u13 Craven Week 2014

Day 4 at Growthpoint Kings Park, Durban. Day 1,2 & 3 at Glenwood High School, Durban

4 04/07/2014 13h30 WESTERN PROVINCE
29 14 Border
4 04/07/2014 12h30 Leopards 13 14 Eastern Province
4 04/07/2014 12h30 Griffons 20 19 Border CD
4 04/07/2014 11h30 Blue Bulls 14 7 Griquas
4 04/07/2014 11h30 Valke 5 12 Boland
4 04/07/2014 10h30 Golden Lions 25 20 Pumas
4 04/07/2014 10h30 SWD 17 24 Limpopo Blue Bulls
4 04/07/2014 09h30 Namibia 24 24 Zimbabwe
4 04/07/2014 09h30 KwaZulu-Natal 20 22 Free State
3 03/07/2014 15h30 Border 24 13 Eastern Province
3 03/07/2014 14h30 Western Province 31 5 Boland
3 03/07/2014 13h30 Limpopo Blue Bulls 10 10 Valke
3 03/07/2014 12h30 Golden Lions 12 10 SWD
3 03/07/2014 11h30 Leopards 34 15 KwaZulu-Natal
3 03/07/2014 10h30 Zimbabwe 26 22 Griffons
3 03/07/2014 09h30 Pumas 17 5 Griquas
3 03/07/2014 08h30 Namibia 10 0 Border CD
3 03/07/2014 08h30 Free State 5 0 Blue Bulls
2 01/07/2014 15h30 Western Province 10 8 Valke
2 01/07/2014 14h30 Border 14 12 Limpopo Blue Bulls
2 01/07/2014 13h30 Boland 14 6 KwaZulu-Natal
2 01/07/2014 12h30 Eastern Province 22 7 Golden Lions
2 01/07/2014 11h30 Leopards 32 14 Griquas
2 01/07/2014 10h30 SWD 19 17 Blue Bulls
2 01/07/2014 09h30 Pumas 24 12 Free State
2 01/07/2014 08h30 Griffons 12 5 Namibia
2 01/07/2014 08h30 Zimbabwe 31 27 Border CD
1 30/06/2014 15h30 Western Province 56 0 Pumas
1 30/06/2014 14h30 Golden Lions 15 12 KwaZulu-Natal
1 30/06/2014 11h30 Border 52 10 Blue Bulls
1 30/06/2014 10h30 Leopards 37 5 Border CD
1 30/06/2014 10h30 Eastern Province 17 12 Limpopo Blue Bulls
1 30/06/2014 09h30 Valke 13 0 Namibia
1 30/06/2014 09h30 Boland 43 12 Griffons
1 30/06/2014 08h30 Griquas 36 12 Zimbabwe
1 30/06/2014 08h30 SWD 10 8 Free State


  1. u13CW results:
    Griquas 36 – 12 Zimbabwe
    Free State 8 – 10 SWD
    Valke 13 – 0 Namibia
    Boland 43 – 12 Griffons
    Leopards 37 – 5 Border CD
    Eastern Province 17 – 12 Limpopo
    Blue Bulls 10 – 52 Border
    Pumas 0 – 56 Western Province

  2. @upcountry: u13 CW played at Glenwood as well, talk about sending the lambs straight to the abattoir. I don’t set much store by u13 recruitment though, as the conversion rate from star u13 players to exceptional u19 players are too low. There are exceptions of course, but gr.9/u15 remains the best age to recruit at, as the boys have generally found their feet after one year of HS rugby and most of the big u13 boys have been caught up by their peers. So, best to let others do the initial sifting.

  3. @Ploegskaar: spot on – but the way things are going schools will be trumpeting about the success of their U14,15,16 as well as their 1st sides. There are already rankings for age-group rugby now too.

    Given that Glenwood (apparently) have the best elite sports programme in the country we can surely expect an intake of at least 40-50 Craven Week players in grade 8 – with the balance going to Grey Bloem?

  4. @Playa: I dont know much about primary school rugby but is border always this strong. Or did the bulls pick like the KZN guys

  5. @upcountry: Unlike in a lot of other provinces, rugby in primary school does not compete with any other sport in the Border. 90% of the boys who play hockey (the only other alternative sport), also play rugby. So we tend to have boys who have played rugby since Grade 1 in our under 13 teams. That’s the culture.

    It may just be a combination of Border having a good team, and the Bulls struggling.

  6. Any intelligent comments on the actual rugby being played or will this just be another Glenwood bashing thread?

    Would love to know how effective the 116kg 1.8m kid is. Quite incredible – he’s bigger than me and I’m not exactly a bantam-weight. My experience of these massive lighties from youth club rugby is that they are tackled very easily and they can only work with very short bursts of energy followed by 5 minutes of walking. Is this kid the same?

  7. Fortunately, at Paarl Boys High, we make sure that we choose well balanced scholars to become real Boishaaiers. It takes some of the pressure away of only trying to get the best rugby players. Rugby plays is a very small part in any teenagers development.

  8. @Roger: I cannot speak for the other provinces, but know that most of the WP and Boland players are accounted for. I have to assume the same for SWD, where Oakdale and Outeniqua have decent intakes every year. WRT Glenwood, they certainly have top facilities that account for a big number of their intake. Hats off to them, it is a huge positive that attracts far more players than we give them credit for and which makes the number of players they recruit later pale in significance.

  9. @Roger: The EC component “re-locating” from KWT to KES has been well documented. But can you give me a few examples of kids going to GCB under similar circumstances? Waiting—

  10. @tandemfitarborsurculus: The past 2 years you’ve really succeeded in choosing plenty of well balanced scholars that happened to play CW as well, about 50 in total or 25 on aggregate. You guys just know how to pick them, like your new high profile coach. Yip, rugby is definitely an afterthought at Hoer Jongenskool Paarl.

  11. @Roger: the re-location of players from kwt to kes, has been well documented. Do you have examples of similar “exercises” by gcb? Going by your comments, you should have plenty. For your information, gcb had an open day on 7 June and application for admission, closed today ( I think). But sadly, they can only accept around 250 for 2015, but according to your “logic”, that would just be rugby players. What about the academic and all the other sport achievers?

  12. @Ploegskaar: I assume the Cape schools will be sharing with Garsfontein! Sorry Rugbyman, I just could not resist. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

  13. @tandemfitarborsurculus: I’m sure you are confused between balance and rugby, have to go Ploegskaar and Oakdale comments. More first rugby and then if balanced a bonus. Anycase, have to say that Bois High the most successful recruiters past few years, no shame to that tandem….

  14. Bulls loss a shocker, not the loss actually but the margin. Earlier bloggers mentioned bad selection and lots of politics, personally not familiar with u13 bulls players. But questions must be asked if there are so many top primary schools in PTA, why are they not performing?

    Good wins for SWD and Boland.

  15. Does size really matter at the U13 Coca-Cola Craven Week?

    There were the usual number of gigantic 12 and 13 year-olds on display on the opening day of the 2014 under-13 Coca-Cola Craven Week that is taking place at Durban’s Glenwood Boys’ High School this week. The biggest of them was Stephan Posthumus of Hartenbos Primary School and SWD, who tips the scales at a hefty 116 kg and stands 1,79m tall.
    A survey of the official programme reveals, if the numbers are to be believed, that there are 32 boys at this tournament that are over 1.78m tall, and 15 who weigh 80kg or more. Those sorts of figures always get people talking, and in the social media response to a picture of Posthumus that someone tweeted, were quite a few questions around whether it was safe to have players of this size playing against smaller boys of that age.
    At the week, as he will be at all of the Coca-Cola Youth Weeks, was SA Rugby’s medical manager, Clint Redhead, and he says that the issue is one that SARU certainly keeps an eye on.
    The question asked, he says, is whether we should be playing weight-grade rather than age-grade rugby at this level, like they do in some parts of New Zealand.
    And the answer, he says, is that there is no medical evidence to support It. “We had professor Mike Lambert of UCT do research for us a few year ago and he concluded that there is no difference in the injury-risks involved when age-grade and weight-grade rugby is compared,” he said.

    “We keep an eye on the literature, and that hasn’t changed.”

    Redhead believes there are social and maturity issues with making larger boys play with others who are older than them that make the practice problematic. “It can’t be good to take a boy away from his peers and put him among players who are older and more mature than he is. We believe that outweighs any benefits there may be to having games were everyone is roughly the same size.” SARU keeps detailed injury statistics at all the Coca-Cola Youth Weeks and, according to Redhead the most common injuries at the under-13 Craven Week have nothing to do with size and weight. “We find that, because the players are at an undeveloped, growth stage, the majority of the injuries are caused by kids falling awkwardly.”

    So, bring on the big boys. They have already added a lot of colour and interest to what is going to be a great festival of rugby in Durban this week.

  16. In Pretoria is dit al lankal ‘n ope geheim (en groot grap) dat as jy nie in die regte skool is in kan jy maar vergeet van Cravenweekspan haal … op laerskool en hoërskool!

  17. @Kobus Bisschoff: Ek het dit ook al gehoor. Sekere skole het ‘n groter kans om iemand in ‘ n craven week span te he. Daar is baie gevalle van spelers in ander skole wat daarna groot rugby gaan speel eat nie cw gespeel het nie.

  18. @bhkgpa: Ek is maar goor met somme, maar ek dink dis tog ‘n redelike % van beskikbare CW spelers uit kom ons se WP en Boland? Hang seker af van hoe jy daarna kyk wat bepaal watter verhouding jy verkies. Ek gee egter toe dat julle ‘n redelike klomp waterbottel aandraers ook intrek.

  19. I believe that the problem at u/13 level in Blue Bulls country will remain as long as the quota system stays in place. The talent is not identified or the coaching structures in the mainly black schools are non existant. A few years back when my son was in primary school some of the coloured players only arrived at the final trials and was not close to the standard of the white players but they were included in the final team. The provinces alongside the coastal regions are lucky that their kids start playing rugby at a much younger age and the rugby culture is much more solid in the previously disadvantage communities. It is not realistic or possible for primary schools in Pretoria to follow the Gapsfontein route which helps the Bulls at the higher age group levels.

    Further more I have to agree with some bloggers that only players from certain primary schools get the change to play at provincial level as teacher/coaches try to boost their own players.

  20. @kosie: kom ons vat die voorbeeld van hierdie jaar… laerskool wierdapark speel in die laerskole blou bulle finaal… kom ons raai die getal cravenweek spelers in die span….?


    Snaaks ne?

    So een van jou 2 stekste spanne in pretoria het geen verteenwoordiging in die span nie…. dis mos ongesond en onmoontlik…

    Ek se weer… dis n ongesonde soustrein met vd bestuurslede al daar sedert die vroee 90s, swak keuring en boeties vir bantjies…

  21. @Bull23: stem met jou saam oor die laerskole kleur sakie… ek dink dat baie min gedoen word vir die ontwikkeling op laerskool vlak… dis waar SARU en die bulle vaal in hulle sg. transformasie…

    Niemand dink bietjie uit die boks uit en maak n plan nie…

  22. @BOG: erm Bog, comment was made with tongue firmly in cheek. Well done on your open day. Does it surprise you Bog that there are many schools in SA oversubscribed – not just Grey?

  23. On the flip side. My boy played u13 Craven Week for KZN in 2009 and was the smallest boy there. 136 CM and 42 KG’S. He now has developed like I did and is now 170cm and 80 kgs. A different proposition.

    Looking forward to U18 Craven Week in 2 weeks time. The KZN boys are up for it and it is the first time that they have got together as a large squad beforehand to get to know each other. It shows in their play.

  24. @Rugbyman: Ek was duidelik meer diplomaties as jy oor Wierdapark, maar nou dat jy dit genoem het die volgende:

    Daar is ‘n seun wat groot is en swaar ook in die Wierda span. Druk omtrent elke wedstryd drieë en hou so 3/4 mannetjies besig sodat die ander manne dan kan speel. Waar is hy? Ek dink hy sou ‘n groot verkil gemaak het by die Bulle O/13.

    Wierdapark het nog so 2/3 ander mannetjies wat beslis waarde sou toevoeg. Maar, omdat hulle nie iemand het wat die finale sê het by span kies nie word die kinders oor die hoof gesien.

    Daar is geen stelsel van talent “spot” nie. Ek het Rooihuiskraal ook al sien speel en glo my daar is ook so ‘n outjie of wat wat kan speel. Blykbaar is hulle meer in tel want hulle kry darem nog so hier en daar ‘n kind in die span.

    Dis jammer dat die skole wat die beste doen nie noodwendig die meeste spelers in die cw spanne het nie. Hier kan ek die hoërskole ook maar byvoeg!

  25. @Bull23: I was not aware that there is a quota at under 13 level. Perhaps a case of the Bulls just trying to be politically correct?

    I do stand corrected.

  26. @Roger: No, as education deteriorates even further, sadly, education of any value, will be concentrated at a decreasing number of schools “of excellence” I really feel for the kids who are not able to gain access to those schools, because I know of many “late bloomers” who made a great success of their lives. And lets be honest,with hardly any consistency at this level, selection of U13 teams, is a mere lottery. Certainly no merit involved and very little to do with talent. Kids must just enjoy the sports (capital S) And of course if a school is rated 1 in Africa, no matter how subjective the assessment was, it should attract a great deal of attention :mrgreen:

  27. @kosie: @rugbyman: My seun is deel van die Blou Bul onder 13 span en ek kan beaam dat dit ‘n deurmekaar spul is. Die fokus en kern van die span en afrigters korps bestaan uit die Noordelike streek. Kinders word uit posisie gespeel en rondgeskuif sodat hulle geakkomodeer kan word – Harsteer. Ek verstout my deur te se dat dit lyk asof die afrigters/keurders hul eie sukses meet aan hoeveel seuns hul in die span kan kry eerder as prestasie op die rugbyveld.

    Hopelik sal dinge op Hoerskool vlak beter gaan, maar gemeet aan die geskarrel van hoerskole om kinders te werf en ouers te beinvloed kan ek net wonder wat voorle.

  28. @Leelu: Welkom hier op die blog. Ek hoop werklik dat die outjies wat wel vir die Bulle gekies is darem opstaan en speel.

    Dit gaan moeilik wees vir die outjies want ek dink hulle gaan die eerste dag se telling onthou. Al raad is maar om hulle te laat onthou dat elke wedstryd ‘n nuwe een is.

    Is jy by die CW? Indien hou ons asb op hoogte van die wedstryde

  29. @kosie: Dankie, ongelukkig is ek nie daar. Res van die familie ondersteun ten minste.

    As ek na gister se tellings kyk lyk dit asof ‘n opdraande stryd voorle. Die Pumas en Lions het ons oortuigend geklop tydens CW voorbereiding.

    Soos hul se: Uithou, Aanhou, Moedhou

  30. @Djou: If HM got any influence still @ the bulls-that boy of SWD will be recruited by the bulls-as theit motto goes-size is everything.Wonder as hy oor sy krag apies praat,wat se hy van WLR

  31. @kosie: Was al die jare so en met die huidige topbestuur, wat al naby aan dood moet wees, daar sal niks verander nie. Weet van seun wat in Hennops was wat nie span gemaak het nie maar nadat ou Hans en pappie, huisvriende, ingegryp het hy hy sommer heeltemal uit sy posisie span gemaak. Maar die wiel het gedraai.

  32. @Leelu: Is ou Jaco steeds die hoof afrigter. Praat nou nie van die tuine een nie. Hy rig seker nog die 0/12 span af. Hoe meer dinge verander hoe meer bly dit dieselfde.

  33. @BOG: Boggie daardie tyd se bloomers noem hulle nou g strings. Dog net ek help jou om jou ouderdom weg te steek. Groetnis.

  34. Die waarheid is dat meeste gebalanseerde ouers hul seuns in n gebalanseerde skool wil sit. Kinders wil by ons wees. Dit is nie moeilik om seuns te trek nie. Boishaai staan vir baie …

  35. @GreenBlooded: He is exactly the same . Seen him play since under 11 and he makes no impact. I would go for fitness skill, and strength any day over size, especially at under 13 level. The selection of the CW in SWD has been very, very suspect over the past 5 years,..a joke if you ask me. I watch a lot of primary school rugby and there is very good talent that are overlooked for obvious reasons. Here it is so bad that even the best players of color are overlooked for kids and coaches that have connections at the schools. I have spoken to a selector and he assured me that it is sick how the teams are picked even before the trials are played. Parents need to turn their back on this injustice , and force the unions to get impartial selectors that know something about rugby.

  36. WP 10 Valke 8
    Goodness me, wonder if an anti-WP anti-Boland Landbou anti-Ploegskaar bigot handled this one.

  37. @tandemfitarborsurculus: Geen twyfel Bois High staan vir baie nie, die feit is egter dat jul wel baie agressive bemark onder WP/Boland laerskole CW spelers. Weereens dis goed, jul het die beurse en jul u15 span staan nie verniet bekend as die R1miljoen span nie… Dit help as seuns twyfel om n paar Rand in die kitty te he, goeie rugby spelers en gebalanseerd of hul nou tandemfitarborsurculus kan spel of nie…

  38. @Predator: My opinion is that politics are every where, especially at jnr levels. Parents with younger kids believe their child is the best and if not picked there is a corrupted system (which might be true). The point is that as many as 70% of primary CW players do not see the high school CW due to early growth, etc, etc. Players of colour should be identified earlier, this is where development should really happen. If unions like the bulls keep on complaining that they dont have players of colour every year, why do they dont do something about it?? One blogger commented that they proposed as long back as 2008 to start a u9 to u12 development squad. No excuses, really…

    I do believe the principle of performance should also be present at u13 provincial selectors and coaches. If unions like the Bulls do not perform year in and year out under the same coaches, why o why dont they change them. Sounds like the current coach and selectors have been there since 2009?

  39. @Predator: Problem with big kids at U13 level – they don’t ever learn the ‘fight’. Their size carries them. Problem is – the other kids catch up so by the time they hit U16 and U18 level, their main advantage is gone – and the other kids have the advantage of the skills they have learned. Seen it often. And also know of a few exceptions – one highly notable.

  40. @GreenBlooded: correct, I can also name a few… But then again, if you were the coach u13 and had a kid 1.80 and 90kg you will also pick him. It is a balance between true talent and size, unfortenately size does count from u13 to snr rugby… Some just grow quickly and they normally the ones who’s not there from u16 onwards.

  41. @slinger: Dit laat my altyd lag as die bure meer weet wat in jou eie huis aangaan as jyself!..of ten minste dink hulle weet!…Het iemand al die moeite gedoen om die waarheid uit te vind oor hoeveel is gekry deur goeie werwing en vir watter klein persentasie daar finansiele steun gegee word?..Maar feite kom altyd in die pad van n goeie storie!.

  42. I see the 4 undefeated teams play on Thursday afternoon in a semi-finals of sorts:

    EP vs Border in the Eastern Cape challenge
    WP vs Boland in the Western Cape challenge

  43. @BoishaaiPa: Jy reg ja, stories het baie stertjies. Ongelukkig kom die een uit jule eie geledere, een van jul u15 pa’s. Ek al voorheen genoem jul die mees suksesvolste werwing skool in my opinie in wes kaap. Werwing in die sin van reputasie en of seuns nader en of seuns wat daar wil wees, jul bly die skool wat die meeste laerskole CW spelers trek elke jaar. Ongeag dus die rede, jul doen iets reg en ek n groot fan van werwing vir skole van laerskole na hoerskool. Dis waar dit moet geskied. Beurse word wel aangebied, almal doen dit, of die seun daar wil wees of “gewerf” word, dit n feit aangesien ek welbekend is met die persoon wat jul werwing doen.

  44. @beet: If I was a betting man and had to make call beginning of the week I would have had 1 out 4 correct. Sad to see the 2 western cape unions against each other, but happy they there. Close call for final.

  45. @slinger: Ja it will be an interesting set of matches. I’m sure after Monday’s results people would have backed WP to play Border in the main game on Friday. Both teams have however been brought back down to earth by much closer games on Tues, so I guess only those in attendance who have watched all 4 “semi-finalists” will have a true feel for who should come out on top in those matches.

    It’s sad that WP don’t play the Bulls. Altho not the be all and end all, it’s kind of nice to see how the two big unions square up at all levels.

  46. @beet: at u13 CW always suprises with smaller unions, that’s why always difficult to call. Agree, bulls vs wp a great north south derby, any age group…

  47. @slinger: Praat eerder dan met JvN homself..Pa’s het somtyds maar ook die geneigdheid om te oordryf!…Ek het redelike goeie info uit die OB tesourie self, Glo my, dis nie naastenby wat mense dink nie!

  48. @Ploegskaar: Maybe I misunderstood your comment, but is it impossible to think that the Valke just might have a good u/13 team ?

  49. @Ploegskaar: I understand that a easy conversion at the end was missed, otherwise it would have been 10 all. Probably a anti-Valke kicker.

  50. @valke: I will have to start using these smiley faces etc., the Valke clearly have a good team. As you mentioned in your second comment, they missed an easy conversion according to the match report. Miskien was die bal pap, dan sukkel mens maar.

  51. @BoishaaiPa: So vandag speel baie van die laaties wat Boishaai toe gaan dus teen baie van die laaities wat Landbou toe gaan, sover my kennis strek :mrgreen:

  52. @slinger: Dit is baie maklik om te werf as die manne sommer self op jou “werf” aangestap kom.

  53. @BoishaaiPa: Dis lekker die chirps in goeie gees, die manne uit die noorde kan die matroos uitbring as daar iets verkeerd gese word.

    Glo my, en sonder myself te herhaal, Bois High doen n great job met graad 8 rugby inname in skool, met of sonder beurse. Sal bietjie die pa wat uiteraardig bietjie groot praterig was na wen laat weet die tesourie depratement het sy beurs seun se beurs verklein :mrgreen:

    Ploegie, verkoop ietsie op die plaas vir n speler of 2, ons hier aan die anderkant van die paarl wag vir die seuns wat verdwaal oppad Bois High toe, dan vat ons hul…. En maak van hul rugby spelers… Ons resultate van 1ste span nie te shabby die laaste paar jaar nie, so doen ook iets reg :wink:

  54. @slinger: Ons belê tans in versperrings by Reebokskloof en detours op die N1, toegang tot die Paarl slegs via die R44, dan keer ons sommer almal daar by Windmeul in :mrgreen:

    Nee jong, die Plaas het nie geld nie, waar het jy nou al ooit van ‘n Boer gehoor wat geld maak :mrgreen:

  55. @Ploegskaar: En Paul Roos ook blykbaar paar opgeraap… Hoor dis die 2 wat by jul sou km boer het :wink: Nou wie bly oor vir die ander skole in die wes kaap…

  56. @slinger: Nee, ons skapies is klaar in die kraal vir 2015, dalk nog ‘n hanslam of twee wat die ou wagter sal nader trek, en wie weet, miskien selfs ‘n paar 2-tand skapies ook. PRG het egter die Helderberg Kom opgestofsuig soos gewoonlik en met Stellenberg wat ewe hard woeker in Durbanville, Bellville ens. raak die poel van gebalanseerde leerders wat terloops rugby speel klein.

    Op ‘n ernstige noot, was met die Gim/Boland game vinnig by die klubhuis in om vir oom Tony te gaan groet, groter snoepie asseblief, daai tou is ondraaglik! Burgers is egter tops, is dit Jannie s’n?

  57. @Ploegskaar: Nie seker of nie maar jy reg, die snoepie en eet areas regtig aandag nodig, spasie, as dit reen soos teen paul roos is die area n nagmerrie. Ek bly uit klubhuise en kyk rugby daar uit n hoek uit… Hou vas aan jou skapies, lamme, 2tande, ens, die wolwe kom na die cravenweek draai maak.

  58. @Ploegskaar: Goeie plan om hulle af te keer R44 toe..ons sal daar voor by Suid-Agter Paarl pad wag en hulle weer via daai roete mooi terugkeer hoofstraat toe!

  59. WP 29 Border 14
    Well done to the WP youngsters for finishing the u13 CW unbeaten and winning the unofficial final. Hope this has set the tone for the u16 GK week & u19 Academy Week and CW.

  60. As ek so na die Blou Bulle se CW uitslae kyk verstaan ek hoekom Pretoria se humanitere skole liewers vir talent gaan kyk in die Noord en Wes Kaap. Ek wonder of ‘n besigheidplan aan Opera Winfrey nie dalk raadsaam kan wees nie, want dit blyk dat daar geen onder 13 talent in Pretoria is nie so die tjekkies sal moet vloei om toekomstige bragging rights te verseker. Kan iemand dalk ‘n opsomming gee uit watter skole die o/13 span saamgestel is.

  61. @Leelu: Ja my maat, dit lyk my die 0/13 Blou Bulle keurders en afrigters is onder die spot light. My vraag is hoe gaan jy Cravenweek toe wetende dat jy nie n’ spesialis losskakel het nie. Hoe kies jy dan tweedens iemand in daai posisie wat nie eens kan skop nie, en as die plan nie werk nie trek jy beide jou senter, heelagter en ook jou haker in om te probeer pale toe skop. Vele Kere het ons al gesien hoe wen n skop n game. Nou coaches dit bekommer my verder dat n flank uit posisie gespeel word en as vleul gekies word, net omdat hy size het. Praat nie eens van die kwotas nie. Ek glo nes julle kinders drop as julle nie na julle verwagting presteer nie , glo ek dit sal in orde wees as die twee CW coaches na h :mrgreen: ulle onsuksevolle CW ook gedrop moet word, julle aansoeke sal dus nie in 2015 in aanmerking geneem word nie, Jammer


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