Ernie wins the Open (and Amla scores 311)

I know this is a rugby site but the “Big Easy” Ernie Els deserves a big round of applause for a job well done at the Open.

It was also a really good weekend for the Sharks and Proteas.

A belated well done to Hashim Amla on becoming the very first SA test cricketer to score over 300 runs in a test match.



  1. @Andre T: Isn’t that what golf is all about. A battle against the elements and mental composure, not so much the opponents. Scotty could not handle either what the course threw at him or the pressure. Hence Els who was better at both in the final round won.

  2. @Beet
    You’re right there. Always sad to see someone lose like that under pressure.

    How do I qualify for a Monna jersey? or if not in stock……..a Glenwood one

  3. Thanks Beet but it wasn’t 377….more like 311 or something. Since Jonty retired not much interest by KXN cricket supporters. BTW who is the leading cricket schools in KXN?

  4. @Andre
    The current no.1 is Westville but DHS have produced more Proteas than any other school in SA with most recent being Amla himself!!

  5. this is not even sports but deena who won masterchefs son is at DHS! Good week for School!

  6. @Horsie, that is very debatable! Both Westville and Glenwood have beaten College recently in the proper form of the game. Westville won the T20, which is about as good as saying they are KZN Baseball champs, which in fact Glenwood are. More recently Glenwood & College have produced the most SA Schools players. Not sure if Westville have produced any in the past 5 years. The Westville vs Glenwood game was cancelled due to rain, hopefully there is a rematch in the 4th term. Based on Boks/Proteas produced then College and DHS are streaks ahead……

  7. @ grassy
    but then DHS beat glenwood earlier in the year!! what does that say?

  8. @Horsie, it means like in rugby is close at the top. I think it was DHS’s first win over Glenwood in a while, same goes for hockey…

  9. So are we saying that DHS is average at Rugby, average at Hockey, average at Cricket, not so good at Waterpolo…. But really good at Basketball :wink:

  10. @NW_Knight, about right. Here are the Glenwood vs DHS cricket, waterpolo and basketball results from earlier in the year;

    Played: 20
    Glenwood won: 15
    DHS won: 5

    Played: 7
    Glenwood won: 3
    DHS won: 3
    Drawn 1

    Played: 4
    DHS won 4

    DHS did win the Under16A, Under14A and 1st in the cricket so well done to them there, showing they have the quality but not the quantity or depth. These are obviously the DPHS boys who did decide to go to DHS. The U15A result went to Glenwood in the cricket but this is a strong group for us.

  11. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Northwood not too shabby on the cricket history either, with Robin and Kippie Smith. The Jubilee Room has a lot of very recognisable sportsmen featured.

  12. Warren Brosnihan, Matt Bowman and others….Northwood have some very good Old Boys for sure. My father-in-law being one hahah…

  13. @grasshopper
    That DHS u15 team is a good one. Don’t know what happened there!
    As for waterpolo we are improving loads while we are really bad at Hockey!!!
    Our u14 age group is strong in many sports though!

  14. @Horsie, yep I’m sure with Alan Burt and Andrew ‘Horse’ Stewart there your polo will improve. Hockey is going to take alot, DHS will need to invest in an astroturf field like the one Glenwood is a part of in the 3 schools Trust. College have one too, not sure about the others…

  15. There are plans to build an astroturf on the top field and I think this will happen next year. These plans are part of the DHS 2016 150 years foundation where a new pool and a high performance spoorts centre plus other things will be built.

  16. @Grasshopper: 4 years ago DHS were right up there with hockey – beat College home and away. Then they took all the hockey coaches and had them coach rugby, the hockey died in a year.

    DHS have a share in the Riverside Astro, as do Clifton (who took College close this year, leading 1-0 till 15 minutes from time, 2 goals saw College home 2-1). With their cricket talent there is no reason why DHS should not be good at hockey, it is just a matter of giving it some attention.

  17. @gungets
    i dont think theres much attention paid to it but yes youre right. most of the cricket boys play rugby though. for example half the u15A cricket side are really good hockey players but have decided on rugby.
    we want to have our own astro now mate, cut the travelling costs!
    i remember that year when we beat college twice, had a good coach whos not at DHS anymore.

  18. @HORSEFLY NO.1: I suppose that sharing talent between cricket, hockey and rugby is a matter of depth. College’s strength is that they attract hockey players in their own right due to the schools reputation as a hockey school. DHS was on the brink of getting that reputation, but all is not lost. Your own Astro will make a world of difference, it increases the amount of time available for practice. Durban has a lot of good hockey players at primary schools, having your own astro will draw them. Good luck with that.

  19. @gungets

    Yes and we currently don’t have the luxury of depth. There are many talented hockey players in Durban and the Astro will make drawing them a lot more easier.
    Aggressive recruiting would also help like. Westville did after DHS were SA champs for about 15 years in a row with the last being 2007.


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