    Jeppe VS MC seemed like it was going to be a humdinger. Jeppe went into an early 8-0 lead. College never gave up and started to gain possession and then use the possession very effectively. Once College took control they ran away with the match. It was 28-8 at the break. Jeppe started to show lots of ill discipline. Jeppe were playing with 13 men at one stage and were given a final warning to cut out off the ball stuff. College held their discipline and ran away with the match 40-15.

    PBHS had a rugby day to forget. The first side lost 24-17 to Wynberg, the second team took a hammering at the hands of St Georges of Zimbabwe going down 53-5, the u16 a team were well beaten by Queens college and the u15 a team lost 20-12 to Linden at the Francois Swart rugby festival.
    No wins for any PBHS teams today. Lots of work for the Director of rugby and the coaches. I think this is going to be a long disappointing season for PBHS.

  32. And the College v Jeppe match please Tang – my mobile is 071333 7546… Thanks

  33. Placing the Francois Swart U15 Festival at Affies – Day 1 fixtures for today:

    Francois Swart O/15 Rugby Week
    09:00 KES vs Kempton park
    10:00 Linden vs Pretoria Boys High
    11:00 Monnas vs zwartkop
    12:00 Frikkie Meyer vs Parktown
    13:00 Jeppe Boys High vs Nelspruit.
    14:00 Maritzburg College vs Helpmekaar
    15:00 Affies vs EG Jansen
    16:00 Waterkloof vs Windhoek.

  34. @Ringo – you left PBHS off. They were ranked at 53.

    I wouldn’t read too much into those rankings as there are a few schools on the list with very soft fixture lists who were ranked in the top 30.

    @Queenian – I will only be at Jeppe from around 2 this afternoon but will keep you posted during the PBHS VS Queens game.

  35. It should an interesting weekend of schoolboy rugby. Just out of interest in terms of powerade power rankings as listed on the saschoolsport sport website;these teams ended their under 15’s seasons in this order:

    Helpmekaar 3rd
    Selborne 10th
    Queens college 11th
    westiville 25th
    Kearney 26th
    jeppe 30th
    Kes 34th
    Nelspruit 46th
    College 47th
    Noordhuewel 57th
    Bennies 69th
    And Parktown 74th

    But as all who have played the game know rugby is most definitely about the teams performance on the day. Wishing all the boys participating all the best

  36. Bennies by 14
    Noordheuwel by 3
    Nellies by 12
    Helpies by 12
    Boys High by 3
    KES by 5
    Jeppe by 5

  37. Can it be confirmed. FIXTURE for Day 1 – times and venue changed?

    seems like everything is about an hour earlier – and now ta Jeppe Main Field – no longer Wits University?

  38. Predictions for Day 1:

    10h00 Golden Lions XV St Benedict’s – St Bennies by 10
    11h10 Noordheuwel Parktown – Noordheuwel by 18
    12h20 Kearsney Nelspruit – Nellies by 20
    13h30 Helpmekaar Westville – Helpies by 10
    14h40 Pretoria BH Queen’s – Queens by 7
    15h50 KES Selborne – Selbourne by 5
    17h00 Jeppe Maritzburg College – College by 3

  39. I will keep you posted.

    Queenian – I will text you updates and then you can post them to the page.

  40. @Tang: Please send updates….. my son is playing – and I’m stuck in meetings…….. Oh joy…… guess where I’d rather be!!

  41. If you make a few predictions for tomorrow, it could point to some interesting fixtures on day 2.
    Here are my predictions:
    Golden Lions VS St Benedicts – winner St Benedicts
    Noordheuwel VS Parktown – winner Noordheuwel
    Kearsney VS Nelspruit – winner (too close to call)
    Helpmekaar VS Westville – winner Helpmekaar (based on bloggers comments)
    Pretoria Boys High VS Queens winner (my heart says PBHS my head says Queens)
    KES VS Selborne – winner Selborne (based on bloggers comments)
    Jeppe VS Maritzburg – winner Maritzburg to pull off a narrow win

  42. @Tang: I will also be at Jeppe tomorrow – I think the current u16 group is better than last year.

    @Rugger fan: Thanks for the welcome, I will definitely attend both College fixtures.

  43. Welcome Candies – hopefully Greenblooded, Gungets and myself will see you up in PBHS – or down here in KZN for the 2 College fixtures

  44. @Candies – Nice to have a fellow PBHS supporter/ blogger on this site at long last.

    Just ask Beet for a Candies jersey.

    I am going to pop into Jeppe tomorrow to catch the PBHS VS Queens fixture. I truly hope PBHS have a better u16 group compared to last year.

    @beet – can you arrange a Candies jersey for Candies?

  45. @Tang: I agree with your comments and hope the PBHS u16 group will be more competitive this year. Seeing that I am new to the blog, please advise on how to get a PBHS jersey.

  46. MC are a 1 win / 1 loss this season so far. So difficult to tell. Core of the squad is unchanged. The #10 had a great game against Westville and made a big difference. He was off with ear infection versus DHS

  47. @Tang: Thanks for the info I think the only thing Queens will battle with is size otherwise they a good out fit. The Selborne team is really good but hear MC is as well so we will see.

  48. @Queenian – The PBHS u16 group may just be a surprise package. Often the PBHS u15 to u16 goes through a major transformation. I have noticed over the last few years that PBHS tend to mature at around u16 level.
    Last years u15 group had some mixed results – Drew with MC u15 A, Lost to Menlo Park, Affies, KES and Jeppe (very narrow losses against KES and Jeppe).
    Beat most of the other opposition.
    If PBHS mature well and the new coaching structures kick in, they could prove to be a difficult team to beat.
    They were very competitive against Waterkloof in the recent warmup/ practice fixture.

  49. @Queenian – Should be a walk over for Queens. Boys High probably won’t have a great under 16 team this year.
    The new coaching structures my change this somewhat but this will be the teams first fully fledged fixture and they were not a great u15 bunch.

  50. Beet: is there anyway of getting squad sheets for this would be interesting.

  51. Anybody know what PBHS Under 16 are I see they playing Queens who have a useful side this year very good backs and mobile forwards maybe not the biggest.

  52. Not sure what Nelspruit’s u16s are like, but if I was to guess, I think that they’ll beat Kearsney. Helpmekaar has a strong u16 team, so they will probably beat Westville by about 30 points, but College should beat Jeppe, who’s u16s are not their best age group.

  53. @Rugger fan: Sure all the Kzn teams will rally and support each other. Thought the College 10 a really good player with ball in hand. Westville looked flat.

  54. @Rugger fan: And the hockey pavilion at College seems to have been taken over as the post match watering hole for home and visiting staff……bloody ironic as that would seem!

  55. A good win for College U16 over Westville yesterday. Played in a good spirit – I think these two teams will be rallying together as KZN teams as they travel up less than a week after playing each other.

  56. @QC86: QC Under 13’s this look really good they have only lost 2 games in the Junior school years they played 4 games up in Pretoria the other day against school like Menlo Park and so on and they won them all very Easley.

    I think Dennis Giddy elder boy is 8th man.

  57. @QC86: Ye agree only a fool will take QC or Dale lightly. I actually think Dale and QC will do a lot better than people expect this year.

  58. @easyflow: The other teams will be ok. Good bunch of under 14s and the under 15s will hold their own. The under 16s may be a bit shaky judging from last year, but this is a new season, who knows. The 2nds and 3rds are littered with boys who have played together their entire high school life, so they should be just fine.

  59. @easyflow: I think the final score between Twizza Queens and Port Rex was 52-0 to the Kudu. Dale also won with an unconfirmed score of 112-3 against Maclear. No one was really keeping score in either game as they were just warm up games. Call it trial games if you wish.

    Looking forward to the season. I should be in Queenstown for the QC reunion game.I just hope the rain stays away.It should be a cracker!

  60. Sticking to Rugby, heard QC played Port Rex past weekend however no score was kept, weird. Then was told that QC did not have trials this year. Just checked Mr Price / Leopards Dale College team. Looks good for 2015! As they say lets the games begin. :-P

  61. @beet: . The new law states that no alcohol are to be sold or consumed on school properties (Public and private). I know that some schools still have the use of their clubhouses and bar facilities. There is something about the times when it is to be used, the accessibility that pupils have, and the type of structure that is being used. Apparently a tent is out. And then there is the whole thing about a liquor license.

  62. @Rugger fan: Does that law extend to consuming alcohol on school premises as well?I If not a shuttle service to and from the nearest temporary liquor licence drinking hole for purchasing beverages for consumption on the premises could be useful. :) Or maybe just a pizza delivery service with a difference for the festival.

  63. @Rugger fan: Well that sucks that means also no beer in Grahamstown next week

  64. @Rugger fan: Provincial by law, maybe?I don’t think there’s such a law in the EC. At worst, there’d be no alcohol served during the games, but it’s open gates as soon as the 1st XV final whistle blows.

  65. @DC ARMY: Beer tent – I heard new legislation made it not possible for any beers to be available on school property. I know Goldstones club at MC has moved across the road to the Bowling Club now???? What happens at other schools (privates especially?)

  66. @QC86: Well i guess the next 2 Saturdays should give us an indication of what do expect from all 3 teams

    On the other hand is there going to be a beer tent at Selborne on Sat?

  67. @DC ARMY: @Playa: only the uninformed would take Dale or QC lightly,in any year.No such talk coming from the players that i can assure you of.Pre-season not going according to plan,little niggles and injuries keep cropping up,need to start so that they can settle down.

  68. @Playa: Agreed not disputing anything they should sweep all before them in the region and possibly the province.

    Made the examples above as a reminder that nothing is a given win on a Derby Sat

  69. @rugbyfan: @DC ARMY: Who can blame them. Any betting man would also believe that. As for given wins…well tough to call. Their games at the Graveyard and The Rec are hard calls. They SHOULD win, but derby days are won by the better team on the day and not necessarily the better team on MOST DAYS.

    As for Queens…I’d rather not comment. I remember, after they’d had a terrible run between 1993 and 1996, then boom, they produced a replica of 1984 in 1997 when everyone had forgotten they even played rugby there in Kuduland.

  70. @Rugbyfan: I guess its rather understandable why Selbornians will feel that way but rather ill advised also, Derby games will always be such and form book as well favourites tag go out the window. From a Dalian point of view 2013 we had one of our worst Teams in recent memory and still we should have beaten not could have shoud have beaten the Baboona in both those Classics and if you go back to 96 Selborne had a far superior team to Dale and had beaten Grey Bloem and yet we won both games.

    From an Objective point of view they should be the top dogs again this year and as for John Duncan quite or not his hand will be revealed on Sat against Grens.

  71. @Playa: Ye I think John Duncan is being very mis-leading got an idea that QC either going to be very weak this year or he is about to unleash a monster of a team.

    Was in East London the other day and while having a few drinks at old Selborne club the chat was all about Selborne for the Eastern Cape this year they seemed to think there games against Dale and QC are given wins this year. Although one well known Selborne pundit there also believed that John Duncan was far to quite for he,s liking and believe’s that either JD is pulling the biggest bluff or they could be the surprise of the Eastern Cape this year.

  72. @rugger you can always suck the boep in, if you are just an impact player for 10 minuets. :mrgreen: Good luck to Westville! I agree star you ha e to play the best to be the best!

  73. @Woltrui: The Westville U16A team was the only team to lose to Hilton so indeed they will have their work cut out for themselves against Helpmekaar. That however is what challenges are for and I am sure the boys will take it head on.

  74. @easyflow: Clean shaven, no one would suspect a thing if I kitted up and ran on for the under 15s :mrgreen: just ask my good friend QC86…in fact, given the size of these youngsters nowadays, I’ll probably look underage. A clean shave and hiding the pram is all I’ll have to do.

  75. Playa not falling for that…Mr Price, Dale should have a pretty good year: is it true you may try and sneak the odd game for the under 15?s. You will of course have to apply the Grecian, and hide the pram! 8-O

  76. The team to look out for at the tournament is Helpmekaar. They were a top 3 schools contender in 2014, beating Affies, who ended up the no one U/15 team in 2014, along the way. Westville is going to have their work cut out for them on the 2nd of April.

  77. @easyflow: LOL! Yeah they played a Maclear Academy team in King.

    Can’t wait for the 18 April clash vs Twizza Queens. From what I have heard, both sides have bigger than usual forwards, and the usual quick and skilful backs.It should be one for the archives.

  78. When did QC start playing u16 again? Playa did Mr Price Dale have warm up this weekend?

  79. Thanks. Nice to see cross provincial games. Gives an in site into how the each province stacks up at age group level.


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