EG Jansen looks to new coaches to revive their fortunes

EG Jansen are set to welcome back highly rated coach Reghardt Botha. Joining him will be Pretoria Boy’s High Rugby Director Rudi Dames, who’s earned his share of praise for what he’s done for the Candies during the past couple of years since vacating the Glenwood head coaching job. The intention is to form a strong coaching team that will hopefully propel the Jansies to the next level and have some positive marketing spinoffs for the school as a whole.

The Boksburg powerhouse had a bit of a coaching exodus last year, which created a few concerns.

EG Jansen no longer needs a schoolboy rugby introduction. During this decade they have laid down their marker and become one of the better known rugby schools around. Not only are they a major player on the Noordvaal landscape, they also mix it up with some of the best the country has to offer.

However in spite of their past successes and the good facilities the Oos-Rand powerhouse has to offer, remarkably it hasn’t translated into an oversubscribed school, as is the case for a few of their Pretoria Co-ed rivals who these days seem to have to turn away more than they can enrol. Jansies is only at about two-thirds capacity, which places an added strain on their financial budget. EG haven’t exactly succeeded in attracting  the support of their old boy community either. It is definitely not easy to keep pace when the money is in short supply. So the pressure has been mounting for a while and if nothing is done, EG might start to lose ground that can never ever be caught up again. Where EG is fortunate though, is that the school has been able to turn to a small group of backers who have shown faith and who want EG to succeed. Their support has helped bring the new coaches in and it’s hoped that improved rugby results will have a positive influence on prospective parents and their kids.


  1. Botha en Dames gaan EG weer tops maak!
    Daar is n klomp “Stassens” wat nog rond loop in die Ooste!

    Ons by Monnas wag vir die manne van die Ooste!

    Vir die wat nie weet nie, Monnas is die enigste skool met 4 spanne in semifinals

  2. Stem saam Mike , sterkte Regie en Rudi . Glo EG se rugby sal optel met support van huidige afrigters , personeel , oud , huidige en nuwe ouers en kids. Ook darem 2 spanne in Semi’s 8))

  3. Dis baie goeie nuus dat RB weer terug is by EGJansen volgende jaar.Sien uit na nuwe hoogtes waarnatoe die 2 afrigters EGJansen gaan neem. EGJansen behoort in 2020 weer een van hul beste spanne in jare te he. Dieselfde jaar gaan groot wees vir Affies. Miskien is ‘n wedstryd tussen Affies en EGJansen ‘n goeie idee vir die jaar.


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